Lyraelle - Blue Whale Beach Special

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Description: It's time for a beachfront Q&A with FightTube's Demon Queen! Her Infernal Majesty wasn't expecting a guest appearance, though, and soon it's time for a Kaiju battle - or, rather, an exhibition match with the Blue Behemoth of The Backyard!


As FightTube user DemonQueenLyraelle's stream goes live, the camera shows a picturesque beach stretching for miles along the oceanfront. It's a beautiful afternoon whereever the shot is being recorded, with only a few fluffy white clouds in an otherwise blue sky and a golden sun high overhead. A resort can be seen off in the background, and further down the beach a few beachgoers can be seen playing with beach balls, sunbathing, and engaging in the myriad other activities one might expect on such a lovely day by the sea.

As a scheduled stream titled 'Checking In/Q&A!,' the chat is already populated with users nattering away at each other by the time it starts.

darkxsephiroth: OMG is this a swimsuit stream??
shootingpeach23: I love beach specials!!

The shot pans swiftly to the left, revealing Her Infernal Majesty Queen Lyraelle, Sovereign of House Darkheart and one of FightTube's Top Ten Trenders of the week. She's dressed in her usual purple leotard, (which, to be fair, is practically a swimsuit anyway) and her pink mane of a ponytail is blowing lightly in the breeze. As the camera finds her, she smiles, tilts her head, winks, and forms a V with her fingers next to her head on cue.

"Hey, minions! Glad you all could make it! As you can see, I'm here at a beach in Japan. I thought I'd take some time to let you guys know that everything's going majestically, and answer some sub questions in chat. So! Here to read your questions for me is... Green Minion!"

A short, thin green demon runs up into view, his attention divided between Lyraelle and a smartphone in his hands. When he speaks, it's with a somewhat nasal, easily-cracking tenor. "Yes, Your Highness! Our first question is from KittyFantastica. It's, 'What's your favourite costume you've ever worn?'"

Lyraelle covers her mouth and gives a very ojou-sama laugh, her body quaking with mirth at the question. "What a silly question! This one, of course! I mean, it's got fully functional wings, Kitty! Next!"

When the ground begins rumbling it can probably be dismissed as the passage of a nearby semi or some other massive vechicle on the highway closest to the beach. But then it rumbles again. Then again. Then again. On and on in a steady onslaught akin to massive steps coming from..somewhere?

The folk at the beach pause their revelry as they look out over the sea, noticing the ripples and rumbles occuring there. Whatever happening is happening under water and it's getting closer and more intense. A certifiable earthquake that begins to eventually wend and wind its way towards the Livestream itself.

Before long the source makes itself clearly known. The top of Kongou's head breaks free from the ocean surface, pushing upwards as he strides forward rising up and up and up like some sort of grinning bodybuilder Kaiju that has decided to make this particular beach front his landing point on his attack on Japan. His expression is a full toothed grin with his brow raised upward and glowing eyes big and bright as he continues looming up larger and larger and ultimately fully emerging from the ocean to begin approaching the demon queen's set up with water draining down his immense body like a series of water falls.

He comes equipped with self drying upgrades though. HIs body rims itself with a purple aura that begins steaming away much of what clings to him as he gradually raises a monstrous arm upward that is wrapped in what appears to be anchor chains normally used to keep ships docked.

"HELLO DEMON QUEEN AND FRIENDS! Sorry to crash your party but..I am hearing that it is livestream time and as you can see...I'm quite real!!!"

A bicep the size of a Buick flexes, the chains strain and snap like wet twin, bursting apart all along his arm as the mountainous flex ripples through the behemoth and down into the earth, triggering a shockwave and a burst of sand.

"Next, your Majesty, we have Clockwork Meow Meow, asking what the first fight you ever got into was."

"Actually, Clockwork Meow Meow, you can watch my first match by checking out Saturday Night Fights for March Twenty Twenty and looking for the one between me and Kasumi. Say, Green, are you only asking questions on behalf of cats?"

"N-no, your Majesty! It was just a coincidence!"

Standing opposite Lyraelle, if a mountain such as Kongou takes notice of such pebbles, are the usual yellow ram-horned demon with the white goatee who's holding the camera and the squat pinkish-reddish imp who's wielding a boom mic. As Kongou approaches, both look slowly up toward him, although neither says anything.

"The next question, Your Majesty, is from Dark Ex Sephiroth, asking 'Will You Mar-actually, Your Majesty, let me find a different one. This one is... from..."

When Kongou's shadow falls over him, the spindly Green Minion turns hesitantly around before letting out a shriek of horror and bolting up the beach as fast as his relatively short and knobby legs can carry him.

For her part, the Demon Queen scowls after her fleeing minion, putting her hands on her hips and turning to face after him. She raises a foot and stamps it down, kicking up sand. "Green! You'd better get your butt back here, or else -"

It's only when Kongou introduces himself that Lyraelle finally seems to become cognisant of his presence, spinning toward him, raising her hands and one knee defensively and letting out a cry. "KAIJU!"

After a second, though, recognition dawns on her face, and her posture relaxes, hands slipping back to her waist as she clears her throat.

"I mean, Kongou! It's true, you're very real! How did you, er, happen to find me? I wasn't expecting you."

Monster pectorals, each as wide as a person is tall and thicker then some industrial cargo crates, roll thunderously into monumental flexs, together and then independantly in rapid bounces that some might find awesome, some titillating and others obscene. Kongou grins, almost absently doing this as he surveys the area of the Livestream while rippling the freakish muscle masses continously. He eventually relaxes them with a final meaty *THUD* like the sound of a slab of meat being slapped.

"Indeed! I seem to keep getting questioned on if I am real or not and I decided to make myself known before your viewers! As to how I knew to find you? Well.."

He reaches into the side of his leggings and pulls out a tablet computer, pinching deftly between fingers like a small receipt and leaning over to show it to Lyraelle where his FIghtTube user name can be seen: MuscleWizardYoukai - A recent subscriber to her channel it seems.

"I thought it would a good opportunity to come say hello!" He waggles his fingers at the 'viewers', "So..hello!"

His attention swivels back to Lyraelle, "This is not a problem is it? I was under the impression that..doing surprise things 'Live' is good for"

It's true. This particular surprise, thanks to a tweet by user MuscleBomberZ, has already doubled the stream's viewer count. Discreetly, while Kongou's eyes are surveying the area, Lyraelle turns toward the demons behind the camera and narrows her eyes slightly, her left hand gesturing palm-up at the mountain of muscle. The camera pans down from Kongou's face just in time to catch the gesture, along with the words 'the fu--?' being mouthed by the demon queen. Realising that the camera is back on her, Lyraelle quickly shifts her expression back to a smile and looks up at Kongou.

"Not a problem at all, actually! I'm sure that the viewers are as thrilled as I am to see you!"

When a gesture from the red imp suggests that the crew are struggling to get Kongou and the Queen in frame at the same time, Lyraelle lifts off from the sand, flying up closer to the blue titan's upper body. "This was supposed to be a Question and Answer session, but, uh... the minion who had my chat feed just ran off. So... since you're a subscriber, do you have any questions for yours truly?"

The pink-haired hellion seems to get a thoughtful look crossing her face for a moment, a single gloved finger pressing to her lips. "By the way, are you feeling better? I know last time we met, you mentioned that you were scared to fight me because you were... under the weather."

It's not exactly what Kongou may have said, of course, but the Demon Queen's FightTube fans won't know any better.

"Oh ho ho ho!" rumbles Kongou, that ever present mad cap smile and grin remaining despite her taunt. He seems uphasable..or at least is a really good actor. "You are quite funny and skilled at making people feel beneath you. That is why I love your videos so much! No..that is not what I said. I said that I did not want to disappoint you and to give you what you truly ...deserved.. Some of your counterpart channels that seem to exist to critique and flame you would like to see that!"

He inclines his head and then mmms thoughtfully before saying again, "Sadly, I am -not- feeling better. Maybe a teensy bit stronger but ..your world continues to not sit well with me. But no matter.. the show must go on! Are you suggesting you would like a small test right now?"

As Kongou compliments her on her ability to make other people feel beneath her, Lyraelle turns her head slightly, smirking and brushing a finger back through her hair in a show of haughty confidence. One can practically see her swelling with narcissistic indulgence. "Well, I do like getting what I deserve~" she says, the honeyed arrogance that is signature to the Demon Queen persona coming fully to bear in her tone. "And I'd welcome any of my 'counterparts' who wish to make that happen to try and do so, if they think that they can."

She looks back at Kongou as she hovers in the air, slowly easing back as her wings adjust the pattern of their flapping. "I'd love to have a small tas - I mean, a small /test,/" she corrects herself. "After all, I'm sure that you won't be disappointing, even if you're not at your full strength."

With those words said, the Demon Queen drops to the sand with a light crunching sound beneath her boots, elbows bending as she places her hands on her waist.

"So, if you think that you're ready to face the Demon Queen... then let's see what you've got!~"

She turns her stance slightly to one side and makes a light beckoning sign at Kongou with a few fingers - an almost comical gesture, given the scope of the size difference between the five-foot-eight-horns-included FightTuber and the blue behemoth that is Kongou.

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Lyraelle         0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Kongou has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Lyraelle         0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Kongou

Seemingly sensing that the 'word is given', Kongou begins plodding forward like some sort of fleshy avalanche. His muscles rolling and bunching up fiberously and creaking with audible tension as his tendons tighten and his bones strain. A massive fist forms with knuckles cracking like breaking trees. Despite all of that his grin remains friendly. Affable even. Perhaps oblivious.

"Alright, very well. I will start with something very light and soft just to see how things work. I'd rather not misjudge things, hmm? Must keep it interesting for Fight Tube!"

His fist comes hurtling forward and down at an angle, blasting at Lyraelle only to stop abruptly with a blast of air rolling over her and kicking up the sand. I hangs in her field of view for a few long seconds and then his forefinger flicks upward. A single massive battering ram of a finger with an audible rumble and vibration of the air to its movements.

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle blocks Kongou's Ten-Ton Flick.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Lyraelle         0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0           Kongou

For all of her self-assurance, the Demon Queen's demeanour is somewhat ruffled by the fist coming down at her like a volley from a trebuchet - literally so, as the blast of sand and air hits her, blowing her long pink hair and bangs back and causing her eyes and mouth to shut tightly. Thus, it's purely by sense of sound - and whatever other mysterious senses the scion of House Darkheart may possess - that she anticipates the coming flick in time to put her open palms up to defend her middle from it.

Her defense does little to arrest her momentum, on the other hand; Lyraelle goes flying through the air, head over tail, the effect of the blow almost slapstick and yet entirely unstaged. She tumbles through the air for dozens of yards before catching herself by opening her purple wings wide.

When her green eyes open again, they fall upon Kongou, burning with avarice. Though clearly rattled by the attack, the demoness smiles - a smile a little too glazed to be a smirk, revealing some sense of glee while leaving its source a mystery.

"I've got to say, even I'm impressed... I could really use that kind of strength!"

And then, her eyes are suddenly burning in a more literal sense - lighting up with green fire, a telltale sign of a signature attack that's moments away.

"I'd love to have you join me!"

And then, the fire in her eyes is unleashed, streaming from the streaming Queen and turning two strips of sand leading up to the Strongest Titan into glass before turning on Kongou himself!

COMBATSYS: Kongou blocks Lyraelle's Balefire Gaze.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Lyraelle         0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0           Kongou

"I am afraid I must first build myself up! I did not cross the distances of The Backyard and break giant spiders over my knee in Outworld just to come be someone elses minion!"

As he speaks, the titan continues his seemingly unstoppable tread forward. Energy blasts into and along his body, pushing at the meaty flesh as he bores into it but it seems to hardly phase him..and then suddenly he leaps.

THe sand erupts behind him along with some stone, trailing his ascent like the tail of a comet. His huge shadow envelops the entire area...and then down he comes, hurtling for Lyraelle with his arms and legs splayed out in the mother of all belly flops.

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle dodges Kongou's Meteor Splash.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Lyraelle         0/-------/---====|===----\-------\0           Kongou

It's a fantastic shot for the demonic cameraman on the ground - following Kongou's leap into the air results in the titan's silhouette blocking out the sun overhead, then creates a natural lens flare as he passes.

The hellfire fades from Lyraelle's eyes as Kongou plummts toward her, the resulting shadow engulfing her. Luckily, she's relatively maneuverable even from an aerial standstill; she throws herself forward, corkscrewing through the air with her tail trailing behind her, flying under the big blue youkai so that she passes narrowly between his legs as he splashes toward the sand. Her horned head tilts to the side as she considers the falling hulk, then smiles.

Looking down at the camera, Lyraelle forms a heart in front of her chest by pressing her fingers and thumbs together. Then, she throws herself backward, arms extended, performing what amounts to an aerial moonsault that would result in her flopping onto Kongou belly-first if he doesn't manage to avoid that fate. Of course, the move isn't likely to be nearly as devastating as the one it mirrors would have been with the roles reversed as they are.

"There's more than one way of joining me," she'll mention in a voice that's dripping with sweet menace and too low for the pink demon's microphone to pick up.

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle successfully hits Kongou with Aggressive Strike.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Lyraelle         0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0           Kongou

The impact further drives Kongou into the crater that formed form his initial impact. Sand swirls and rotates around the duo, billowing up and then falling down heavily as the behemoth lies there with the demoness on top of him. A gust of breath is forced from him at the force of her unexpected impact and he then raises both eyebrows in curiousity at her comment.

"Oooh?" he rumbles, his deep bass voice vibrating through the area and hardly showing any ability to keep things secret and localied to their immediate convo, "Are you offering some sort of copulation agreement? I am uncertain how that would work but I suppose as you are Makai and I am Youkai there are ways..."

His massive back heaves, muscles bulging under her with the force of an earthquake that can shift city blocks. It's a simple move though powerful enough to hurtle motor vehicles off of him and skywards from the sudden flexing force.

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle dodges Kongou's Dismissive Toss.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Lyraelle         0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0           Kongou

Lyraelle's gloves and boots slide hither and thither as she tries to find some purchase for them on the roiling mass of muscle beneath her. Eventually, she's able to get her heels under her and push herself up to her feet, only to topple backward and wind up sprawled on Kongou's back again. It'd be like getting stuck in a bouncy castle if the blue behemoth weren't so darn sturdy.

"That's... /not/ what I was referring to!" Lyraelle protests, the Demon Queen persona slipping a little at the predicament she's in both physically and conversationally. "Not to mention, it'd be a massive User Agreement violation!..."

Then the waves of muscle surge and crash up beneath the Dark Lady, sending her hurtling up into the sky. She spins off-kilter as she's launched, arms and legs akimbo, but manages to regain control as she hits the peak of the arc. Her wings spread open, allowing her to hang in the air and leer down at Kongou with a smirk.

"Don't worry... I'll give you the chance to find out what I meant, soon enough!~"

As she makes the declaration, the demoness swoops downward, the fingers of her right hand snapping off to one side as she goes and causing a trail of green fire to ignite into existence inside her palm. As she coils her fingers around the tangible energy, it grows and forms into a snake of flame, and she uses it to try and lash at the Youkai as she flies past, trying to harry the behemoth from a distance rather than close the distance.

COMBATSYS: Kongou barely endures Lyraelle's Imperious Scourge.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Lyraelle         0/-------/=======|=======\-------\1           Kongou

The giant fighter rolls forward and then thunders to his feet in a surprising move of some agility. His impact rocks the ground, shaking the earth violently as he pulls up to his full height and begins once more treading forward to try and close the distance.

"Oh, uh..." he rumbles, looking briefly thrown off, if not slightly embaressed by the previous conclusion he reached. So naturally it must be her fault.

"You must be clearer when you make such suggestions. That could have meant anything!"

As he finishes speaking the energy blasts out against him, rolling over his monstrous figure and scorching the earth around him. His body staggers, shakes and rumbles from the force of the energy assault but he then emerges from the, lunging up and stretching a monstrous arm backwards. His body braces itself, muscles piling ontop of muscles as his grin disappears due to a brief moment of concentration and his mouth setting into a tight grimace. Then..


His massive arm comes hurtling around and then it SLAMS into the beach. An immediate earthquake explodes out. A shockwave rolling along the ground and -upwards- as well, blasting like the shockwave wall of a monstrous explosion in an expanding dome of force that rips the beach apart and sends umbrellas, drinks, beachballs and volleyballs flying from the far away viewers of the fight.

COMBATSYS: Kongou knocks away Lyraelle with Magnitude Eight.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Lyraelle         2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|-------\-------\0           Kongou

With every attack, the Demon Queen has managed to dance away, avoiding the brunt of any given blow, her wings giving her the means to save herself from what might otherwise be devastating falls as she's been cast about the sky. Her strafing attack with her hellfire whip is just another way of whittling at the titan, a metaphorical chop at the trunk of the tree. She floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee; her growing confidence leads her to smirk as she swings herself around to survey the damage she's inflicted on her gargantuan foe.

And then, Kongou decides to throw the entire beach at her.

The Demon Queen's eyes widen as the shoreline explodes, sand erupting up at her like a volcano erupting. The shockwave fills the air, and despite a burst of speed to try and soar away, she's swept up in it, tumbling up into the sky with no control whatsoever. Her teeth clench in grimace as she tries to open her wings to arrest her fall and finds that they're too battered and bruised to respond beyond a mere tremble. The only comfort as she plummets back downward is that she's over the water...

Unfortunately, though, the tide is receding as she falls, and when she hits the waves, it's in the shallows.


As the wave continues to slide out to sea, the sopping wet succubus can be seen lying face-down on the salt-washed sand, arms outstretched. She shudders, shifting one knee up alongside herself as her gloved fingers claw trenches into the beach, then pulling the other knee up as well. Finally, she's able to lift herself up to a seated position and wipe the sand from her face with the back of her left arm before shaking her hair out.

"Rude," she declares simply as she levels a glare at Kongou. As she's staring daggers, behind her, two squat figures dunk into the sea with a splash each, followed by a recording camera and microphone. Lyraelle blinks, then looks over her shoulder.

"Oh. That's too bad~"

Strangely, the sudden interruption to the stream seems to have brightened the Demon Queen's tone rather than dimmed it, and when she turns her disheveled face back toward Kongou, she's wearing a fiercely playful grin.

"Looks like we don't have to worry about rating anymore!~"

With that fact in mind, the pink-haired hellion suddenly darts forward, aiming to try and catch Kongou by his cheeks with both her hands. If she can, she'll look deep into his eyes with a covetous green gaze...

And then snap her knee forward, aiming to catch him in the chin and try and send him off-balance, preferably exposing his neck. She'd then swing her hips, whipping her tail to try and snare the titan by the throat in an ambitious attempt to try and drain some of the youkai's vast strength for her own via the insidious appendage!

"Let's see what you've got!"

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle issues a challenge!!

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Lyraelle         2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|-------\-------\0           Kongou

COMBATSYS: Kongou barely endures Lyraelle's Royal Prerogative - Covetous Clutch.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Lyraelle         0/-------/--<<<<<|=------\-------\0           Kongou

Kongou, for his part, is seemingly all business.

"Ohhh.. Ach! Did I over do it again?" As far he is thinking..this is less needful if it's not being streamed live. How else is he going to get popular and get subscribers without this unannounced crossover being filmed.

Sadly, his distraction is seemingly costly as the tail whips around his neck and a sudden surge of energy rushes into him, through him and out of him to begin to fuel the demoness and allow her to drink of 'The Backyards' essence. There is..much of Kongou. A vast well to tap into. Not bottomless but with an uncertain depth that seems unclear, as if he's not completely 'here' yet.

But it is enough to cause his eyes to glaze over and his body to stagger and rock, attempting to pull away from Lyraelle as he goes into shock. An immense fist is then balled up, Kongou braces his body and then sends the fist hurtling upwards from underneath the demon queen like an incoming rocket whose impact would be so tremendous it would not only dislodge her from him but send her hurtling uncontrollably into the sky and possibly back down again for a violent impact.

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle blocks Kongou's Orbital Launcher.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Lyraelle         1/---<<<</<<<<<<<|===----\-------\0           Kongou

The Demon Queen's tail tightens around the Titan, and Her Majesty's hands clench into fists with the effort of keeping Kongou in her coils. Lyraelle's whole body trembles as the power floods into her. For whatever demonic power she may possess, Lyraelle is only a small vessel in comparison to the enormous envoy of The Backyard. She starts to giggle uncontrollably in an attempt to suppress an involuntary burst of laughter.

"Gosh, there's so much! Does it ever end?"

Without the burden of hiding her true covetous nature from the internet's masses, the Demon Queen seems to have transmogrified into a thing unleashed - or, ironically, become the mask, the lust for power laid bare. Still, even the noose of her tail pulling taut around Kongou's neck seems less with intent to strangle the blue behemoth than a reflexive response to the need to take.

So lost is she in her revelry that Lyraelle barely seems to take heed of the gargantuan hand rising up from below her with harmful intent. Her arms and legs wrap around Kongou's clenched fist reflexively, her entire body coming to bear to catch the attack. Her spaded tail tries to hold onto his neck like a needy child refusing to part with its parent, but only for a split second; the force of the fist demands that the elastic appendage relent or snap.

And when it does, Lyraelle shoots off like a rubber band, launched airborne by the attack and sailing through the sky as she loses her grip completely.

Perhaps disturbingly, if one were to get a good look at her face as she flies into the sky, they'd see that, for all of the walloping she's taken, the Demon Queen is actually bright-eyed and grinning like a madwoman. She's still wearing the expression as she puts on the air-brakes and brings herself upright.

Meanwhile, further up the beach, the tide rolls back in, bringing with it the soggy yellow and pink demonlings. The yellow is the first to struggle to his feet, grabbing his comrade by the tail and pulling him in undignified fashion up to the dry sand. As the yellow minion rolls his rotund reddish compatriot over onto his back, Red coughs up a bit of saltwater, then croaks weakly, pointing a hand off across the beach.

"Backup... camera..."

Looking up in that direction, the bearded yellow imp spots a black camera bag lying miraculously intact in the sand. Sprinting on stubby legs, he scoops it up, opens the zipper, and within seconds of practiced execution:


battlehobo1987: Ugh, why does this channel always cut out when it gets to the heart of the battle??
dslover666: what the heck, why is Lyraelle blue

Shockingly, she is - hovering above the sea, plain for all to see, the Demon Queen's skin has taken on an actually rather fetching shade of pale blue, though her hair remains as pink and her eyes as green as ever. For her part, Lyraelle doesn't seem to have noticed this fact at all.

"That was delicious... I think that I'd like seconds!" the blue-stained feminine fiend shouts from the sky, her voice barely picked up over the ambient noise by the handheld digital camcorder.

"Let's go another round!"

Then, twisting her body around and aiming her hip at the blue titan, she throws herself down through the salty air, wings bursting with a titanic surge of borrowed force to push her blue bottom-first down at the big behemoth.

Given their difference in size, one can hardly expect the demoness to fulfill her intent to pin Kongou beneath her as she might a lesser opponent, even with whatever stolen strength he may have supplied her. Nevertheless, if the queen collides with her content collaborator, her serpentine tail will try and slither around whatever part of him it can manage, seeking to sap even more of his essence on behalf of its mistress.

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle successfully hits Kongou with Royal Requisition - Dark Queen's Throne.
- Power hit! -

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Lyraelle         0/-------/<<<<<<<|=======\=------\1           Kongou

The vaguest hint of additional emotion wraps across Kongou's face now. The first time such a thing has been drawn forth since his time here on Earth. It's been all affable giant and gregarious titan but he looks mildly irritated. His lips purse in frustration as he reaches up for his neck and then looks up again to see Lyraelle's revelry and then incoming assault once more. He seems mildy confused..but certainly a touch consternated as well. The feeling of having ones personal 'self' taken is not a good one, even -if- said source seems to be virtually bottomless. It's still quintessence being removed when permission to do so has not been given..

"You.." he begins to rumble only to have her collide into him once again with a sudden explosive burst of warring chi and mana that sends a shockwave rippling backwards and out over the beach. The giant actually slides backwards, booted feet digging trenches in the ground and his spirit rocking violently as more energy is sapped from him causing his mouth to gasp open in shock and then teeth to grit in..actual anger?

It passes though, as his mouth closes and his eyes squint. He reels and rocks, nearly losing his balance..and then at the last second sends both of his monsterous fists hurtling upwards to try and crash violently into the demoness.. A miss would result in him simply staggering backwards once more and falling out of a combative stance..but a hit:

COMBATSYS: Kongou can no longer fight.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  <
Lyraelle         1/-----<</<<<<<<<|

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle dodges Kongou's Gigaton Crush.

A loud *TOOOOM* results as Kongou falls backwards into a seated position after missing his swing. He looks..surprisingly..unscathed? He seems to be yielding though, as if the fill of battle has been enough and to fight more would be either not possible or not appropriate. He settles into a thinking pose, clearly granting victory to the Demon Queen, despite the fact he seems quite conscious and his affable nature is returning. It could be seen as disconcerting to some.

"Impressive! Though I have to say..I do not like the theft of my essence. We will have to do something about that..."

As the buxom blue succubus latches onto Kongou's arm, purple tail wrapped around the limb upon which she seats herself, two things might be called to mind by the exchange: first, a mosquito or wasp tormenting an angry blue bear, and secondly, a cowgirl desperately trying to manage her eight seconds astride a bull. Regardless of the market, though, the Demon Queen's stock is on the rise, though the reason is a royal cause for concern.

slamfan93: omg she's LITERALLY SMURFING

'#QueenSmurfette', '#FlyingBlueBabe' and '#RealDarkstalker' are some of the hashtags already all trending on Hitter (#LyraelleBeauregard has yet to gather momentum).

She winds her way around Kongou's two-fisted hammer blow in an almost reptilian manner, her wings wrapping around to encase her in case she hadn't managed to avoid the attack, but her agility is enough to allow her to escape from harm. By the time that she's released her tail's hold on Kongou, sated as she can be, she's gone an even deeper shade of blue. As the Strongest Titan drops down to sit on the beach, so does the Demon Queen, lounging in the sand and breathing in deeply as her wings part to reveal her body again.

"I'm not sure... what you're talking about~" the demoness denies in a state of near-drunken delirium, her green eyes flitting to their corners to notice that the yellow ram's-horned cameraman back on the air, so to speak. They turn back to Kongou, and she offers an apologetic smile.

"That was a good fight... shame about those technical difficulties..."

"Hmmmm.." Kongou sounds somewhat skeptical, "You are not sure what I am talking about?"

At that the huge man..titan..whatever he is.. reaches up and taps at his own body and then points at Lyraelle as if trying to indicate she needs to look at herself and see her current..ah..status. "Your might suggest you -do- know something of what I am talking about."

His grin returns upon studying her and taking note of her own durability, "It would seem you can take quite the beating as well. Perhaps there -is- something to the denizens that call Earth home... As to the recording? Hm..perhaps it is your fans you should address and apologize to, hmm? All is well. But I am still not your servant."

COMBATSYS: Lyraelle has ended the fight here.

As she pushes herself up onto her gloved hands, her now-indigo wings flexing and stretching, Lyraelle's eyes sweep down over her own form, taking in the sight of her blue-hued and highly-exposed skin and staring blankly for a few seconds. Then, she tilts her head up at Kongou again. Her shoulders lift lightly once.

"Nope. Still don't know what you're on about," she says blithely. Then, as the camera turns up to Kongou's face to watch his response to her statement, the Demon Queen turns to the crew and hastily makes a chopping motion across her throat.

o HOSTING: RainbowMania

As more 'technical difficulties' ensue and DemonQueenLyraelle's FightTube channel goes offline again, Lyraelle gets the all-clear signal from her crew. The cerulean succubus stands up quickly and starts dusting sand off of her backside and thighs hastily.

"Nobody said anything about /side effects!/" Lady Darkheart whines, before letting out a grunt of frustration as she starts to pace in front of her colossal collaborator. She stops and turns to Kongou, looking up with a syrupy, apologetic smile. "Sorry about playing dumb. It's damage control. And as for the 'stealing' part, it's more of a 'borrowing' thing. You'll get your power back. And this?" She gestures up and down her body, indicating her new, blue skin tone. "This will fade. Soon."

God, she hopes so.

"Now, did you say something about being my servant...?"

Already, Lyraelle is distracted as dozens of beach-goers with smartphones start to gather on the periphery. "Hey! No pictures, please!..."

"Hahahaha! You Makai and your selective hearing." remarks Kongou, "Hmm..I will have to hit you more often next time. It might jog your memory and also see if you are as durable as this implies. Blue looks good on you though!"

Behind the giant, the air ripples as he prepares to return to whatever passes for 'home' for him. "Goodbye for now, demoness. I will have to be sure I leave a 'comment'.. That is how it works, hmm? You will have to let me know how well this was all received and we will do it again sometime!"

With that he is gone, disappearing like a boulder falling into a giant pool.

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