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Description: Having an incredibly hard time controlling his new found urges, Daniel is chased out of a village by it's inhabitants. Seeking refuge in an old church, the man discovers a kindred soul! A woman that seems to be in full control of her own dark powers.

Tear them apart, drag them in the shadows, into the blackness, into the depths where he can snap and torment, twist and pull and break and crush. The raw thrill and sheer pleasure of tormenting a living thing was fresh fruit for him, almost as delicious as the consumption of rich souls. The nature of a predator was to find prey in order to survive. And what Daniel needed to survive was to hurt. It would be so easy to hurt them.

But he chose the livestock instead.

The cries of agony from the horses was what called them. If it was just a few farmers, it would be nothing. Daniel could deal with farmers. But the mistake was to linger, to frighten them away so he could prey on move livestock. He was almost done with the pigs before the rest of the village came. Pitchforks and torches was... well out of fashion. Kalashnikovs, mineral spirits, and old potato masher grenades? Daniel Jack unfortunately was roused from his feast by explosions, shrapnel, and a holy shouts augmented by a hail of gunfire. The former detective was not curious about how far they would take it. But when he recovers drenched with solvent and gasoline while a Greek Orthodox priest says a prayer?

It was better to -not- dick around with the angry mob.

Retreating through mist and shadow was easy. What was -hard- was the priest. Not prayer or a rites, but the kind of iron-clad devotion to exorcise evil. As to -why- he was here, it wasn't clear. But Daniel, rushing through the forests, make a gamble. The gamble? A low-well worn church. The plan? Hide there. The theory? They think he's a demon of some kind, and that he can't touch hallowed ground. But Daniel was baptized, or wasn't a demon, or -something- that didn't cause his hand to melt off as he touched the handle, and passed into the old church. Icons were set up all across the church, a carryover of the Greek Orthadox church. Staying low and peering from the window, he could see the lamps and flashlights, the cries of the priest... pass by the church. He was safe. For now. Daniel Jack lets out a low growl.

He wasn't done hurting animals yet.

From the start, there was only silence. The scattering of rats and vermin are the only things that echoed through the church, giving it an eerie sense of isolation. Old wooden boards creaked, old rusty pipes leaked, and small bits of dust scattered in a butterfly like effect when Daniel had entered. It would seem that his attempt at hiding was successful...mostly.

After about a minute, there was a shriek outside the old building. Following the shriek was a cacophony of screams, men ordering each other around as something else had became the focus of their attention. This continued for a moment, before one of the farmers was sent flying through one of the still intact stained glass windows. The man just crashes through, and smashes into a wooden wall which leaves him unconscious. Even more thumping noises can be heard through the now focused gunfire, bodies hitting the still standing walls of the church.

What in the world was going on?!
Eliza, that's what.

The Vampiress had found herself walking through the vicinity, her narcolepsy sometimes causes her to wander throughout the night in a daze sometimes. This can sometimes lead to some rather interesting events! However, this is not one of those times. She seems to be dealing with a splinter group from the village. While they may have given chase to Daniel, the ended up with her.

While normally the Vampire hates to get involved in these dirty scenes, the group had forced her hand. Though she seems to handle them with relative ease. Every grenade tossed her way, is sent flying back. As the guns fire, the hit only air as she seems to merely -dance- around them. Her form is obscured as she almost seems to -blink- in and out of reality. One of the more ballsy men attempted to smash her head in with a 2x4! Which she aptly caught in her hands, and with a quick exertion of her dark powers, she completely crushes the board. Splinters of wood go flying everywhere as she just smiles calmly.

Maybe he would be getting out of this okay.

Maybe he could crawl back to the farm and find those little chickens. Chickens didn't scream, they twitched. And then he could go to all the farms, and find all the animals, and he could escape like this, and rinse, and repeat, yes, he could just hurt and hurt and hurt and hurt.

And then the screams come.

Daniel Jack growls as he slithers across the ground, collapsing into winding mist as he heads through the pews. His misty form returns to material too soon, as he stumbles face-first. They were attacking him, they had found him, they had-

They didn't find him.

It slowly dawns on the former detective that the man who had gone through the window... wasn't getting back up. Striding over him, he looks over him, taking in the pain the man was going through. It was invigorating to feel a man hurt, stronger than any pig or cow. Taking it in, he stands back up, coming to the exposed window. And there, he sees it. A man, taking a poor woman across with a 2x4.... who was just taking the hit like nothing.

Like something very familiar.

Daniel Jack could have done something. Anything. SOMETHING. But right now, he was fully entranced at the strange woman who had arrived. Staring are her, a sense of supernatural yielding comes over him. He actually stays at the window, ducking down slightly, staring with yellow eyes in awe at her. His desires were shifting, transform, a storm of dark urges and all too human ones. That smile. That speed. That...

"Oh shit." Daniel says, as he realizes what he was looking at.

As Daniel came to the realization of what this woman was, it didn't stop her onslaught of the now dwindling mob. Her head bobbed back and forth, her eyes lidding as she seemed to dance the fine line of being awake and that of slumber. In Eliza's eyes, events unfolded as if the world was moving in slow motion. Each closing and opening of her eyes, more of the farmers had been put down. Every broken bone, every battered limb, Eliza went out of her way to not outright kill these men.

It wasn't long before the only one left standing, was the priest. His eyes looked on in horror at this -hellspawn- before him. His head quickly turning and yelling at his men to "Get up!". While he may preach the firey versus of his churce like a weapon, he was nothing when the word could not be heard!

"My my, how weak men are...when they have nothing to order around..." Eliza spoke, running her hand by her lips. Her tongue lightly licking at her finger, as she stared hungrily at the priest. "Ooooh..." She moaned out in a groggy tone. "I do love those in charge. So authorative, so commanding, so full of....life." Each step she then took towards the man seemed predatory, almost like a predator to it's prey. Her hips swayed as she kepts her hands to her hips, and even the dirt could not slow down her stride *Have you seen those heels?!*. It wasn't long before she was face to face with the priest. The smile never left her red painted lips.

"Darkness awaits, my dear..." Is all that could be heard, before she grasped the man by the arms. With a violent jerk, she pulled him into an embrace. Beautiful white teeth were bared, and so were her fangs which then dug deep into the man's shoulder and neck.

Eliza was going to enjoy this feast!

There was a voice in Daniel's head that was controlling him every day.

The Ladykiller persona he considered it. The presence of the parasite attached to his soul, driving him and directing him, to feed, to fuel. And as it transfixed on Eliza, as she unleashes what can be best described as a hungry execution. The townsfolk were gone, they were no longer important. it was struggling to drown the awe. To bury it. Kill her. Attach her. Tear into her. Find out if she can hurt, if she can suffer, if she can rot, if she can bleed. Kill her into a hole in the ground-

"Well, hello there ma'am

What no.

Daniel Jack's feral presence fades as he adjusts his silk shirt, a legacy of the Mortal Kombat tournament. Gone was the animalistic grin, but a rather smooth smile, filled to the brim with jagged white teeth. "I didn't mean to intrude, scuzzy," Daniel begins as the urges scream into his mind. The purest pouring of hunger and hatred was overwhelming him. And yet, as Daniel picks through the broken men, those destroyed figures, the detective seemed more man than monster than before. Certainly, he had that tar-black visage, yellow eyes, and clawed fingers. And yet, as he strides towards the beautiful figure, he approaches her warily. "Don't let me interrupt your meal, I just wanted to thank you for-"

And he suddenly winces.

A coil of orange energy overtakes around him, mingled with the black mist, as he involuntarily lets out a snarl. Double over, his mind floods with a hungry madness, washing over him and consuming his senses. Daniel Jack finds himself on one of the men, beating him, tearing at him with claws, breaking his skin and.... and he stalls, slowing down. He lets out a groan, and slowly rises back up, the black mist uncoiling around him. He turns back towards Eliza, his senses returning back to normal... at sheer force of well. He manages to choke out an apology.

"Erm, sorry about that, I'm sort of new at this."

The woman continued to slake her thirst on the priest, almost ignoring Daniel's presence at first. Her eyes did follow the man as he made his appearance, but it did not strike her as something to be worried about. As the seconds past, Eliza released the man from her grip and casually let him fall to the floor. Her lips lightly covered in a much darker crimson as a small drop of blood fell. Her hand slowly rose up, and she allowed the blood to dribble onto the back of it. She took a moment to let it just coat her hand, before kissing it back up.

Though oddly, her body proportions had changed. She seemed to be carrying a lot more weight in her...chest now.

That's when she turned to look at Daniel, eyeing his quick shift into his vampiric predator state.

"Calm yourself..." She spoke softly.

That's when it happened, the full force of her presence she kept held back. The otherworldly presence brought forth tremendous pressure with it. Almost as if it was a gigantic boulder being placed upon the man, so potent is was almost material in essence. Normally Eliza would only exude a small portion of her Vampiric nature, However, she needed to keep Daniel from attempting to attack her.

"It's alright, I understand..." She followed in a very satisfied retort. "The powers of the night are always a challenge...in the beginning. Though with time, one can manage to control those dark urges." She waived her hand back, motioning at the mob she had put down. "As you see, they're all still alive..."

She did look at the one Daniel was working over just moments before. "Well, most of them. We can't go killing our food and entertainment, now can we?"

Calm yourself.

Daniel Jack bows his head as the full weight of the presence unloads upon him, smothering the shadows, the darkness, the hunger, the bleakness, the... madness. The confusion. The feral edge. The clarity surges over him, the senses of the blood and sweat and pain fill him without blinding him. Daniel Jack falls do his knees, palms to the dirt, as he draws in a heavy breath. So... clear. Such clearness. He wasn't quite a vampire, similar but different as the case could be. But as the presence surrounds him, he just felt... normal. Was this how thralls work? He lifts his head up, his gaze on her as he rises up into a stand.

His eyes are on her chest.

Carefully, discreetly, he drifts his gaze back up. "I... you're a vampire." Daniel says calmly. He needed that presence, he clung to it, he needed it to focus. Looking at the people, he actually recoils a bit. "Uh ha ha, I- yeah killing is- I would rather not kill, yes. I mean it feels good, but people are people. I- I haven't thought this way in so =long= I- this is incredible. You're incredible, ma'am, and a national treasure to come to my safety." And then, Daniel Jack narrows his eyes a bit at the vampire.

"Are you with Lord Dohma?"

"You...." Eliza yawns, raising her tiny hand up to her mouth. She may be a very powerful Vampire, but that doesn't mean she can get away with being rude! "You mistake my presence here." She states firmly. "I just happened upon this area by chance. I was not seeking to protect anyone, but myself..."

"However, it would seem that the darkness that binds that two of us...is what made this meeting possible." That ever so sweet smile, disappeared for a moment. "Yes, I am a Vampire. One that doesn't like to be pestered by the plebeian..." She motions to the villagers. "They must learn their place on the food chain. Or be used as nothing more than animals and pets." That's when she raises her hand up towards her lips, tapping her index finger to her cheek. "So the question remains. What are you....exactly?" Eliza seems genuinely curious about this.

She doesn't really seem to mind as Daniel sneaks a peek at her chest. Most men and some women do it, and it's just become a regular occurrence.

Eliza also needs to remain careful when another of the dark is around. By nature, predators need to either work with each other, or brutally destroy them.

"Dohma? I've only heard of them. There was a woman who was associated with him, Lotus...I believe her name was. She paid a terrible price when she decided to cross me..."

The darkness that binds.

Daniel Jack didn't know what it was about these vampires that made them so easy to follow. AS she yawns, he looks over her, from top to bottom, getting feelings that he hadn't gotten since Fio Tessitore found him. "Well, you saved my life in any case, which I'm very grateful for. As for the people, well I don't -blame- them, I'm just... very very annoyed." And hungry. He licks his lips as he gazes at them, trying to control himself. "They aren't all that bad. I mean, we're not too far apart from them, right? Just a different dining plan. As for what I am... maybe I better explain -who- I am."

"I am the Ladykiller."

Daniel Jack keeps flashing that smile. "But I was Daniel Jack only a few months ago. I got attacked by someone by the name of the Butcher, corrupted me or -something-. And I ended up getting rescued by a gorgeous and brilliant scientist by the name of Dr. Fio Tessitore. Same Tessitore who, erm, made Lotus. I -also- had an encounter with Lotus, who, uh, killed me. Ish. And Fio had to save my life by turning me into... this."

He makes a kind of box gesture around his body.

"I'm doing okay, ish. It's a hell of a rush being a creature of the night. Fio's dead, and I'm looking to find her soul to bring her back... and I guess I'm doing it for Lord Dohma, cause he can bring her back. As for what I am, I'm whatever the Butcher was, and I need... need to hurt the living, and eat souls. I know he ate souls, and I eat souls, and well, a man's gotta eat. It sure would be nice to control myself, which... is a lot easier around you." Daniel Jack winks at Eliza. "Now I know what you are, but I think there's something more important to know."

"What's your name, sweetheart?"

The Vampire just looks over Daniel for a moment, her eyes just through him. It's almost as if her gaze is peering into his very soul, as she makes that eyes contact. "I...." Eliza breathes out lightly, "I can see that hunger in you. A dark pit of insatiable hunger." She slowly look over the rest of Ladykiller, chewing her thumbnail a bit in the process. "Not too bad looking yourself..." She flirts a bit with Daniel.

With a small cock of her hips, she begins to stride over towards the Ladykiller. Each step causes her hips to sway in a sultry manner, each step exuding power and allure. Why did she choose to walk like this? Especially to a person that could easily attack her? That would be because - she has no fear of Daniel! She is a creature of ancient times, with power that she has cultivated over the vast millennia. She is as ancient as any other dark entity and it's definitely apparent in her actions.

Slowly walking around Ladykiller, Eliza smiles in with her half lidded eyes. "You must learn control, sweet Daniel..." She whispers to him, her small hands running along his shoulders. She makes sure only to use the most gentle of touches, lest she awaken his beastly nature. That is, if he even allows her to do so in the first place! "We're kindred spirits in darkness now. We must not be...adversaries. Well, not if we dont have to be." Then if Daniel hasn't moved, he may feel a tiny 'flump' on his shoulder. Eliza Fell asleep!

The ever consuming hunger.

Daniel hated it. He loved the sensation of the feast. But when the hunger came... he wanted to do anything to end it. Hurting people staved it off. And feeding on souls... Daniel didn't want to feed on the souls. He knew what would happened when he made that fall.

Daniel didn't want to be a monster.

In the darkest depths of his madness, of his mind, he was still Daniel. In the swirling midst of hunger, of primal, dominating cravings, that spark of humanity rang in him. That Darkstalkers were just people, and with understanding, with tolerance, with help, they could be normal members of society. A murderer? A murderer would be an outlaw forever. A cowkiller, a terror of livestock, a violent thug and bully that attacked and tormented living creatures? That was an outcast, that had to be an outcast, but there was the dimmest hope of redemption. In the shadows, that's what the last vestiges of Daniel's inner resolve clung to, against the overwhelming desires of his new, consuming form.

Well, that and flirting back.

Daniel doesn't lose his composure an inch as Eliza approaches him. She did seem utterly fearless of Daniel. And Daniel... Daniel didn't feel her as a threat. A good combination for the ex-detective's mental health. The vampire's presence was soothing for the Ladykiller, the feral urges were buried under the dark presence. As she walks slowly around the detective, he kept that grin, tracking with his eyes as she saunters, the delicate hand just touching him. Back in his mortal days, he might have been just as predatory with a woman like this. "If you keep treating me like that, lady, I might end up as docile as a kitt-" And then she was asleep.

Almost instinctively, Daniel adjusts, letting her move from her shoulder into his arms. Sweeping a vampire off her feet might be tantamount to a specific flavor of suicide. But new instincts bury the old (or maybe the old instincts buried the new in this case) as Daniel moves to shift her from a shoulder sleep into a reclined hold in both arms, slightly at an angle. It was... this was a normal thing wasn't it. Daniel's yellow eyes dart around at the fallen, trying to figure out some kind of answer to this. "Miss?" Daniel says with a slight baritone of a growl.

"You've fallen asleep again, miss"

In that very instance that he addressed her, her hands quickly moved to grasp at his neck. Pulling up, the Vampire parted her lips and beared her fangs. If the man wasn't quick enough, he would most likely feel her deadly bite! However, before any feasting could happen, Eliza stopped just above his skin.

"My dear, you need to be a bit more careful..." She attempted to trace her finger along his chest. "Just because something appears benign, doesn't mean they're not a risk..." Indeed, Eliza has dealt with her narcolepsy for so long, that she has turned it into a weapon. "That's what makes us so powerful. We're a amalgamation of unknowns. We're power in unusual packages..." What was this woman on about? "You haven't had the time to fully explore what you are, and what you can achieve. How could you possibly control something that you don't fully grasp yourself?"

With a quick twist, Eliza twirls back onto her feet. She does slip up a bit, as she nearly fell asleep again. "

"My kindred brother. You are a docile kitten..." She finishes for the man. "You can't possibly be the mighty lion in this....mad dog stage?" She tapped her lips lightly, finger curling as she looked over the Ladykiller. "Have you ever thought of unleashing your darker side? Seeing what is capable of?" She queries. "Maybe resisting your urges, only makes them stronger?" Eliza was no mind reader, but she has danced the beats of life for longer than almost any being on the planet.

It was not a comfortable exchange.

As the woman goes for the neck, Daniel's response is almost... provincial. Instinctive reflexes surge over him, not as a beast, but a warrior. One hand goes to the back of the shoulder, another goes 3/4ths up the humerus, to prepare leverage for a straight shoulder wrench, going for the dislocation in a single, strong motion. A precise response... if ill-suited for dealing with a vampire woman. As the fangs come just close, pinpricks of yellow eyes narrow at her. IT was a feral reaction, a fighter's reaction. But ultimately a fruitless one.

Daniel didn't even know if he HAD blood anymore.

She was teasing him. He liked it. It was the strange liberating experience, that was suddenly rushing over him like a teenager in heat. These creatures of the night, he felt like he didn't fear them. She could tear into his neck, could even rip off his head from its neck, and he would just want her more. As she slips from his hands, he just reaches for her, taking only a step as she leaves the illusion of his control. The obsession was rushing over him, and Fio suddenly was a distant memory. That was the flight of madness, the obsessions and shifting of his focus. He wanted this, he wanted that, he wanted those unstoppable desires, those hungry itches to be scratched whenever he wanted. It wasn't just the hunger, it was the gluttony, the unbridled hedonism that he had to keep fighting. She was pulling him towards his own inner darkness.

Frankly, Daniel might have been considering exploring the depths of this woman's darkness with unusual packages.

And yet, she touches on the root of it. Daniel was useless in this mad dog state. Absolutely useless. "I just..." He begins, trying to articulate the buried thoughts within. "I just need one more meal, one more good feed, and I can stop, I can stop long enough to control myself. I can't stop resisting. I can't stop fighting it, ma'am. Because I don't know where I'll end up on the other side. I just..."

And Daniel -stops- the madness for just one damn second.

Just stop it. Stop it all. The cacophony of winding gears inside his head, rattling and jostling as rogue desires lash out and consume. Stop it all. Stop it all. And it all stops. The storm in his mind hits the eye of it, the hurricane growing still. It was only a moment. Ask it now Daniel. "Look, ma'am, maybe I'm getting at this all wrong, cause I don't know a damn thing about all this..." The darkness begins to choke around him. "Maybe... Maybe..." Focus Daniel. Daniel lets his gaze drift, down to the boundaries of her plunging neckline. And that gives him the determination he needs.

"Well, what did you do, ma'am?"

"What did you do when you change?"

The Vampire just presses her hand to her chest, and stifles a small giggle as Daniel questions her -transformation-. "Oh dear, such a personal question..." She begins to round the man again, her heels cracking the twigs beneath her. She seemed to enjoy circling Ladykiller, wanting to keep him a bit on edge. Never wanting him to truly be comfortable with the situation, while straddling the line of being alluring all at the same time.

"Let me be honest with you, Daniel..." Eliza ran her hand through her dark black hair, lightly grazing her horn. "What if I never did go through a transition? What if, this is what I was always meant to be? Would it really answer your question? Would the concept of my nature be more within your grasp?" She just badgered the man with more and more questions. "Wouldn't it make sense then, that it's simply instincts guiding me?"

After making a full circle about Daniel, Eliza leaned in close. Her face coming ever so close to his own. "Don't you think you're fighting what you have become? Your going against what is -now- your very nature. You need to stop thinking like a human, Daniel."

Reaching down, Eliza grabbed one of the still unconscious villagers. "Look at this one..." She said, lightly tussling his hair. She's able to lift him with little effort, which might seem a bit off for the smaller woman. With a quick motion, she levels the man at Daniel. "Weak! Nothing but food for our hunger! You're NOT /this/ anymore, you're -the- Ladykiller now. Why pretend to be something you're not?? To spurn your new gifts is to deny what you truly are..."

Daniel was too fragile to be anything but disarmed.

Craving for attention, for the company of a woman, for blood, for violence, for pain, for suffering, for anything. Teased and controlled by such an incredible personality. As she says she never may have gone through the transition, the clarity fades. Instincts. As she gets closer, he takes in the full senses of her. Her shape, her feel, her scent. It was overwhelming with the presence. And her words were burrowing deeper, and deeper, and deeper.

Why don't you?

Why don't you Daniel?

You know you want it. You know that's all you are now. The Ladykiller. Me. The only reason there is a 'we' in the conversation is because you're clinging on like a parasite. You refuse to go with the natural order, and give in. Listen to her. You want to listen to her, you love it. She'll give you everything you want if you just embrace the darkness, take in the shadows and let it run through you. You can be her little pet.

You'd like that, wouldn't you?

A little lapdog, bringing her toys and prey to pluck and pull and devour. She would pat you on the head, and tease you and twist you. And you would be happy. You would be happy because that's what you live for. You exist to be these people toys now. Lord Dohma, this vampire lady, you can be all kinds of toys.

Why don't you just give in into what you want most. Why don't you stop pretending you have any chance? Why don't you just be what you are? You already are that. You're all that's left now, a little voice that occasionally gets permission to rise up for fresh air, before getting buried. You have no power. you have no control. All you have is little restraint, and confusion. If you were gone forever, then you would be happy again. A happy little predator, murdering and killing and feeding. And then so much more.

"Because..." Daniel Jack begins, looking at the victim that was held up in the woman's hand. The power, the sheer power that he could experience, could sense. These humans, they were so distant now, only memories. But memories, but memories. "Because... Because as much as I want to be a slave, a servant, a docile kitten, a lapdog, a pet, a killer, an attack dog, to be what I truly am... it's just... what I want. I already knew that what I am, what I wanted, was twisted. I was the ladykiller before I was this. Different kind of killing though, different kind of ladies." He can't help but give a wink. "People already hated me. People already dragged me through the mud. I can over power the instincts, I have to believe in that I have to be... I have to be something different." He gives out a weak laugh. "And once you're gone? I'll be back to being a beast. You've given me my first true clarity since... since the transformation."

A pained sigh comes out.

"I've lost control of myself. I've lost control of my life. I didn't want this, ma'am. I didn't want what I become. I didn't want these desires. And if I give in, well, I've never just given in. I always fought. I never stop fighting. I have to cling on to something, on humanity. Because deep down, in my heart, I'm still human. I'm not.. I'm not so different." He looks at the people. His own lynch mob, the same people who would kill him. He could torture them and it would feel incredible. He knew this. "Because what am I?"

"I'm just me, sweetheart."

The woman drops the man to the ground, "In measured doses, you can experience both of the worlds you come from. On one end, you're still a human who cares for others. Daniel, a man who would like to keep his monsterous cravings in check. You're also the Ladykiller, a beast of the night that thrives on pain and violence." A small snicker escapes Eliza's lips. "You've heard of yin and yang correct?" She asks curiously. "You're quite literally the definition of it. Well, just not so much reaching zen as balancing a raving psycho with a flirtatious man..." She winks at Daniel playfully.

Turning to the side, the Vampire gives a slight sigh. "Well, I must be off. I don't want to fall asleep in the sun again..." Which gives away whether she can survive the glowing ball of plasma in the sky. "I ended up in a coffin for 600 years the last time that happened."

Bringing her hand up, Eliza waggles her fingers in a -goodbye- gesture. She turns on her heel and begins to walk towards the village. It would seem she wishes to pay them a visit. "If you do wish to speak again, come meet me at the village. Come nightfall, ill be on the move again..."

A cold comfort, for a man trapped in chaos.

But there was a clarity in the chaos, a sense of humanity. Even between monsters, there was something that was past a ravenous beast. Daniel can't help but chuckle as the counter-flirt comes. But that was it. She was leaving, instead of... ending up in a box. Daniel's yellow eyes widen. And as she turns to walk away... Daniel wanted to say something.

Don't... leave me

That's what Daniel wanted to say. Because he couldn't. Because as she went further and further away... he couldn't muster it. Daniel was afraid. ANd as long as he kept close to her, close to her presence, maybe he could focus, and control. But that wasn't how he would find control. And why doesn't he follow.

Because a man had to eat.

The ladykiller's eyes were transfixed away from the back of the woman to a more straight forward desire. A simpler one. Daniel Jack had enough time on the surface. It was time for food. Real food. On the man that Eliza held, Daniel was descending down. "Don't worry, sweetheart, I'll follow you soon. I need to... get something off my chest. I'll catch you later."

"Maybe I'll get something on it."

There is a scream as he descends on the poor man.

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