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Description: In which Lilith shows Sophia how to feed her unearthly, unholy snekly hungers.

The temperature had been rising during the day in Southtown, Spring finally had gotten around to booting Winter and it's croney butt out the door. The result was a semi-warm and wet atmosphere, with still a hint of chill in the wind.

For Lilith, she was mainly here to grab a bite to eat--and thankfully not the soul-sucking variety, at least not at the moment. A little bit of Lo Mein, Chow Mein, whatever--she hadn't heard from Jedah in a while and she figured she better keep busy or else she'd start feeling some deleterious effects of low physical activity as well as depressed Succubi-syndrome, as she liked to call it--from lack of stimulus. Fighting, action, adrenaline--shenanigans, a lot of things could give a soul-drainer the pep she needed. Whether it was mischief of an adult variety, or something more violent! Well, comparatively.

Sophia's been trying to locate Lilith for the past year. It's not like she can ask people if they've seen a succubus without sound crazy in the process. At least it's warmed up a bit, it was hard enough as to keep her human guise up as it is. Still she's not quite sure how to approach her, after all walking up to her with people around would lead to just more trouble. Still, if she doesn't confront her now it might be months before she gets another chance. She makes her way into the resturant behind the purple-hair girl.

Lilith is standing aside in the mouth of an alleyway, with chopsticks and eating noodles busily from a box as a small domestic disturbance goes on across the street--some young couple fighting. She's in her regular outfit and watching the conflict a bit animatedly, completely absorbed in what she was watching--and likely getting a fair bit of stimulation off it--which her kind desperately needed to survive.

It wasn't until she seemed to sense another darkstalker did she turn her reddish eyes to look over at Sophia--eyes widening as she blinked in surprise at who it was.

"Sophie! There you are! Where have you been?!" she sounded as if she was scolding her, her red boots clicking as she approached the nerdy cryptologist.

Realizing she must have just missed Lilith she turns around making her way outside and hears Lilith shout her name. Well, something close to anyway. "It's Sophia, and I could ask the same of you! I had to go into hiding after what happened!" She sounds both frightened and a bit upset. Noticing the other couple present she realizes it's best not to go into too much detail. Her stomach suddenly grumbles, "No please not now...just give me a little longer..."

"Undoubtedly, till you learned to control your powers--are you having fun," Lilith smiled a little as she pushed another heap of noodles into her mouth, munching on them. She blinks when she notices the girl having what looks like a stomach ache.

"Are you sick? there something the matter?" she tilts her head, having heard the growling noise, then blinked.

"Ohh, are you hungry-ish? well, mangia!" she presents the half-eaten box of noodles to the girl, along with the chopsticks.

"Or is it something a little bit more protein rich you're looking for? some mice perhaps?" she grins.

"No, I'm not having fun...we both know that noodles aren't going to do it..." Sophia's bent over clearly doing her best to best to keep from transforming then and there. "I still don't fully know what happened in there, even with all the research I've done. There was nothing like that in my books." The young woman has her arms clutched around herself.

"Aww, well it was worth a shot," Lilith takes her box of noodles back and continues eating, unperturbed by the girl's plight, seemingly.

"So what does your beastly inside hunger for? Some poor unsuspecting sap's energy?" Lilith tilted her head, one of her long head-wings drooping to one side.

"Guess there's no way around it, you gotta learn the finer art of seduction, predation, and draining! You get used to it," Lil shrugs, chewing on her food again.

"Seduction...?" Sophia turns red at that, she's never even had a boyfriend. "Yes..." She whimpers a bit as her legs suddenly give out from her. Her bottom half begins to enlongate and her legs fused together as they're covered in dark blue scales. Her eyes full with red and a fang can be seen sticking out from her lip. Hopefully the couple was too distracted from their argument to notice her.

"Yeah, you know, getting humans to go gaga over you, or pulling them in," Lilith says this casually, still eating her noodles. She then looks back up at Sophia with a bit of a surprised look in her eyes--is the nerdy snek girl /blushing/? Oh my.

"What, you've never been sweet on your professors to get a better grade before? Well, I guess not eh--only the bimbos that didn't study did that, right?" Lilith snerked, shaking her head. Humans and their bizarre mating rituals!

As Sophia begins to turn, the couple doesn't notice Lilith or Sophia at all, actually, still going on about something--likely money that got spent or went missing!

Sophia's body is now stretched out a great deal now more then it was before and she's clearly still embarassed, "I've never slept with any of my professors!" The couple must really be tied up in their argument not to notice them. She begins to slither behind them hoping they wouldn't notice her until she's had a chance to strike. It was better for her to feed now before she gets more aggressive.

"Mmmhmm, look at that, large and serptine bod of yours, why aren't the boys breaking your door down on weekends?" Lilith teases a little, before shrugging. She doesn't seem to mind if the couple across the street gets freaked out. Lilith hasn't had any heat from the NOL yet, and she's as slippery as Morrigan--probably even moreso, due to her smaller stature!

"Well then, we'll have to do something about that appetite, come," Lilith sets aside the box of chow mein as she begins walking across the street towards the arguing couple.

The woman, who was still upstairs and hanging out of a window to yell and argue at her lover would likely quiet down, before the screaming started, anyway--there were vampires afoot, just these ones weren't the type that most might suspect~

Lilith had grabbed the man and fastened her mouth against the stubbly Asian man's, his body radiating a ghostly blue aura as Lilith began to siphon off his energy--looking like she was dip-kissing him--which she was, arguably!

"Ahh... come here and get some of this, Sophie," Lilith gripped the man by the shoulders, letting him hang there as she gave a rather un-lady-like burp!

Sophia coils around the man and wraps hers arms around in a hug. Not too tightly since she doesn't want to strangle him to death as sbe drains energy from him as well. Still between the two of them he wouldn't be waking up for a while. "Please don't kill him..." She may be a monster now but she still has some standards.

"Don't kill him? OH, ALL RIGHT," Lilith rolls her eyes and says aloud with a SIGH, she pulls him over to the side of the building and props him in the doorway, once Sophia is done.

As Lilith is walking away his fiance or recently married wife--Lil can't tell which is soon at his side and is likely pulling him back into their apartment. Well, that was /one way/ to get him out of that predicament he was in with her! Lilith, marriage counselor!

"Well anyway, probably want to get slitherin' now, since they might call the police, can you transform back okay?" she looks at the lamia.

Sophia cringes a bit and nods, she could transform long enough to get away from here at least. She doesn't want to burn all the energy she just absorbed right away. Her snake features begin to fade away as she becomes bidpedal once again and runs as fast as she can. She doesn't want up in a cop car or worse. "What's a good way to stay in contact with you?" So she doesn't have to try and track her down again.

Lilith is lightly gliding along the ground as her wings flap behind her, more hovering than flying, really--but she's picking up speed too.

"Cell phone number, you can have it once we're clear in a sec," Lilith grinned, reaching over to pat the girl on the shoulder.

"You did good kid, real good, but as long as I'm around..." she mimicked her best 'mobster voice', or what she thought one sounded like, from watching old grainy movies in large, old theaters.

"I think you've taken to being a darkstalker a lot better than either of us thought!"

"Well, it's not like I have much of a choice unless I want to die...or turn into a mindless monster." Sophia's hands are pretty tied here. "Did you think I wouldn't survive when you took me to that place?" She's kind of surprised that she did. How ironic that the only person she could trust is the one who got her in this mess in the first place.

"Oh you wouldn't turn into a mindless monster," Lilith waves off that fear, shaking her head. "You'll be in full control, pretty much all the time--even if you get super hungry," she grins, looking over at the now running girl.

"You did pretty well back there, though, will have to ask you out on another girl's night like this soon, ciao for now, little snake~" Lilith then flits up into the air, giving the girl a wave.

"Bye bye~" she flits off into the night air.

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