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Description: Dizzy, having been 'captured' by the Sacred Order, has reached the last legs of her long journey into the Vatican City. Held inside a dark cage, she is being transported incognito. Restless and wanting out, Ky Kiske has to join her in the cage, and sooth her troubled heart the only way he can.

Dizzy didn't know what it would be like, being captured.

She remembered how animals in her village would sometimes be captured. They would hate it; they would be very scared. Dizzy wanted to help them, and sometimes, she could. Sometimes the other villagers would be angry at her, but she understood that a trapped animal would be so afraid.

Dizzy was trapped by Ky Kiske now.

But she wasn't afraid. Well, that afraid. They had transported her from Japan to Italy, to the secret Sacred Order base owned by the Vatican. Transporting her was... somewhat unfortunate, as she had to even spend time in a cage at one point. Right now, the cage was being unloaded, as Dizzy sat in the darkness, hands clasped. This was it. This was the moment she would find out if it was truly wise to trust the Sacred Order.

Or if she was like an ensnared animal.

Italy. Just outside of Roma on the coast. Ky feels like, finally, at long last, this nightmare may come to an end. Certainly, there is a long road ahead of them still. There is surely bound to be a lot of sorting and figuring out how to proceed in the days to come, but at least.... At least Japan is done and over with, and that nation can rebuild itself and the world might know peace again. For Ky Kiske, peace was all too welcome. That was the promise that Rome held for him. The promise of peace, for The Sacred Order, for Dizzy, and for himself.

Currently, Dizzy is being unloaded. He hates that he has to keep her contained. He would argue against it, if the situation weren't so touchy to begin with. He feels it is dehumanizing, when their goal and intention is to, in fact, humanize Dizzy. Only through helping her identify herself as a human, and in exchange, helping others to identify herself in that same manner, is she going to be able to live a normal, healthy life. And despite that... With the way things turned out with Justice, there are bound to be dark times ahead, when it comes to how Gears and humanity interact. If they can create a bridge across that gap through Dizzy, they've already won that war in favor of peace. That is his hope.

Now, he stands outside of Dizzy's cage as it is left to rest on the dock. Reaching out, Ky's hand splays across the panel to the biometric lock. A green flash signals that it read his signature correctly, and the door clicks softly as it unlocks.

Light spills into the darkness of the cage as he opens it. Backlit, he presents a silhouette, his blonde hair whipping in the strong ocean breeze that now fills the cage with its fresh, if salty scent. His voice, almost lyrical with the healthy dose of Parisian French that spills forth from it like molten honey, calls out, "Dizzy? We are here. Italy. It will all be over soon."

A pause.

"Do you need for anything?"

The truth was the light.

As the opening to the cage opens, she averts her eyes in the light. Even in the darkness, her own red eyes burn like candles, staring back like a malicious monster. She takes in the scent, and she sees... she sees the man who took her away, who took her in. She embraces herself, looking away at moment.

"There is one thing I need..."

She turns back towards Ky. "I would like to step outside in the light, and stretch my wings. I don't like being in here, at all." She stands up, and walks towards the entrance. There is a sudden -burst- of heat and frost, as both wings seem to flap. Feathers boil out of the cage, as the air blows out. It seems that Dizzy was correct: She did not want to be in there.

And she wasn't going to take 'no' for an answer.

Seeing those pinpricks of ruby light, others might be alarmed. In fact, others were. Many of the men and women of the Sacred Order had less than Ky's faith that Dizzy was anything less than a souless monster, and they often spoke of her baleful eyes in whispered conversations, accompanied with shudders running down their spine. Ky? Ky doesn't shun from those red eyes. He feels no fear from them. He only steps forward towards them, into the darkness himself.

"You want to come outside?" he asks. His silhouette turns, revealing the outline of his fine, delicately sculpted features as he looks over his shoulder at the door, and the light that it presents. He seems contemplative. She can feel the weight that bears on him by the decision, emanating from him by virtue of body language. His shoulders are tense, his brow drops, and his breath is held in his lungs for a moment, before he releases it.

The outburst from her wings draws his attention back to her directly. He steps closer, deeper into the darkness with her.

"I understand. It is miserable, and I am sorry for keeping you... in here. Like this," he says, and his dulcet voice rings sincere with regret. He sounds truly sorrowful. "But I am afraid that we cannot let you outside. Not yet. Once we arrive at the Vatican, where it is secure. At the moment, too many eyes are on us. We have told the world that you are dead. Not all believe us. I'd prefer not to use deception, but... It is the only way."

If he fears the wrath of Dizzy and her sentient wings, he pushes it down effortlessly. His hands come to rest on her shoulders, light and warm. His willowy digits find purchase in her flesh, kneading reassuringly. "I know that it is not a compromise, but... how about instead, I remain in here with you for the rest of the journey?"

Dizzy's wrath was in her impatience, and her confinement. She enjoyed her freedom, and being in the cage, while very much for her safety, was not what she wanted. She was, after all, only 3 years old. A child, in some regards. In others? Well, less childlike. What was worse was her wings, Necro was sensing the people outside, a rising bloodlust growing. Undine? Simply was becoming consumed by the paranoia.

And Dizzy just wanted out.

As Ky Kiske stands fast, however, she pushes against him. Not hard enough to hurt him, no, but the pressure was akin to Leo's Whitefang himself. Even without Necro, her strength was incredible for her build. And yet, she doesn't break out. Looking up at Ky Kiske, she gives an expression of... frustration, of impatience. Dizzy pouts, her lower lip quivering as her brow furrows. The wings seem to almost reach out to wrap around Ky, to envelope him...

"Remain in here, with me?"

Dizzy steps back. The black wing settles down. The white one? Even a stronger blow, a puff of frost pouring at Ky. Dizzy speaks quickly. "Yes, yes. I think I would like that. Can you please sit next to me? We can talk about what will happen. I want to know what will happen to me. I want to know what is a Vatican." She falls into a sit amongst the hay, her knees to her chest. She suddenly perks up in the darkness, her red eyes flaring with inhuman power.

"Is it a place with many trees?"

When Dizzy presses on Ky, he doesn't relent. She'll find him a steady wall. He cannot match her inhuman strength, no. Far from it. But he is not without his own, and his is a will that is unbendable. He isn't going to allow her impatience to cause a disruption of their plans, if only because that would, ultimately, cause her undue heartache.

When those wings surround Ky, there, too, he remains steadfast. He acts as if he doesn't even notice those wings, keeping his gaze locked solely on the crimson eyes of the girl herself. Offering a faint, bittersweet smile to Dizzy, he reaches up, cupping her chin with his elegant hand. The pad of his thumb gently nudges down on her quivering bottom lip, pulling it down to expose her bottom teeth until it slips free and snaps back into place. Her question to reaffirm his offer is met with a nod. "I'll sit with you in here, until we arrive at our destination."

The blast of frost only has Ky recoiling slightly, casting a quick frown in the direction of Undine, but he reaches out to the face of that white wing and cups her cheek, looking the creature directly in its eye and speaking. "I know you are scared and that this confinement is not helping. But you need to trust me. This is almost over, and it is the only way to keep you all safe. Just... believe in me. As I am believing in you."

After Dizzy sits, the holy knight gathers his overcoat about him, turns, and eases himself down beside her, sitting with his legs folded and his hands resting on his knees. "The Vatican is a unique place. It is the center of the holy Roman Catholic Church. It is a city within a city, and a nation within a nation. It is a place of God, with a long, long history. There are gardens. A large expanse of them, with trees aplenty, though it is not the vast wilderness you might hope for."

Dizzy does trust Ky Kiske. % R
She still has yet to learn not to trust others; with Ky Kiske, she feels safe. Protected. And that no matter what, he would try his best. She didn't know where she was, even. With the smell of the salt air, she could very well still be in Southtown. Even with Ky's description, she was clearly becoming more and more uncomfortable. The words that Ky describe are... are difficult for her to understand. "I... I do not like cities." She says frankly. "But if it is a place of god... then it is a place like my village! We had a temple there..."

And she pats her hands on Ky's thigh.

"I can pray to the Kamui Kanna there." Dizzy says hopefully. "I always feel safe near a temple. I need to pray to him for foriveness, for.... for making all this bad thing happen." She sighs sadly. "I feel... I feel like I betrayed everything I've been raised for. My village... I... I can't even..." She sniffles, instinctively leaning into Ky's shoulder.

"We won't have to sacrifice any animals to god, right?"

Ky listens in silence. Hearing the pain in her voice cracks his heart into a thousand tiny pieces. This poor girl, and everything she has endured in such a short time. None of which was any fault of her own. Simple destiny, brought about by dint merely of her sheer existence. When she leans against his shoulder, he shifts, instead, drawing her head to his chest, and letting his hand rest atop her skull, his nails dragging through blue hair to soothingly trace the scalp below.

"Cities aren't so bad, once you come to know people, and people come to know you. Then, you will learn to make a lot of friends," he reassures her. Laying his head back against the wall of the box they are in, he sighs. "I think you'll be happy if you meet new people and make new friends. You are a friendly person. It's in your nature."

But, he doesn't want to talk about praying to Kamui Kanna. Still, he has to, so as to avoid any sort of serious blunders. "There are temples there, yes. We call them churches. But they are dedicated to the one true God. The God of Abraham and the Father of Christ our Savior. To pray to Kamui Kanna would be disrespectful in God's city. But... no. God doesn't accept sacrifices of animals or men. All that God requires of His followers is that they love Him, and their fellow man. He is a God of Forgiveness and Hope."


A neutral sounding response. As Ky touches her head, the commander may feel Dizzy's white wing carefully place itself between himself and her. Not letting him get -too- close to Dizzy. The Gear seems to try and listen to Ky. As he explains about God, though, she seems to be thinking on her entire theology being turned upside down. "well I like to love things, and I like forgiveness and hope. I will pray to him then while I am there."

Easiest conversion ever.

"But I don't like people, Ky. People don't like me. I... I don't think anybody likes me, except you. I don't even think Leo Whitefang likes me very much. My village... I killed so many people in my village. How many people would I have killed in that city? I can't control my power, Ky; I can't stop... I can't stop myself when I feel I am in danger." She sniffs, snuggling closer to Ky. "It's better for me never to see other people, or other people to see me. I... I always thought my nature was to be nice, and kind, and friendly."

"I can see now my nature is only to destroy."

Ky looks to that white wing as it tries to interceed in this moment between he and Dizzy. His face, in all of it's youthful beauty, twists into a scowl that screams one word clearly, "Don't". She needs comfort right now. Let it go, Elsa.

"That is not true, Dizzy," he says, his voice soft, but with an underlying edge of firmness. He will brook no argument here. "What happened was beyond your control. And... Your wings are too independent of your will, but ultimately? Everything you did was the result of simply being terrified and driven by the desire for self-preservation. Yes. A lot of people died. Should you feel remorse? If you did not, then I would not be speaking to you, because you would be the monster that people fear you to be."

His hand on her head relaxes, simply resting in her blue locks, as its counterpart reaches across to take her hand, gripping it tenderly. "But you are not that monster. You are not Justice. And, if you can simply rein in Necro and Undine, you will better be able to control yourself in the future. I believe... I truly believe, that you have a bright and shining future ahead of you, Dizzy. And that you will become beloved by anyone that you touch."

Dizzy, for a moment seems distracted.

As Ky scolds her wing, it flaps hard, before being tucked behind Dizzy indignantly. She looks worried at it, and then, as Ky touches her head, she briefly wiggles out of Ky's grip. "I... I don't think you should tell me, that it was out of my control. If I knew, I- I would have done something. If I can't control myself..." And she looks up to Ky Kiske, with watery eyes.

"Then who should control me?"

She looks away from her knight. "Undine doesn't like you at all, Ky Kiske." Dizzy says sadly. "She doesn't like how you treat her, and how you treat me. She thinks you are going to do things to me, when I am imprisoned like this. I just... I just don't know what they are, she won't tell me."

"They must be very awful, if she won't tell me."

Dizzy lifts her voice a bit. "But Necro seems to be okay with you at the moment. I think he likes that you pick on Undine, without threatening me." She lifts her head up, as the black wing flaps once. "Oh, but if you do threaten me, he wants you to know that he can block your only way out, and that he will enjoy making you suffer for a single, sharp moment." Dizzy nods solemnly, resting her head back on Ky. "I do not like that he is threatening you, Ky."

"And he won't tell me what things you would do to me, either."

Ky reflects on her question. Because, in the end, it is a serious question. One he doesn't rightly have an answer for. Not immediately.

"No one should control you save for your own heart, Dizzy," he says, at last. "If you cannot control yourself, then I will do my best to teach you to control yourself. If you still lose control, then... Then I will promise to be there to bring you back under control. I will be there for you, Dizzy. For as long as you need me, or for as long as you desire me to be."

Her words about Undine actually draw those aquamarine eyes of his to that white wing. Youthful features that seem too fine and delicate to belong to a man of war soften, and for all the world, he looks sorrowful. "I know that it is hard to believe. I understand that it is hard to trust, after what you have been through, but... I had hoped that by now, you would be able to see that my intentions are only to protect you. All of you. I do not know what else I might do to convince you of that, Undine."

He turns his attention back to her black wing, but he doesn't respond to the threat she voices on its behalf. He just nods his head, and turns his cool, blue stare back on to her crimson one. His slight shoulders rise and fall with a shrug. "They think that I will take advantage of your trust to lure you into sinful acts of fornication. They do not understand that I am a man of God, and I do not give in to my lusts like a common lecher. The Lord lifts me and sustains me, even as He may test my will."

Undine was still skeptical.

While she wouldn't admit it (and couldn't really), Ky Kiske was just too pretty to trust. Undine was just looking out for Dizzy's well-being. Necro, for his purpose, was happy as long as he took her back before 11 PM, and didn't hurt her. Of course, if he did, then -everyone dies- so his intentions may not be as pure as Undine's. As Ky Kiske talks to Dizzy's wings...

Dizzy tilts her head the other way.

She trusted Ky Kiske almost completely. He wasn't doing anything dangerous to her, she thought. And as he tells her that he believes she could control herself... and that he would be there to help her... she felt a little more safe in the cage she was trapped in. Looking at her wings, first Undine, then Necro, she looks at Ky Kiske as he looks to be a little.... nervous? "Fornification..." Dizzy repeats back, tilting her head. She was just about to ask Ky Kiske to explain, or maybe show her... when it suddenly clicks.

And Dizzy gasps.

Face turning read, she covers her mouth. She inches away from Ky, bringing her knees up to her chest. She stares at Ky Kiske... as the black wing begins to twitch in tandem with the white. Ky Kiske might be able to sense the sheer -joy- that was building from both Undine and Necro, as they seem just about ready to declare 'self defense.' Dizzy inches away more. Eyes wide, she squeaks, as she uncovers her mouth, asking oh so nervously.

"That's how you make little babies, right?"

When Dizzy starts to pull away from him, Ky's thin, blonde eyebrows come crashing down like thunder over his azure eyes. Does she now think he's going to throw himself at her like some wretched beast of a man? Had he not instilled in her a sense of his virtue and nobility? Can she still not see his faith, and how his motives are entirely chaste in nature?

Well, even he had to admit that they weren't entirely chaste.

He is certainly drawn to her. Her beauty is only surpassed by the kindness in her heart, and for that, as well, as perhaps a deeply rooted sympathy for her plight, he feels compelled to hold her in his arms and tell her that all will be well. He wants to protect her and hold her tight. He desires her.

His hands raise up in front of him when she repeats that word back at him, warding off the notion he thinks she might be possessed of. Ready to defend himself, not from the excited assault of Necro and Undine, but of the accusation that he is simply trying to bed her. "I... no, I mean..!"

Her question his him freezing in place. Did she just ask that? He's confused, but he slowly nods his head. "Oui. That is how babies are made. It is more than that, as well. It is complicated. And beautiful. But sinful."

The presence of murder was almost suffocating.

Murder, direct gleeful murder. Dizzy's wings were looming around Ky, ready to embrace him with pure killing intent. One misstep, one missing word, one mistake... and his Sacred Order friends would be scraping himself out of the interior of the cage. And what of Dizzy's fate then? Put down like a dog? Or would her murdering not stop, until the Sacred Order was a gutted shadow of what it once was?

Dizzy, for her purposes, was looking innocently back at Ky.

Her eyes grow wider as Ky cautiously explains. Covering her mouth, she whines slightly. She could almost sense Ky Kiske's darkness, as for a pregnant moment, there is silence. Everything hangs in the air, as Ky Kiske exposes his carnal knowledge to Dizzy. And then, Dizzy shifts her position. The wings come closing, swinging around tighter, now clinging on Ky Kiske. And Dizzy crawls towards him, closer. Eyes wide. Head cocked.


Dizzy considers, as her wing do not unfurl. And then, Dizzy, looking at her guardians, actually gives a huff. Stretching her back as she rises on her knees, she shakes her head. Reaching out with her arms, she grabs each of the wings, and manually drags each of them back away from Ky. "Well, I think I am complicated, and I don't think complicated is a bad thing. I like complicated. There was this game at the temple, where you had these rings, and towers. ANd you had to move one tower of rings to the other. I was the best at it, so complicated is good! As for beautiful..." She idles on that word. Looking at Ky with big, shimmering eyes, she sounds so meek as she asks her next question.

"...Do you think I am beautiful, Ky Kiske?"

Those wings and the menacing miasma of murderous intent that they exude seem to do little to dissuade the holy knight. He has faced them before, and while he knows their power, he is unafraid. His faith is his shield, and his pure heart is his courage. As they creep to surround him, Ky doesn't waver or recoil. He maintains his place, keeping his eye contact with Dizzy. If anything, it seems to bleed out some of the awkward embarrassment he feels, rousing the bravery in his heart in it's place.

Dizzy pulls them off of him, and explains how she, herself is complicated. If only she knew. Dizzy is, at once, the most simple creature he had ever know and the most complicated. It is infuriating as much as it is endearing. She throws him off, making him unsure of how to act or how to best compose himself in light of her. His youthful and elegant countenance lowers, lost in the shadows of the cage, as well as those cast by the spilling of thick, honey gold locks that fall out of place with the movement. Pinching the bridge of his nose, Ky starts to respond, "That is not what I mean by complicated. I mean that there are a lot of thoughts and feelings that go into it. There i--"

His head snaps up when she asks that question, his blue eyes wide as saucers. There's the fear. Those wings might be the most dangerous weapons in the world, and have all of their killing intent set to a laser focus right on him, but he will not blanche. When that girl asks him something as innocuous as the question of if he thinks she's beautiful? Suddenly he's the cowardly lion. Again, he raises his hands in front of him, as he exclaims, "Sacre Bleu! Non! I mean oui! Yes! You are beautiful! Very beautiful! But I am not... I don't... No!"

He shoots up from his seated position, back against the wall. Muttering oaths in French under his breath.

Dizzy looks at the cornered Ky Kiske, tilting her head.

For a moment, she was worried that she hurt him. But how could she hurt him with words? Dizzy was very keen on learning, and logic. Her Gear mind could process at least a million gears. She just didn't have much exercise for that. And yet, as her wings begrudgingly keep restrained, she actually places an index finger at the corner of her lips, not breaking eye contact. "But Ky Kiske... if I am beautiful... well, if making babies is beautiful and complicated, and I am beautiful and complicated, then being sinful must be a good thing, just like me!"

It may be apparent now that Dizzy did not understand the word 'sinful.'

In any case, she seems happy that she understands now. The wings actually are able to stay back now; they are content that whatever Dizzy was doing was the most focused form of suffering she could unleash on the frenchmen. Ky might even notice the white one -snickering- at his misfortunate. As the cornered Ky trembles, Dizzy cautious closes in on all fours, inching closer to him. "Anything that makes babies, or me... it can't be a bad thing. I think I am okay with being sinful. I like the sound of sin too, Ky Kiske. It sounds like the sound a bird makes. It can make a good name." Reaching Ky Kiske, she gently places her hands on his waist, peering up at the now standing Ky Kiske, smiling and wide eyed.

"Do you like sin too, Ky Kiske?"

Ky's hands lay flat against the cage, his long, slender digits clawing at the surface as if he might actually be able to get a grip on it. One of his long, glassy nails snaps, making him wince. His breath comes in quick, ragged gasps, and he's left shaking his head. "Non. Non non non! Absolument pas!"

Is he speaking to her, or to himself? It is not very clear. He shakes his head, and sighs. He is thoroughly and utterly defeated. "Sin is... Sin is an affront against God. To sin is to give in to one's more base desires. It is to act not as men, but as animals. It is to be greedy and selfish. To be wanton. To be arrogant. And wrathful. It is not good, Dizzy. Sinfulness is something that we are all guilty of, but we must strive to overcome. It is something to repent for, and God, in his Mercy forgives us."

But oh God she's crawling at him. And there is his own sin. He feels his heart fill his throat, cutting off his airway and making him choke. His pulse pounds in his ears, sounding like the roar of the surf. His knees tremble and his palms are sweaty. She touches him, there, on her knees in front of him, and he is frozen like a deer in the headlights. Unable to command his legs to move, even to recoil from her, he stares down at her wild eyed and bewildered.

"I... No. Sin is... shameful."

And he looks so ashamed.

For a moment, Dizzy almost looks ready for any answer.

Those big eyes, the curious stare. Her delicate touch, that any moment could be a powerful grasp. The shameless, almost predatory air. But as she listens, Dizzy actually looks away. Her mind falls into though. She pulls her hands off Ky Kiske, as she mulls. She looks back up at Ky Kiske, a frown on her lips. And with that look, that one look, she tells Ky one thing.

There would be no mom's spaghetti.

Her brow furrows, her lips pout. Her wings... lower. "But men are greedy, and selfish, and... and arrogant, and wrathful. Men are not good, Ky Kiske. But animals... animals have better natures than humans. And animals have to make babies too. If it is shameful for Sin... then it is good to be shameful." Dizzy pulls away from Ky Kiske's waist, turning to the side.

Dizzy pauses a moment, and yawns.

"I-No is a nice name too. Sin would be a good boy's name, and I-No would be a good girl's name. And I hope both would be shameful and full of sin." Dizzy brings her knees to her chest, and wraps her wings around herself protectively. "I hope both would be like the animals, like me. Animals are good natured, and humans are bad natured. And me... I'm both." She shuts her eyes.

"Would God still forgive me for that?"

To say that Ky wasn't relieved when Dizzy releases him from her treacherously sinful grasp would be a lie. His shoulders visibly fall. A breath he hadn't realized he had been holding is released in a puff of air. He slouches against the wall he had back up against.

"Men are all of those things, yes," Ky replies to assertion on the nature of humanity. Slowly, he slides back down the wall, until he's seated with his knees to his chest. Long, willowy limbs wind themselves around his legs, his fingers entwined together. His eyes fall to the crest of his knees, and he looks pensive. "But men are complicated, too. They are also noble and selfless. They are capable of great love and great kindness. A man will sacrifice everything he is to protect the things that matter the most to him. A man will give the shirt off his back to help another. Men are not evil, Dizzy. They are scared and foolish and lack self-awareness, but in the end, there is still hope for them. And only men know what it is to have hope."

He casts his eyes up, looking at her once more as he curls tighter, resting his chin on his knees. "What separates men from animals is the ability to feel hope and regret. An animal acts without forethought. No reservations or consideration for what affect it might have on others. If it is hungry, it will eat. If it is thirsty, it will drink. If it is aroused, it will mate. It has no sense of right or wrong, it just does what it wishes. This is not good nature or bad. It is simply a base existence. Men are capable of more. But... We're still learning. Sin is shameful because it places the wants of the self above all else. It is to deny man's higher calling and purpose. We can be more than animals. We alone can create a better world, and we alone can consider the consequences of our actions and have the foresight to prevent those same mistakes from being made in the future."

He looks away from her, towards the door of the cage, and for what its worth, he adopts a small smile. Hope. He wears it like a badge of honor, literally and figuratively. Her question rings in his ears, and he says, with absolute certainty, "Dizzy, God is kind and forgiving. He is strong where men are weak. He loves us, one and all. God forgives all sins and trespasses. God is love. Of course you are forgiven."

Her eyes remain closed, as Ky Kiske justifies.

Her wings were embracing her tighter. They did not want to hurt Ky Kiske now. They just wanted to comfort Dizzy. The young Gear sniffles. "I remember when I didn't have hopes and regrets. I was happier then. Now... now I have to have hopes, and I have to have regrets. Because I can never go back to being happy in the village, can I. I just have the grace of god, and faith, and... sin." Dizzy does not seem to be happy with that answer. She wanted to be more like an animal again.

But then again, that's why she was in a cage, wasn't it?

As Ky Kiske takes his eyes to the entrance of the cage, Dizzy opens her eyes, and looks down at his knees. And there, she extends her hands out, Pushing his legs down with -incredible- force, she makes a pillow of his lap. Resting her head against it, her wings remained wrapped around her, as she looks lazily to the side "Maybe he'll ignore me, because I'm not really human."

Quietly, she falls asleep.

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