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Description: Abel had been quiet since the first round exit of the King of Fighter's tournament. He left the land of the Aussies after the encounter of Hayley and before he knew he had become a wanted man in the country. For now he was quiet and biding his time while waiting for new information on Shadaloo to emerge. In this case a small lead fell into his hands. A mercenary named Leon apparently had some information. Now being able to get the information......that was an entirely different story.

There's not a lot of leads in the world for people who even know Shadaloo exists; however, Abel is given a one-up from his mercenary savior that there's someone fresh in Southtown that has raided Shadaloo labs in the past. He's an old veteran well-established in the globe for being a mercenary, and also does no small amount of fighting on the side with a ruthless fanaticism. He's known only as Leon, sometimes called the Nomad Warrior for his own predelictions for wandering the globe, and some of the most extensive experience in desert and guerilla warfare.

Pinning him down is no simplistic affair. Who precisely hired him, and for what reason, is unknown. But Abel was informed that he is observing a specific location... and from that area, there's only one good vantage point: A four-story office building, currently closed and listed 'For Sale'. From the top floor, one would get a covert, thorough view of the storefront in question, a somewhat mundane coffee shop hosted by an old man, and much of the surrounding street and block in multiple directions.

Abel's experienced himself in this work; there's likely no better place around to try to find him, although how friendly he might be is another matter entirely...

A lead to Shadaloo is one Abel will grasp up no matter how small. When it comes down to it the trail has been cold since his meetings with Jezebel and Cracker Jack. Even then he still isn't certain that those two even really were affliated with the organization. After the trail went cold he got caught up in the King of Fighters tournament where he and Marduk failed to advance past their first opponents and Abel has sort of fell off the map after that.

He has continued to remain low key given things are going crazy right now all over the place. He did some mercenary work, but that is all in the past and he is more interested in other things instead of trying to pick a side when none of them look to have the greatest intentions. Of all places he should avoid Japan should be the very top of the list.

It just can't be. Not when he might be able to find someone with information on the organization he is trying to hunt down. The only people that might truly be able to provide answers on his past. For all he know this Leon fellow won't have any useful info, but it is worth a try. That is why he is already climbing the stairs of the building after breaking his way in from a angle no one could see him. All he can do is be patient and hope to find this Leon before too long.

On the fourth floor, a man is settled on his belly with a small telescope in his hand. It's trained on the distant building below, barely even blinking. Multiple energy drinks are scattered around him, signs of his long vigil. He's in the midst of chewing on a nutrient bar when his head tilts to the side, very distant creak amidst the regular groans of the building. Tilting his head, the scope is carefully put down before Leon rolls over and eases to his feet. Broad and muscular, careful steps ease him across the landmines of an unmaintained building, until his back rests adjacent to the door. He might have heard nothing. Or he might have heard nothing. Ear to the wall, he holds his breath, and falls into the rhythm of his heartbeat as he seeks anything out of the ordinary. Wearing a rolled-up desert camouflage jacket with grey pants tucked into black fully laced combat boots, left leg tightly bound in a bandana, he definitely cuts an intimidating figure; fingerless gloves carefully flexing, greyish hair swept back.

Abel tries to be quiet, but he isn't very good at being the sneaky type. And a building like this which has seen much better days make it hard to keep from making any noise. That loud creak is from a board he steps on groans in protest and he pulls the foot away and decides to slip around it. He still has one more set of stairs to climb, but he has seen enough to know someone has been here at least recently. A half boot print among the dusty floor here and even some disturbed dust and grime where a hand lightly brushed it.

He isn't sure if she should announce his arrival. He isn't sure if Leon will be hostile either way and if he is the chance of getting the drop on the man might be beneficial. He gently steps about the board and gives a few moments. Enough Leon may or may not think it was just him hearing things, but before long Abel is moving up the steps while keeping himself prepared for whatever sort of surprises await him on the top floor.

Still, Leon rests his cheek against the wall. At the apex of the stairs there's a long hallway, leading down a number of offices. Each has dusty glass windows which can be peered inside to show worn desks and minimal furniture, only that which the prior owners deemed unfit to take along with them. Leon's confirmed that someone attempting to be stealthy is here... turning towards the wall, he presses one palm lightly against it, rearing back his right arm. Waiting until the precise moment that Abel will walk past...

There are a few steps. Abel draws closer by the moment and Leon is getting ready to give quite the surprise. His ears keen, but perhaps he also isn't the most quiet of people or Abel shows he is better trained than one might think because he knows someone is here even if he isn't sure where. His eyes shift about some and he decides to keep where he is between two doorways. Both room seem empty so that means he should only have to worry about an attack from the front or behind.

"I want to talk." he finally says. His voice loud enough so he knows Leon, or at least the person he hopes his Leon, can hear clearly while also trying to keep his tone calm to hopefully show he is not looking to be aggressive just yet. "I am not sure who you are trying to track down, but I have been told you know about Shadaloo. I need any information you have on them."

Leon tilts his head to the side. "That's a dangerous name to say out loud." comes a muffled older voice. Calm, controlled, confident. "Most people who even know it end up six feet under." He keeps his head tilted, trying to place where Abel is precisely as he eases along the wall in his direction. "I'm not the charitable sort, though. Any info on them's worth a lot, heresay or not. What've you got to barter...?"

The Frenchman curls fingers and palls his hands into fists. He is trying his best to discern Leon's location as well as he listens to where the voice comes and tries to turn and keep himself faced in the direction he thinks the mercenary to be. "I have already been six feet under because of them. That is why I am looking for them."

Abel may not have been actually killed, but his memories taken from him which could be just have bad if not worse. To wake up a grown man with no memory of his past or what kind of person he could have been. "I am Abel and I have nothing to barter. I am just a man looking to somehow get back what they have taken from me."

It seems fairly clear that Leon's past the wall in the office just past where Abel stopped. He's not pressed against it, but well within arm's reach. His own eyes settled on the corner, having more or less determined where the other man is. Fingers curl into a fist before carefully popping them one by one. Yet the name causes a pause, before after some long moments, "Abel...? Abel who?" There's a hint of recognition to it. "Still, you aren't completely right. Man's always got something to barter. His pride. His life. How can I trust anything you say? Maybe you're just trying to figure out exactly where I am... Shadaloo wants me dead, you know. And they've got some awful deep pockets..."

Abel can't blame the man. This isn't exactly the best way to confront him, but he felt there was no better options. "It is all I go by. My last name forgotten much like most of my past." There is the sound of movement. It is a game of positioning and the Frenchman is doing his best to keep himself properly perpared in case Leon does come after him.

"My life is something I could barter in this case. My leads have gone dry and the only links I had were too low on the totem pole to be helpful. A crazy woman with a robotic eye named Jezebel was one. A thug with a baseball bat going by Cracker Jack the other. I don't even know if they truely are Shadaloo after meeting both."

There is a pause. There is a bit of thought as Abel decides his course of action. "If you wish to fight I will do so, but I rather save my strength and anger for someone that deserves it."

"Never heard of them." Leon offers simply, listening to the mild creaks and groans of Abel shifting around. He's shifted to press his back to the wall separating the offices, clear of potential attack unless Abel somehow hulks through two walls in a row. His head swims with what to think. He could merely say what he knows. If Abel's genuine, he would take that and leave, potentially. On the other hand, if this is an assassin feeling him out, confirming any knowledge he has might ramp him much higher on the list of people to be eliminated, which is heat he can't afford. ...And ultimately, he's not intimidated. He feels no driving need to avoid conflict right now. Arrogance, perhaps, of his own combative prowess. "I've no choice but to consider you an enemy." he settles. "Hard to confirm the identity of a man who doesn't exist. So where's that leave us...? Guess if you beat me, I'd tell you what I know." The inflection of his voice seems to indicate he's hardly adverse to fighting. "Outside that, afraid you're out of luck. ...since if you /are/ against me, you've already given away my position...!" With that, Leon slides forward, and then heavily kicks the door. The hinges erupt outwards, and glass shatters in all directions as it thumps into the opposite wall. Sliding out, he grasps the edge of it, before twisting to hurtle it like an oversized shuriken in Abel's direction...!!

COMBATSYS: Leon has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Leon             0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Abel has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Abel             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0             Leon

COMBATSYS: Leon successfully hits Abel with Large Thrown Object.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Abel             0/-------/----===|-------\-------\0             Leon

And Leon finally sees the man he has been talking with. Tall and stocky Abel seemed ready for awhatever Leon had in mind. Just how prepared that he would be trying to avoid a thrown door is another. He looks to move out of the way into one of the other rooms, but the door comes in faster than expected and it has quite a bit of force that knocks Abel over and sends him rolling back before he quickly pops back up on his feet. "Very well. I will do what I must."

The building is something to be mindful of. Some of these walls and more than likely parts of the floor won't be able to handle too much punishment. He heard someone falling out of a tower not too long ago. He rather not make the papers as the second blonde that was trying to learn how to fly.

He steps forward and looks to close the distance between himself and Leon quickly. He isn't good at fighting at a distance, but close by? That he can do as he charges forward then looks to just ram his shoulder full force into Leon. "H......aaaaah!"

COMBATSYS: Leon blocks Abel's Shoulder Check.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Abel             0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0             Leon

Leon slowly rolls his right arm before cracking his head, looking Abel over. It doesn't take long to assess that he doesn't have the movement and stance of traditional assassins. He can see something else; a no-nonsense blend of arts, not unlike his own variant of combat sambo. Bringing up his forearms defensively, the abrupt rush forward is met by his own form thrusting out. Despite such, Abel skids his boots back a few inches, but Leon responds rather simply by bringing up his hands, trying to hook both hands behind his head and then begin leveraging a brutal series of knees towards his solar plexus. "Well... you aren't moving like any fancy assassin!" he growls.

COMBATSYS: Abel interrupts Combo Throw from Leon with Falling Sky.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Abel             0/-------/---====|===----\-------\0             Leon

There is nothing fancy about his appearance or style. He is battered and looks to have had it rough over the years leaving him looking rugged. He is also in closer to where he can do more damage. Of course his shoulder rush wasn't enough to really push Leon back like he had hoped and the mercenary is quick to try and punish Abel for his mistake.

That first knee hits, but then Abel manages to hook his arm under the leg and his other looks to grip Leon's jacket in the other. He hefts the merc about and swings him to put him right into and possible through the nearby wall before staggering back a step and trying to regain his footing. "If I were an assassin I think I would have done better in getting the drop on you. Your style is familiar though."

Different enough from Abel's own, but perhaps one of the mercs he traveled with once found in that Shadaloo lab those years ago used something like that. It was long enough go the thoughts still muddled, but he is pretty sure this is not the man he has met in the past.

The caught leg genuinely surprises Leon. He begins to try to pull off, but it's too late. The brutal swing erupts past studs and drywall, burst into the adjacent office to land heavily on his back. Immediately he rolls with the motion, coming down in a three-point stance. Debris peppers his shoulders and back, but all he does is smirk. "That all you got? You're right, though. Awful loud walker for someone who intended to get the drop on me." Getting back to his feet, he then begins to march forward, before then rushing into a charge. Both hands shoot out to grasp Abel, trying to yank him forward. The actual assault comes from his leg suddenly shifting up, trying to plant the heel at the back of Abel's neck, and then brutally stomp down to slam him hard enough into the floor... to probably burst /through/ it, into the third floor below!! Of course, if this *does* succeed, he'd immediately jump down after...!

COMBATSYS: Abel blocks Leon's Rock Slide.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Abel             0/-------/-======|===----\-------\0             Leon

"Might be something I have to work on if taking on Shadaloo, but now it doesn't matter." He then gives a faint shake of his head. He remains calm and focused on the man before him. He will need to beat him to get the information. A loss? well it is back to square one once more and he is tired of being there. "Come and find out."

Not that he needs to really coax Leon to come at him. The merc is quick to close the distance and he gets ahold of Abel easily enough. Though the heel connects and Leon finds Abel a sturdy man himself and not so easy to drive to the ground. A good thing because him going through the floor right now wasn't really something he was wanting to do.

And with Leon this close Abel looks to keep it simple. His hands go to grip the other leg of Leon while he is somewhat off balance and pull it out from under him. He would then look to give a bit of a twist and toss Leon away once more.

COMBATSYS: Leon counters Medium Throw from Abel with Cobra Death Lock.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Abel             1/------=/=======|======-\-------\0             Leon

Hands slither out to grasp Leon by the leg, but he is already moving himself once more. Fingers dig into shoulder meat, twisting with his superior leverage. And then with a roar he hefts Abel upwards into the air, twisting around and swinging him overhead like a ragdoll. His legs are liable to tear through the ceiling, before hitting the area above the adjacent door. Slamming the other man down upon the floor, he then descends, driving his elbow into Abel's spine. Only to hook his arm beneath Abel's own, and then /twist/ in an attempt to dislocate his shoulder before rolling to the side. "Not bad, I guess... did you forget how to fight, too?!"

It all happens so quickly. Abel thinks he has Leon where he wants him, but his world quickly gets turned upside down and he is instead the one being hefted up and tossed hard into the ground. Then there is a shout of pain when the elbow digs hard into the spin and Leon starts to twist and pull on the arm of the Frenchman.

It is severe pain. One of the times where it along with his desire to get information is overwhelming in. His mind feeling muddled and his eyes are closed tight. Then he takes a deep inhale and the eyes snap open. They are inhuman and pure black as Abel looks to wrestle himself free. And he finds strength to pull his arm free somehow and he gets to his feet.

His mind a haze for the moment as he only looks to do one thing and that is to deliver a powerful uppercut right into Leon's chin to rock him off balance.

COMBATSYS: Abel successfully hits Leon with Soulless.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Abel             0/-------/-----==|=======\==-----\1             Leon

It isn't a verbal answer that Leon gets. It is pure brute force as abel unleashes a barrage of punches and kicks to the merc. The strikes stop for only a brief moment only because Leon is soon grabbed and tossed upwards right through the ceiling of the top floor after being swung about a few times by the Frenchman. Abel leaps up afterwards when Leon is on his way down and grips to roll him and aim Leon right at the floor with all of Abel's weight right on top of him. The floor gives way and the force is enough to almost send them through to the second floor as well. Abel roll off and then staggers, his eyes returning to normal with a blink as he staggers and holds his head with one hand.

The sharp uppercut slips past Leon's attempt to bring up his guard, hitting true. His eyes lose focus, seeing double as he catches himself from falling. Then a ruthless storm of strikes wail down on him, driving him back to slam into the remnants of a nearby wall, which begins to crack and bowl inwards under the impacts. Barely aware of what's taking place, he's then exploding through the ceiling, seeing the blue air of the city for a few moments. Ah... people are going to see him. Somehow this goes through his mind before being grasped again, thumping through the fouth floor, then caving in most of the third. Slowly his knees drop down to rest beside him, one hand then the other thumping down before tearing his skull free of the hearty dent. "...that's better." he grunts. "But a little excessive..." Suddenly he swings out, two sharp blows trying to drive Abel backwards as he regains his own stance, before sliding a booted foot forward and rearing back his right hand. "A real blow... is more like THIS!!" And then he swings with all his might, savage ferocity aiming to hit Abel dead center in the chest and send him flying through multiple walls, liable only to stop once he hits the brick exterior!!

COMBATSYS: Leon dazes Abel with Solid Crush!

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Abel             0/-------/-======|==-----\-------\0             Leon

Whatever happened looks to have Abel with his guard lowered. His mid muddled enough still of being overtaken by his rage. The remnents of whatever experimentation Shadaloo had performed showing for just a brief moment before letting him take back control. He has little time though to do much other than try to stop the first strike only for him to horribly miss and be caught with those powerful blows and then finally getting nailed straight in the chest by the laston one.

He is lifted off his feat and send backwards through more walls. Even if Leon hasn't been seen the loud noises might draw attention from people on the street thinking the old building is finaly getting demolished. It is.....just not in the way it should be.

There is the loud crack of his body hits brick and it was a wonder that was enough to stop him. He slumps to the ground and he remains dazed and he begins to rise to his feet. He is punch drunk at the point and he finds it hard to focus. It is mostly a wild swing he makes with a fist that if he is lucky will slam right into the torso of Leon as well

COMBATSYS: Leon blocks Abel's Strong Punch.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Abel             0/-------/-======|===----\-------\0             Leon

"Jesus... this wasn't an abandoned building, you know... just for sale..." Leon pants lightly, striding forward through the holes burst in the walls. He rubs at his head, still dizzy from the sudden vertical drop. Expecting the other man to be down, color the mercenary surprised when the brutal fist lashes out, barely caught by a cross-arm block that sends the man stumbling backwards. "Nnngh!!" Leon responds simply enough, by clenching his fist and then trying to return the blow, swinging his entire form into a sharp right cross, followed by a devastsating straight. "Hahah...! Well... I can tell from your knuckles, you're almost certainly not Shadaloo..."

COMBATSYS: Abel interrupts Fierce Punch from Leon with Breathless EX.

[                         \\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Abel             0/-------/------=|=======\-------\0             Leon

It is amazing he can even stand at this point. Abel has taken some heavy hits and even covered in debris from getting put through walls and floors he still is somehow moving and aware enouh of his surroundings as his vision is at least coming back. Leon is seen, but he is still a bit of a blob that is moving in quickly and he goes for the knock out punch. If Abel didn't just move slightly to where the punch hit his already badly hurt shoulder it might be over.

Instead he ducks and manages to heft Leon up onto his arms. Where just starts to spin....and spin....and spin. He is picking up enough momentum wind is actually kick up and blowing away things when he tosses Leon upwards where he hits the ceiling and comes back down to be caught into Abel who is falling backwards into a roll. They roll on the floor a few times before Abel kicks his feet out and lets go, monkey flipping Leon away and into another wall.

His body is sore, but his desire for the information motivates him. Abel somehow is still rising to his feet albeit very slowly right now.

Well, Leon didn't expect that.

His fierce swing is intercepted, and then Leon is suddenly flung once more, feeling durable floors break beneath his muscled form before impacting the ground. Amidst the rolling, he mostly remembers the pain, before slamming into the brick wall adjacent already weakened from the earlier punch. He shatters through, sending much of it cascading down to clatter in the alleyway, limp for a moment. Within his mind, he hears a chiding female voice. 'Leon... you promised...' With a growl he's back on his feet, doubled forward and limbs dangling. "Not..." he twists around and then lunges himself at Abel. "GOOD ENOUGH!!" He then hurtles forward, intent on suddenly tackling Abel and then hefting him upwards, to slam his back upon the ground...!!

COMBATSYS: Abel fails to interrupt Mount Tackle from Leon with EX Tornado Throw.

[                        \\\\\\  <
Leon             1/------=/=======|

COMBATSYS: Abel can no longer fight.

[                        \\\\\\  <
Leon             1/------=/=======|

The assault works better than expected. Abel tried to fight back, but Leon's sheer strength and willpower power through. The ground caves slightly before he suddenly scrambles atop Abel, straddling his chest. And then his fists begin to pound him in the face, a left-right series of brutal assaults that knock his head to and fro. Then both hands clutch his face, pulling him upwards and then SLAMMING him down, bashing his head repeatedly on the floor. The last one finally causes it to give way, and the pair crash through, landing in the female bathroom of the second floor. Leon crashes into one of the stalls, sound of porcelein breaking beneath him, before staggering out as he shoulders the door off the hinges, panting and bringing up his fists once more as he scans around for his opponent...!!

The punishment was catching up with him. Abel was finding it too hard to really get his limbs to move. One arm was already dangling from where he has absorbed so much punishment on his shoulder and his legs just feel like they are stuff as tree trunks. He does reach out with his one good arm when Leon hurtles inwards, but it is easily knocked away and the two go crashing to the ground

There is little resistance as those blows rain down hard. It is hard to tell if Abel is even concious about halfway through it all. Again they crash down through a floor and this time the bathroom underneath is ruined. The building was probably a hard sell to begin with. Now it is probably a lost cause with all the damage the two have made in their battle.

Leon may rise, but Abel does not. He is in a heap with face bloodied and body limp. The slight rise and fall of his chest the only thing to show he is even still alive at this point. Try as he may it will be back to square one once he awakens and hopefully it is in time before any authorities show up so he can hobble away and find a place to lick his wounds for a bit.

Pant, pant, pant. Well. That was something. However, Abel won't find himself awakening in an investigated building; instead, blackness fades to show some manner of safehouse, cold concrete in an apparent basement with light coming from a high window peeking into an adjacent alley. Leon's resting against the wall beside the water heater, heavily bandaged up. Abel himself has been given some quite decent first aide, enough that his injuries are not needing any emergency treatment.

"I did one Shadaloo raid in my lifetime." he then offers. "For data files. It turned out to be a list of experiments. One of the names on it was Abel... but it was dated a couple decades back. ...You aren't old enough to be him. Are you?" He looks curious at that. "You'd be older than me, if that was the case. Well, I didn't stare at it too much. Handed it over to some military man. Special Forces, I'm certain. Blonde guy in an orange vest, ridiculous bang on his hair. Never gave me his name, but... from what I understand, they want to take down Shadaloo. Couldn't pay me enough to risk that again, though, so I went on my way."

With that he pulls open the heavy door, spitting blood into the corner. "That's all you get from me." With that he slips out, allowing it to slowly close behind.

COMBATSYS: Leon has ended the fight here.

It isn't what Abel expected to wake up to. At the same time when you are knocked unconcious it is hard to guess what may happen. For all he know he could be in a hospital, still in the now damaged building laying in what remained of the women's restroom, or even in jail. Instead he starts to come to and notice he isn't alone. And before he could talk Leon speaks up. And Abel listens.

"I.....do not know. Age, family.....all of that is lost. Something I want to regain." Though hearing his name was on a document so old is a bit jarring. Was he the first? Could he really be so old? The new information only seems to raise more questions now.

The description of Charlie also is something that gives Abel's memories a bit of a kick. He....was one of the men that found him. He is pretty sure of it. He can't fully make out the face and full appearance because of how muddled his mind was when first discovered, but he is sure this was the man that saved him. "Thank you..." is all he manages to say before Leon leaves. With a sigh Abel closes his eyes and leans back on the wall. He knew his quest would never be easy, but it seems to get more complex the longer it goes on.

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