Leo Whitefang - Making New Friends

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Description: Passion and Romance is in the air for the Sacred Order Knight of Love has arrived!

Things have certainly been rather interesting of late. Global unrest. Demihuman and darkstalker riots. A strange floating fortress of bizarre advanced technology. Strange sightings, earthquakes and bursts of chi deep within Japan. Yet, even with all of that and more going on.. nothing compares to the trials and tribulations of dealing with..unwanted guests. At least, if one were to ask Leo Whitefang that is.

A plague has descended upon Illyria. A plague named Rugal Bernstein. Too powerful to simply risk runnning out of the country in consideration for the possible damage to innocents who might be caught in the wake and..nothing he is doing is currently giving Leo the -excuse- to run him out of the country other then simply being here and all that entails. But even Leo has his limits.

"No, absolutely not. The War Room is strictly off limits. I don't care if he wants to watch his daughters achievements and finals on the largest screen available!" he snaps furiously at an aide who scurries to try and keep up with him as he stalks into the courtyard of the castle grounds. His dress is more casual then his usual Sacred Order wear but there is no mistaking him as he prowls like an enraged lion that's still being forced to muffle and mute its roar for the sake of 'being nice'. His broan jacket sweeps around him theatrically as he gestures wildly to add emphasis to his thundering words.

"He absolutely -will not- enter the War Room! For gods sake, how long has he been here? We've had to repair the doors to the castle kitchen three times!"

Sighing he pinches his nose and grumbles, "I almost wish the Imperator would visit us, unannounced, at this point.."

"It would almost be a favor, wouldn't it?" Ky Kiske says as he steps in from the other room. He runs a hand through his hair, sweeping it back with a deep sigh. "It really has been quite a 'diplomatic engagement' hasn't it?" The knight-king makes his way across the chamber to move alongside Leo for the sake of keeping the conversation low and quiet. "As if there weren't enough already going on. I have to wonder if he's tied into any of these other messes..."

Ky clears his throat, lightly. "Thank you," he says abruptly. "For entertaining while I was in the field. Sorry to hoist that off on you, but there's so much going on right now. I'll try and speak to the ch--" It feels strange, calling them that. "The twins. At least maybe we can decipher a bit more about their motives." He pauses.

"He wants the screen in the war room." It just seems to dawn on Ky. "To watch the tournament."

Imperator? No, not quite. But there is definitely something strange being sighted as it makes its way to the castle grounds from who knows where. Just who is this handsome looking devil that's walked straight out of a Holy War book and into Illyria?! And it's clear their attire is all done up to look like quite the person, maybe even a Knight! A black jacket hugging that form closely, seemingly... bulky at some points, but slim none the less. Skirt tugged up to show just a -tiny- bit of leg that dip into black leggings and ... some familiar looking white wedding boots. Huh. But look at the decor! Look at that BELT of silver, gold, and red! Look at the regal looking white and black cape with the insignia of a ROARING LION right on the front to hold it all together! And is that a fur trim?! Absolutely it is, eye catching and alluring, drawing even more eyes to pink hair tied into a long braid with an equally pink ribbon, and another up top! And is... Wait, that's just a giant looking cake cutting knife along her left hip. No, wait, that's a knight's sword, of course it is.
Coming to the Castle Courtyard, she spots not one, but TWO of her primary objectives. And what better way to greet them than with a proper knight's hello? ... Which is holding a hand up high, and wave with two fingers. Peace.

"YA HOOO! KING LE-OOO, KING KY-EEEE!" Absolutely a professional knight's hello.

It's clear this sharply dressed knight who is absolutely not a gear is attempting to grab the attention of the two, walking their way over while still holding that peace sign. Clearly they must come in peace... Right?

A mixture of emotions flashes across Leo's face as Ky reveals himself. Well..mostly varying levels of relief at his presence and annoyance at him being left to manage all of these incidents on his own..but it ends up being mostly relief.

"That'll be all.." he says towards the aide. His tone is brusque but they all well know Leo's mannerisms, particularly when stressed, so no harm seems done as the attendant nods and takes her leave to allow Ky and Leo some privacy.

"Yes." he says to Ky, "..and I'd considered that he might have his hands somewhere in the DOATEC nonsense but I don't believe so. I think he feels that..beneath him. Can you imagine what would happen if he discovers the Telluric complex? He's making noise about wanting an alliance and access to our magitech. To help us but if he discovered that? Or worse, what if he finds the Geaaaar--??"

Leo's words are stripped from his mouth at the greetings of this newcomer and he turns to look her over. His expression shifts into being..well..stupefied.

Finally, he finds his voice and glances back at Ky and then back over to this newcomer once again. "Ahh..hello?"

"Hello! Greetings! With Salutations!" The knight is absolutely ecstatic to be here, even if she understands about a quarter of what's being said. But greetings aside! That hand now moves to her chest, and she gives a proper bow. Oh, an actual honorable hello! Before she slowly raises up, and just puts on this smile. Those hands clasp over the waist, looking between the two, Leo's absolutely stupefied and dumbfounded expression, and Ky's ... who seemingly can't believe what's happening. The knight keeps that smile, clearing her throat gently before continuing. "King Leo Whitefang, the Uke, and King Ky Kiske, the Seme. Allow me to introduce myself, though I hate to remind you of my name so many times with how long 'I've been a knight' here."

Wink wink. Nudge nudge.

"It's me! Elphelt-o Saber, the sailor paladin, who's 'gear'ing up to have a discussion about the current state of 'affairs'!" A little bow and lean forwards, with eyes just slightly narrowing, Elphelt-o Saber gives a few eyebrow waggles. "In private~?"

"Beneath him? A flying fortress and Darkstalkers are --beneath-- him?" Ky seems incredulous at the suggestion, but his thoughts are quickly interrupted by the arrival of another knight (?). He blinks twice at the knight (??) before returning her greeting with a polite nod of his head. "Yes, of course. Salutations."

"Elphelt-o Saber." Perhaps it's Irish? Ky considers."May I ask what business needs the--a-hem. 'Private discussion, Miss Saber?" Or is it o-Saber?

Some new test from Rugal? Some freshly concocted means of torment to try and truly drive Leo over the edge?

Or just a -new- bit of strangeness because the world can't help but continue to send something strange into the borders of Illyria in order to push and prod at its grip on reality. As if pushing back the fae has simply caused some sort of rebound effect and that the world will have its madness one way or another.

"I..am..afraid that..my memory..isn't quite..up to task.." he manages out after Ky so smoothly navigates the surreal introduction and he simply sputters abit.

"And yes..Ky.." Talk of Rugal sobers him back up. "That's the type of ego we're dealing with."

That sobering seems to stick as he regains some composure and looks to this new 'knight' once again. "..What is it that you would like to discuss? I believe that we're safe and able to talk right here, if you wish.."

Actually, it's El Felto Saber. It's Spanish.

But now with so much out of the way, the paladin can get into the thick of things. "... Well, I heard talk of a certain 'Rugal' coming, and it concerns a lot of us. Especially..." She just sort of makes this motion with her hands, pushing both of them to her chest. "Us." They mean Illyria, right? No? Something else? It's hard to tell. But she continues to put on subtle hints, just incase Rugal's ears are as big as his ego. "It's a pretty 'Dizzy' 'Affair', I'm sure, and I know I've been gone on a quest for some time, but my head is in 'gear' to handle the issues you've got."

Then, like the flick of a switch, El Felto Saber suddenly starts talking a mile a minute, "Plus what if he's -hot-? The evil villainy type that downplays so much but could never downplay his wife, until the one day he hands her a gun and he trusts you, whispering in that evil tone, 'Go, miss Rugal, take care of that pesky spy and give him a hotel stay he'll never get out of' and then I do it and then we win and then we get a huuuuge beach house a-" She pauses... Her eyes go wide as she looks to the two of them, but then briefly regains herself as a closed hand goes to her mouth, letting out another small throat clearing cough. "T-That said... My 'underground' division is ready to do what's needed, should it come to that, but I wanted to discuss your current..." She pauses, looking up, before nodding to the two once more. "Outlook on everything?"

"Well, let's hope it's just ego..." Ky says quietly, but says nothing further on the matter, for now.

Ky leans in more closely as the illustrious Spanish caballero (caballera?), El Felto Sabor, begins to elaborate. His brow furrows, the handsome knight that some might instead call "pretty" listens intently. He reaches up, pensively, and strokes his chin. He looks to Leo.

"Ah, El Felto, I understand your concern about Rugal and his..." Ky pauses. "Magnificant beach house, but it seems like you might have something else on your mind? Perhaps it's best if we heard a bit more about that, so as to better guage which ..." Ky looks at Leo. "...situation, you're referring to."

"Ugh.. Why does this always happen when I'm getting ready to go home.."

Leo grumbles abit. Yes...indeed..he 'heard' her. The emphasis on certain words hits with all the subtle force of a swing of his own cross blades and the gentle strength seen in a strike from one of their hammer wielding knights.

"Yes, perhaps finding out exactly which situation concerns you the most ..might be best." he nods in agreement with Ky while also taking a moment to glanece around the area in search of any potential would be listeners and then he turns his attention back to Elphelt.

"Alright, listen..you don't need to put on any continued uh..display you know. There's no need to act. You're quite safe here and should speak your mind."

"No! Nonononono," The caballero/a goes, shaking her head profusely, even getting the arms involved to wave them infront of her and deny any and all allegations! They're getting the exact opposite message! Bad! Very bad! She's about to start ranting on about she's not they spy among us working for Rugal, but Leo steps in to save the day. Hearing this, the knight pauses, glances left. Then she glances to the right... Then she sighs and pushes that cape out behind her, looking a little more relaxed. "Okay... Alright...! Real introductions...!" First, a change of posture, a more form fitting 'presentable' one, hands at the waist, clasped. And a bit of a more determined look. Well, seems with the act out of the way, she can finally be, well, her, and what she needs to be. Magical Ab-venger Cutie Goddess El Phelto Saber the Sailor Paladin will have to sit aside for a moment, much to her dismay.

"... I'm Elphelt Valentine, a command gear. Dizzy said wearing a disguise would be best up here, so we came up with this." She gestures at the outfit with one hand. It -does- look very well made, at the least, and it's gotten her this far! "Rugal is after us, and while the other gears might be fine with hiding down below, I can't stand seeing Dizzy and all my other friends suffering in safety." That's a -very- determined look as she eyes them both down. When it comes to family, Elphelt is Fast and Furious. "... So, I want to offer my skills and services, should you need them. That's the first thing I wanted to speak about."

Ky looks over at Leo as he takes point on putting an end to the shenanigans. He does, however, nod when Leo seconds his suggestion. Once Elphelt reveals herself and finishes her explanation, Ky takes pause.

"Ah, you worked on it with Dizzy." He scrutinizes the wardrobe for a moment. "The two of you did a fine job with it. Now," Ky inhales.

"I do understand your concern, and Dizzy's. It's...a trying time. One that tests my patience--and especially Leo's--as much as anyone's. But thank you--truly---for taking a step to help."

"Leo has been ... entertaining ...," he looks to Leo, "our visitors," Ky does not say 'guests," "while I've continued to investigate the state of things and possible options if things become violent. I still hope that it will not, but...Leo can likely speak more to the current moods of the 'R'."

"I see.." says Leo, oddly calm in the face of discovering another Command Gear in there presence.

More likely he's in crisis mode internally as he weighs all of hte ways this can go horribly wrong.. Or maybe, just maybe, perfectly right? THings seem to be teetering now.

"Ky.. We've kept the Gears hidden and doing a great job of it but when does a place of safety become simply a prison by any other name? Dizzy is obviously chafing under that. We both saw that when we stopped her from going after Ramlethal.. and now they have to hide on account of a 'visitor'? It's clear that Rugal wants to know what secrets we keep here in Illyria but.. if we're to encourage the Gears to have their own autonomy.. perhaps we should be more aggressive in our stance on our borders and how people are to behave when they are here with our citizens? Including the Gears. I think Dr. Paradigm might agree.."

She's being respectable, at least, nodding over to Ky as she hears all of his understanding. But now she can really see it, why Ky was the 'uke' and Leo was the 'seme'. Dizzy was right...

There's one big thing Elphelt has learned from watching all of her romance dramas, anime, movies and everything in between, even the drama cds, and that's reading flustered reactions, stammering voices and body movement... Which NONE OF THAT IS ACTUALLY HELPING HERE! It leaves the gear in the dark as they discuss POLITICS of all things! But there's one thing she can latch onto, and she takes it like a shark biting at bait!

"Ramlethal was something else I wanted to discuss." Elphelt pipes up after a bit, giving a little nod of her own. "She's someone I want to go find as soon as possible. And I will do so on my own if needed. But the gears we have here... they come first."

"It's as King Leo says." Wait. WAIT! She can kill two birds with one stone here! Though it's King Leo that's pushing the agenda... her attention turns instead to the pretty boy. "King Ky Kiske, you must take an aggressive stance. You must put your foot down and hold our ground, not just 'shy' away when the opportunity to assert yourself is there."

Internally, a chibi Elphelt and a chibi Dizzy smack a high five. She'll make a seme out of this king yet!

Ky closes his eyes pensively as he considers the hand he has been dealt. Has he been too soft for fear of creating bloodshed when peace was still an option. The thought troubles him, but Elphelt and Leo both make strong points. Here is a man, possibly a monster, who has come into their home, a place that is supposed to be a safehaven for Gears, Darkstalkers, and any others whom the NOL and other forces would repress. Ky's hand tightens around the handle of Thunderseal, and his teeth clench.

Finally, he releases the breath.

"You're both right. I will speak to Adelheid and to Rugal. We will resolve this immediately so that our own people are not forced to hide away in their own home."

Ky seems to have missed the internal monologue and its intent. Perhaps it is better this way.

Oh poor Elphelt. Oh blkushing Dizzy. If only writing fan fiction was so easy. For Leo must now unwittingly and unknowing throw a wrench into their careful observation and conclusions of their relationships by saying:

"If that is what the First King of Illyria wishes then we will work to make it a reality."

Ky's in charge here.

"Its a careful balance. We should have nothing ot hide and if those here wish to be able to walk freely they should be allowed to do so. If a stance is decided on his overture of uniting forces and that our secrets are not his to discover..I believe he will leave. He will threat, preen and storm about..but he'll leave."

The high five was needed. Success! Ky is taking a stand! Freedom for the gears, everyone will parade this day as the day that Elphelt made a di-

You could swear you hear the sound of glass shattering as Elphelt's closed eyes suddenly snap open as her pupils shrink, and her gaze falls over on Leo. First King? Ky? First? As in... Number... One?


Inside of elphelt's mind, a meeting of several different Elphelts in different color dresses start debating this new turn of events. "If he's the uke, why's he in charge?" "Why's he let King Leo bully him around like Dizzy said?" "What if it's just some politics thing we don't understand yet? Maybe he just takes suggestions from the other kings?" ... "That's suspicious." "NO IT'S NOT IT'S PERFECTLY LOGIC-

Teal Elphelt was not the imposter.

Back to reality, Elphelt comes to terms that she clearly didn't have all the information she needed, but this is progress. She'll have to try and do this some other way, knowing that the plan behind Ky being more higher up has already, well, failed, because he has the highest honor!

"That's... Good news." There's a stammer, of course, but clearly not over what the two might think it's about. A hand raises to that hair, brushing aside the braid to the other shoulder. "I'm sure Dizzy will be happy to hear it, but I'll keep it hush hush for now. I'm sure the last thing you need is gears even more eager to get out. Concerning Ramlethal, though... If we do make a move against her, I do want to be there. She'll listen to me, at least at first, I know she will. Then maybe we can... do it peacefully. But that's in the future."

She takes the moment to clear her throat, softly, and speaks with a bit of a more ... professional tone.

"My final reason for being here... is my... interests of ... study, I guess you could say...?" The Magical Ab-venger Cutie Goddess El Phelto Saber the Sailor Paladin starts to peek out, making her smile a bit brighter again. Just a little silly, as she looks to Ky.

"Well, see, I'm also here to play the role of Cupid~."

Ky nods to Leo. "We'll continue to try diplomacy, but we must draw a line. If he wants to negotiate, then it must actually be a negotiation instead of demands. In any case." The knight turns toward Elphelt, her expression drawing a tilt of his head. He doesn't pursue, that is, until.

"Is everything alright, Elphelt?" He soon gets his answer. "-- yes, the matter of Ramlethal. If you believe you negotiate with her, I'd encourage it. Dizzy wants to do so as well, however, so perhaps the two of your should collabora--"

Ky stops.


It's abit of information overload, really. Leo had meant to dwell on the subject of Ramlethal earlier. Return to it, at the very least. To ask Elphelt some key questions regarding the other Gear. To hopefully get to the bottom of this and perhaps learn more about ELphelt as well while the opportuity presents itself. But then--

"..I'm sorry? Cupid?"

His eyebrow raises as he echoes Ky at almost the same time. Then he slowly smiles, knowingly. Of course..It's always been rather obvious to him. It's as clear as crystal after all. And now here Elphelt is. An ambassador of love and cheer.

"Hmm..I'm afraid a certain someone might be playing at being hard to get, or at least is politely focused on duty to a fault, Elphelt. It can be easy to miss certain signs when that happens."

"I'm well aware, King Leo." Elphelt puts on another beaming smile, as if nothing awkward is happening. "I spoke with her about this, as well. Infact, we had a very lengthy discussion concerning what happened at the fountain, along with some other events about dropping a pen and some things she did quite... unintentionally. Just like something out of one of my sooo many romance medias I've watched~."

Yeah. It was her time. Cutie Princess Bunny Waifu Elphelt was playing cupid. She will make sure Ky is not Maidenless.

"For someone who is only learning the concepts of love, she's displaying it rather well for you, King Ky Kiske. And though she may not understand how one should recieve those feelings in return, I'm certain that from what I heard... You feel the same?" At least she's using the full title, as she turns to him. But this wasn't like... her discussing war politics anymore. No, this was an entirely different matter. Elphelt was like a -doctor-, treating love no different than it were just explaining to Ky about an allergy he had.

Well, maybe he does have an Allergy. The cause is Dizzy, the symptom is a fluttering heart, and the prescription is...

"I understand this is a troubling time, but I'd like to offer a suggestion. If you would give it a chance... I'd like you to write a personal yet formal invitation, sealed, and have me deliver it to her. It could be to anything you're comfy with, however, I would suggest a dinner at a place of your choosing~."

The thing is, she isn't even letting the King respond in kind! If there were any opening to talk, it's quickly cut off as the love goddess herself continues to rattle on, "She is afraid you will succumb to the wills of someone Rugal brings, in an attempt to seduce you and make you theirs first. While I did assure her it probably won't happen, the fact that it happens in my media has made her... worried. So, this would ease her troubled mind further."

A smug side slips out as she leeeans over, turning her head as she closes one eye at the blonde pretty boy. "You -do- want Dizzy to feel at ease, right~?"

"I--" Ky stammers, his face slowly turning red. He looks away, anxiously, tilting his head toward Leo as if, somehow, the other king might offer him an escape hatch from this nefarious tiger trap of a conversation. He finds none.

"I...I see Dizzy has found a good friend," Ky Kiske says, not adding the 'I think' that passes through his head. "...I believe that maybe such a letter could be arranged." He reaches up, rubbing his chin in a thoughtful way that is almost excessively hammy, but clearly not intended to be. "Yes, yes, perhaps I'll even use the royal seal--" Wait, Ky, isn't that a bit much?

"O-of course, Elphelt." He pauses, considering. "Though, dare I say, I was not aware that Command Gears were also matchmakers."

Leo attempts a save. Because..that was..more then he was anticipatiung. "It seems that..we're being made aware of some of Miss Elphelt's unique strengths.."

WOf which he makes a mental note to find a place for Elphelt in his dictionary to help him avoid falling into any similar situation.

"Miss Elphelt, I think the discussion on Ramlethal may be of some import though. And, I mean no offense, but your own origins as well. Ramlethal arrived here, killed Sacred Order members ad civilians and declared war on us. I know you say that you 'know her' but there's a reason why I felt holding back on letting Dizzy just go speak with her was a good idea. She was hostile and seemed...to have a purpose in her actions. Anything you can tell us or anything you can do is appreciated but we should be careful.."

Praise! Yes! Elphelt's smile stays where it is as Ky continues to agree. The mission is proceeding as planned! Nevermind the Seme/Uke thing, she'll have to make a strategic retreat and come up with something else for that. Give it time, give it time!

What one might think could catch her off guard ... doesn't. Command Gears? Matchmakers? In MY Illyria? It's more likely than you think! "Normally, King Ky Kiske... You're right. Usually I try to matchmake myself with others, but for Dizzy... I can't deny helping a gear in need, especially family."

The tone seems to die down a little bit once Leo speaks, her more bright personality seeming to fade. "... Right, you want to know about her. And her purpose..." She sighs, shaking her head softly. "... Ramlethal is a Valentine, like myself. She's what you could call my sister. I may have my combat skills and command, but I was fixated on understanding the concept of love, but Ramlethal... is the opposite."

"She doesn't understand anything about redundancies. -- Erm." She puts a hand to her lips, frowning. "... Excuse me, anything about humans. She only sees them as targets, a mission objective. And to her, the mission always comes first, over everything." She glances up, frowning at Leo. "If one of you were to reason with her, I'm sure she was dismissive and wouldn't even consider the options. If she were to talk with another gear, though, it could change. And, worse comes to worse..." She really doesn't want to finish the last bit, and it shows, her eyes adverting to the side as her tone lowers in both pitch and volume. "... I know what she's capable of... I can tell you how to fight her. But only to incapacitate her."

"I-indeed, Leo," Ky answers. "In any case, on the matter of Ramlethal."

Ky nods along as Elphelt explains. "Right. Leo mentioned these things, and we discussed some with Dizzy, but her experience seems to have been a bit different than yours. Your experience here will certainly be invaluable, Elphelt." Valentine...the name sticks with Ky. What truly makes a Valentine? (Is not Dizzy his? Hrm. ... in any case.)

"I believe you may be right. You and Dizzy have an edge in negotations since she seems to have...well, in truth, her assessment of humans is less than charitable. Maybe you can convince her that we aren't all 'redundancies.'" That term, again. Where did they get it...?

"Yes she did use that term with me. I didn't understand. Redundancies.." Leo frowns, "I offered a chance for her to speak with Gears and she dismissed the notion. The very idea of Gears having wills of their own and seeking different purposes seemed foreign and even offensive to her. She considered them defects." he continues, still being the sourpuss it seems, "But...maybe she'll feel different with you and Dizzy and it's a better prospect then just either of you alone. I'd be alright with going along with that now but if it breaks down into a potential combat between three command Gears, we're going to want to have some options in mind to restrain her."

Leo nods to Ky and then looks to Elhhelt, "We will try to only incapacitate and capture. We'll take this one step at a time with your help."

"Defects..." Elphelt repeats the term, frowning some, and nodding. "... That's what I'd call ourselves if I were in her place, too. She'll probably call me that, as well, once I start talking about giving humanity a chance..." ... "I'll have to act like I'm still the command gear I was before. Fool here, even for a bit. It'll confuse her..." She puts one arm over her waist, resting her elbow on that hand as the free hand now rests on her chin, thinking. "... I'll have to think on it. Fooling a gear like her, even convincing, isn't going to be easy. I'll have to really think things over, try to make this work..." With a frown, she closes her eyes. "... I know I need time to try and think back about how to do this, but the longer she's out there..."

At this point, the command gear falls silent, clearly stuck in a loop of what to do and how to do it. "... I'll have to consult Dizzy, too. She might have some ideas if we work it out together."

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