Eve - An Angel in the Infirmary

Description: After the encounter with Shadaloo, Eve has been resting in the infirmary in one of NESTs' base across the globe. Having been told to recover and stay there, she did... And waited, and waited, until an Angel comes see her with great news.

The end of her battle remains rather vague in her mind : Eve's not too sure where she is, aside from one of NESTs bases somewhere in Asia, that much she knows. How did she end up here? She's not sure... She recalls hearing Franziska's words, trying to soothe her, to wake her up. Perhaps The Hound brought her away and they were both rescued.

Her body was numb with pain still, and she was wrapped in bandages -- it's already been two weeks and Eve has been resting in the nursery, recovering. Left on her own, this was probably the worst thing that could happen. After all, she had failed to stop the Shadaloo soldiers from getting the cargo, and she had been scolded for the outcome of things and her failed mission. It might not be so bad, but Eve definately took the failure on herself... And now she was here, useless, recovering.

The doctors and nurse came to see her -- the NESTs technology allowed her to recover incredibly faster than normal, broken bones and bruises leaving her in no time. She still had a few bandages here and there, but the worst injuries had healed already. Eve knew she was in shape to get back in action, to prove her worth, but no orders... Worse, they even ask her to stay in bed and recover. It's adding insult to injuries, definately... Kinda like her punishment for her failure, she figures.

She's all alone in the nursery now, still in her hospital jacket. She glances away, her gaze seems empty. If only she had something to entertain herself.

"Damn, girl, you look like someone kicked your puppy!"

Suddenly, as if summoned by magic, another young woman is present in the room. There was no noise to announce her arrival; or rather, no time to register the sound of the door to the medical ward swinging open before the intruder was seated at the edge of the bed. The visitor isn't the type to be sneaky but she can be quick when she wants to.

Angel grins down at her fellow agent with a dopey lopsided twist of her lips as she plops down by her feet, crossing her legs as she settles into a comfortable spot. Though her outfit is currently far more casual than usual it contains the primary elements of anything the showy Mexican wears: extreme amounts of visible skin and absolutely no hints of modesty. A loose t-shirt drapes over her torso, clearly oversized but just providing just barely enough length to hang past her waist thanks to her abundant bosom. Underneath she appears to have nothing but a pair of black lacy panties on.

The look suits her somehow. As does the bottle of brown liquid clutched in her hand, apparently some sort of liquor if the smell is an indication. Angel appears to be more like a brazen room mate wandering around a dorm than a secret agent assassin.

A twin to the open bottle is thrust towards Eve and she pops the cap off with a deft flick of her thumb, sending the tiny metal circle to smack softly against the younger girl's forehead.

"Lighten up, cutie! Have a drink and tell your big sis Angel all about it."

The blonde girl was day dreaming -- though her thoughts were gloomy, forcing her to just lie there and wait was probably the worse punishment she could have gotten.

Angel's voice makes her jerk up in surprise, and Eve glances over in her direction. She stares at her for a long moment, blinking a few times as she stares at Angel's choice of clothing. "You could say that..." Eve replies in a soft murmur. Angel wasn't too far off from the truth, after all and it reminds her of Franziska, who must have gotten in a pretty bad shape too. She had no news about her, alas. Eve simply lowers her gaze.

When Angel thrusts the bottle at Eve, the girl blinks a few times, her hands clumsily reaching for it to hold it. The cap flicking into her forehead makes her blink a few times in surprise, waking her up from her lethargy. She stares at the liquor, as if not sure what to do with it, like it was the first time she saw something like that. She glances back at Angel, then back at the bottle, obviously unsure what to do, almost like she was awaiting for instructions.

Her shoulder slumps a bit and she heaves a soft sigh, "Oh, huh.. Well, things didn't go quite well on my last mission, and... Huh, well, even though I'm mostly okay, they're just making me way here, to recover..." She whimpers and says, "The wait's killing me.. I, huh, wonder if they're thinking of getting rid of me, you... You don't think they would, do you?" Eve asks, glancing up at Angel.

Angel smirks at the confusion and tilts her own bottle up to her lips taking a long draw from the sweet nectar inside to demonstrate the proper technique for quickly becoming an alcoholic. In this particular field, she has few equals, and the unique advantage of having access to as many cloned livers as she needs.

"Muaaaa~! Man, the suits around here sure are a bunch of uptight squares but they atleast know where to get the good stuff."

A soft clink rings out as she turns and taps the neck of her bottle against Eve's. She doesn't show a great deal of concern for their environment. Not many people would bring booze into a hospital recovery ward. Atleast she doesn't smoke.

Angel looks thoughtful at the question, peering up towards the ceiling for a few moments, as if seriously considering her answer. Then she just shrugs and grins again.

"Nah, I wouldn't worry about that shit, girl! Trust me, I'm a grade A fuck-up, and I've been here longer than everyone. Just relax! Don't take it too seriously. Thing's sort themselves out."

Easy enough -- Eve stares at Angel as she takes a sip and Eve looks at the bottle she gave her. The blonde girl mimics Angel, a few moments afterward. She drinks it like she'd expect to drink water, though after the first mouthful, she pulls her face away and grimaces, coughing once from the unexpect taste that tickles her mouth and throat.

The taste was weird but... Eve supposes this must be some sort of panacea or something. The worst it tasted, the better it was to make her feel better, she supposes. She peers at tap of each other's bottle, her expression slightly confused but she's taking notes, trying to figure out why and what it meant.

Eve looks up at Angel, and the longer she takes to answer and consider, the more worried she seems to be. Her answer manages to make her heave a sigh of relief, "I hope so... I hope I didn't anger anyone," She says, shaking her head. She looks up at Angel and then averts her gaze meekly, "I, huh... Don't think I've seen you around before. My name is Eve, at your service," Eve says, bowing her head gently, almost hoping Angel might have the authority to take her out or something, or ask her to do something for her.

A hand plops down on the worried girl's head and Angel noogies her in a chastizing fashion, twisting her knuckles back and forth in her messy hair.

"I saaaaid 'Don't worry about it.'! The guys around here are always mad about something. Sometimes I think getting hired to work here requires that you get a stick implanted in your ass." She leans back, leaving Eve with terribly mussed up hair, and lifts her bottle with another big grin. "Good thing we don't get paid, huh?!"

Another long drink earns a content sigh as the agent leans back. She snickers at her own joke a little then shrugs.

"Never heard of the great and powerful disappointment of NESTS, huh? That's odd, I guess they stopped using me for the poster child of misbehavior. Good little soldiers like you used to turn and flee in ~horror~ at the sight of me!"

She lifts the blanket on the bed up towards her face, wrapping it around her like a clock and mimicking the stereotypical vampire pose from Hollywood movies. Her eyes go wide and she leans towards Eve making spooky noises! After a few moments of this dramatic display, she drops the blanket and shrugs again.

"Well, lucky you, I guess! You get firsthand introductions!"

Hopping off the bed, Angel plops onto the cold tiled floor in her bare feet and spins a neat pirouette that causes her shirt to lift up and flare out a little like a fiesta dress.

"My name is Arcelia Maria Esperanaza Lucia Catalina Gonzalles! The third." She gives a little bow, sweeping her arm infront of her like a matador greeting a crowd. There might even be applause in her head. "But you can just call me Angel~."

The ruffle on her head makes Eve giggle a bit, bringing a smile to her lips. There's no better way to cheer her up. The girl has associated, with years, pats and ruffles of her hair as signs of approval, and it soothes some of her worries away somewhat.

Her hair ends up a mess : not to mention how her body tends to easily load up with static electricity, it causes stray locks to remain erect awkwardly atop her head.

When Angel takes another gulp of her bottle, so does Eve, mimicing her because... Just because, it's the right thing to do, right? The taste isn't better the second time and it makes her grimace again.

Eve hums softly and she arches a brow, "Not... Not really," She admits meekly, lowering her gaze. The girl doesn't hear much about the things other agents do. Eve glances back at Angel curiously when she picks up the blanket of the bed.

The girl seems amused by her behaviour -- everyone she has ever met in NESTs were always so serious... Angel was all the opposite of what she's used to in NESTs, which was rather unsettling. Eve giggles earnestly, her lips curling into a gentle smile. "That's a long name," She says. Angel's friendly behaviour seems enough to open Eve up a bit, or at least overcome so of her usual shyness around adults. "Do you have a special talent, Angel?" Eve asks.

Eve better not let Angel hear her refer to the flighty agent as an adult. She might die of laughter.

Angel straigthens up and smirks, smoothing out her shirt-dress with an idle brush of her empty hand. "Pfft, that's just some shit I made up, kid. Stop taking everything so seriously! I don't even know if that my real..."

A sudden look of horror overcomes the Mexican and she drops the mostly empty bottle of beer onto the ground. Oddly, the container doesn't shatter. Must be good solid glass or ceramic. Angel doesn't pay it any mind either way. Her hands fly up to her face, resting on her cheeks as she stares openly at Eve.

"Oh no! They didn't take away your sense of humor did they?!"

She dives onto the bed, straddling on top of Eve, and grips her shoulders with both hands. Angel shakes her vigorously back and forth.

"Tell me it isn't true! H-how can we test this? Um... Oh! Eve! Quick!"

The older girl leans down bringing her face very close to Eve's. She stares her dead in the eyes and with a solemn tone asks, "A Mexican magician tells his audience that he's going to disappear on the count of three. He says, 'Uno, dos...' and then *poof*..." Angel grips Eve by the face, cupping her head in her hands.


The blonde girl blinks a few times and looks around a bit nervously, "Huh, hum... How could I have known?" Eve answers with a slow shrug of her shoulders.

The look of horror on Angel's face seems to affect Eve, who grows obviously worried. She blinks a few times and squirms a bit as Angel cups her face and stares at her. "Wh... What?" She asks. Sense of humor? Jokes and humors have not really been something she's got to practice in her stay in NESTs.

Eve whimpers softly and leans back a bit, intimidated by Angel's proximity. She tries to avert her gaze, but she finds it hard with how Angel grips her face and keeps so close. She listens closely but...

The punchline seems to leave Eve cold. She blinks, a long awkward silence settling in. "Huh... Without a tres?" She repeats, tilting her head to one side. Was it suppsed to be funny?

Eve's eyes widen and she squirms a bit, "Huh, I mean! Oh, ahah, yeah! Without a tres!" She says, faking a weak laughter.

Angel focuses intently on the teenager's reaction, even going so far as to tilt her head sideways so she can give her a fish-eyed stare. It's not unlike the look a principle might give a student who is suspected of cheating. It is a supremely uncomfortable experience.

After a few moments, she loosens up her grip and sits up, patting Eve on the cheek as she grins like an idiot at the obviously fake laughter produced in an attempt to appease her. "Yeah, you're alright, girlie. We'll have to work on that though. You really need to get out of this boredom cage more often. Hmm..."

Still using Eve for a makeshift chair, Angel crosses her arms underneath her chest, producing an excessive amount of bounce for her efforts, and looks thoughtful. "What could we... oh!" A hand flies to her forehead with a soft thud. "I almost forgot! That's perfect!"

Scrambling off the bed, Angel takes off towards the hallway at a run and shouts over her shoulder, "Wait right there!"

It takes about five minutes for her to return. When she finally bursts back into the room, the pretty Mexican is no longer dressed for a slumber party. Instead, she's wearing what might possibly be the skimpiest bikini that man has ever conceived.

Little more than two pieces of black rectangular fabric cover the center of each of her breasts, each held into place by a pair of strings that go up around her neck and down into a criss-crossing net of other strings that are connected to the equally tiny strip of fabric that protects her bits from view. Sort of. The outfit is showy enough that Eve no longer has to guess whether or not her new friend tidies up down there. Fortunately, the answer is yes. The backside is even worse, being little more than the strings holding the front together.

Angel excitedly holds up a colorful flier as she runs in, literally sliding on her bare feet across the tile like an ice skater until she ends up next to the bed and thrusts the piece of paper into Eve's hands.

"Check it ouuuuut! How would you like to go to a /fabulous/ island resort? Just think! Beaches! Booze! Dreamy guys!" She leans in and elbows Eve with a knowing wink. "Pretty girls too, eh? Whatever you're into, kid, they'll have it there!"

Eve is perfectly docile to all of Angel's manipulations. She's been used to behave, so she doesn't seem to mind the way Angel inspects her, even if it made her feel uncomfortable. Eve blushes a bit at the pats on her cheeks, "Oh, hum... That's a relief," She says with a smile.

When Angel talks about getting her out, Eve's expression brightens up. It was her chance to be useful and getting out of here! "Huh, okay... I'll wait," Eve says obediently.

The girl waits -- until Angel returns. She glances at her and blinks a few times. Angel's outfits and clothings were rather... Special to say the least. Eve frowns and she lifts a finger up, pointing at her bikini, "Huh... Hum, aren't you cold in that outfit?" Eve asks. It didn't seem practical.

Eve reaches out for the flier when she thrusts it into her hands. She stares at it, trying to read the information on it. She lifts her gaze back at Angel, her lips curling into a smile -- her cheerful behaviour was quite contagious. It makes her giggle and grin, "Oh, hum, sure! That sounds great," She says. The nudges and winks makes Eve squirm a bit uncomfortably, "Huh, yeah! I'm into all sort of things! This seems great!"

It certainly would be better than here anyway! And if Angel said it was okay, she could leave, right?

Angel may or may not actually have the authority to take other agents out on random adventures on exotic resort islands. But that isn't important. What /is/ important is that everything on the trip is being paid for by someone else and all she has to do is show off her body and shake her butt for a camera or two. Which is pretty much what she does every time she goes outside anyways. Win-win.

Eve, however, might be a little harder to convince on that front. She seems pretty uptight. Loyal. Obedient. All that garbage that they feed to the new recruits and experiments these days. This will be a great chance for her to learn the proper way to par-tay, Angel-style; assuming her head doesn't explode from the shame.

As might be rather apparent at this point, shame is a foreign concept to the fiesty older agent, practically anathema to her way of life. And pants. Pants are anathema too.

"Yeeeah, that's the spirit, girl!" Angel practically yanks her fellow agent out of the bed and sweeps her up into a little spin before giving her a push towards the door. "Go get packed! Make sure you bring some good swimsuits and suntan lotion! We are going to the /beach/!"

It's not hard to convince Eve to do something -- all Angel has to do is tell her to do it, and she will. Whether or not she likes it... On the upside, this sounded like a great idea. Anything to get out of the infirmary.

Angel was an adult, physically -- and thus, she had authority over her. As simple as that. Her behaviour was different than the other, but who was she to judge? The push and yank causes Eve to stumble off the bed. Her first few steps leave her wobbling, disoriented thanks to the gulps she took from Angel's bottle. She waves her arms about to try and steady herself and regain her balance. That must be why they asked her to stay in there for so long.

She manages to steady herself with some effort though and she nods to Angel, "Alright! Will do!" Eve says as she hurries herself out of the infirmary, having to step back and forth a few times not to lose her balance until she gets used to the spinning sensation in her head.

All in all though, Eve's intonation sounded fairly pleased that she had the chance to do something.

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