Abigail - Bay Area Brawlin'

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Description: IF Dennis doesn't fight giant monster Mad Gear members, how is Dennis going to get more swole???

The Bay Area!! They say a kaiju lurks around here. A being of unfathomable power from whom all must evacuate and flee!!

Just kidding! It's merely the location of Abigail's Scrap Metal, home and business of..a man that does quake the ground and cause others to flee the area and evacuate before him..so..yeah. Metro City's 'biggest, widest, boy'. A Canadian monster truck fan and genius engineer and automotive modder..Abigail! Local gang Bay Area chief turned fighting league pro, King of FIghter champ, Neo League Champ, World Warrior and just a good old rags to riches storyline. Except now he can't get any peace and quiet and be left alone!

"Mr. Abigail, Mr. Abigail!!" harrasses a news crew, practically chasing the goliath down as he thunders and scampers from one side of the garage to the other to try and disappear into modding work.

"Do you have any comments on the recent PFW policy of banning Darkstalkers??!"

"What are your thoughts of your home country's policies concerning their boycott of PFW? Why are you still fighting??"

"Are you, in fact, A DARKSTALKER??! WHY ARE YOU SO HUGE!!?"

This finally culiminates in Abigail roaring and thundering, "OUT!! GET OUT!!!" and punctuating this by lifting an entire husk of an abandoned car up and squeezing, creating a loud crunching shattering sound as the car starts to ball up into a ball of scrap between his huge arms.

Naturally, they start running.

"Boy howdy, that is a beautiful sight. Ain't it?"

From behind Abigail, around his left side, a voice speaks in a calm, low tone of voice. The owner of that voice saunters up moments later, leaning and resting his elbow against Abigail's mighty hip bone, or maybe he's leaning against a quad muscle. It was hard to tell the true size of a monster like that. In any case, Merrick's left forearm is resting against the hilt of his sword, even as he watches the scurrying of news crews from behind those high tech goggles.

"Gotta say, I always hated journalists. Scurrying around, waving mics at everyone, acting like they got brains in their heads. I think you shoulda thrown that carball at 'em, then they'd REALLY be sorry."

"Yeah. They're vultures!" responds Abigail as he tosses the balled up wreck up and down in a hand like prepping a volleyball for a spike. It booms audibly into his meaty palm, leaking oil here and there and groaning audibly as Abigail purses his lips into an almost junkyard dog like snarl.

"Hey..what the...who're you?? GET OFFA ME!"

He reacts now, twisting his massive body around and letting a gigantic arm drop towards Merrick like some sort of building girder being swung his way.

Maybe the news crew called the police. Maybe it's here for some other reason. Whatever might have summoned it here, a police cruiser comes on in, rolling along smoothly and screeching to a halt nearby. And then the door comes open, and the great Metro City hope climbs out of the car, hair blowing heroically in the wind, his blue eyes taking in the sights with a pleased, satisfied exhale. It was a good day in Metro City today.

And of course, he's not really anyone's great hope, at least not yet. Still, he can't miss Abigail (and the man with him), but the police officer, wearing his uniform at the moment, begins approaching the pair, a box of Dukin' Donuts in his hand. He's taller than your average man, but not nearly as tall as Abigail, but he carries himself towards the giant with much the same confidence the other man who came to visit the giant today has.

"Abigail! Big guy! Hey!" His free hand lifts up and waves frantically. "I come bearing gifts!"

"Ah crap, it's the fuzz. Someone snitched on you, big boy."

With a hard 'SWAT' to the big man's hind quarters, Merrick steps away a few feet so that he doesn't get beheaded by the giant man's massive hands. For his part, the mostly black-clad ninja looks over at the officer and his box of 'gifts', those goggles turning red as he studies both men in front of him.

"Duct tape on the badge number, that's classy. Shows a real understanding of responsibility."

"You think you can come up in my plcae of business and use me as a lamp post??" demands Abigail after his swat gains nothing but air and he registers the swat against his rear. His skin begins to turn a shade of red not to far off from the color of those goggles but Dennis provides appropriate distraction and the goliath wheels around, turning towards the officer to glare at him with all the weight his ire currently musters.

He cools off rapidly though. The donuts seem to be a fair enough offering and he curls his lips into a mildly annoyed pursed expression before finally steping forward to reach for the box of donuts.

"Hmph. You already got more sense then Edi. E.."

When the duct tape over Dennis' badge is mentioned, the officer looks down at it -- it's important to note he carries two badges, though one of them is difficult to see right now, and indeed, the other does have duct-tape over the badge number. He lifts his hand up and brushes his fingers over the badge somewhat gingerly, and then his face hardens and he looks back up at the other small man (when compared to Abigail, of course). "That's none of your business," he says sternly. "If you want to see my badge number..." He then tucks that badge into his shirt, and puffs his chest out to show off the one that's on his uniform.

"It's right there!" He taps it a few times roughly, before looking up at the giant after the donuts are taken. "I'm here to train, Abigail," he says bluntly. "And I want you to train me."

And then his eyes are on Merrick, and he asks, "...Who is this guy, anyway?"

"Oh, don't you worry your little cop heart about that. I just wanted to see how they did things in Metro City. Good luck with your donut training."

Truth be told, Merrick had wanted a closer look at the supposedly Mad Gear Gang. He wasn't impressed with the majority of them, but this big guy...this guy could be a nuisance to have to deal with.

That was the thought the blackclad ninja had as he threw down a smoke pellet, vanishing by the time the cloud disperses.


Abigail fumes quietly as he looks at the dispersing smoke cloud. He then turns to Dennis and blinks a few times before considering him closely.

"You want -me- to train -you-??"

Abigail inclines his head in thought before musing, "Train you to do what? To fight? That cop trainin' not good enough for you? I don't have some karate dojo here or whatever mumbo jumbo it is that Guy does. What do you expect to learn from me??"

"Oh, that cop training's alright," Dennis supposes, looking over his shoulder. "But they're not really equipped to teach us how to fight /fighters/," he tells the big guy, looking up at him again, hands on his hips.

And then he raises his chin. "I know I can't get as big as you are -- but maybe I can get strong! Real strong! I mean, I already am pretty strong now," he promises, looking around and then deciding to put his fist through what he hopes is an abandoned car -- it rips through the door, and not even the window, though his hand is a little reddened once it withdraws. "See?"

"Yeah, yeah, don't go trying to flex your way onto any bodybuilder stage or something. I aint here to be your muscle buddy. But maybe you do have some horsepower. I guess if you want I can see just what you got.."

Abigail sets the box of donuts atop a tall pile of tires and turns towards Dennis, "But yer a cop already! What do you wanna go about becoming a professional fighter for! You already got a career. If you be a fight you'll have to start getting into tournaments and dealing with all sors of crazy's! You ready for that?"

"Well, there's a lot of reasons," admits Dennis as he watches the box of donuts get placed on the tires, which he stares at before his eyes peel back to the much larger man. "A cop's salary isn't as great as it sounds," he admits to the other man, "And well, you know... Raina," he tries to explain. Raina is a member of the Mad Gear Gang, and Dennis was raised under the same roof as her by her father -- who was also a police officer. It's strange how things turn out.

"She's trying to get on the professional circuit, too, you know? And I can't just let her leave me behind! Besdies, someone's got to keep an eye on her," he tells the giant. He thumbs at his chest. "Who's better equipped than Metro City's toughest cop?"

"Hmm..you might have some competition for that title ..but..okay sure. And Raina's a pain in the ass! But I guess you know that. Listen, Mad Gear's not what it used to be you know. There's some that still cause trouble but alot of usa re just hanging out together and trying to get by so it aint so bad that she's part of that as long as she stays out of trouble... You don't gotta prove nothing to her."

But Dennis didn't come here for sage advice, even if Abigail is smarter then the average gearhead.

"Alright, fine. WIth a sob story like that I guess I can kick your ass for awhile. But it aint me you gotta win over when you get out there..."

Ripping off his uniform jacket -- and yes, it tears, but he doesn't seem to care -- and revealing his t-shirt underneath, Dennis shoots Abigail a grin, and the sun gleams off those sparkling white teeth as he gives ther man a thumbs up.

"C'mon, big guy, what audience won't be won over by this face?"

And then he gets into a familiar street fighting stance, a stance used by many a guy who had to save his girlfriend from street thugs. It's Beat 'Em Up Brawling, made famous by the Rodfield family of Metro City.

COMBATSYS: Dennis has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Dennis           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Abigail has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Abigail          0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Dennis

"Trust me.. I can think of some." responds Abigail. His eyes narrow slightly as he notes the stance and fighting style and then finally grins and gives Dennis a finger gun salute using both of his massive hands. "Let's see what you got in that engine of yours!"

"Alright, here we go!" Dennis immediately breaks into a sprint towards Abigail, his eyes sizing the man up as he begins running at a speed that probably would have earned him a career as a runner. Knowing the giant's probably one of the more capable brawlers in Metro City, he attempts to run fast enough to get past the big guy's guard and ram his shoulder into his stomach, leaping up if he has to.

COMBATSYS: Dennis successfully hits Abigail with A-Train Crash.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Abigail          0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0           Dennis

-Capable!? Why if Abigail knew that's what he thought he'd probably start trying to lecture him on his successful win streak and rise in the fighting community. He's a champion!!

One that is apparently not off to a good start as he fails to bring his guard up in time and Dennis, instead, ends up slamming fully into his gut and causing the goliath to comically get the wind knocked right out of him. His feet skid backwards as Dennis presses into his massive stomach but Abigail is, if anything, thick and wide, and the cinderblock sized masses of his abdominable muscles tighten and and ultimately bring the officer to a stop.

But to Dennis credit, he causes the colossus to avoid wasting time with any sort of taunting words and instead Abigail reaches down to try and seize Dennis and yank him upwards. His other hand raises into a balled up fist..that then simply flicks a single finger out, attempting to smash it into Dennis with the force of a battering ram despite it being merely a finger flick.

COMBATSYS: Dennis blocks Abigail's Red Leaf.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Abigail          0/-------/----===|===----\-------\0           Dennis

The victory is short lived. He felt it, the brief yield of skin beneath clothing. He actually did it! Right?

But he's stopped dead in his tracks, and then that hand comes down and snatches him right up off his feet, Dennis' hands immediately coming down to wrap one around a finger and another around a wrist, trying to push out of the grasp as best he can.

Realizing that's not in the cards, instead the cop's hands come up and catch the finger trying to jab into him, trembling with effort as he manages to keep it from getting too close to him.

He lifts his booted foot instead and tries to ram it into the giant as best he could to potentially escape from his grasp.

COMBATSYS: Abigail blocks Dennis' Bootshine Flash.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Abigail          0/-------/----===|===----\-------\0           Dennis

There is some success here as Abigail does momentarily release Dennis in enough time to brace his massive figure against the kick as it drives hoe against his beefy form.

But he seems inclined to not let the officer get to far away, to quickly. His gigantic body presses inward with all the claustrophobia caused by a wall attempting to collapse on a victim. Abigail's massive hands sweeps in, reaching for both sides of the officer in a movement that he probably had some reputation of using quite often back in the days of the Mad Gear gang running abit more wild.

WIth a wide sweeping movement his arms launch upward and attempt to bring Dennis with them ..and then release him and send the officer hurtling skywards with such force and strength that the man would easily see over the tops of the buildings in the area..before beginning to plummet downward back towards the ground to let it do the damage caused by impacting from such a height.

COMBATSYS: Abigail successfully hits Dennis with Bay Area Sunrise.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Abigail          0/-------/--=====|=======\-------\0           Dennis

Up, up, up he goes, and then Dennis is flying down towards the floor. "Oh noooooo...." He's flailing his arms the entire time, and when he crashes into the ground there's a moment where it doesn't look like he's going to get back up again...

But he does, pushing to his feet, covered in bloody scrapes and scratches and bruises, though all his bones seem to be intact. "I uh... I didn't expect that," he admits weakly, and then suddenly he's sprinting over towards not Abigail, but the donut box he came to give the man, leaping to flip over the pile of tires and snatch it up into his hands, landing onto a knee and throwing it open, shoving one of the headlights into his mouth while quickly looking over at Abigail with wide eyes, as if this was some kind of actual frantic tactic.

"Expect the unexpected. You get onto the world circuit you're gonna face all sorts of nuttiness. Guys and gals with swords and folk spittin' energy beams and magic and other crap that's gonna be a whole lot wierder then..slammin' into the Metro City streets!"

Abigail watches the frantic movements, keeping a close eye on Dennis and measuring his own steps carefully though the ground itself trembles as he slowly lumbers forward with his arms at ready and back hunched up.

And then he's suddenly dashing in! Well..it's less a dash and more like a steady trundle, arms slightly raised against his flank, and the ground shaking more and more violently as he draws in closer and closer.

"Vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom!!" he thunders before finally sliding to an abrupt stop, twisting around and then sending a gigantic fist hurtling forward towards Dennis.

COMBATSYS: Dennis successfully aids himself with Donut Stash.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Abigail          0/-------/--=====|=======\-------\0           Dennis

COMBATSYS: Abigail successfully hits Dennis with Dynamite Punch.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Abigail          1/-------/=======|=======\===----\1           Dennis

Speaking of unexpected, as soon as Dennis finishes devouring that headlight, he rises up to his full height, looking better and less weary already. He grins, then turns towards Abigail -- only to widen his eyes as he sees a fist the size of his torso careening his way. His hands come up to try and catch it, but his arms buckle under the force of the blow and he's sent flying off his feet and through the air, bouncing off one of the nearby junk heaps and landing in the dirt.

"You're really strong," Dennis admits as he gets to his feet, turning to face the giant. "I wanna see just how strong you are, Abigail!" And then he's running towards the man, trying to aim a punch towards his stomach.

COMBATSYS: Abigail endures Dennis' Rodfield Thrash.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Abigail          1/----===/=======|-------\-------\0           Dennis

That is probably not a question one asks of Abigail. Tis a mystery and an inexplicable one at that. He's strong, freakishly so even more then what his size implies.

So when the punch lands solidly and Abigail doesn't move an inch and instead seems to suck in all of the force and hold his ground..the behemoth merely grunts, nostrils flaring.

"Hmm..you need more horsepower, copper! Gotta fix that engine abit if you want to compete with me!"

A gigantic arm comes hurtling around as Abigail leans down and then lurches forward to send a huge backswing at Dennis. Should this impact enough force will be unleashed to possibly send the man airborn again and this is followed up by Abigail spinning in a full rotation to bring his other arm around in a gargantuan upper cut to give the man even more flight should the move land. "KABOOOM!!!"

COMBATSYS: Abigail knocks away Dennis with Abi Twist.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Abigail          1/-======/=======|=======\-------\0           Dennis

When the punch doesn't budge Abigail an inch the cop slowly looks from the giant's stomach up to his face as he speaks, and then that backhand catches him -- his body is thrown up and then he's uppercutted even further, doing involuntary somersaults through the air before landing into another junk heap, coming crashing down and dislodging some metal and trash from the pile.

Slowly pulling himself from the junk heap, Dennis groans, a big bloody bruise on his forehead. His arm comes up to wipe at it and he chuckles weakly. "You're something else," he admits. "But I... I'm not done yet," he promises weakly. He leaps off the heap onto the ground in front of Abigail, and kicks at him -- but he's worn out, clearly, and the kick isn't a very good one.

COMBATSYS: Abigail interrupts Light Kick from Dennis with Hungabee.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Abigail          1/-======/=======|=======\======-\1           Dennis

COMBATSYS: Dennis can no longer fight.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Abigail          1/-======/=======|

The kick lands..probably not where Dennis wanted it to land - right into Abigail's massive chest as the giant leans down and rears forward..and then up again - thrusting the billboard like expanse that is his chest towards the officer with force that could probably stop an incoming semi. THe pectorals slams violently into Dennis and Abigail pushes forward again and then flexes violently as he heaves upward and sends the Dennis flying back again.

'BOOM!!" he thunders, voice rattling windows even as his movements shakes the ground.

"Looks like I still have more horsepower!"

"What the..." is Dennis' last words, at least within the constraints of the battle, because Abigail's chest-lunge forward sends the police officer head over heels backwards, and he finally crashes right into yet another heap -- some of the trash and scrap falling onto him afterwards. He tries to get up at first, but then decides to give up on that avenue and lean backwards, wheezing.

"Man," he breathes out weakly. "I've got some ways to go before I'll be a champ like you, huh?"

"Don't gimme that. You're still breathing, aren't you?"

And truth be told, Abigail doesn't exactly look pristine and in absolute top shape. He's bruised and dirty and looking even though he's moving around with his usual bruitsh swagger.

"Look, yuo got some power and a strong engine you just need some fine tuning. You won't get better without fightin' and tryin' and losin'." he snorts and then mumbles while turning away to grab a fallen stack of tires, "..I been beaten up alot. Last Saturday Night Fights even. Stupid fire guys.."

COMBATSYS: Abigail has ended the fight here.

"I guess you're right," Dennis allows, though he allows it reluctantly. "I mean about fighting and losing," he says with a groaning chuckle. He struggles up to his feet, wincing as he begins to drag himself over towards the giant, rubbing the back of his head as he looks around and doesn't see the donut box anymore -- it was obilerated by Abigail's earlier punch to Dennis' body, and then he sighs and looks back up at the giant.

"Uh, sorry about that," he says weakly. "Donuts always pick me up -- I uh... I'll bring you some more soon," he promises.

"Don't worry about it.." grumbles Abigail. He squints his eyes at Dennis and then turns and gestures vaguelly for the scrapyard behind his garage, "Look, if you want to keep training and need a place to work out you can come here. Just tell Roxy or J or Two-P that I said it was okay. But dont' go bringing any friends or groupies or no more of your police friends! I run a legit business, I don't need you all snoopin' around and making me look bad.."

He tucks the tires under his arms and begins to stalk off towards the open garage entrance.

"Okay! Okay!" Dennis can't help but grin, before he blinks and remembers, running up to catch up to the giant, "Oh, have you seen her, by the way? Raina, I mean? I've been kind of looking for her," he explains, trying to haul up some stuff that he thinks Abigail might want to move as well in his effort to repay the Mad Gear boss for the fight. "Yeah, yeah, I know," he then says, regarding his police friends and whoever else he might bring with to the junkyard.

"If I do bring anyone here, it's too have a fight like that one," he promises, perhaps not exactly what Abigail was going for, but hey, it's training, right?

"Haven't seen her."

Abigail's tone doesn't betray any worry or concern...but there is a long, perhaps uncomfortable pause, after that.

It's easy to mask any potential concern with snark and said snark comes eventually, "I gave her a job after she busted up my sign and she then just goes running all over the place."

Not exactly the truth but he's got selective memory.

Watch where you put those!" he demands before simply continuing onward in his efforts of straightening up.

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