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Description: A meeting in a cafe for discussions about what should happen next. The main dish is the NoL, or will be once the chefs cook up the delicious diversion. After a brief talk it is off to the races.

Metro city was getting old, the KoF stuff was too. The signs weren't obvious, but Gabriel wouldn't usually choose a hipster place for any reason to do well anything. It is almost as bad as a clown motel. Still, here she is. In front of her is a tablet, some papers, a pen, some coffee and a barely touched pastry. She doesn't look impressed by the fair. Her other chair is opened for whomever she is meeting and presently she seems engrossed in what she is working on.

The door opens. In walks in to what everyone else in the shop looks like a fairly normal lady with long black hair, if somewhat pale--wearing a full-length black dress with a jacket over it. What sits down at the table across from Gabriel however is far from normal, or human.

"Now, you can't be mad at me~" Echo grins, to Gabrial only, in all her batty glory. The spell she's using to hide her true appearance however does not mask the appearance of bandages over her temple and chin, she looks like she's been in some kind of intense scrap! Which would be true.

"I did say I'd do my best," she gives Gabriel a big sheepish grin, vampire fangs and all.

It isn't until Echo is seated that Gabriel looks up from what she is doing to acknowledge her, but only with a glance. Her attention is soon back in what she has before her. It takes another moment of awkward silence for her to respond.

"I am unconcerned with the outcome of the tournament." She states plainly, "Such trivial frivolities are of no consequence. I need to know what your long term retainer fees will be however, my next plans are of great importance to me."

Her eyes flick up briefly before she flicks a paper across the table. It appears to be an expense report that only includes Echo's name.

"We will need to gather more allies, I've read a news report of violence in southtown that should prove a good hint, whomever is committing robberies and getting away with it might be of use. " Distaste shows on her features like she'd hate to associate with someone of such low morals, but she trudge on.

"Next is a line of revenue, using my own wealth isn't wise for long term plans, your retainer alone would probably put a burden on me eventually, additional support would strain it further. We need to find a way of funding our endevours."

"You want to recruit someone like that...? Alright," Echo grins a little, apparently not minding this idea at all. She /worked/ for some pretty shady people herself, after all.

"We need more money, huh? Well that is the question, isn't it," Echo relaxes back in the chair, folding her arms a bit as she rubs her chin and face with one hand--careful to avoid the bandages she has here and there, picking up the paper she was slid by Gabriel.

"I see, well I guess I'll need to do the best I can with this," she resituated herself in the chair, making eye contact with Gabriel again.

"We both might need to sharpen our skills a little, I think. Caem to mind after I faced that big armored artificial person in the tournament."

"There might be ways to accomplish that," Gabriel replies, dryly, "But we shall have to prioritize, I think it prudent we investigate the individual in south town first and foremost." She leans back and folds her hands in her lap, "Doing so might provide answers to other problems as well, then we shall see what priorities rise to the surface."

Her attention returns to the papers before her and she starts to organize them. "Are you aware of any other individuals worth attention at this time, either as potential allies, or worth a sum making them a valuable asset in another way?" She seems to be alluding to kidnapping, but it is hard to tell, everything is so monotone with her.

"We might also need to recuperate physically after King of fighters, I mean, look at us--or at least, look at me," Echo grins a little again, leaning back in her chair. She seems comfortable for the most part right now, looking over Gabriel. "You /do/ like to go on vacation, at some point, don't you?" she raises a brow, still grinning a little bit.

"Well," she replies to Gabe's question, clearing her throat, "Not sure, outside of my friends, though there is the library people," she shrugs. "I already made off with some of their things with Kiyomi, bless her~ I think maybe I could use said as some sticks to bait them," she is rubbing her chin and cheek again, wincing a little as her index finger nail pokes at a bandage.

There had to be a reason to keep Echo around and from the way Gabriel looks at her that reason was just now revisited. A slow nod before she is derailed and frowns.

"I heal quickly," she tells Echo and holds up her hand, showing an umarred palm. This hand which she regularly grips a length of glass with and no doubt cuts deep, but shows not a mark.

"About this library, perhaps we could get two birds captured in one throw of the net. " She leans forward, "If we were to make an attempt on them we might find some research or technology that could augment our capabilities somehow, and what we cannot use, we can fence. This should be our next target."

"Well, like I said, I think I might know of a way to draw one of their people out, if that's what you desire, what we do with them then, well," she shrugs a little, grinning. "I suppose it should be a little fun at the very least, for me--they hound my kind, y'see," about now she wonders what the place has to drink, peering over at the counter. "You don't feel very much pain either, do you? handy, self-cleaning, magical wounds," she seems to be amused by this, as if it wasn't grisly or strange. Echo is just like that.

"As for capital, I have my own concerns there, god knows I must uphold my lavishly hedonistic lifestyle as it is," she smiled, a bit shameless there. "You know how it is. But I might be able to come up with a plan there... given a little time."

"Goddess," Gabriel corrects plainly and then further corrects, "I feel pain the same as anyone. A sacrifice isn't meanginful if you do not sacrifice something." She sniffs a bit and then straightens some. "Drawing them out is too small a fish, but perhaps if we procured their uniforms we could do an inflitration. That might gain us access to some equipment. It would be a small team to be certain. Perhaps us, perhaps three. I am not certain why but three appeals to me."

She pauses and reaches to her drink. Her hand is careful not to touch anything, not even the glass more that necessary. It is a delicate touch, but strangely elitest to look at. Similarly when she takes a sip she does so letting her lips contact the glass as little as possible like a very tiny kiss.

"Dangerous for me, but I like the idea, who knows what we might be able to find," Echo thinks about it a moment, smiling at that. "Lets do it. I should be able to weave a spell for us both~" she squeals a bit in excitement. This is going to be /fun/.

"So we need a third for our little party, huh? Alright," Echo thinks for a moment of who might be willing to come along. "Perhaps one of my dolly friends, they always like to get into action," she watches the very dainty way in which Gabe sips at her glass, tilting her head a little, one bat-like ear lilting along with it.

"Might you like to have dinner tonight, maybe? With me," she grins.

First she sets the glass down. Then she takes care to wipe her finger tips with the napkin and then her lips. The napkin didn't come from the resturant, but rather she brought it. The thing is white and silk. She probably doesn't intend to use it a second time. "Whomever these dolly's are seems perfectly acceptable. " She doesn't seem to care who they are and then at Echo's further question she looks perplexed.

It is as though Gabriel cannot fathom why Echo would ask that, but after a moment of her confusion she just shakes it off and replies, "That is acceptable, I do not see much point, but there is a lot of planning we still need to do to accomplish this."

"Ahh, I'd like that, I know a rather lovely Italian restaurant a few blocks away from here, if you'd like that, or is seafood more your thing?" Echo asked, and this wasn't even a double entendre, at that! It was a logical question. "Well that settles it then, I'll see you about 6, then?" Echo smiles as she rises from her chair, getting her jacket and things in order.

"Will catch you later then, hon--for right now I need to head hme for a nap, and maybe a bite~" of course, what sort of bite she means is ambiguous here.

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