Mitsuru - The Breaking Of The Fellowship

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Description: After burning down the entrance of Velvet Blue's lounge, Mitsuru expected to be thrown out of the safe house. But the boss of the lounge was willing to forgive the teenager... in exchange for services with the lounge. Mitsuru moves to escape in the night to avoid repaying her debt, but Steve catches her and pleads with her.

Velvet Blue wasn't that mad.

He was reasonable, even, when he saw the damage that Mitsuru did in order to protect the bar. Of course, it wasn't necessary, as he explained. He even forgave her for the rare top-shelf liquors she ended up wasting in order to protect the bar. It was all very, very reasonable and understanding. She would be allowed to stay here.


She would need to do something for the bar. Velvet Blue is okay with the little accident with the fire, but of course, he wanted her to be the club's mortal energy/glamour battery for a bit as repayment. She would need to dress up and be anything that the master's heart would desire. A bimbo, arm-candy, maidify, make her a more /traditional japanese maiden/. And her emotions, her feelings would fuel the magic here. A fair exchange. And then, her debt would be repaid.

Mitsuru had explained so much, in the letter she had wrote.

She was going to run away. She wasn't going to be made into something by another. The idea of being forced to put on a uniform was just as bad as when her parents made her to do it at Seijyun High. She was going to sneak out. She was already dressed in sweat pants, sneakers, and a sports jacket. All borrowed from Steve. That much was explained in the letter. She was going to sneak out, and leave the letter by Steve, with also Bob mentioned in it. She didn't want them to get in trouble. She just didn't want them to worry. She was sneaking so quietly, the lanky teenager creeping into Steve's room. He should be asleep, right. She would just tuck it under his pillow.

And nothing would go wrong.

Steve is not a heavy sleeper.

A slight twitch, sudden movement or noise could wake him. A little frustrating, perhaps. But also useful in it's own way.
%Steve's eyes shot open as the teenager was fumbling with his pillow. You can imagine his surprise then, when he suddenly sees Mitsuru standing next to his bed. He blurts out "What the- What are you doing in here?" and quickly sits up- letting out a pained grunt as his still-healing wounds ache painfully with the movement. He looks over Mitsuru, and notices two unusual things. First- she's wearing -his- clothes. And second, she was in the process of slipping a piece of paper under his pillow.

Befuzzled and confused, the boxer asks "What's going on, Mitsu?"

Mitsuru squeaks.

The squeak becomes a grunt, and a growl, as she drops the letter right on Steve's face. "I- uh- I." She sputters, shaking her hands. And she reaches over to take the letter. She was panicking, and while she kinda wanted to hit Steve, she also -didn't- and she had to figure something out. And she was wearing his clothes. Without delaying any longer, she stuffs it under Steve's pillow. And without thinking, with one word, she spoils her entire plan.


Uh, what? Why is she suddenly upset. Did he do something wrong? Steve very hastily tries to remedy the situation, speaking up towards the girl before she gets a chance to leave. "Hey hey, are you alright?" He quickly- and painfully gets out of bed to put on the shirt and pants crumpled up next to it. The boxer grabs the note and follows after Mitsuru, if she leaves the room.

"I'm a little confused, do you want to talk?"

Mitsuru just makes it at the door, as Steve asks the question.

She stops there, frozen. She gently cloess the door, and turns around. Her face was bright red. The black-haired Japanese teen lowered her head. She didn't want to look at Steve in the eye on this. Taking in a deep breath, she exhales. "I.. I wrote it out in the letter. Because I felt... I knew you'd try and stop me." There is a pause.

"I'm running away from here."

Steve Stops his pursuit as Mitsuru responds to his question. "Running away- uh, wha- give me a second." He isn't sure what to say, and fumbles through his words. Before falling silent for a good few seconds, thinking about what to say.

After a uncomfortable silence, the brit finally speaks up. "Look uh, if you want to leave. I won't force you to stay. But, in that case. I'd want to talk about it." He puts a head on his neck, scratching it nervously before continuing "Frankly, I'd be worried sick if you left without a word. Especially with all those monsters currently running around Southtown."

"Just- I'm sure I can help you in some way. But, why do you want to leave this place?"

Mitsuru tightens her fists.

"I apologized... I apologized to Velvet Blue. He's done so much for me. He's protected us, he's gotten ridden of my sickness... he's even forgiven me for what I did. About the fire. And he..." Mitsuru swallows hard. "He said that I can repay him for it. L-look at the letter. I do- I don't want to say it out loud. That's all I have to do to pay him back, for being such a gracious, kind host." Mitsuru stops a moment, crossing her arms. She drops her voice, very very low.

"I'm not going to do it."

Steve brings the letter to his face to skim over it, to find out what Mitsuru is talking about....

Maid Services.

"Ah. Yeah, Velvet is a one hellova pervert." he mumbles with a knowing sigh. "I could try and talk him out of that? Heck, I'd take your place if I'd have to." he says half-jokingly.

"So i'm sure we'd be able to work something out." there's a hint of desperation in his voice. Steve doesn't want her to leave.

Mitsuru stands there, silent.

"I... I don't feel safe here anymore." Mitsuru leads in slowly, face still red, still refusing to look Steve in the eye. "I don't like thinking, that I've been making a debt with someone, who said they are nice. I don't like it at all. And... and you're in debt too. You and Bob. And as long as I'm here, you'll... you'll try and pay off the debt too." Mitsuru heaves. "So you're not safe here either."

"Because of me."

"I just- I don't mind having a debt for your sake, and I'm sure Bob has the same opinion." Steve stares at her back, rustling through his hair. "And maybe you don't feel save, but I believe that this place really is the safest we could ever be. The only ones who can find us here are darkstalkers. People that are able to see the doorway."

The boxer takes a step forward, and puts a hand on Mitsuru's shoulder "I just can't stand the thought of you running into one of those monsters and you just.. just, freezing up again. Like what happened before. And while you are a strong fighter, I'm terrified that, well, those monsters would still tear you to shreds. I only survived because you created that fire to scare them off. But what if you don't have someone to hold them off? What if you don't have anything to create a fire with?

Steve takes a deep sigh. "Please, /please/ consider staying. Until the monsters are gone. And if you are truly adamant to go. At least let me come with you."

"Until you feel save again."

Mitsuru begins to tense up.

It wasn't that Steve was wrong. Steve was right. He had done so much, sacrificed so much, done so much for Mitsuru. When he touches her, the teenager wanted to fight. It didn't make sense. Not even to her. She had so much kindness and support . Especially from Steve. He was like a big brother to her.

Its why this hurt so much.

"Stop it!" Mitsuru explodes back at Steve, face turning red. This is why she wanted a letter. This is why she wanted to run away. Because there was nothing to stop her from being molded into a princess or whatever Velvet Blue wanted. Because of all the things he has done. She was obligated to pay it back. Just like with her own mommy and daddy. And Steve had every reason to have her stay. Because Steve was so nice and did so much that she had no reason to go away. So.

She had to make him not nice.

"You just want me to be- be like that!" She sputters out. "You want me to be humiliated and dressed up like those stupid Gyaru girls and stuff. Like I was compensated dating. You probably set this up! Everything nice and kind thing you did was to just manipulate me and use me!" She babbles out. She tried so hard to sound angry. But she couldn't hide how she felt about her own lies. She balled up her fists, shaking her head.

"I wish you just gave me up to my father instead of all this!"

Steve listens

That's all he can do. All he has to do. Listen.
Listen to Mitsuru blowing up at him.
Listen to the hints of uncertainty in her voice
Listen to her obvious lies.

Listen.... To her.

Until a dead silence falls. And there is nothing left to listen to. The brit finally speaks up, cutting through the silence with his words.

"I know you don't mean that, Mitsu. And, no-one can turn you into something you don't want to be."

Now her lies couldn't even protect her.

Steve's empathy only cut deeper. She hugged her, shaking her head. "He said there would be a bane if I broke it. He- he is protecting you guys fine. There is no reason you need to be punished." The true. It felt weaker than any lie. "And .. and the other reason...." She falls silent a moment, ashamed.

"I am afraid for mother and father."

"Wait, Velvet really said that? I'll talk some sense into that weirdo soon." There is some level of anger in his voice. Mitsuru's next statement, surprises him however. "Your... parents, huh? I can't say i expected that after what they were going to do to you." He stays quite for a moment, gathering his thoughts. "But, i understand. After all, they're still your parents. It's a good reason to leave."

He sighs deeply, and looks at Mitsuru with stern expression. "But, if /we/ are going back to them. I need to stress this. -Please- be careful. I absolutely don't trust them, and there's no telling if they will try to control you like that again.

Mitsuru doesn't release herself.

"Why." Mitsuru says, feeling so cold. Her tone showed it. "Why is it that I can't trust any adult, any -thing- except you and Bob? Why are you and Bob different? Why is it that you're trying again and again to help me? You know what my father will do when he sees you?" Mitsuru shakes her head. "He'll make you go away into a jail for a long, long time. You and Bob would never see the light of day. He'd make you an example, every day. And make you disappear, in the end." Mitsuru falls quiet. "He has powerful friends. And... and he's scared too." Mitsuru swallows hard. "He's scared for me. But you are right."

"He will try to control me too."

"I think you've you just been unlucky, and sheltered." Steve walks a little further back into the room, and sits on his bedding to rest his injured body. "You've had the misfortune of meeting a *lot* of scumbags. Your parents, those people that kidnapped you. Hachiko.." He tilts up his head, looking at the ceiling. "But for every scumbag, there's good people out there. Adult or otherwise. Me and Bob aren't special in that regard."

The boxer looks back down, and straight at Mitsuru "You just have to find, and surround yourself with those people. People you can trust."

"Yeah. That sounds about right, he'd do something like that. So i'd just need to make sure not to be seen." Steve says with a wink.

"I'd be... Sneaky Steve."

"I don't know if I can surround myself with people I can trust anymore."

Mitsuru didn't even know anybody at school she could trust. Nobody except Steve and Bob. And so many bad things keep happening. If she starts refusing to trust them, then everything would be so much simpler. "If don't trust anybody, then I don't have to be around people. I can't surround myself with people like you, Steve. It doesn't make sense. Nothing makes sense." Nothing did make sense. And yet, Mitsuru finally raises her head, to look at Steve. "Will you promise me you won't take advantage of me, Steve?"

"I'll let you come along, if you promise that."

"It may be difficult. But i think you have to try. It's good to have friends to rely on, you don't have to tackle everything alone." Steve thinks for a moment "People like... That girl that you met, back at the abandoned shrine."

The boxer rises back to his feet, and lays his hand on his chest "I promise. I promise to never take Advantage of you." He says, sincerely.

"Malin's not a friend!"

Mitsuru quickly interjects. Was she? Was she not? Mitsuru spoke too fast. Mitsuru looks away from Steve, face beet red. "I guess that's the best I can expect from you. You better get dressed." Mitsuru paused. "I wore your clothes because I don't trust my clothing anymore, not around Velvet Blue. It's giving him ideas." Mitsuru clings a hand to her chest gingerly, where she winces at the scar underneath. "I guess... I guess I can dress normal. Maybe it'll disguise me!"

It will not disguise her.

Mitsuru swallows hard, looking at the door. "I... I was going to leave a letter for Bob. Do you think... he should come along too? Right now? Or do you think he'll just find his way where we are going?"

"Sure she isn't" Steve can't help but smirk. "I don't mind. I'm sure you'll blend in *slightly* better then usual..."The Englishman starts putting on his coat and sneakers as he keeps talking "And about Bob. If he's in at the moment, we could ask him. But if he isn't around, I think we're better of leaving right away and just leave him a note. We don't wanna stick around for too long, or we might run into Velvet with his perverted idea's..."

He finishes putting on his shoes. "Well then, you ready to get going?"

Mitsuru shudders.

"Lets go Steve. I don't want to be here anymore. We'll.... we'lll head to the Villages. That's where my family is. If there is any trouble, I will... I will tell them the truth." Mitsuru grunts. "And Steve? Thank you..." There is a silence.

"But don't think this makes us friends, either."

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