Gabriel - The Salem NoL Trials

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Description: The more the merrier when you're embarking on an NoL adventure. Gabriel tries to get the Salem to come along, but she is skittish. Failure is always an option.

Southtown. A world away from where Gabriel was just the other day, but a sixteen hour flight across the drink in first class and she's here. You would think the jetlag would get to her, but surprisingly she seems okay. Chalk it up perhaps to the comfort of first class, or caffiene or simply not feeling like she has the time to spare resting in a hotel or other accomidations. Instead she is out on the hunt. Dressed in fine clothes fit for someone in a salary position, she'd actually fit in very well here, except for her heritage.

The first stop of course was to check in with reports on robberies. She knows what she is looking for but not exactly whom. There was a criminal and she intends to find them. Inquires were put in with some of the local yakuza despite her distate for those types. Now there is only to wait.

An alley, a grilled meat stand, small and out of the way. She's paid her bribes so if anyone were curious about why she was hunting them they could find her here. She looks unarmed too, for what that is worth (not much), except for her violin case that contains who knows what.

Salem had been keeping a low profile in Japan. She was sticking around to heal from the wounds that were, at least for now, debilitating her from doing much else. She's been keeping her head down avoiding notice. Whenever she went out is was without her mask and usually with an illusion in place just in case for extra protection. At the very least her Japanese was getting better via emersion in the language.

Of course she kept tabs on anyone that might be poking around still interested in her since the Syndicate had seen fit to send someone after her once already. Being dangerously close to their operations did tend to keep one cautious. So when she got news that someone seemed to be looking into what little activity she had in Southtown, mostly the theft of the dagger that had caused so much trouble, she was curious.

So here she was, mask on and wounds hidden beneath her clothing. She wasn't in the mood for a fight nor was she looking for one. All the better that the fairly conspicuous person standing around in the alley didn't appear armed, but she wasn't in the habit of assuming a stray violin case lacked a weapon within.

"You're dressed to nice to be skulking around back streets." Salem commented, tone dry as she leaned up against one of the walls with arms crossed over her chest.

Casual once over. Sort of fit the description, mask doesn't help. Gabriel's lips pull into a small frown. She dismisses the comment with a wave of her hand. "Present yourself as you wish to be receiced." She answers plainly. "A philosophy. . . You seem to have taken to heart yourself." She trails off and regards Salem for a long moment. "You seem to be whom I'm looking for, but I have not a name to place you yet. Suffice to say if you're simply a yockle in a mask there might be consequences."

Contrary to her words Gabriel doesn't look like she's interested in a fight either, rather she seems to be interested in not much of anything around her. Despite being at a food vendor she hasn't ordered any food, just sake which she has barely touched.

"Since you've gone through the trouble of coming out here, you may as well join me." She offers with the same cold air.

Salem scoffed a bit at the comments. "You're looking for me and you don't even know who I am? Sure, I'll bite." She made no moves to come closer or join the woman. Her mask as it always did remained firmly in place. She wasn't in the business of taking it off for other people. The most recent exception had been just that --an exception. Especially given the circumstances surrounding it.

"What do you want?" She asked, not looking to beat around the bush with this. "If you're looking for someone to work under you I don't do employers. I'm an independent, and my name's Salem." Which also lately had been an exception. Such was the way that revenge went for her.

"That is acceptable to me, I do not have the patience for employees." She shuffles some thing in her case and comes out with a few photographs of library staff. "Consider this an offer for a mutually beneficial venture. All parties are equal share. The end result will be a combination of monetary reward and the aquisition of power for whatever ends you may envision." She wets her lips and says, "It's a single job, but will involve multiple steps. I will tell you more if you are interested, or you may walk.." She pauses, looking Salem over and continues, "Usually I would not be fourth coming with this type of information but I doubt you could inform the authorities even if you wanted to."

Gabriel gives Salem A look. It conveys the doubt that nyone would listen to her anyway. She lifts a brow silently to see if the woman will stick around or plans to take her leave.

"Yeah sure. Let me just run straight the cops I'll get right on that." The sarcasm is thick in her tone as Salem rolls her eyes beneath her mask. As the woman continues speaking she listens, watching her every move. She'd had enough bad luck as of late to warrant some caution when she wasn't up to fighting shape in her current state.

"Just tell me what it's about and get on with it. I'm not really in the mood to stand around all day talking." Salem replied, clearly not one for patience.

Despite how Salem responds, Gabriel doesn't seem too terribly put out by it, she simply waits for Salem to finish and continues.

"Myself and one other associate are seeking to strike the NOL, as the library hoardes magical relics and weapons. The plan is relatively simple, we will aprehend some of their operatives, obtain their uniforms and use them to infiltrate one of the smaller head quarters. We will acquire what we can from their catalog and then depart. The weapons worthy of keeping or capable of strengthening our resolve we will keep, the rest will be fenced. The divide is even, no one gives the orders. Just one job and we are done."

Salem considered the offer. Magical weapons that were hidden away and capable of strengthening one's power? That was something she'd probably have had a little more interest in before the last two times she'd gone after such artifacts ended in her badly wounded. Still, it was something to consider.

"I've had some bad luck going after those sorts of things lately. I'm also busy with my own work right now I've got something taking up my interests." Salem said, straightening up and brushing herself off. "You can have that fun to yourself."

"If you insist," Gabriel replies casually and then takes the picture and puts it away, while continuing. "The thing is.. Risk is mitigated by one of two things, either your own preparation and prowess, or dividing it amongst others. A no strings attached oppertunity to accomplish something like this to better ones own abilities later one. That is at the core of what I am offering." She puts her hand to the inner pocket of her fancy jacket and comes away with a very fancy printed card. Of course she offers it with two hands as is tradition.

"Should you change your mind, you can simply contact me. We will proceed as planned, but that doesn't mean a third will not be accepted later on."

Salem's head inclined slightly indicating that she was looking at it. After a moment she reached out and took it before slipping it into a pocket. It was something she'd think on some more once her vendetta was taken care of. Until then, however, she'd only keep this offer at the back of her mind as something to look into. It was certainly information that might be useful for future endeavors.

"I'll keep you in mind." Salem said, offering one last glance over the woman before turning. Her form rippled like a mirage, and then it was a young woman with black hair pulled back in a ponytail. Japanese features and pointedly plain clothing keeping her from drawing the eye before she was out on the streets again.

[OOC] Koi Gabriel says, "Okay that was short ! But nice to establish things"

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