Ky Kiske - A Counsel of Kings

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Description: With monsters swarming Southtown, the Sacred Order is compelled to act. Leo Whitefang seeks out Ky Kiske to discuss their best plan of action, but it seems the two knights are of one mind on this issue...

It is seemingly another ordinary day in headquarters and capital of the magical constitutional-kingdom of Illyria. The magicians are studying the magic and leyline networks in order to produce magical and chi-tek goods, the Sacred Order soldiers and knights and practicing their arts and martial skills or standing guard over sensitive areas of the castle, the operators in the command center are continuing ot set up monitoring systems and observe the happening across the world as best they can, and Leo Whitefang is prowling the halls like some sort of grumpy annoyed lion in search of an ever elusive prey. That prey being a certain High King by the name of Ky Kiske.

"Not in here.." he grumbles after looking over the training yard and having the soldiers snap to attention at the presence of the 2nd King.

"Not in here." he grumbles as he looks over Ky Kiske's massive study and office.

He pauses near the gates of the castle, considering venturing out into the growing city beyond and perhaps to a certain Grove...then.. " Not there. Nope."

His steps take him towards massive doors heading into the castle great library, holding a collection of works unique to Illyria and data imported from the original Sacred Order headquarters in the Vatican, "Ugh..Where is that bambino at...?"

"Oh," a tuft of blond hair appears around a bookshelf as Ky leans backward to look around a shelf. In a moment he steps around, a rustic tome open in his hands. "Were you looking for me long?" The book closes with a light snap of the cover, scattering bits of dust in its wake. "Sorry. I was doing a bit of research. Despite the librarians best efforts, tracking down some of our records is proving a bit of a challenge."

Ky turns the book, his eyes narrowing as he runs his fingers along the spine. "Is something troubling you, Leo?"

"I've been everywhere!" exclaims Leo in his usual method of exagerration when he's been otherwise ruffled and bothered. "I should have thought to check here sooner. You were undoubtly neck deep in some sort of work..."

He shuts the library doors and shakes his head, massive mane of hair roling back and forth with the movements of his head as he turns back around and begins approaching the other knight. " me.. I've come to give you a report.. of sorts."

His voice trails off as he points at the book occupying much of Ky's attention, "What is it you have there? Research on what?"

"This," Ky gesticulates with the book, "seems to be a bestiary of sorts. It was one of the books that we found in the library here before we brought in our records, and it's taken some time to get a working translation. He extends his hand, offering the book to Leo if he wants to take a look. It looks very old, with some kind of man-wolf hybrid etched into the cover.

"I would not dare say I fully understand it myself, but by grace I might find something useful there." Ky glances away for a moment, then reaches up to adjust his hair. "After all, it seems there's quite a few unusual creatures appearing in Southtown..."

"Ironic.." muses Leo as he takes hold of the book and looks it over. "Perhaps there was a plethora of these creatures in Illyria in the past then? Enough for a book to be penned. Darkstalkers, maybe?"

Leo's deep voice trails off as he slowly pages through the book, eyes squinting and thinking it over before he holds the book infront of him, gesturing with it as he speaks while also offering it back to Ky,

"It's funny you mention Southtown. I was going to start this off with a bunch of local information and nonsense to keep you appraised but I might as well cut to the chase. I'm leaving for Southtown to lend them some assistance in their problem. What appears to be a werewolf problem. " He ends up setting the book on a table and taking a seat heavily into a large chair though he's enough presence to not lean back all the way as he usuallyd oes. No large Sacred Order Knight to quickly catch him and act as an additional prop.

"I know you Ky. You're thinking of going also, right?"

"That was my thought," Ky says. His hand drifts to the hilt of Thunderseal, ever present even here. "It's strange," he muses. "You review old texts and see dragons, or here mention of behemoth or leviathan in the Scriptures, but it all seems so far away." Ky looks wistfully toward a high window up above the shelves. "But here that all seems common, in a way."

Ky steps around, placing his hand on the table. He traces the woodwork gently, looking down as he does.

"You know me so well, Leo." Ky says, a subdued smile crossing his face. It disappears quickly. "There are people in need there, and I have my doubts that the NOL can handle everything on their own."

"Well they most certainly can't! And considering their character..they may even be behind it!" Leo seems rather annoyed with the very prospect of the NOL. Old wounds and all. "But there's no reason for ire and grudges to cause the people of Southtown suffering it's just.."

Leo pauses now, looking akward as if unsure how to say this next, "..I think we should go seperately. Me ahead of you. I've already asked for volunteers to join me. I'll be taking a ship. There could be..complications with the NOL and I..may need you to, er, come to the rescue..."

"It will take them some time to earn any trust from me as well," Ky's brow furrows. "And at best, they'll see this as an opportunity to strengthen their hold on the city."

Ky takes a deep breath. "Of course. It's quite the risk to take. We may run into much trouble from the NOL as the Darkstalkers if they'll not willing to put differences aside until the threat is over. Not that I particularly relish the idea of working with them--"

The last part catches Ky's attention, his blue eyes moving to look at Leo. "Only by superior numbers, I'm sure." Ky smiles. "But I'll pace my departure just in case."

"I need to give you some context. There's something you don't know." says Leo, leaning forward slightly and frowning just a touch, "I mean what I say, literally. This is the first time I've returned to Southtown since the war. You may not have noticed but I haven't left Illyria often. There's an NOL bounty on my head and once I leave Illyria it becomes active."

He shakes his head and frowns even deeper, "I took the bounty as a deal with the Imperator that the NOL would back off Illyria after the incident here and leave it us be..and to avoid them retaliating for the raid on the facility where Dizzy was rescued. I took it to keep it -off- of you... So one of us could still have freedom to move and interact more easily out there..."

As Leo speaks of the bounty and his sacrifice, Ky's expression changes to one of concern. Pain, even.

"Leo--" he starts. "...thank you, but you did not need to put yourself at stake for my sake. I would have gladly take on that burden myself. It's my duty as a knight to--" Ky trails off briefly, bowing his head.

"But what's done is done. I'll do everything in my power to ensure your safety. It's the least I can do."

"I know you would have. That's why I did it. We can't -both- be compromised and to have both of Illyria's leaders with a bounty on their heads while trying to make a place for this haven in the world stage?" Leo shakes his head and then offers a rare smile considering the subject matter, "It's fine. Really. I dare anyone to come looking for -this- bounty. In better be high enough and worth the value of a king!"

He stands at this point, rocking the chair briefly before steadying it, "I should get ready to leave. If all is well..we'll see you there soon enough and probably end up doing the NOL's job for them."

"Of course," Ky says. "As I said, you do know me too well." Ky shakes his head but manages a winning smile. "In any case, I am certain that you've gotten some exceptional volunteers."

Stepping forward, Ky takes the book, turning it in his hands again. "I'll pray for your safe arrival," Ky adds, "and do what I can to make preparations. While I was studying I found some old Vatican ciphers that I think may be useful for communications back and forth...and I have some ideas to help us establish a forward base."

Ky raises up his hand and crosses himself while whispering something under his breath. "We'll be in touch---just be sure to leave some work for me by the time I get there."

"I make no promises. After all it is the duty of a king to become fully invested in his work and to shoot for the eleven out of ten." responds Leo. A joke? Or dead serious? Probably both given his personality.

Leo then nods his head and turns, stepping out of the library with his heavy booted footfalls loud and echoing even after the door to the great library has firmly shut.

"Of course," Ky says, managing a smile despite everything. He clutches the book tightly, taking it back toward a shelf. "But there's just so many questions still..." he says to no one in particular. "Where did all these Darkstalkers come from, and how did they catch the NOL so unprepared...?"

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