Sol Badguy - Knocking on Heaven's Door

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Description: The infamous Sol Badguy pays a visit to Illyria in search of the Gear hiding out there. Instead he finds the Second King of Illyria, Leo Whitefang. Negotiations swiftly break down.

It's been a long time since "Sol Badguy" visited the Sacred Order. Some might even say they separated on bad terms. Maybe it had something to do with the theft of Fireseal, a magical sword of incredibly power, but who would hold a grudge about that? Maybe Kilff Undersn, but certainly not Ky Kiske, right?

As such it may come as a bit of surprise when Mr. Badguy comes knocking at the gates of Illyria proper. It may be less of a surprise that several security details got into an open battle against the man, considering there's a fairly widespread order to arrest him on sight and bring him in for questioning. What followed from there as a knockdown, drag out battle near the city's southern gate. Certainly the Sacred Order's rank and file are certainly some of the best of the best, even their ranks have some rookies: faithful acolytes recruited for the Illyria conflict and some picked up since the Order cemented itself as the authority here for the protection of the world against what old magics still lurk within the castle walls. But unfortunately for them, Sol Badguy used to be one of the Order's most elite fighters. Likewise, there's a good reason why the man has such a bounty on his head.

Sol turns his head, applying pressure to his meaty tree-trunk of a neck using the flat of his palm. He pushes until there's a small pop, then he turns to the other side and applies the pressure there. Fireseal, arguably the whole reason for this mess, is heffed casually up onto his shoulder.

"I told you kids I'm here to speak to the bosses, but you wouldn't listen. Tch." Sol wipes his nose with the back of his fist before spitting on the ground. "Now you gonna go grab the boyscout or the old man? I ain't got all day."

The handful of SO troops are bruised and singed, but the biggest damage has been done to their egos. One lets out a groan and slumps against the side of a small house.

"Soldier.. do my eyes deceive me? Or is that the Sacred Order member turned traitorous bounty hunter, Sol Badguy, here on Illyrian grounds effortlessly beating up my soldiers and Order acolytes?"

"..Yes, Sir Leo, you are correct!"

"There are times when I wish this were not the case.."

Sir Leo Whitefang, second king of Illyria, Sacred Order commander and a better man then you and you, makes his way down the large highway towards the smouldering, flame scourched and ego bruised battle zone where Sol had made his presence known and the Sacred Order did what the Sacred Order often does - jumped to a fight led by passion as opposed to logical thinking. For his own part, his blood boils slightly at seeing the fire wielder. LIke these others, he is an Order a member and on a meteoric rise in leadership during the days of Sol's tenure before he vanished. In -fact-..he might very well be in the position Sol would have been in had the other man stuck it out as he had the favor of Kliff and rivalry of Ky. This possiblity is not lost on Leo and it only depens his fouling mood even more as he arrives.

"That is enough! Stand down!"

The men are alread down but you know...appearences.

"I will deal with our interloper." Large Iron Crosses on his wrists warp and ripple with chi and sorcery - growing and extending to massive greatswords, each signifigantly larger then Fireseal and yet held easily in each hand by the great knight. He doesn't rush in to fight though.

"Sol Badguy, what business do you have in Illyria? Have you come to return the Fireseal to the Order?"

Sol's blood boiling would take significantly more effort than he seems to be ready to invest right now. When Leo arrives, Sol merely tilts his head up from its lazy tilt, eyeing the SO commander from beneath the metal band around his forehead. His hair shaggy hair blows slightly in the wind.

"Are you guys still on about that? Surely there's half a dozen other fire swords sitting down in a vault in this place." Sol raises a hand up, closing his eyes and running his fingers through his hair and making that spiky mop even worse with a heavy scratch of his head.

"But nah. You might say I'm a little fond of it now. Maybe I'm just sentimental for antiques though."

"I'm actually here about your little guest," Sol's eyes are suddenly open, staring down Leo with intensity. "It's better you guys have her than those assholes at the library, but she and I have some things to talk about." Sol taps Fireseal on his shoulder. "So...Leo, wasn't it?" Sol holds up his hand, palm upward as he gestures. "Why don't you just take me to her and we can get this Gear business over with?"

"That may be.." answers Leo to the first comment, "But there is only one Fireseal and one Fireseal that was taken by a deserter." He lowers his arms and rests the edge of his blades against the ground, "But I'm not First King, Kiske, and am perhaps a little more flexible then he would be in this a point..."

He frowns mildly as he takes the rest of Sol's comments and requests in and he shoulders one of his blades, growing more agitated and mildly defensive. "I am Leo Whitefang, Second King of Illyria...and I will do no such thing. You -claim- it better that she be with us then The Library, but I am well aware that you are a bounty hunter by trade and of the bounty on Dizzy's head -and- my own. I would be a fool to just waltz you into her place of refuge so you could attempt to take advantage of it. Besides, NOL bounties have no weight here.."

He inclines his head, curiously, at something said and after a moment he asks, "The fact that she's a Gear is irrelevant, isn't it? What do you care?"

"Well, hell, this place has royalty and everything. Sounds like the boyscout's moved up in the world, too, eh?" Sol's hand goes up and rubs the edge of headband and adjusts it with a press of his thumb. "Well forgive me if me if I lack manners, your majesty, but I'm not really the high society type." Sol leans back on his heels, giving a lazy shrug. "But as for the Gear...well, let's just say cleaning up lose ends of the Gear Project are something I'd for free."

Leo frowns, huffs, swells his chest and looks down right mildly incensed. His dictionary is going to get a work out later as he relives this encounter..

"Perhaps you've been living under a rock but Illyria is a newly founded nation in the aftermath of a Mad Fairy Queen's attempt to destroy the world and following a Sacred Order ad Librarium joint effort to stop her. We've established an elected monarchy here and former Sacred Order leaders are now in high positions here. ...Sir Kiske received the position of First King. I am the Second.." He leaves implied but unstpoken as to the nature of the Third. "High Society isn't the aim as much as respect to the taditions of the old Kingdom. You care about traditions, dont' you?"

His toe cools signifigantly next and he says bluntly, "Dizzy is under Illyrian protection. We've fought and bled for her right to choose her own path for better or for worse. To treat her liek an object that needs to be 'cleaned up' would seem to defeat the purpose no? And she's not the only Gear taking refuge here... Will you need to 'clean them all' up?"

"Eh," Sol grunts, "Not the worst thing someone's said about me. I heard you all had your hands full with that mess. Guess I should probably made some time to lend a hand, but you seem to have handled it well enough." Sol takes several steps forward toward Leo, his boots falling heavily on the old stone.

"But I can't say I'm really much of a fan of traditions. I'm more of that asshole who just shows up to the reunion uninvited." Sol lifts his head, squinting at Leo with one eye. "Give me a break," Sol snorts, rolling his eyes. "You really keeping her under your protection," he says, his tone turning abrasive. "Or protecting the world from her?" The mention of a second Gear seems to draw out a bit of a reaction from Sol, whose gritted teeth show. "You're dealing dangerous weapons here, Mr. Second King. You don't know what those Gears are capable of."

Leo Whitefang holds his ground as Sol approaches. His eyes narrow as he meets the dangerous gaze of the approaching bounty hunter and the other Sacred Order soldiers tense up and begin clearing back to give the two men more room. The tension in the air tightens, ahd is made all the worse when Leo responds, "For someone who claims they are better here then in the hands of The Librarium, you're sounding like an NOL agent. We know quite well what the Gears are capable of, which is why we're doing what we're doing and showing them more then just the back hand of the humans who created them. It was Dizzy who turned herself in to us, hoping she could show humanity she was not just a monster. Blame the United Nations for what happened. Their hubris is what caused the war in Japan."

Leo unshoulders his blades and rests it on the ground infront of him in a gesture for Sol to watch how close he gets. If Sol heeds it or not is up in the air..

"IF you know so much about the Gears why don't you enlighten us like a -normal- person might instead of simply storming your way in to make demands on an issue you don't have all of the facts on./"

Leo snorts and then says with finality, "You will not receive Dizzy's location from me and if you think you can run roughshod over the countryside until you find her.. you've another thing coming."

"Trust me," Sol runs his hand through his hair again. "I've had more than my share of the UN and their hubris. As for the Library, I can tell you now those spoiled brats at the NOL just want to have all the cards. Me? I'm just looking to tie up loose ends."

But when Leo interjects, Sol makes a noise somewhere between a sigh and a grunt before lifting Fireseal off his shoulder. He shifts his grip on it, letting it fall from his fingers before snatching the other end to turn the sword into a strange, reverse-grip with the blade pointed downward instead of up.

"Damn it. This is what I hate about this whole thing," Sol runs a hand through his hair again, mussing it all over once more. "All this Gear business just makes me feel guilty. But I'm not really much of a talker, to be honest." Sol adjusts his headband again. "But I'll tell you what," Sol cracks an arrogant smile. "If you want to help the Gear stay on the straight and narrow, I gotta know that you're up to the job, Mister King." Sol slides his boot along the ground, widening his stance.

"So why don't you show me that you can keep those Gears out of the hands of those library assholes?" Sol raises a hand, gesturing for Leo to come at him.

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"The only person you need to worry about being up to the task, is yourself Mr. Badguy. I've got nothing to prove to you but I'll gladly send you on your way until you've decided to have some manners and atone for the things that burden you with such guilt!"

He brings his blades up in a whirl of motion and drops down into his crouched combat stance, weapons crossed before him and body prowling forward like the great cats he takes his namesake from, "Let's begin!"

"I see you guys are as preachy as always." Sol draws his hand back, resting it on his belt rather than raising in a defensive posture. If anything, his stance looks more bored than aggressive. "And here I thought maybe the old man had promoted someone a little more laid back. Anyway," Sol snorts.

His expression changes to more of an arrogant smirk, his teeth showing as he speaks. "Let's see what's been going on in the Order since I cut out."

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That arrogant laziness is not lost on Whitefang. His teeth grit as his anger begins boiling up..but he didn't get to the position he is in through being easily goaded and being reckless. Still, Sol's antics demand a response and he grunts out, "Fine, I've been told I've been getting a little old fashioned and a little talkative. Let me at least switch to a language you understand better.."

And with that the Lion Man dashes forward, covering yards of distance in what must be the barest blink of an eye. In transit he spins, both of his swords whirling out and around him almost dervish like as he attempts to cross Sol up while slashing at him. Iron Chi trails behind the movements of his sword like jagged claw marks ripping into the fabric of the air itself.

Once out of the attack, the momentum has led to Leo switching stances with his back now to the legendary bouty hunter and both swords at the ready.

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"What can I say?" Sol says, lifting his chin and looking at Leo smugly. "I'm just a man of few words." But Leo's effort to speak another language here isn't lost on Sol by any means. When Whitefang barrels down oon him, the bounty hunter's muscles tighten and his boots dig in. He swings his arm around and brings it up as the slashes rip through the air, the three jagged claws ripping across his arm in a splash of blood.

But even as he's slashed, Sol's gritted teeth turn to a smile. The man steps forward into Leo as he gets ready to withdraw, planting his heel sideways before step-kicking with his whole body, boot-aimed at Leo's midsection. It's a brutal kick of a bar room brawler more than a trained fighter, but the power behind it seems real enough regardless---even if Leo's speed far exceeds his.

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Now Leo is not a small man. He actually outstrips Sol in height by a few inches and while Sol may have im in weight it's not by much. The padding of the Sacred Order uniform does much to hide the particulars of his physique but when the kick lands, Sol finds his foot impacting against a solid body with Leo tightening his physique to avoid crashing backwards into the group of onlookers.

"Not bad!" he exclaims, "I'm used to your type folding after the first move or two.." from there he lashes back again, lunging into a leap that carries him at the former Sacred Order member in a downward kick and following this with twin slashes of his blade that come blazing down along the same arc as his faqlling axe kick.

Sol shakes his arm as his boot slams against Leo's guard. A faint heat bloom pours off of him---waves of high temperature like asphalt in the summer sun. Sol doesn't even seem to notice. Even as it does, the cuts from before seem to close up, rapidly mending themselves even as the bounty hunter keeps at it.

"Heh, to be fair, I was thinking the same thing!" Sol bushes forward, his muscles going taut as Leo dives into a kick and twin slash combination. The boot slams into Sol's chest with enough force to provoke a wheeze of pain, but the man doesn't back down. Instead he soldiers through the two slashes as they split open his jacket, merely gritting his teeth even as his shirt slowly darkens.

"Ugh, I liked this shirt," Sol grunts. His fist draws far back behind him, he tightens his fist, and flames spew forth from the pressure. What follows is a full-bodied haymaker of a punch---amateurish in execution, but surging with flaming chi and unbridled power.

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Windows shatter and a pillar of flame erupts upwards and spirals outward in a whirlwind as the fist slams into the iron hard body of Leo and chi wars with chi briefly in a spectacular tornado of force. A few guards are actually taken off their feet from the reverb which continues for a few seconds until Leo manages a rebound backwards and then straightens up to his full height to momentarily consider Sol.

"Tth. Damn monster." he grunts before pounding a fist to his chest a few times to psych himself up, "..Howeve,r what sort of king would I be if I backed down so easily. You've that Fireseal, are you going to bother using it or is it just a decoration??"

He's on Sol again, a great cat roaring forward at its prey with both of his swords dragging along the ground and then suddenly whip cracking upward in a pinwheel like motion that trails iron chi and whirls around the second king as he leaps at Sol with the swords outstretched and lunges skyward in a rising slash.

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Sol Badguy grins as his fist connects with Leo, but when the knight doesn't buckle from the impact his expression changes. He redoubles his efforts, pushing against Leo until the two of them split away, Sol sliding backward across the street.

"Tch. That's what people say," Sol says, "I'm kinda lead to buy into it by now. But damn, you're one to talk with the way you took that punch. But when Fireseal is mentioned, Sol glances it. "...who knows. It's useful sometimes."%
But then Leo's slashing him again. This time Sol draws back, raising both arms to guard as the blades rip across his arms. That heat bloom rises again As the cuts start closing themselves up, more gradually than before, but still with remarkable speed. Sol doesn't wait for them, however. His grip shifts, knuckles tightening around the handle of Fireseal before he steps forward in a hook-like punch that swings the blade around in an unorthodox slashing motion.

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Spark fly as the ringing of enchanted metal against enchanted metal fills the air. A downward slash by Leo meets Sol's hook swing. Flame explodes out like a blast of napalm and Leo grimaces but holds steady before redirecting the force of the blow and then spinning into a roundhouse kick made all the more dramatic looking by the flourish of his coat and mane of blond hair.

Should the kick hit or miss, he continues forward, attempting to keep the presure on and remain unrelenting. A large hand lunges up for Sol's own mane of hair to try and grab the mans head and then bring it down towards an uprising knee in a brawlers type of move that Sol would no doubt appreciate. Then again, Leo was never particularly elegant where fighting is concerned among the Saced Order leadership.

COMBATSYS: Sol Badguy interrupts Armed Combo from Leo Whitefang with Volcanic Viper.

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Sparks fly from the two clashing blades, and Sol tightens his grip so hard that his knuckles pop. When the pressure starts to shift and Leo moves into the roundhouse kick, Sol seems to see opportunity. He ducks beneath the incoming roundhouse, leaning to the side and letting it collide heavily with his shoulder to give him just a moment where Leo may be off balance.

And then he launches like a snake striking its prey, leaping upward in a rising slash as Fireseal erupts into a burning arc that leaves a conflagration in its wake.

Ask and ye shall receive it seems.

The blast cuts straight through Leo's brazen attempt to engage Sol in close hand to hand combat. It blasts him backwards as searing flame roars upwards and envelops him in a series of explosions as if he were caugh tin a miniature super nova. He tumbles, rolling backwards, body cut, bruised and seared..tip of his coat and strands of his hair trailing bits of flame as he slides along the ground, gets into a crouched position and hten launches at Sol again. Undeterred and maybe enjoying this just a little. Not that he'd admit that aloud.

nstead he attempts to close the gap between himself and the bounty hunter, coming in low and quick in an attempt to try and position himself properly for a his next moves. His speed belies his large frame as he attempts a dash through, slashing with both of his blades like the swipe of a great cat while also trying to position himself past Sol in readiness for a follow up.

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Sol lands out of the rising strike with a heavy thump and a bend of his knees. The blood from the gashes earlier seem to have dried, but the bounty hunter takes heavy breaths. Before he can move to counter attack, Leo's rapid strike slides under Fireseal, ripping across his abdomen with a slash. Sol gasps and staggers, taking two steps before he rights himself.

"Ngh, not bad. Guess I should have expected this from anyone keeping up with the boyscout." Sol runs his fingers across the wound on his stomach, looks at his hand, then rubs his fingers together. "Or maybe I'm just getting too old for this."

Sol steps forward, dropping Fireseal enough to adjust his grip on it to a regular hold. He raises the sword high, swinging it downward in an overhead smash that's more like someone using a sledgehammer than a broadsword.

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"Is that a compliment?" asks Leo, halfway begrudgingly acknowledging it and also half way annoyed. After all, as much as he sees Ky as a rival - it's not necessarily mutual. Ky is nearly oblivious to Leo's pursuit, with his eyes instead focused on Sol.

"We can end this whenever you want. Give up your pursuit of Dizzy and the Gears protected here in Illyria.."

His demands have much bravado to them but Sol's resilence is..starting to get noticed. They've exchanged blow after blow and the bounty hunter still seems hardly worn where Leo is being considerably pressed.

"Hmph!" he grunts before leaping back and then suddenly dashing forward again, crossing his arms and bringing the blades together liek an iron cross and then slashing with both swords, iron chi blazing and ripping wildly through the area in a sudden torrential outpowering of energy. This is followed by another dash as he slides through the opposite direction and then spins wildly with a horizontal slash to finish the combo.

Riding the shockwaves of this, as he ends with his back turned to Sol, in his Brynhilder stance, he brings his swords behind like like a cross and then rips them away, creating a shield like iron-cross projectile that blasts at Sol in a follow up to the series of bladed attacks. A frenzy of movement from the hunting lion.

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Sol Badguy seems to keep crashing through Leo's attacks like a train. Certainly he's showing signs of wear, but the fact that the man can take this much punishment serves as testament to how he was able to leave with Fireseal and continue to be a nuisance to Ky Kiske.

But then Leo kicks things up a notch. First is the flare of iron chi, the storm of power, then slash and wild spinning slash. Sol smashes into it like a linebacker, bringing up his forearm and shoulder and taking the brunt of the blow. It shreds through part of his jacket and tears into his flesh, drawing blood in its wake. Sol grits his teeth and endures the pain, but it seems for naught as Leo brings forth a second attack in the shape of a crossed projectile of chi.

Sol staggers out of shoulder block and takes the attack head-on. He gasps as it slams into him, spitting blood, but he holds his ground, pushing forward into the chi projectile breaks upon him and leaves him staggering but still standing. Afterwards his breathes are heavy, his body cut and bruised.

"Okay, maybe now I'm impressed," Sol says, spitting out blood before wiping his chin with the back of his hand. Fiery chi gathers in his palm before Sol clenches his fist in a flash of fire that leaves a lingering aura of flame around it. He steps forward, throwing a strong punch like his earlier blow---but that seems to be only half the threat.

No, Sol follows it by lifting Fireseal, now charged with power. He presses forward and flames seem to shoot down the length of the blade, firing out of the blade's end like a bullet. The conflagration of fiery chi blossoms into a massive, meteor like shot, the power of which causes Sol to reel back to maintain his grip on the relic.

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- Power hit! -

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///                           ]
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From Leo's perspective, he has nowhere to go. It's like a nuclear explosion just detonated in Illyria and he's right in the middle of it. He's barely had a time to recover from his blitz attack, barely had time to see Sol rearing back and then his whole world is fire, flame and pain.

His failed block is almost comical in the ferocity and intensity of the Tyrant Rave and he's blown backwards and lifted from his feet - Order uniform shredded and body blistering in the fireball blast that rips through him and continues on past him to explode down the streets into a distant structure with appropriately explosive results. For his part, Leo rolls on the ground, over and over again before he grips his smouldering blades and uses them to arrest his velocity and drag to a stop some series of yards away from where he was impacted by the blast.

Burnt and tattered he nevertheless pulls himself back up to a wobbly standing position but it's clear he's done and its sheer Lions Pride that is pushing him further. Enough fang bearing pride that Sol isn't entirely out of danger yet.

"Well done! You've earned the kings respect and ire!" A sudden surge of strength and clarity ripples through his burly frame, "These royal blades are ten times stronger than any other!" He slams his swords together creating a whorl of iron chi and liquid metla as they form a massive spear tipped with the roaring head of a lion.

"My strength is ten times that of any mans!"

Leo dashes forward, closing the distance between himself and Sol in the space of a twinkle of an eye. He seems to slow up in mid dash at the last instant before suddenly spiralling past Sol. A sudden explosive roar of energy follows behind him, building in intensity before finally attemtping to engulf Sol in a conflagoration that lights up the area like a second bomb had been detonated.

"Since I feel generous, I'll DOUBLE their multiplied power, for 200 times the force!"

But if it is enough or not, as Leo boasts and roars, he slides to a stop beyond the exposions range, silouhetted by it, back to Sol and brings his reformed swords down infront of him to lean against them. He's spent.

COMBATSYS: Leo Whitefang can no longer fight.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Sol Badguy       0/-------/-<<<<<<|

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[                        \\\\\\  <
Sol Badguy       1/-----<</<<<<<<<|

"Well damn, I didn't expect you to get up from that one," Sol says, rolling his neck as Leo gets back on his feet. The bounty hunter grips his blade, preparing to go again---until Leo goes into his speech. "--huh? What are you on about? Wait,"


Leo explodes through Sol with a detonation of chi, the eruption engulfing Sol in an wave of force that leaves a crater in its wake. For several long, lingering moments there's no signs of life as Leo slumps onto his swords, having spent his reserves.

But then there's a flicker of life. A black-figured silhouette in the aftermath for a brief moment before Sol is fully visible again. He's down to one glove and lost almost the entirely of his shirt, his pants looking more like something from the Incredible Hulk. His headband, mysteriously, remains completely intact. He shakes his head, smacking his hair to knock out pieces of debris.

"Well," Sol coughs out soot. "Damn. Even I'm a little impressed." He takes hold of Fireseal, hefting it up. "You almost had me there, kid." Kid?! Isn't Leo around his age?

"But if that's what you've got, maybe the Gear's in good hands." The bounty hunter trudges his way out of the crater, stopping near Leo. "Sorry for the mess," he glances at the crater, and the impact site from the Tyrant Rave. "But look," Sol says, "I've got history with the Gears. I know how they work, and I can't let anyone else use that power."

Sol starts to walk off. "Tell Kiske I'll be back later." A pause. "To talk." Another pause. "You guys have pissed off some ornery assholes, and the last thing the world needs is them with a Gear army." Sol glances over his shoulder. "Call me if there's trouble before then."

COMBATSYS: Sol Badguy has ended the fight here.

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