Kagura - The Imperator's Will

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Description: Recovering from the alcoholic haze of drunk-dialing Izanami, Kagura's caught by Katarina during a rare bit of actual work. She attempts to sniff out his true ambitions, but the Black Knight is not as mentally simple as she expected.

The long hallways leading to office of the Commander of NOL's entire military force prove to be surprisingly light on guards, Katarina notes with mild displeasure as she makes her way along the narrow passages. As one of the head engineers in charge of the construction of bases and fortifications, she is intimately aware of the high standards required for any structure considered to be an area of strategic importance, much less the actual headquarters of an entire division. The need for an NOL presence in the area on short notice had been taken into account but even so the defenses she found in the converted office building serving as their current command and control post were woefully inadequate.

The young woman pauses as she finds herself at yet another four-way intersection within the simply layout, taking the time to peer back and forth down each of its long halls for any signs of guards or anyone just sort of paying attention, but other than a few pockets of clustered soldiers in uniform standing around chatting or making their way to other destinations within the facility she finds no one who seems even remotely interested in challenging her presence. While she is wearing the uniform of a noble, the golden lion and soaring eagle of her house displayed prominently, that isn't really an excuse to just let anyone wander around a place as sensitive as this. Clothes could be copied, disguises used to fake appearances from a distance, and that's without even getting into the sorts of illusions that magic could bring into the equation.

She sighs softly, the noise practically inaudible and the tiny frown on her face hidden behind the high neck of her greatcoat. Inspecting the building's defenses had only been the excuse she was going to use to justify her visit here. It is actually something that needs to be done and is part of her job but it also provided a good cover story for dropping in unannounced on the infamously slovenly colonel Mutsuki. However, now that she's actually here, her pride is somewhat wounded by the dismal state of things and she finds herself filled with an actual surge of annoyance unrelated to the accusations made by Hazama regarding the man's loyalties.

As a member of the Duodecim, Katarina had been privy to the sorts of high-brow social gossip that always followed around peoples of such high standing. She had made a concerted effort never to give her own staff any ammunition to fuel that particular fire. Kagura, on the other hand, was a common subject of the tittering maids in her household and not in a manner that painted him with a flattering image. A drunk, a womanizer, and a layabout so the rumors went, though it had to also be noted that despite these traits he somehow proved to be skilled at his job and was rather popular with his own troops.

She had never cared enough to investigate these rumors as it was hardly any of her business. Nobles often had a myriad of odd and unsavory habits which they got away with due to their lineage and stations. Unfortunately, another trait had been added to the list recently which she could not ignore in light of other revelations; ones which had changed her entire point of view on the world.


Turning away from the idle soldiers, the officer resumes her trek to towards the place which had been indicated to her at the front desk as the commander's personal office. Her fingers clench slightly at her sides as she idly goes through the motions that would call her magical blades into being from the ether, an old nervous habit that she's never quite been able to rid herself of entirely. If the commander of the entire Japanese branch was someone who had betrayed the NOL, betrayed the Imperator, then there is no telling how many people underneath his authority had been turned as well. She doesn't want to believe that is the case - being a lazy lout doesn't necessarily make one a turncoat - but if Hazama had doubts and was being truthful about his status and that of the Imperator, she has little choice but to see if there is any truth to the claim.

A few minutes later, Katarina arrives at her destination and knocks on the door, rapping her mailed knuckles on the wood loud enough to carry the sound through the heavy wood. She waits a few moments for a response and then steps inside regardless of whether or not she is invited properly, embolded by her official duty to be here regardless of their difference in rank.

"Colonel Mutsuki?"

The Praetorian Guard is by no means a small division. The significant numbers of Magical Troops alone rival some smaller nations' armies in battle power now, if dispersed across the entirety of Novus Orbis Librarium interests. Chalk on to that being the head of Asia's branches, and a man this important should be well guarded. Little surprise the 0th Division saw fit to reinforce him so heavily during the Ikaruga conflict... or so the stories go. Then again, the best defense is the man himself -- the Black Knight is hardly someone a mundane assassin could take down, reinforced by his aide Hibiki. He did manage to repel Valkenhayn single-handedly, and the Engineering reports on the aging werewolves' power were nothing short of remarkable and finely honed.

Of course, rumors are rumors. Kagura's performance as Chief of the Duodecim has never been directly questioned. He has a strong presence, good charisma, and excellent logistical skills with a keen intuition. Issues with his personal life are generally ignored in the face of results. It might be testament to him that despite such, he retains his posts. Such disgraceful rumors would be the end of any usual noble's political career, outside performing in Novus Orbis Librarium...

"Oh? A woman? And one I've not heard in some time..." comes muffled from the other side of the door. His voice is sober, and presently he's doing nothing untoward. His desk is heavily cluttered, but the overt signs of alcohol use are gone and the air long cleared of any hazy clouds. After a certain late-night call, he confirmed Hibiki got badly wounded in a conflict with Ragna the Bloodedge. A propensity for recreation does not mean Kagura is unfit for his post, and he's in the final stages of clearing the backlog a nearly two day bender caused. Yet most people probably don't drink quite so much water, and with a number of headache pills...

"Well, well. Thought so. Miss Katarina Shimotsuki." The pair have only ever met through a brief exchange of names during the Twelve Originator meetings, but it seems his memory at least is good. "You've certainly grown into a fine young woman. Congratulations on your merits and position. Based on what I read of your Academy performance, I highly doubt it was due to your family's status." His soul is rich and loud. A pure, open harmony, exuding a sort of relentless optimism that's by most accounts entrancing. Like the theme song that a great, destined hero might have. It's her first time meeting him with the Music Box, and the first rung chords indicate his compliments are not flattery, but genuine.

"I didn't see an itenerary for your visit, so I'd guess it's Intelligence...?" There's a flare of displeasure there, but it's echoed by a slight frown on his face. Ah, an open book indeed. It shouldn't be hard at all to interrogate this man. He wears himself on his sleeve. And the Shimotsuki house hid it's grimoire well. It's very unlikely even the head of the familes is aware of it, and the power it possesses.

"Unless this is a recreation call...?" His grin spreads further at that, flicking down the papers in his hand to give Katarina his full attention.

Katarina pauses for a moment in the doorway, returning the greeting with a quick salute worthy of any textbook diagram on proper form, though she manages to do so in a way that looks fluid and elegant rather than tight and rigid. Her arrival brings with it the unmistakable change in the air that denotes the subtle pressure of magic as if her very presence exudes an aura of mysterious enchantment. She gives him a faint and enigmatic smile, half-hidden behind the tall collar of her uniform, but the friendly nature of her expression manages to make itself clear in the faint sparkle of her eyes and the soft tone of her wispy voice.

"It's First Lieutenant now, sir. And there's no need for such obvious flattery. You'll have to try a little harder to win me over than that."

The door closes behind the girl as she steps properly into the room and makes her way over to the large desk. She knows from the powerful tones of his soul that the words are spoken in earnest, which does give her a strange sense of satisfaction. It's so rare to receive an honest compliment that she's almost not quite sure what to do about it, chosing to brush it aside for the time being. He would most likely know that his reputation is no secret, particularly among other members of the Duodecim. The least suspicious thing she can do is to assume he's coming on to her and react accordingly; which is probably true anyways.

The tall hat is removed from her head and tucked into the crook of an arm and as she does so her gaze drifts across the mountain of disorderly paperwork. She winces internally at the sheer amount of it, quite familiar with such trials, though for quite different reasons than his own. The construction and inspection of entire new facilities is a a monumental amount of work and one which she takes even greater pains than usual to document and direct to ensure that there are no weaknesses which might later cause problems. In point of fact, she is gearing up to begin the construction of a proper base for their operations here in Southtown, assuming it doesn't get vaporized in the next week or so.

"Braving the trials of command, I see. A shame our swords are not as effective on red tape as they are on our enemies, mmm?"

The sparkle in her eyes becomes slightly mischievous as she pokes fun at his misfortune, attempting to deflect attention away from the idea that she's here on Intelligence business. Fortunately, she doesn't have to actually put that much effort into it as it seems the man is quite eager to have something else to focus on. She sighs and lifts her empty hand, running her fingers through the long snowy white locks of her hair, which shimmers like silk as she does so.

"Unfortunately, no. I'm here to inspect the site's defenses to make sure it is up to the highest reasonable standards until construction of a more permanent base can begin. I must say, your security seems quite lax, sir. I was only challenged twice during my trip from the front gate to your office." Her smile quirks upwards a little. "It's almost as if you enjoy having unannounced visitors interrupting your work."

A brief glance around is done, Kagura apparently realizing the presence of something. Curiosity fades quickly, not seeming to be outwardly concerned with it. Active Ars Magus of defensive manners aren't uncommon, although he has no idea why one would opt to keep it active speaking to him. "First Lieutenant, of course. If you prefer to be formal..."

He reclines backwards, position casual but not weak. She's stumbled upon him during one of the moments he's actually doing his job well, which is all the better given the nature of her investigations. Yet something's strange about Kagura's essence. She's likely used to lust; an attractive young woman. But what she's feeling thrumming from him isn't empty flirts or vapid emptiness. It's closer to love and passion, which is rather more overt. And pure.

"This is the part of my job I hate. It was a lot easier being a Major. I like being on the front lines. This is as high as I plan to get... Central wouldn't stop nagging me to put in for advancement after Ikaruga, but I think I've successfully fended them off..." No ego or arrogance, there. Only confidence, but the sort measured by a man who knows his personal limitations. He'd never have gotten this far or achieved so much without those who work beneath him, something he readily admits.

"I always like good company. And I rarely find women to be poor at it." Again that thrum, but once more it's disturbingly far from surface level lust. It's probably more uncomfortable, hearing his seemingly shallow statements but hearing the rich tenor in his soul. She will never again find a man who loves all women so strongly and purely! "But don't think less of my men. I purposefully demanded a threadbare guard. Their talents shouldn't be wasted looking after me. There's much more useful things they could be doing. I'll happily take the risk." So far, no lies or deception in the slightest. "If you feel this doesn't match the bare minimum, assemble a report with your recommendations. I'll pass it to Captain Hibiki and have him implement it. ...but I'd prefer you kept quiet on it, so I have less soldiers standing idle in the halls."

It had been her intention to try and throw the reknowned lush of a commander off guard by letting her hair down a little, both literally and figuratively. She isn't the most experienced when it comes to the art of seduction but then she's also never shied away from a new challenge; not that this first target is a terribly difficult one, if reports are to be believed.

Imagine then her surprise, however, to find that the attention she brings upon herself is not colored by the long heavy brass notes of raw male lust but rather the silvery lilting music of honest and pure attraction. The sincerity of it takes her completely off-guard and despite herself she feels a faint blush rising to her cheeks. No one, in her entire time at the Academy, had ever approached her in a fliratious manner. The mixture of nobility and mysterious aloofness had proven to be an impenetrable barrier to any and all advances, which she had only occassionally taken time out of her busy schedule to commiserate about.

Ofcourse, even if she had been approached, it's unlikely she would have accepted such feelings from anyone other than another member of the Duodecim's houses. The Shimotsuki family prides itself on retaining their claim to nobility, though unlike the rigid Izayoi, they are happy to accept those of lesser birth into their ranks provided that they can prove themselves worthy. Some within the family have argued that this policy had diluted their bloodline. The fact that Katarina was the only one to be born with the characteristic white hair that denoted true lineage in an entire generation was a strong argument in favor of that and she had decided at a young age to do her best not to pollute the gene pool further with commoner blood.

Kagura, however, is not a commoner. Attractive, noble, successful - and with a soul that shines like few she has ever seen. It is her first time to be in the man's presence since her acquisition of the Music Box and what it has revealed so far is making it difficult for her to maintain her stoic disdain for his reputation. Regardless, she isn't going to be so easily distracted from her mission. Her devotion to the Imperator is greater than that, even more so now that she is aware of the truth of Her divine nature. Whatever sort of man Kagura might be, if he's turned his back on the NOL, then that makes him worse than a traitor. It makes him a heretic.

Clearing her throat with a soft cough, Katarina inclines her head respectfully towards the colonel, still smiling. Perhaps there is another matter she might probe him on.

"I see. I shall temper my expectations with that in mind, I suppose... though I must make it known that with Ragna the Bloodedge confirmed to be operating in the local area I do not see how a little extra security can be considered 'standing idle'. But, if that is your wish, I will defer to your judgement on the matter, commander."

Oh, Kagura's issues lie in the depth of his passion. Loving all women sounds noble and true, until troublesome ideas about exclusivity come into being. Yet even those hapless victims who fell to his charms could not deny returning his love, despite rationality requiring a firm slap in the face and storming off. It's not a conscious act of cheating and villainous behavior, but a simple side-effect of his perpetually open relationship. He never once has claimed or even alluded that his companionship was exclusive, after all... not that it makes him get in any less trouble with the fairer sex...

"Ragna the Bloodedge...? I'm not worried about him. Seems he's been primarily after cauldrons and intelligence. He has little to gain attacking the Black Knight unless he wishes to make more of a name for himself. Besides, if being an easy target means he might try to burst through the front door..." Fingers slowly curl, a few popping distantly. "I'm confident in my strength." For the first time, pride blooms within him. In a stark contrast to his cheesy lines ringing powerfully true, he massively understates his personal views on martial competence with a fairly humble phrase. Nowhere within his soul is there anything but absolute certainty.

"Still, I'm a little curious why you're here. Not in the building, but in my office." His chair reclines, and both Kagura's feet heft up to settle crossed on his table, in a small area between his paperwork. "You're dressed like someone in Intelligence. Your assessment should go to whoever ordered this investigation. You've no reason to pass your opinion on to me..."

He does his most dazzling of smiles, purple eyes seguing into a well-practiced charm. Fingers comb through his hair, wild locks shifting about just so. "Did you WANT to meet me.... First Lieutenant Shimotsuki...?"

Katarina frowns, tilting her head forward slightly so as to hide the expression behind the neck of her coat, as her dig for another lead fails to provide any results. The commander proves atleast competant enough to know the basic facts of the Bloodedge's behavior patterns, something she had intentionally failed to mention in an effort to see how he might react, but the results are of little use other than to add another example of how the man's outwards demeanor does not entirely reflect accurately upon his character.

The music that continues to pour out of Kagura, though stained with the oily corruption present in all of the World-song that she now hears, remains surprisingly melodic and harmonious. Where she is certain that other members of the nobility or even simple officers would have boasted about their own deeds and strength despite having rarely if ever set foot on an actual battlefield, the colonel's swell of internal pride far overshadows the mild words he offers as a reassurance against her worries for the safety of the office. Once more she finds herself speechless in the face of such pure honesty coming from someone in a position of power, leaving her open to his counter-attack question.

The young girl's eyes widen slightly, partially out of concern that she might have been found out so easily. That should be her /primary/ worry at being addressed with such an open question as to her motives and yet, for some unexplainable reason, she finds herself far more embarrassed by the insinuation that her visit might be of a personal nature. The faint flush of color returns to her cheeks unbidden.

What the hell is going on here, she thinks. A fresh surge of heat wells up in her chest, though this time born of anger at her own strange and childish behavior. Katarina grits her teeth quietly, clenching her fingers into tight balls in order to fight the urge to look away from his sparkling smile like some delicate maiden. Taking a deep breath, she closes her eyes and reaches for the strict discipline that she has relied upon these past few years to hide the truth of her own twisted soul. It calms her a little but for the first time an obvious trace of agitation makes itself present in her delicate patrician features. The womanizing colonel might very well mistake her brief display as another example of someone annoyed by his philandering ways.

"I... I just thought that I would give you a chance to explain the state of your affairs before I sent in my report. It would be a shame to besmirch such a...sterling reputation as yours, sir."

She manages to get her own quick verbal jab in there in an attempt at petty revenge, but even to her own ears it feels like a cheapshot considering the amount of accolades and accomplishments Kagura possesses.

"Is that so?" Kagura replies, matter of factly. His eyes seem to never leave Katarina. There's no apparent shame in him, a sort of relentless observation that seems keener than he lets on. Arms loosely cross before his chest as his foot lightly bobs, obviously enjoying the chance to take a slight break by the intrusion. She had certainly not been wrong on the idea that he doesn't dislike interruptions. "Reputation...? The only people who care about their reputation are those who fear they aren't doing a good enough job. People can pile accolades on me all they want, it won't change what I do." There's a lazy rise and fall of the shoulders at that. "But I think I've already explained myself well enough for Intelligence... unless there's anything else you'd like to know about?" Brows lift in genuine curiosity. He seems to be trying to get a bead on her, to say the least. He's assuredly not the brash, simple-minded and easily manipulated person she might have hoped. No; he's a good deal more dangerous than that...

The depth of Kagura's character is becoming abundantly clear and with it her own naive mistake in assuming that someone who had managed to remain the commander of NOL's forces for such a long time would be someone so easily overcome. If it was so easy to uproot him then Hazama would have done so himself by now. And yet, despite that fearsome power of his, he had instead put the task to her. A most curious decision in retrospect.

She ponders on this line of thought for several moments in silence, her eyes shut and her expression carefully neutral for the single crack in her mask that is the slight frown she continues to sport. If Intelligence suspected Kagura that could mean several things. The most simple is that they are genuinely concerned for his loyalties but if she has learned anything in her short career it is that Intelligence does not deal in 'simple' matters. There could be political games afoot here, a petty grievance by another House who had used the age-old tactic of bribery to turn the scrutinizing gaze of NOL's spies upon the commander. If she had not witnessed that terrible transformation, she might well believe that to be the most likely scenario, but the man Terumi did not seem like someone who cares about that sort of thing. His soul had been a maelstrom of raw chaos and his claim to godhood reinforced by the sheer terrifying aura that his mere presence brought with it. No, if /he/ wants Kagura out of the way, there has to be something more.

And then it hits her; an answer so obvious that she has to bite back a vehement curse at her own stupidity. While her possession of the Music Box was not a widely known fact she had been employed by Intelligence many times in order to reap the benefits of its use. Which meant that whatever she discovered was something that could be used as cold hard evidence. They had tried subtley and subterfuge. Now, they needed a more direct method.

Katarina's eyes slowly slide open and all traces of the former good humor or embarassment in her posture and expression evaporate as she turns her gaze upon the wily commander. The tingling aura of magical enchantment that she radiates grows slightly more opressive becoming a cold breath upon Kagura's skin as she focuses her power on Hearing him with the utmost of intensity, a glint of dangerous and lurking malice within the scarlet red of her pupils which she does nothing to hide as she opens her mouth to ask him one more question.

"What are your feelings on the Imperator, commander?"

There's a mild blink, as Kagura seems to be taken aback. He wasn't sure what sort of question to expect from the girl, yet he hadn't thought it would be derailed in such a fashion. He looks up towards the roof, slowly stroking his chin. Yet within his chest she'd feel the boil of... affection once. She's certainly cuter than he had expected, in the phonecall he made the night before Katarina's visit. Those tinges of emotions are probably not what Katarina might expect, rather personal for a deific figurehead that so few have ever brushed against. Blasphemous, perhaps! "She's the head of Novus Orbis Librarium. Obviously I respect her." he finally offers, quite simply. And her keen senses would indeed find a jumble in his soul. Sifting through it, there's a mixture of wariness and curiosity, respect and infatuation, but nothing that might be considered hate, scorn, or treason. Yet he doesn't seem to hold her at the omnipotent station of most within the Librarium, which alone could be the seeds of concern. But deeper, there's a black seed. Something suspect. But that question didn't root it out... "But my orders come from Central Headquarters. I don't work directly with her." Yet he's on guard now. The smile's left his lips, and the attention upon Katarina is far sharper. She certainly caught him off guard, but he almost assuredly knows that such an abrupt question has to do with her true purpose now. "She's visiting my Branch in a week. I imagine I'll have a better idea of where I stand with her then."

The formerly friendly officer narrows her eyes slightly as Kagura lays out his thoughts, her gaze becoming distant and vacant, as if she is looking right through him at something beyond or perhaps inside of him. Every word that he speaks is scrutinized in utter silence by that judgemental stare, her focus so absolute that even her breathing ceases for a time. Still and lifeless like some porcelain doll, she yet retains that edge of barely contained violence in her sharp stare, as if some terrible predator lurked eagerly at the edge of manifestation within the depths of her eyes.

The conflicted nature of the commander's soul does not escape her notice, the once harmonious and boisterous melody of his Song becoming stilted and jittery as if unsure what sort of notes it should be playing. The same lilting notes of his oddly pure longing clash with the uncertain undertones of cautiousness, stacatto bursts of hesistation adding yet another lay of chaos to the music.

Clearly her question had struck a nerve. Though the turmoil was not particularly prominent compared to other exaples she has seen, the change from his confident march to this rambling waltz is perhaps more telling than the actual emotions themselves. Katarina Listens as best she can, combing through the information to sort corruption from conflict. There is something there, something... different. It lacks the sterling purity that his heroic confidence had possessed and yet she cannot quite grasp what it means. Is this a sign of unloyalty? An indication that he is hiding something he is ashamed of? The truth remains beyond her and thus so does any certainty she might bring to bear in accusing him of something.

Frustrated, Katarina's gaze regains focus and she turns away from the desk, hands clasping behind her back. The killing intent in her aura recedes to its former tingly yet enigmatic subtley as she breaks eye contact. The darkness is pushed back down into the depths of her soul, and she remains with her back to Kagura until it is once more held in check by her cold and calculating willpower.

When she turns to regard him again her expression is once more friendly, a faint smile offered in the faint uptick at one corner of her mouth and an inviting warmth in her eyes where the terrible malice had shone only moments before. It is a subtle transformation, one likely to be missed by anyone not paying close attention, made even harder to discern due to her quiet and generally inscrutable nature.

"I see." She lets out a soft sigh and her tone becomes apologetic. "Forgive my rudeness, commander, but certain recent events have given rise to strange circumstances. Naturally, Intelligence are the ones left to ask the difficult and uncomfortable questions."

Katarina returns the ornate hat to her head and takes a moment to adjust her hair, an act that makes her look more like a typical girl than a firebrand inquisitor out for blood. Once situated, she gives him a sharp salute and inclines her head in a curt nod.

"I will take up no more of your time, sir. I'm sure you have much to do. Though I would like to stress that, while your lack of proper defensive protocol might be acceptable in regards to your own safety, I expect you to show far more concern for the well-being of the Her Majesty during her visit. If you've nothing more to add, may I take my leave, sir?"

A dangerous question, indeed. Kagura knows of the abuse within Novus Orbis Librarium. He knows those in Central Headquarters, misusing resources and the Imperator's name. And the wicked resolution of the Ikaruga civil war, leading with the death of his master and friend, still tastes like bile in his mouth. Only Katarina's purity of purpose saved him from being overtly painted a rebel; she asked how he felt about the Imperator. Not how he felt about Novus Orbis Librarium. He has always questioned and suspected what, if any, power this figurehead truly holds, whether it's all the smoke and mirrors of aging fools in Central Headquarters, one of the reasons he risked an excessive amount in an alcoholic haze to call her and see for himself. Had she asked this question of him in another timeline, where the true Imperator he swore his life to was cut down in an extended war, then she would have gotten a much different answer.

"No need to apologize, First Lieutenant Shimotsuki. I know you wouldn't ask me this question without good cause..." Suspicion rings heavily in his soul. Yet it's deep, nuanced, layered. Who is it that would ask a First Lieutenant to confront him, a Colonel? Hazama, as acting Colonel, could do such a thing. But it's pointless. Even if surprised, Kagura lacks nothing in resolve. He would never say anything incriminating... It's only then that his gaze seems to flicker sideways to assess the energy in the room. It grew in intensity when she asked him about the Imperator... is this not some defensive Ars Magus, but something else? He might have been reckless to dismiss it outright at the onset.

"...I think we're done here." Kagura finally agrees, flicking his feet off the desk and thumping them down, picking up a piece of paper once more. "If you wish to visit again, then next time make sure it's over dinner." One last smirk follows with a teasing wink, before his eyes drop down to his work once more, yet the distracted chords continue to hum heavily. Katarina Shimotsuki... from one of the twelve noble houses within his jurisdiction. Perhaps he'll need to have Hibiki dig further into them than he thought prior...

Though her focus is no longer as intense, Katarina continues to listen to the warbling notes of the music filling the room even as she is dismissed, noting that whatever she said to upset her host continues to bother him beyond that brief uncomfortable moment. Though she could find no overt evidence of disloyalty, that strange darkness within him now had her curiosity piqued. She will have to continue to scratch at the surface until whatever lies beneath rises to the top. Hazama was right - Kagura is hiding something and she intends to find out what it is.

"A tempting offer, sir. Perhaps I will take you up on it."

Though she manages not to blush like an idiot schoolgirl this time, the twinge of warmth in her chest at the thought of having a dinner date with the handsome commander is nevertheless present. Spinning smartly on her heels before she makes an even bigger fool out of herself, the young officer marches to the door and vanishes back into the hall as suddenly and abruptly as she had appeared, leaving Kagura with his thoughts and the faint lingering scent of expensive rose perfume.

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