Daisy - A Return to Form

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Description: Now that she's settled into her old home, Daisy has taken up with helping around the Kyokugen dojo in various ways. Today, she's going to put on a demonstration by sparring with the scion of the school himself!

Ryo had had a long night. An encounter with some strange, rhyming Demon had left him disturbed, needing to escort some men to an emergency center, and then unable to sleep for the remainder of the night. Today, he's been remarkably pensive, as a result. Almost brooding. He doesn't seem to have his typical boisterous attitude when he gives instruction to the his students. He seems to simply be going through the motions.

Right now, he has them running kicking drills, practicing their form, and how to properly chamber their kicks so that they get more power and do not disturb their balance. Letting a few of the more senior students assist with this, it affords him a few moments to get away, and simply retreat into his own head.

Now, he stands before a heavy bag. It is one that has been specially reserved for those that have nearly mastered the Kyokugen art, as Takuma saw fit to have it specially made with powdered lead to make it more brutal and weighty for extreme training. Because Takuma is metal AF like that. Ryo, clad only in a pair of orange gi pants, held around his waist by his black obi, squares up against it. His nude upper body visibly tenses, as he throws a few jabs, helping his arms loosen up before he considers going in full bore.

"If it wasn't a Gear, was she one of those Darkstalker things?"

He muses to himself, his blue eyes distant, not really focusing on the bag, but on the memory of the offputting event. A swift hook connects to the bag, his knuckles cracking like thunder against the lead-filled thing and sending it swaying from side to side. "Has to be. Eating people... whatever that means. That's what those things, do, yeah? I should make sure that the students don't patrol at night, until we can be sure she's gone..."

True to her word, Daisy's arrival had heralded a change for the residents of the dojo. After settling in and going on a wonderful dinner date with her long estranged 'older brother', the young woman had set to the task of commiting herself to renewing her former life as a member of the Sakazaki family.

This involved a whole lot of reaquainting herself with the grounds and the chores that needed to be done, though after a few days the old routines had come back to her with ease and she'd found a comfortable routine, managing to help out without too many mishaps. Part of her new duties was assisting with the training of new students. As a former graduate of the school, she knew enough about its techniques and methods to help guide some of the newer students with basic drills and assist in sparring matches, which is precisely what she is doing right now!

"Comon, /sport/, you can hit it harder than that!"

The foreigner's pretty face sports a grin as she peers out from behind the thick pillar of a punching bag, her arms wrapped low around its sand-filled mass to hold it steady. A young boy, perhaps only a few years into his teens, gives her a determined look and draws his leg up, winding it close to the body as he had been taught, before delivering an explosive side kick that rattles her bones even through the heavy padding.

"Oof! /Y-yeah/, just like that! Now gimme another!"

After a few more minutes of this, Daisy sends the student off to take a break as she herself wanders away to find someplace to sit down and nurse her bruised ribs. By chance, she catches sight of Ryo in the corner of her vision, noting that he is not currently occupied teaching. She hurries over to greet him, failing to notice the pensive mood that seems to be hovering around him like a thundercloud.

"Oh, /big brother/! I see you've started using the really /hard/ bag! I remember when you tried to /show off/ and punch it when we were little and almost broke your hand, hehe!"

Unlike her intiial arrival, Daisy is dressed in something far less glittery and revealing for her training. She wears a dark orange karate gi, similar to that of Ryo's own, ripped off sleeves and all. Infact, it might appear that she has just swiped one of his spares if not for the fact that it actually fits her. Her fists are covered in thick fingerless gloves, the kind MMA fighters tend to wear, with winding bits of gauze drifting out from underneath their short cuffs down her forearms. She seems to be pretty serious about getting into the role atleast!

Ryo, at first, doesn't seem to take notice of the approaching Daisy. He seems to be too caught up in his own thoughts, distracted. Even his punches, as they collide with thunderous force into the bag, seem to be rote actions. Thoughtless. No less powerful, and no less perfected, but just no life to them.


He snaps out of whatever was eating at him, turning his attention to Daisy when she calls out to him. His attention turns on to her, his ruggedly handsome countenance caught up in a moment of shocked surprise, and his cobalt blue eyes blinking rapidly. This is just in time for the bag to come swinging back in his direction, catching him unawares and colliding with him forcefully enough to topple him over onto his back with a loud "oomph!" of expelled breath.

Laying on his back, Ryo just stares up at the ceiling for a few seconds. He deserved that. His palms slap the matted floor, and he rolls up into a seated position, bending his knees to his chest and looking up at Daisy, again.

"Oh, yeah. I remember that. Sprained my wrist. Couldn't throw a punch with my right hand for three weeks. Learned to brace my wrists after that."

He reaches up, scratching the back of his head as he allows a rumbling chuckle to well up from somewhere deep in his chest.

"Ah. So... Did... uh... Did you take one of my outfits from when I was a kid?"

Daisy winces visibly as the bag crashes into Ryo, folding her arms up against her chest and turning away slightly as if she has just witnessed someone getting plowed over by a car. Was that her fault? Nah, he clearly must have been distracted! She brushes aside the notion of shame almost immediately and grins at him like a little kid until he picks himself up off the floor, rocking back and forth on her feet with her arms clasped cutely behind her back.

"Oh, did I distract you, /big brother/? Hehe, sorry about that!"

She blinks at him, confused for a moment at his question. Her gaze drifts down to the outfit she's wearing and after a couple of seconds it dawns on her what he's referring to.

"Oh! Um... maybe? /Master/ gave these to me a few days ago, said they should fit! I guess it kinda does look like yours, huh?"

Ryo mutters when she asks about whether or not she had distracted him. He was already distracted, so it wasn't entirely her fault. She was just the icing on the cake, so to speak. Pushing himself up off the ground, Ryo dusts off his rear end, and sighs. He squints one eye, tilting his head to the side looking her over.

"Yeah. I think that was my gi from when I was like fourteen or something."

He reaches out, giving a faint tug to the collar, folding it over more tightly across her chest and brushing off her shoulders. "It does fit you. You look like you're definitely a member of this school again!"

He's trying, very hard, to put on a good face for her. He's picked up on the fact that Daisy... Daisy needs stability, and she needs to be surrounded by positivity. He doesn't want to drag her down with his own worries.

He rests one of his giant meathooks on the top of her blonde locks, affectionately patting her, before he says, "I saw you helping out some of the students. Thank you. How has it been for you? Being back here. Are you finding it easy to fit back in?"

Daisy poses dutifully as her uniform is adjusted, allowing him to make adjustments like any sibling might do for their sister. She smiles brightly at the praise but looks somewhat embarrassed when he pats her head, lifting a finger to scratch the side of her cheek as she lets out an amused sound.

"Ehehe... I'm not a little kid any more, /big brother/."

She turns away from him to peer back at the gaggle of students, some still going through their routines while others sit on the sidelines sipping water and patting themselves down with towels as they take a short break. She puffs up a little with pride, her fists resting on her hips, her voice clearly radiating happiness as she nods.

"/Yeah/! Everyone's been really /nice/ to me! I'm so glad I got the /chance/ to come back and visit this place. I really missed /everyone/. Life in the law enforcement business is so /stressful/, it's nice to relax and do something fun again."

Sudden struck with a bolt of inspiration, Daisy whirls around to face him again and leans in close, her fists balled up enthusiastically infront of her chest.

"Hey, hey, /big brother/! I just got a /great/ idea! Let's spar! We haven't done that in like... /ages/! I bet you're /way/ better than me now!"

"Ah... haha! No. I guess you're not." Ryo says, flashing an embarrassed grin and folding his hands behind his back. He hadn't meant to make her feel like a kid, after all. He's just easily roped in by her demeanor, and how cute she looks in one of his old outfits. "Sorry!"

He watches her, watching the rest of the students, and the way she seems to be inspired by it all. He recognizes that. It's the same thing that happens to Takuma when the old man looks over a dojo full of trainees. He suspects that he might be guilty of it, as well. It's the swelling of Kyokugen spirit. It makes him grin, lopsided and warm. He steps up behind her, and drops a hand on her shoulder as she speaks, and nods his head.

"It is a tough job. Everyone needs a break now and again. I imagine that it is even more important for someone in law enforcement. It's a noble job, but a hard one. You really have our respect, Daisy. And we are very glad to have you back here, for however long you want to stay."

When she whirls around, Ryo's hand leaves her shoulder and he takes a step back defensively, his eyes widening just abit when she leans in towards him, and his hands coming up as if to ward her off.

"Oh? You really want to spar with me?"

He looks upwards, considering it for a moment. It doesn't take long, before he nods his head. "As long as you don't expect me to go easy on you. That's just not the Kyokugen way!"

A sparkle of mischief and glee dances in Daisy's eyes and she nods enthusiastically.

"Ofcourse, /big brother/! I wanna see what you can really do! Don't hold back just because I'm a /lady/!"

Hopping a few steps back, the small blonde goes through a quick series of stretches in rapid fire, throwing her arms up into the air, leaning from side to side, pulling her legs up behind her and things like that. It's like watching an entire instructional video on warm-up exercises in fast forward. She completes this task in less than a minute, bouncing lightly on her small dainty feet as she brings her gloved fists up in the traditional kyokugen fighting stance.

"/Okay/, let's do it!"

COMBATSYS: Daisy has started a fight here.

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Daisy            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Ryo has joined the fight here.

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Ryo              0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0            Daisy

As she bounces away from him, Ryo simply stalks forward. His body language changes almost immediately. His shoulders become more square, seeming impossibly broad. His head hangs slightly forward, giving him a more hulking and aggressive appearance. He rolls his shoulders, and leans his head from side to side, cracking his neck, in contrast to her thorough warm up routine.

"Alright! Clear the floor!" his voice booms throughout the dojo, alerting the students to the impending spectacle they're about to witness. "Your big sister and I are going to give a demonstration of the spirit of Kyokugen! Watch carefully!"

The shirtless behemoth of a man shifts his stance, sliding one foot forward, and bending his knees just enough to truly ground his center of gravity. His fists, clad in his padded, dark brown gauntlets, raise, and as he balls his fist, the leather of those hand guards groans in quiet protest as they stretch over his knuckles. The distance and worry that had been a tension read in the corners of his deep, dark blue eyes drains away, leaving in their depths only a fire of passion, intense and burning bright. His lips curve upwards at one corner, dimpling his cheek.

He had given her the warning. She had accepted it and encourage him not to hold back. She's strong, despite being small and cute, so he's not going to disrespect her by pretending she's a frail girl. Not in the slightest.

He shifts forward suddenly, with the swiftness of a pouncing tiger. His left fist draws back, his body torquing to the side and then spring forward as he launches a devastating straight punch, angled slightly downward so that when his knuckles drive home into their target, they'll find her solar plexus in an attempt to knock the wind out of her.

COMBATSYS: Ryo knocks away Daisy with Strong Punch.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Ryo              0/-------/------=|=======\-------\0            Daisy

Daisy grins fiercely as she squares off with her big brother, her fighting stance much more animated than that of the experienced kyokugen scion. She hadn't expected him to make a spectacle of the whole thing but she supposes that the other students would probably have gathered around once they saw their instructors having a quick match in order to see what sort of crazy stuff they might get up to once their own training has progressed.

She gives a few happy waves to a few of the students, some of who cheer her on and wish her good luck, while others amusedly make bets on how quickly she's going to get creamed. Honestly, this little slip of a woman facing down /Ryo/. She must be crazy!

The second group would seem to be vindicated in their expectations as the first blow lands. Daisy reacts to the sudden lunge by taking a step back, attempting to swing sideways out of the line of attack but the speed and technique of her big brother is simply too much. The fist slams into her gut like a hammer and the blonde simply seems to crumple in half even as the raw power behind it sends her sailing backwards. She hits the ground with a thud and rolls a few times before finally flopping out on her back, staring up at the sky with a dazed look. You might even be able to see the little swirls in her eyes.

Despite this disastrous opening exchange, Daisy recovers almost instantly, kipping up to her feet with a bouncy little hop. She rubs at her stomach gingerly but laughs it off, clearly unperturbed by the whole ordeal.

"Hahaha! Good one, /big brother/! Now it's /my/ turn!"

Daisy expression turns serious for a moment, her tongue sticking out the side of her mouth as she concentrates. Both of her hands fly out to her sides as shimmering balls of orange chi flare to life in her palms. She makes a clapping motion, slapping the twin orbs of energy together and they merge together as they explode from her hands, careening towards Ryo as one of the most iconic techniques of the school.

"Ko-ou Ken!"

COMBATSYS: Ryo blocks Daisy's Ko-ou Ken Desu!.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Ryo              0/-------/------=|=======\-------\0            Daisy

Ryo is, truth be told, actually surprised that Daisy was sent flying from his punch. It's so easy for him to forget his own strength, sometimes, because he spends so much time facing off against his father. He almost feels bad. But, this is Kyokugen. She'll take that hit, and she'll get stronger for it. It'll teach her something. He has to remember that.

"Good! Glad you're not down and out just yet!"

He extends one hand in her direction, his palm open and upturned. His fingers curl and uncurl, beckoning her on as he gives a boisterous, "Ora! Ora!"

She summons forth the power of her chi into a blast, and this, Ryo is thrilled about. Harnessing and mastering chi is a sign of a true prodigy of their art. It's a technique that is one of the last for the students to learn, because it is so difficult to process. He is happy that the students will see that Daisy can fling these blasts about casually.

And when it comes at him, he steps forward towards it, lifting one arm before him in a stiff, perfectly executed upper block, letting it collide against the boney ridge of his forearm and dissipate into a shower of golden orange sparks.

"That was really awesome, Daisy!" he calls out, genuine and earnest.

He shifts his stance again, standing straight and forward, with his feet shoulder width apart. He tugs on the ends of his obi, tightening the knot, before holding his hands out about waist level, so that his fingers and thumbs loosely form a diamond shape in the spaces between them. His own chi seems to swirl, kicking up a localized wind that whips his belt, and gi pants, and sends his blonde locks swaying wildly about his skull.

COMBATSYS: Ryo gathers his will.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Ryo              0/-------/-======|=======\-------\0            Daisy

"Really? /Yay/! I practiced that one a /whole/ lot!"

Daisy pumps her fists, clearly happy about being told that her technique is solid. Ofcourse, she'd been something of a prodigy back in the day, having mastered the use of chi like it was second nature, but it had been something she kept a secret from the others so as not to make them feel discouraged for struggling a little bit more. No need to tell him that though~.

The fact that her chi blast has basically done little more than create some pretty fireworks is beside the point! Maybe that little breakdown she had a few years ago rattled her skills a bit. It's fine! She just needs a bit of practice to get it all back! Gotta start somewhere!

Daisy drops back into her combat stance as her opponent draws in power, recognizing the obvious signs of someone gathering their energy and centering themselves. She received those lessons too but unfortunately that's something that hasn't quite come back to her yet so she can't show off by mirroring the technique. Instead, she'll just have to try something a bit more aggressive!

Hurling herself forward in a sudden burst of motion, the small woman closes the gap between them at a dead run. For a moment it looks like she might simply be planning to run right into him in some kind of wild tackle but at the last second she ducks and turns sideways, throwing her shoulder and body into his midsection in a powerful sliding slam, using the entirity of her weight and power to try and hammer him backwards!

COMBATSYS: Ryo endures Daisy's Hasai Yama Desu!.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Ryo              1/-------/=======|=======\-------\1            Daisy

Ryo is caught up in centering his chi, gathering it forth and collecting it so that he might unleash a more powerful attack. Perhaps end the show with the trademark massive fireball that the Kyokugen school is known for! He breathes in slowly, through his nostrils, and exhales deliberately through his lips.

So when Daisy comes rushing in at him to shoulder check him, he might be a bit caught off guard. The breath he is expelling comes out of his pursed lips as a whoosh, making him release a startled "oomph!" as he half doubles over her shoulder. His feet slide across the floor, as he struggles to maintain his balance, and his arms reach over her body to let his large hands grasp her obi at the back, keeping her drawn in close.

When their momemtum finally skids to a halt, Ryo, keeping her held fast, raises his knee with all the might he can muster, using his legs, hips, and core in a perfect harmony to draw every ounce of power he can into the blow that will hopefully punish her midsection again. Provided that works, he'll use it to set her up, delivering a powerful, straight left to her chest, followed by a similar right, and finishing off with a left handed hook to her jaw.

COMBATSYS: Daisy parries Ryo's Kyokugenryu Sanren Geki!

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Ryo              1/-------/=======|=======\=------\1            Daisy

Daisy lets out a little squeak as her aggressive move gets her caught up in a close-combat grapple. That certainly wasn't what she was going for! She'd hoped to knock Ryo away and give her a chance to capitolize on his need to regain footing but it looks like she's not quite packing the oomph that she thought. This could spell trouble!

As it turns out, the little blonde might be more crafty than she looks. Even as Ryo attempts to slam her with a terrible knee-strike, Daisy lifts her own own leg to intercept the vicious blow, turning it aside with a quick nudge at the precise moment that he puts power into the strike. It's the kind of thing that only a master would be able to pull off, a harmonious blend of timing, accuracy, and swift reflexes coming together to take advantage of a singular opportunity, and she executes it flawlessly.

Spinning out of Ryo's grasp, Daisy pivets a full spin in place, bringing her leg back even as she does so. A bright flare of fiery orange chi gathers around her foot as she pirouettes, growing quickly in size and intensity until her entire leg below the knee is alight with flickering power by the time she's come all the way around!

Letting out a high-pitched, 'Kiya!', she snaps her foot out at his thigh in an extremely simple side kick, sort of stuff that brand new students learn early in their training, only this one also produces an extremely large explosion of raw power!

COMBATSYS: Ryo interrupts Kirei Happaryuu Kyaku Desu! EX from Daisy with Koho Shippuken.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Ryo              1/-----==/=======|====---\-------\0            Daisy


Daisy's reflexes are better than he had anticipated. She checked his gambit on trying to use her own move against her, and deflected his knee strike, negating his follow through. This, of course, leaves the Kyokugen Dragon in a vulnerable position, and he feels a moment of panic rise up in his gut, twisting his insides.

He only has a moment to react, but she, thankfully, tries to capitalize on his failure with a powerful move, but one that she broadcasts a bit too much. She spins, and her leg ignites with that brilliant, orange ki. Ryo, in turn, hops back, putting just a bit of distance between the pair of them. As she lunges forward with the explosive force of her sidekick, Ryo bursts forward with a small hop, leading into a slide on his bare feet across the floor. His fist draws in, his powerfully built form rearing back, as well, before springing forward with everything he has to deliver a forceful, straight up punch. Her ki-infused kick still pushes through, cracking him in the side, just under his ribs, and his skin immediately grows flushed and swollen there, with what will soon become a deep, dark bruise. But his fist also collides with the side of her head with enough power behind it that it might have sounded like a clap of thunder.

Once again, Daisy finds herself soaring through the air on an unexpected flight to Painsville. The thunderous punch was delivered with just as much grace and skill as her own deft escape had been and even as she feels her explosive assault land home, her vision swims and she spirals in an uncontrolled fall flat onto her face like some kind of lawn dart.

The woman remains that way for several seconds again, this time slumped over with her rearend sticking up in the air. Good thing she wasn't wearing that skirt this time! Vague unintelligible noises waft up from Daisy's mouth as she staggers slowly back to her feet, clearly a bit woozy after taking such a hit. Rather than call for a time out or anything sissy like that, however, she wobbles a bit and then turns towards Ryo, coming directly at him with a guileless and somewhat haphazard punch at his face.

"H-hey, /no fair/, this is supposed to be a one-on-one... There's three of you!"

COMBATSYS: Daisy successfully hits Ryo with Medium Punch.
-**- LUNATIC HIT!! -**-

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Ryo              1/---====/=======|====---\-------\0            Daisy

Ryo stands there, rubbing his side where her kick had landed, trying to rub out the numbness and keep hold of the stinging pain. It'll help him focus through the fight. Focus. Something lost when he looks across the floor to where she landed. And discovers HOW she landed.

His head slowly starts to lean to the side as he stares. One eyebrow raises slowly, inching up higher and higher. One of the students clears his throat. Loudly. Ryo shakes it off, his face flushes, turning a dark, dark shade of red that surely, if Ken Masters saw, he would have his next gi dyed that color.

"Er... uh..."

He's frantic, trying to find some way to excuse himself when she's picking herself up off the ground and wobbling. Too late, Ryo tries to duck out of the way of her wild punch, and, instead, ducks right INTO the punch, adding his own momentum to her blow, and rocking his face back, causing him to stumble backwards, his feet scuffing the floor, and his eyes rapidly blinking at the ceiling. Finally, he lands on his butt.


He shakes it off, as the blood begins to run down from his nose, pooling in the crease between his lips. Open palms smack the floor, and he pushes himself up onto his feet, wiping his mouth and putting on a grin. Renewed and reinvigorated, Ryo stares at the blonde girl intently.

"There she is. That's the Daisy I remember!"

Without any further delay, Ryo pushes on, leaping at her with a short, forward arc. Closing the distance, his left fist explodes into a flurry of motion, sending an impossible number of rapid punches at her that seem to come from all angles at once. The barrage of flailing fury lasts for a few seconds that might seem like an eternity of pummeling, until he follows through, finishing it with a powerful upward swing of his right arm.


COMBATSYS: Daisy fails to counter Zan Retsu Ken from Ryo with Stupid Luck.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Ryo              1/-======/=======|=======\===----\1            Daisy

Daisy recoils from her own punch, looking at her fist as if unsure exactly what just happened. She blinks a few times, trying to regain her senses but her wobbling stance seems to indicate that she isn't particularly successful. Several of the students yell cheers at her from the sidelines, encouraging her to pull herself together, but instead she just turns and gives them a goofy smile and a little wave.

Which is about when Ryo's ruthless counter-strike comes in. Daisy turns, seeming to sense his approach at the last moment. Her fist flies out in a wild swing as she whirls around but it whiffs by a couple of inches leaving the burly brawler free to hammer away at her with a barrage of endless punches. She staggers with each blow, her body twisting this way and that as she's pounded even more senseless until the final blow sends her reeling away.

She manages not to fall down this time, strangely enough, instead stumbling backwards several feet until she hits the ring of students. Several pairs of hands catch her before she can tumble over but they quickly push her back towards Ryo, apparently not yet convinced that she's earned a reprieve. Kyokugen training is tough!

Ryo's eyes are alight now, with the thrill of the fight, now that his bell has been rung good and solid. He didn't even have to dodge the punch that she tried to intercept his attack with, merely muscling through and unleashing back on her. He might have an issue with understanding the laws of equal exchange.

When she stumbles back, Ryo knows full well that the students are going to assist her. If they didn't, he'd make them do some Takuma style physical training for the rest of the day. They make good, and keep her up, even pushing her back into the fight. Ryo advances on her, but he can see she's still more than a little dazed. Better to end this now, he thinks, than prolong it and make her struggle harder. But he's not going to call the fight, either. She doesn't deserve that. No. She's too strong for that. She just needs to rediscover her strength.

And so Ryo walks right up on her, placing one hand on her shoulder, as if attempting to steady her. His other fist draws in tight against his side, chambered at his hip. He adopts a wide legged horse stance, his knees bent low, keeping his center of gravity rooted.

"Are you ready to end this, Daisy?"

A burst of brilliant blue light sparks out around his fist, making everything else seem darker for a brief moment.


He steps forward towards her, his movements straight forward, forceful and precise. As he does so, his fist thrusts outward, his shoulder straight, ensuring that he uses kinetic linking so that every ounce of his energy is directed through his body, from that forward step, to the thud of his foot falling, to the pivot of his hip and the line of his shoulder... everything works harmoniously to ensure that every iota of power his body has to muster is channeled through his arm, down his wrist and into his knuckles directed at her chest.


It isn't enough that the punch is executed so flawlessly that the sheer momentum that Ryo can harness is akin to a speeding truck. His chi flares out at the last moment, creating a horizontal vortex of whirlwind force, and a blast of bright, orange ki explodes from his fist like a lance, that, should it connect, will pass right through her and escape out of her back.


COMBATSYS: Ryo dazes Daisy with Shin Tenchi Haoh Ken!

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Ryo              0/-------/-----==|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2            Daisy

Daisy staggers forward upon being returned to the fight by the motion of the crowd and stumbles right into Ryo. The arm on her shoulder offers a steadying grip and for a moment she glances up at him with a thankful smile, her short blone bangs scattered loosely over her face, clearly still not entirely recovered.

"Ready for what, /big brother/...? Is it time for dinner already?"

Oh, it's dinner time alright. First course: knuckle sandwhich! Daisy's eyes bulge as the initial punch explodes forcefully into her torso, blasting every last scrap of air out of her lungs in one single crunching blow. Even her natural padding does little to soften the impact in this case, leaving her helpless against the follow up strike. Brilliant chi explodes through her body and erupts out from between her shoulder-blades like a geyser of lava as Ryo dramatically calls out the name of his powerful attack.

Daisy staggers backwards again, weaving like a drunken hobo fresh off a bender. Her hands go to her chest, clutching at the wound fruitlessly, as the last of the orange chi lingers at the impact site. Wait, that's not supposed to happen. And it's... getting brighter? The foreigner's hands start to glow suddenly, her own powerful spirit rising up in counter-point to the terrible blow. She takes one final step backwards, finally stumbling onto her rear as she does so but even as she falls her hands sweep apart in a wide swath that sends a massive fireball of orange light crashing towards Ryo!

COMBATSYS: Daisy has reached second wind!

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Ryo              0/-------/-----==|>>>>>>>\>>>----\1            Daisy

COMBATSYS: Ryo blocks Daisy's Haoh Shou Kou Ken Desu!.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Ryo              0/-------/----===|>>>>>>>\>>>----\1            Daisy

Certain that the fight is finished, Ryo delivers that crushing blow, his fist still extended outward in his power stance as he sends her away from him. But why is his ki lingering on her chest?

He doesn't have time to duck and roll, or otherwise try to avoid the giant wall of fiery ki that she launches as her last ditch effort to even the odds. No, all he can do is cross his arms in front of his face, brance his stance against falling down, and attempt to weather the storm.

The burning, bright Ki collides with his arms, and engulfs him in its blinding light. He feels the sheer force of it driving him back, but he pushes forward against it, and it bursts into ribbons of dissipating chi. Lowering his steaming arms, Ryo looks over them at Daisy. She's got some fight in her left.

"You're still with me?!"

He couldn't look any more happy as he steps back, adopting a deep, wide legged backstance, and extends both of his arms out before him, one above and one below, with his hands open, facing her, ready to defend himself against her. As he does so, he focuses his chi. He had expelled a lot of what he had gathered in his massive attack. He's not certain that he will be able to gather enough again, if this fight is to continue on.

COMBATSYS: Ryo gathers his will.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Ryo              1/-------/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>----\1            Daisy

That burst of energy provides enough of a distraction for Daisy to finally collect herself. When the sparkling display is finally scattered by Ryo's skillful defense, his tenacious little sister is already pushing herself back up apparently full of vim and vigor once more! She rubs the back of her head and grins, looking somewhat sheepish, as if failing to fall to his devastating attack was something to be ashamed of.

"Ehehe... sorry, /big brother/! It seems like I've still got a little fight left in me! That was a pretty /awesome/ attack, though!"

She takes a moment to dust herself off, adjusting her uniform to fix it up after the various tumbles she's taken. This gives Ryo plenty of time to gather up his focus this time without fear of interruption. It might be a little disconcerting to see her so casually walk something like that off though! He did actually hit her with the attack, right? Whatever the reason, she bounces back like a champ, ready and eager to go for another round.

"/Big brother/! I hope you're ready because it's my turn now!"

Squaring off against him a few feet away, Daisy puts on her game face, her mouth opening into a little o-shape as she lets out a slow but steady kiai. The students start to cheer and holler again, clearly expecting some sort of big flashy come back from the surprisingly resilient foreigner, and she seems to feed off that energy, her spirit flaring to life around her.

With a sudden battle cry, Daisy lunges forward in a single fluid motion, sliding right towards Ryo without hesistation or fear. She begins to twirl as she moves, unleashing a wide but swift roundhouse kick that leaves a glowing contrail of blazing chi in the air behind it. Again and again she spins, coming at him like some kind of sparkly kicking dreidel with a relentless barrage of strikes!

COMBATSYS: Ryo blocks Daisy's Senryu Shippo Kyaku Desu!.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Ryo              1/------=/=======|=======\===----\1            Daisy

Ryo, despite his focus, actually looks a little flustered as Daisy apologizes to him for not going down with his attack. His cheeks flush red, and he looks away for a moment, scowling as he says, "Ah... that's alright! It wasn't even my final attack!"

True statement. False bravado.

Still doing his best, gathering his chi and bolstering his fighting spirit, Ryo, still with his blushing face, nods, looking as fierce as he can when she proclaims it is her turn. She comes twirling at him like some Magical Girl buzzsaw of sparkl orange doom. Lucky for him, he's a defensive beast. Still, his arms are sore and starting to go numb from blocking. He's not sure how much more he'll be able to withstand, but he has to try. His arms come up, colliding with her roundhouse kick, taking the brunt of its force against the hardest part of his limb. Again and again, she spins, and he alternates hands, keeping up with her until she's all spun out.

"That was pretty unorthodox! I bet Robert would like it if you taught him that manuever!"

Ryo jumps back away from her, and brings his hands down at his hip. Summoning forth the chi he had just gathered, it becomes a swirling mass of orange light, with trailing motes like mist escaping from it. He condenses it down, compacting it in on itself, tighter and tighter, until it blazes like staring directly into the sun between his palms.


He thrusts his arms out forcefully, his hands parting as wide as he can to spread that intense ball of kinetic chi to the size of a wall, hurling it in Daisy's direction with a dizzying speed.


COMBATSYS: Daisy blocks Ryo's Haohshokoken EX.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///                           ]
Ryo              0/-------/----===|=======\=====--\1            Daisy

"Heh heh...! I came up with that one myself!"

Daisy boasts proudly about her special technique, crossing her arms over her chest and nodding in approval. She grins at Ryo as he takes a step back, keeping her distance incase its a feint meant to lure her in. She's onto your tricks, /big brother/! Oh wait, it wasn't a trick? Whoops!

The woman's eyes widen a bit as she recognizes the technique being prepared. As if unsure what to do, she glances back and forth at the students, looking to them for advice. Most of them just shrug, having no experience with that sort of advanced level training but some of the more adventurous youngsters throw up their hands infront of them and shout 'Block, block!'

"R-right! Block!"

Daisy turns back to Ryo just as he unleashes his own powerful version of the searing fireball. Hurriedly, she thrusts her hands out to catch it, as if deflecting a beachball on the surface of her palms. Surprisingly... it works. The sizzling ball of chi crackles in her grasp for several seconds, burning her hands, but eventually she throws her arms up into the air and the massive orb goes flying upwards to detonate harmlessly overhead.

"Ow ow ow!"

The blonde alternates between blowing on her hands and shaking them in the air in an attempt to cool them off, tiny wisps of steam wafting from her gloves. After a few seconds of this comedic display, she manages to calm the stinging down to a low roar and throws herself in a sudden rush at Ryo, hoping to catch him unwary! She comes in fast but does so with an obvious wind up, drawing her fist back to deliver a powerful haymaker at his jaw!

COMBATSYS: Ryo dodges Daisy's Strong Punch.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////                          ]
Ryo              0/-------/----===|=======\=====--\1            Daisy

Ryo has to stop as she seems to outright CATCH his massive blast of burning chi. That is something even he wasn't even certain was possible. His face shows his surprise readily, his eyes wide and round, his jaw ever so slightly slack. That shocked stupor only grows more intense as she directs the blast upward. Yeah... Takuma's not going to be happy with that hole in the ceiling. He was going to have to pay for that...

His broad shoulders slumping as Ryo thinks about the tongue lashing he's certain to get, and all the hard work he's going to have to put in fixing that. His sigh escapes him in a puff of air, and he just deadpan stares at her as she bounces around blowing on her hands.

When she tries to catch him off his guard, Ryo snaps out of his melancholy just as suddenly, and goes on the defensive. She might have succeeded with her ruse, had she not had so much wind up with that punch. It broadcasts her intentions, and since it's not a feint, Ryo's able to nimbly sidestep the attack, letting it buzz past his ear, and through his sandy blonde hair.

"Hey! Trying to catch me unaware?! That's not fair!"

Ryo decides to counter tit for tat, and launches his punch. It's not as devastating, and more of a quick lashing out where he angles his elbow upwards and drives his fist down onto the top of her head, almost as if he's giving her the world's most violent noogie.

COMBATSYS: Ryo successfully hits Daisy with Medium Punch.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Ryo              0/-------/---====|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2            Daisy

Daisy clucks her tongue as her punch goes wide, sure that her surprise attack should totally have worked. Looks like Ryo's not only stronger but faster as well! Definately someone who has taken their training seriously! She grins at him with a hint of mischief in her expression but that quickly turns to regret as his quick reprisal brains her square on top of the head.

The young fighter wobbles in place, the repeated hits to the head starting to take their toll on her. Infact, it looks like that last one might have been enough to put her down. But, in true Kyokugen fashion, she's not out til she hits the dirt!

Daisy stumbles backwards but she uses that motion to gain momentum for a lunge that brings her back into range to deliver one final assault. Her hands turn into a veritible blur of motion as she flails wildly at the taller martial artist, unleashing her terrible fury in a blinding hail mary assault before finally running out of gas, her attack simply petering out as she topples over onto her back.

"Unyaaa... Daisy's all dizzy now..."

COMBATSYS: Daisy can no longer fight.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Ryo              0/-------/---====|

COMBATSYS: Ryo dodges Daisy's Kyokugenryuuken Desu!.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Ryo              0/-------/---====|

Ryo isn't falling for Daisy's shenanigans a second time. After his fist collides with the top of her head, he would expect her to crumple and collapse. But she's already hit that point before, hasn't she? And yet here she is. She's tough. Stubborn. He's not going to let his guard down because he thinks victory is certain.

This pays off for him. If it hadn't been for her outright getting up after enduring his ultimate punch, he might have fallen for her trap now. He lunges, and comes in with a rapid and vicious assault, for which Ryo is prepared. He ducks and weaves, and twists and turns, deftly avoiding her blows as he gets himself in the zone. When her attacks finally sputter out, her energy taxed, he relaxes his stance, and finally, finally lets down his guard as she hits her back.

He follows soon after, laying down beside her. Staring up at the hole in the ceiling. It makes him want to cry. But, he lifts up one arm, and says to the assembled school, "And that.... that's how it's done!" before letting his hand flop loosely onto his chest, which heaves up and down with his gasping breaths. He has to admit. He hadn't expected to be pushed as far as he had been with Daisy.

"You've... Still got it. I expected that being a cop would have made you soft. Donuts and guns."

He turns his head, grinning from ear to ear, despite the existential despair that hole makes him feel in the pit of his soul. "You really pushed me this time, Daisy! We should do this more often!"

Daisy closes her eyes, hoping that might help the room stop spinning, but her bright smile flashes even so. That praise makes her really happy. The past few years had been extremely difficult for her to deal with, what with her quick slide into incompetance after the breakdown. People she'd known since joining Interpol had started to look down on her like she was some kind of has-been, a poor example of what happens when a rising star falls all the way to the bottom of the well. Deep down, she'd known that things weren't quite the same but she'd tried her best regardless. Apparently that wasn't good enough any more.

"Thanks, /big brother/."

She giggles at the poke about donuts and guns, knowing there was more than a kernel of truth to be found in that stereotype. Even so, she elbows him in the side reproachfully.

"Hey... I'm more fond of /hamburgers/. But yeah, that was /fun/. I hope we can train together some more!"

Does Ryo know the depths of her problems, or the hurt she feels over it? It's hard to say. Ryo's not the most intelligent, talented, or handsome man around. Far from it, in fact. But he does seem to have a pretty strong sense of empathy, so it's anyone's guess, really. Whatever the answer to that question is, when Ryo looks at her, there is no hint of looking down on her. His steely blue eyes hold a lot of pride and admiration. She's no has been here.

"Don't thank me, yet. That just means that I'm going to have to go harder on you from now on!"

The elbow to his side makes him wince, from where her chi-infused kick had connected with it earlier during their spar. Already that place, as he predicted, had grown dark purple, blue, green and red around the edges. He clutches at it, but laughs all the same.

"Well, we can do hamburgers after training. Then more training, because otherwise hamburgers will make us fat."

Daisy cracks one eye open, tilting her head to peer at him sideways through her curtain of blonde bangs.

"Throw in a /milkshake/ and it's a deal."

Ryo laughs, even though it makes his side hurt. "I could go for a milkshake right now. For my side."

With that said, the Kyokugen Dragon closes his eyes, just laying there on the dojo floor, and he shouts, "Alright! Show's over! Get back to training!" before he just goes still, catching his breath and taking a breather.
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