Sakura - Gedo Street Rumble

Description: Taking a shortcut home, a group of Taiyo kids, including the indomitable Sakura Kasugano, cut through Gedo territory--and run straight into the Man-Mountain of Meat, Gan! He wants food. Sakura has a knuckle sandwich ready for him.

Not exactly a picturesque day, is it?
Rough winds blow through the trees, breaking against the students that had to use a short-cut to get back home.
A short-cut through Gedo territory.
Normally, this isn't a problem. Bad weather can bring the worst out of people. Dark clouds begin to crop up in the sky, slowly advancing upon the students. Students that would be able to get through. /Taiyo/ students specifically. What prevents them? A gaggle of Gedo students, of course. The Taiyo students seem to be more than enough, though - the Gedo students beginning to back down. They may be punks, but sometimes punks actually know when to turn tail and run.

Except when you have a giant.

Lumbering up around the corner, the Taiyo students have quite the road-block in their way now. Specifically... Gan. "Eh? What's with them?" He questions, head tilting away from the two smaller Taiyo students and to the Gedo student that dragged him out there. "They're just barging onto our street! Trying to make it Taiyo turf! Like they own the place!"

With a simple nods, Gan's head once more twists down to the two Taiyo students - not dressed to be out in the blistery, and perhaps soon wet, weather. "Gya ha ha! How about this! You give me some food and I'll let you by, or you entertain me a little!" With that, a massive leg sweeps out, slamming against the pavement - wood cracking under his foot from the sandal. It doesn't break, but the stress is evident.

"So, how about it?"

Otherwise, they would have to take the long way around - and that would make for unhappy, wet, and cold Taiyo students! Miserable, even! How can Gedo be so very cruel over something so simple!? ... Well, Gan's hungry - and he didn't just get pulled over to stare at some Taiyo students!

Normally, Sakura doesn't go home this way--but her study group was out and wasn't expecting the rain. So she's with the group--admittedly at the back of it--when Gan interrupts their walk home. Now...

Sakura isn't in the best of moods. Her friends know this and have been respecting that; whatever happened on that 'island vacation' left a mark on her. Still it's not entirely out of character for her to shove her way to the front of the small group and put her hands on her hips, staring up at the (huge!) Gan. Again, as per would be usual, she doesn't look particularly impressed at Gan's size; the defiance in her face is also not out of place. But there's something different about her.

She looks a little grimmer, a little... more serious than she normally would. "How 'bout this, big guy, you get out of our way and we'll be moving on. If not..."

She pulls her fighting gloves out, fixing them on her hands, one by one. "If not... then you and I, we'll have words, y'got me?"

The sea of Taiyo begins to parse, the two up front pushed to the sides, respectively.
Where as many of the Taiyo could not contend with Gan, someone /does/ seem to have the guts.
A somewhat small girl, however well known, standing before him.

She speaks, the Gedo giant raising a hand to his chin, rubbing it, as her defiant face makes it obvious what she's going to suggest. The gloves being pulled out and fixed on them even more so. her suggestion, as it is, is pretty reasonable. If they, specifically Gan, does not get out of the way - there will be issues. Plenty of them. Because they'll have a chat.

"No way am I going to waste time talking. I got nothing to say!"

It's clear that Sakura may not have gotten through to him /entirely/. The message is still somewhat clear, though. "If you think you can move me, you'll have to use more than just words!" The Gedo students cheer Gan on, especially since he is representing /GEDO PRIDE/ which is an important commodity in this time and place!

Hands slam together, palms first, an echoing clap expanding out from him. He steps forwards, a single step causing him to grow closer and tower over Sakura that much more. It's definitely not out of the way, though!

COMBATSYS: Sakura has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Sakura           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Gan has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Sakura           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0              Gan

Sakura reacts to all that with a smirk. It's... not a particularly nice smirk. In fact her expression is just a few shades short of outright disrespectful. The Taiyo kids are looking almost as worried for Sakura as they are -about- her, as the group fades away from the imminent fight. They've seen enough of them to know what's in the offing. They can only hope that Sakura is good enough to back this up.

"Fine," is all Sakura says, already sizing up the big guy with sharpened eyes.

"You wanted a snack... well..." Her hands come to position at her stomach, held apart as a mass of blue-edged white energy swells between them, forcing them apart as it expands to the size of a beach ball, then to the size of her torso, a seething mass that she launches nearly point-blank into Gan's position.

Her voice is defiant, almost angry, crackling with a little residual energy as she shouts, tauntingly, "... EAT THIS!"

COMBATSYS: Gan barely endures Sakura's Medium Hadouken.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Sakura           0/-------/-------|==-----\-------\0              Gan

A smirk is a good sign! Maybe Sakura is actually going to go with the flow!
Oh, wait, she's not going to feed him.
No, back up, she sure is!

It's just not the food that Gan prefers. It's in the shape and size of something delicious, but it isn't /actually/ delicious. He finds this out shortly after she suggests that he have a snack and then the bright light appears, created from sheer fighting will. "Hmm?" Is his only remark as that mass of blue energy swells, growing in size as it's then pulled away, only to be forcibly shoved into Gan's stomach. His sizable stomach.

As Sakura moves forwards, thrusting it - so too does Gan. The Gedo student pushes his body weight into the mass of energy, his body buffeted by the force and power that make up such a strike, attempting to deter his motions. Somehow... it doesn't. The massive ball of energy, though clearly effective in wounding the giant - his face clearly showing pain, jaw clenched as he pushes through the energy - it does nothing to slow him down.

"Not gonna be enough to satisfy me... hope you've got a lot more!"

With that, both massive arms rise up at once, surrounding Sakura where she stands as he intends to crash them into each other, including Sakura in the strike between them while she is still focused on her assault!

COMBATSYS: Sakura dodges Gan's Kashiwade Yaburi.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Sakura           0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0              Gan

Sakura isn't fazed when Gan takes the blast and doesn't even flinch. She's experienced it too many times--it might be -the- ultimate weapon for an Ansatsuken fighter, or one of them, and it's certainly one of her best weapons, but she isn't at the level where it's just purely devestating. Gan's size is... daunting to say the least, but Sakura's used to being the smaller one in most of her fights, Hinata not withstanding.

Fortunately that usually makes her the more agile one--and so she's ready when Gan claps his hands together, crouching then leaping out of the way--straight up--just a second or two before those hands clap together. The shockwave of those massive hams slapping together would ruffle her skirt if her movement weren't already--and as she rises, she kicks outwards, extending both feet out in an attempt to foot-punch Gan in the face.

The kick also gives her enough impetus to arch her back so she can flip and land, back maybe 3 feet from where she was, assuming nothing goes wrong.

COMBATSYS: Gan Toughs Out Sakura's Medium Kick!

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Sakura           0/-------/------=|===----\-------\0              Gan

It's not like it was chump change to Gan!
The sizzling from the Hadoken still burns in his mind - nevermind the effects on his body!
It's just not the first kind of sizzling sensation he has dealt with!

Just like how Gan isn't the first giant that is encroaching upon Sakura's safety. Playing carefully, Sakura manages to leap out of the way - straight up! Gan's reaction is an odd one. SLAP! "Gya hah a-huh?" He notes, hands seperating as he looks at the empty hands, flexing them once. Where'd she go?

The answer is obvious as Gan's gaze rises upwards, getting a view of Sakura's shoes, first and foremost. Here is where another fighter may take a moment to think - what is the best option? Gan already knows. The foot slams into Gan's face - hard - but Gan's hands are already snapping upwards. While Sakura tries to kick back, Gan's movement is to /run into the foot/.

It works for both of them. Sakura flips backwards, attempting to land.

The problem is that Gan is already -there-. Massive, meaty hands reaching up for Sakura to 'catch' her and then pull her down, whip her against the ground once, then throw her straight down infront of him.

"Don't think I won't chase you!" Gan - clearly a master of words.

COMBATSYS: Gan successfully hits Sakura with Medium Throw.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Sakura           0/-------/----===|====---\-------\0              Gan

Caught in midair, there isn't much Sakura can do. She twists violently, but Gan isn't holding on--he's just tossing her into the ground. It's over before she can mount a proper defense. Fortunately she's resilient; she bounces off the ground and scrambles to get back to her feet. Scuffed and smudged, she doesn't look dismayed by the exchange. Slamming her fists together once, she wades right back into the fray.

She has to think about how to take this guy down--it's pretty clear that she's not going to out-physical him. Wearing him down with superior agility is probably the best, most conventional choice, but can she keep it up long enough to do it? She'll have to try...

And try to lead him out of the path of the Taiyo group. So she backs out into the street, sidestepping twice before jolting in quickly, throwing a pair of left jabs, then another pair, a probing set of strikes into Gan's belly. Sure, he's a meat-mountain, but even meat-mountains can be brought down.

COMBATSYS: Gan fails to interrupt Medium Punch from Sakura with Teppou Zuki.
- Power fail! -

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Sakura           0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0              Gan

Sakura's bounce! Gan barely notices, but Sakura certainly can tell the difference.
As Gan stands over her - he readies himself!

Sakura joins him on two legs - after a brief moment of four on the floor - before she's resilient and ready to keep going!

That's just about when she puts a cunning plan into motion. The winds begin to pick up, a slight chilling drizzle beginning to join the fight as Gan, large as he is, barely seems to notice the drizzle. It could be like the dinosaurs, though, where it hasn't yet reached his brain for him to shiver.

With Sakura suddenly sidestepping twice, Gan's motion is to strike - at each of the times she side steps! "HUAH!" A heavy, meaty palm slams into the space where Sakura once was. "Huh? Uh.. HUAH!" A second heavy meaty palm, Gan's leg crossing over the other. "Eh?" He asks himself, once more, before he goes once more to strike at her - a palm strike ai-aaaand there he goes, tumbling himself over as Sakura mercilessly strikes into his stomach, a few more free-bees allowed as Gan crashes to the earth.

"Hrk..!" Yes, Sakura managed to get Gan to tumble over his own feet. Still, it seems even if the strike was powerful and on point - Gan isn't remotely done fighting yet! There's still a lot of fight left in him! He just .. needs to get back onto his feet, first.

This is a street fight--a literal street fight. There are no 'rules'. Sakura would be perfectly within her rights to attack the downed Gan, give him a swift kick or try and reintroduce his head to the pavement. But...

She doesn't; even if Sakura is acting a little off, she isn't off enough to do that. So she backs up a few steps, setting herself between Gan and her friends, and settling herself as well.

That blue-white energy scythes up around her feet in slashing arcs, not touching her but illuminating her form from feet to hips, power building along her veins and being drawn into her body.

"C'mon then," she says, "We're not done yet... c'mon! I don't know about you but *I'M* still hungry!"

COMBATSYS: Sakura taps into her inner strength!

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Sakura           1/-------/=======|====---\-------\0              Gan

That's lights! Gan is seeing lights. That's no good!
As the sense is knocked into him, he staggers to his feet - waiting.
Yet nothing comes! Sakura doesn't try to push her lead.

Which gives Gan some time to catch up - or take a breather. AS IF. He is a Gedo student! With Sakura's energy coalescing about her form, Gan raises his hands and cracks his massive knuckles, slamming one wooden foot flat on the ground. "Yeah? Good! 'Cause I WANT SECONDS! Gyahaha!"

The second clatter of wood against concrete comes as Gan charges Sakura, making his intentions quite known as he reaches for her glowing form. The sizable sumo's attempt is simple - grasp Sakura as she stands before him and then lift her skywards.

In a replay of a former time, she'd be thrown this way and that, whipped rapidly in the air, before finally being tossed away after a bit of whiplash is shared with the bouncy broad!

Bouncy as in bumbles, not breasts!

COMBATSYS: Sakura blocks Gan's Ooran.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Sakura           1/-----==/=======|=====--\-------\0              Gan

This time, Sakura lets him come to her. She's whipped back and forth, which definitely causes some whiplash and strain in her joints. When she's flung away, though, she's ready for it, flipping herself in midair and landing on her feet, skidding backwards as she drops a hand to the ground to help absorb the momentum.

"Alright, big guy," says Sakura, her eyes narrowing, "let's see how you like -this-!" Leaping into the air, she arches her body like a bow, her feet and hands practically touching each other as she doubles her hands into a hammerfist.

She descends quickly, and as she nears Gan, she uncoils like a spring, hammering her hands down for the top of Gan's head as her legs kick outwards to either side of her in a stabilizing motion. There's more than enough kinetic energy to let Sakura bounce away from her target--if she hits.

COMBATSYS: Gan blocks Sakura's Sakura Otoshi.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Sakura           1/-----==/=======|=====--\-------\0              Gan

As Sakura is whipped back and forth, she manages, still, to take it in stride.
Instead of landing in a pained sprawl, she manages to land and skid backwards on her feet.
The key difference from on her butt, or worse, her FACE!

"Gyahaa! You got some spunk!" Gan proclaims as she does so, before Sakura's eyes narrow, asking Gan a question. How does he like it? Well, with Sakura arching her body like a bow, Gan has to say, it's odd to see a moon come out so early, the blistering winds and rain forgotten - up until the hands come down on him as if they were actual hammers, and he's the nail.

The heavy strike causes Gan to buckle. Though he does not break, there is sizable impact upon him. Arms, heavy and large as they are, are left slightly numb - not just from the cold rain that slowly begins to increase in droplets. "I think I do!" He answers her, honestly enough.

Gan charges right back after her, once again trying to intercept her landing pattern. Specifically, this time, with a large meaty fist to the midsection, a simple and straightforwards assault barely noted as he pulls his left arm back. No wonder it lacks a sleeve! No fabric can survive that!

COMBATSYS: Sakura parries Gan's Quick Punch!

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Sakura           1/----===/=======|=====--\-------\0              Gan

The truth is, Sakura is at least 40 percent pure cussedness. The ratio fluctuates; there are times she's almost 99 percent stubborness. Sakura's practiced this move a lot, though, so she's ready when she lands--it wasn't hard to hear Gan coming up behind her. A quick but probably devastating blow is the right idea, tactically, for the situation, truth be told. But Sakura's ready for it--and she punches back.

Her punch is more of an open palm strike, to the inside of Gan's striking hand, pushing it off-center, and the opening that defense gives is not given up without an attempt to put Gan on his face. He's such a large target that Sakura swings into her special uppercut--one she's been trying to perfect, but been walled on.

She twists into a quick right uppercut, then, using the forward momentum, another--and another, leaping on the last one to put extra power into the strike! Seems like the little Ansatsuken girl means business right now.

COMBATSYS: Gan fails to interrupt EX Shou'ou Ken EX from Sakura with Setsuhou Otoshi.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Sakura           1/---====/=======|===----\-------\0              Gan

With Sakura in a cosntant state of flux, Gan cannot hope to - wait, he can't?
Yes he can! He's Gedo strong!
Still, Sakura is ready! More ready than Gan is strong!

It is possible, true believers! Unbelievable is more apt to declare Sakura's sudden open palm strike against Gan's bare arm, pushing it away and causing Gan to strike out - and Sakura attempts to put Gan on his face. But Gan isn't having any of it! "That isn't the ONLY strike! Gyahahah!" Oh, did he ... plan something!?

Immediately as Sakura swings out her arm, swinging into her special uppercut, Gan launches into a strike forwards - a heavy swinging palm strike, chi burning bright against his hand and - that's right when Sakura's uppercut strikes. The first one causes the blow to slow. The second stops it...

And the third sends Gan reeling, breaking through his assault before it was even started!

Left on his back, Gan is, for the moment, once more at Sakura's mercy! "Gh... not ... done." Oh, but he's reeling!

"You're not?" Sakura is definitely acting a little different to herself. She smiles, but it isn't really a nice smile.

"I think you are."

She knows she'll have to make a statement--to keep the rest of these Gedo kids from having any thoughts of revenge.

To that end, that blue-white energy flows into her hands again. It builds and builds, pressure cresting...

"I think you are." All that compressed power explodes into a dense ball of chi, more white than blue, so solid as to nearly be fully opaque as she unleashes it at Gan. The blast isn't -huge- large but it's large enough...

...and as she unleashes it, she shouts, "You're _DONE_!!!" The Taiyo kids are looking nervous, though it's impossible to say whether it's because of the fight, or Sakura's actions, or what. Mostly, probably, they just want to get the hell out of here... that storm?

It's starting to whip up really strong now.

COMBATSYS: Gan blocks Sakura's Shinkuu Hadouken.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Sakura           0/-------/-----==|=====--\-------\0              Gan

A bit defiant - not remotely. Sakura is pure defiance!
But you can't speak for Gan!
Unless you're Daigo - or Edge. Maybe AKira.

Sakura, not being any of those, certainly doesn't fit the bill! So Sakura speaks. She speaks in the flow of energy that suddenly fills her hands, the massive burst that spikes and only expands ever larger before her will and strength focus it before Gan. As he stands, the grim determination that is in Sakura's face is quite apparent. The blast is quite sizable. Enough that for a moment, Gan isn't visible. The bright light swallows up, enveloping the Gedo student. Her words meeting him with apparent abandon.

Clearly, the debate is over.

Except it isn't. Not /yet/ anyways. "Only I say when I'm done." Another simple statement. Gan suddenly shoots skywards, where as Sakura was moonlike herself, a crescent, Gan is most definitely not. More like a meteor than anything else, the Gedo High student streaks down towards Sakura, intending to pin the Taiyo student to the ground.

COMBATSYS: Gan successfully hits Sakura with Kashiwade Yaburi.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Sakura           0/-------/--<<<<<|======-\-------\0              Gan

Sakura's proclamation falls flat.

As does Gen. On Sakura. She was -so- sure she'd beaten him that she turned away. The shadow falls--but she doesn't react fast enough.

The impact is earth-shaking and the Taiyo kids momentarily wonder if Sakura's been killed--vaporized outright--some of the more fanciful kids might imagine that they can see particles of Sakura escaping.

Gan, however, will know that Sakura is -not- dead. With a great effort she gets out from under Gan, though when she does, she's clearly bruised and she's bleeding from the nose.

"You're not done yet," she says, wiping her nose with a thumb, acknowledging that she was wrong. Then she lunges.

Her goal is to use her agility to get -around- Gan, jump up behind him, and wrap her surprisingly strong arms around his neck and choke him out.

COMBATSYS: Gan interrupts Sakura Strangle from Sakura with Buchikamashi.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Sakura           1/-----==/=======|=======\-------\0              Gan

Slamming down onto Sakura, Gan's impact is stronger than it has any right to be.
He is, however, quite sizable - and heavy. He just /loves/ to eat.
Sakura knows this now, quite well.

Forced off from Sakura's show of might, Gan's weary body has more trouble staying in one place than he wants to admit. Staggering, staying up through force of will and brutish pride, Gan presses his fist to the ground to take in a heavy breath. Sakura speaks - Gan listens closely. A bleeding nose - Gan's wounds are far smaller - just /everywhere/. Sakura has worked him over equally. Burned and beaten, the Gedo kids cheer - Gan giving a thumbs up to Sakura and even grinning as she declares it. "Yep." He grunts.

Sakura lunges - grasping Gan, to try and get behind him, to put the wrap about that strong neck of his. She ... sort of manages.

Sakura probably didn't intend for Gan to do the exact same thing. Head meets head, Sakura's arms wrapping about his neck and restricting air. Heavy hands grasp Sakura as she holds on, toned arms causing Gan's vision to blur. It doesn't look good.

Until he, in one motion, slams his head back and pulls up, pulling Sakura against his head to daze her, then send her flying away with the second, barely managing to heave her away before he collapses onto his knees, gasping for breath. It hurts to keep going - it hurts to /breathe/ - he coughs. He was already running himself ragged. This is just running on fumes.

The Gedo crowd, however, go wild. "YEAH!" "DID YOU SEE THAT!?" But they calm once Gan shows his state - little bruises and cuts, and slight burn marks from the energy, are all over. It won't take much, now.

Sakura slams into a trashcan, sending it and its contents flying. It arrests enough of her momentum that she falls there--and then rises. Slowly. She's just as damaged as Gan, maybe more so, or maybe it just looks worse on her--but her eyes are still alive. Her stance isn't perfect anymore; she -is- standing but one arm is limp, the opposite leg bent more than it should be.

She has to--has to end this. If she lets Gan get the better of her who knows what these guys will do to her fellow Taiyo students? It's up to her to defend her friends. Painfully, she straightens her stance.

"Alright," she growls, one eye half-closed with the beginnings of quite the shiner.

"We're gonna finish this..." For a moment, that wind whips up even more around her, and then she's suddenly spinning forward. Her right leg scythes out at ankle level, sweeping out for Gan's, through three revolutions and then, on the third, she comes up for a standing reverse roundhouse, aimed squarely for Gan's breadbasket. It's...

... it's her last-ditch effort to take down this mountain of meat.

COMBATSYS: Gan barely endures Sakura's Haru Ichiban EX.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Sakura           0/-------/-------|=======\===----\1              Gan

She gets up.
Gan's eyebrow is raised. This doesn't /usually/ happen.
Sakura's stance is weak, but she's not like Gan. Not against the ground, attempting to catch his breath.

No, Sakura is still on the offensive. One more strike is all, likely, either of the two needs. Gan is quite aware of that. The Gedo students, outnumbered, are relying on Gan to dish out the pain and then they can /really/ lay on the school spirit. If not - well, they gotta back off. It's simple.

"Yeah. Right now."

A well timed lightning bolt crashes in the distance, far away. Barely able to force himself to move, Gan pushes himself towards Sakura to meet her. He realizes halfway through the motion that there's little to be done to completely stay out of harms way. So that doesn't register to Gan. Like a mountain, Gan doesn't seem to recognize Sakura's assaults. Strike after strike, she swings out her leg, heavy feet almost buckling before Gan staggers onto the next. Forced to move faster than he can manage.

Another - this one, for the basket o' bread.

Palms slam out, almost haphazardly, as Sakura impacts his breadbasket - solidly. More than solidly. Gan's strikes, infused with chi, heavy as they are, are continued as he falls to his knees, large sweeping strikes with chi trailing behind them, faintly. Another swing... and then Gan collapses forwards. Literatelly having gone down swinging.

Sakura just needs to stay out of the way as the mountain collapses - or will she be buried under the landslide?!

Regardless, as Gan, beaten, bloody but not broken lays upon the ground, he exhales.

"Guess... you deserve ... to use this road too." Respect? Gurdgingly. Like everything in Gedo. It is ... a /grudge/.

COMBATSYS: Gan can no longer fight.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  <
Sakura           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Gan knocks away Sakura with Midare Teppou Zuki.

[                            \\  <
Sakura           0/-------/--=====|

COMBATSYS: Sakura takes no action.

COMBATSYS: Sakura can no longer fight.

The answer is, she's going to be buried. Too injured to make evasion easy, she still tries--but do no avail. The last strike blasts her free of the falling Gan, at least--and straight back into the Taiyo kids.

They manage to catch her, but she's clearly in no position to keep fighting. Fortunately, the Taiyo kids look like they won't have to; two of them prop Sakura up and then they get moving, edging around the stunned-looking Gedo kids who are starting to gather around the fallen Gan.

It was certainly quite the epic fight for a school brawl, and even though the Taiyo kids are just glad it's over, they're proud of Sakura's acquittal of herself. "C'mon," says one girl, "lets get her home..." Warily they eye the Gedo kids as they scurry off, that storm threatening to break in seconds over the street, another storm to follow the one that just raged between Gan and Sakura.

The Gedo kids begin to congregate around Gan - he defended their land, obviously! Or at least... sort of did. Now there's a giant that will require all of their attention to get back in - but the students of Taiyo get to go on their merry way, without any interruption! It's a catastrophe!

"Y'know I actually thought he was doing pretty bad - " "The hell!? Show some school spirit! You just gotta keep it up! Didn't you watch!?" "How heavy - hghghgh - is he!?"

It turns out Taiyo has /plenty/ of time because Gan is /just not moving/.

"Maybe we can get a tarp or something over him?" Now that's using your head!

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