Lee Chaolan - Cat Scratch Fever!

Description: Lee Chaolan is almost having the worst day. His limo breaks down in a podunk town, his insurance agency can't sent a car OR a mechanic out. Abandoned out in the middle of nowhere, Lee Chaolan is suddenly attacked by a catgirl! An acrobatic, singing, dancing catgirl, who will do anything for her next acting job! Anything! Is Lee Chaolan ready to provide a producer's couch?

Lee Chaolan was a busy man.

The executive was the third in command of one of the world's largest corporation. He was a notorious lady's man. He was a world class fighter, and rich beyond everyone's dreams. Lee Chaolan was one of the luckiest men in the world.

And he was stuck in the middle of nowhere.

The black limo was broken down in a small town out between Kyoto and Osaka. Out in the front, Mr. Tubbles, Lee's butler and driver, was busy at work. The limo had just stopped working, and after jacking it up, Mr. Tubbles was busy at work, tinkering with the engine from underneath. Naturally, Lee did not worry... for the first 30 minutes. But after an hour had past, Lee had finally brought it upon himself to do something about this.

And Lee Chaolan himself hangs over Mr. Tubbles, chatting on the cellphone.

"Really? Nobody can get out here? Amazing~" He states lightly, a highball in his other hand. Taking a sip, he peers at the engine that Mr. Tubbles was tinkering with. "And you are the insurance that my father put me on? I see~" He sighs once, looking around the rustic town. He had even managed to break down right outside the local watering hole. The silver-haired man just shakes his head. "Oh no, I understand. Don't worry about it, I will see you in the morning." Lee Chaolan shuts his phone, and tucks it away into his suit jacket. Mr. Tubbles pulls himself from under the limo. "Any luck, Mr. Tubbles?" The executive asks, sing songing.

Mr. Tubbles shakes his head, wordlessly.

Felicia had prepared for this, the catwoman was stalking her prey. Green slit-pupiled eyes were watching the man, perhaps unbeknownst to him, from some bushes just a dozen or so feet away. As if in slow motion, like in one of the National Geographics lion specials, Felicia leaps from the bushes, the trench coat she wore to disguise herself in public fluttering.

Coming down right near the silver-haired man, Felicia's feet hit the pavement and she more or less flung the long coat she'd been wearing off like a cloak, displaying pretty much her entire body in full catwoman err, regalia.

"Hello there, I'm Felicia the Catwoman, Darkstalker and aspiring actress! I can sing, I can dance, I can..." likely at this point she was realizing the man standing there wasn't the Japanese talen scout she had expected. In fact, he didn't look Japanese at all!


Lee Chaolan idly recognize that something was jumping out at him. As Mr. Tubbles gasps, and dives back under the limo, Lee Chaolan turns around. And something, or someone, jumps out at him in a trenchcoat. Half expecting a flash, he takes a quick sip of his highball, eyes shut. So far, he had not lost his composure. As the trench coat is flung away, he just opens his eyes for a bit, eyes shooting straight down.

But Lee's eyes go =wide=.

He casts a glance up and down the woman's full body, now exposed in the open. The figure, the curves, the legs, the... paws? It takes the man a moment to process what the woman was saying. A darkstalker? A catwoman? He was just nodding along, jaw slack. And then, slowly, a smirk spreads across his face. Lee Chaolan casts his eyes up to the woman, meeting her in those gorgeous green eyes.

He flashes a thumbs up.


Aw shi--she'd gotten the wrong guy! What the heck! This was so embarrassing, she was nearly about to spin around and grab her trench coat to pull it back and on beat it out of there when the man simply gave her thumbs upa nd applauded. What the...? While she didn't have paws, exactly, her feet and hands were quite human-like, but did sport some pointed looking claw-like nails. She also had that long white tail, which by now was lashing about behind her as she leaned in and peered at the guy curiously.

"What...? you like it? Oh--I mean, yeah, you like it, right?" Felicia nodded quickly, trying to recover from her inward stumble there and salvage what she could of this situation. "You're a talent agent or something, right?" she tilted her head, one of those green eyes watching him.

"More than that, darling!~"

That was the cry from Lee Chaolan as he throws his hands into the air. Tossing away his highball, he was practically singing and dancing. Approaching Felicia, he circles her, inspecting her carefully. "Incredible! Simply incredible! I have never seen anything-" He gasps, putting a hand over his mouth. "Oh my!~ How rude of me!~" He states, a carefree smile on his face, a twinkle in his eye. Glancing aside at the Darkstalker, he bows deeply. "I was so overwhelmed by your beauty, that I forgot to introduce myself.

"I am Lee Chaolan, CEO of Violet Systems~"

He raises himself up, clasping his hands together. "Not quite a talent scout, but always having an eye for talent. Really, a Darkstalker? Forgive me for asking, I am not sure what that means~" He coos, as Mr. Tubbles begins to poke his head out from under the limo. Lee Chaolan ignores him, his attention dead on the beautiful woman that had lept out of the bushes. "Is this a costume? You couldn't possibly be part cat, could you? Not that it takes away from your beauty~" He quickly adds, gently motioning his hands at her. "And you said you were an actress?" He smirks at Felicia, as Mr. Tubbles tries to writhe out from under the limo

"What sort of work have you done?"

The catwoman's tail lightly whipped around from side to side, as the man introduced himself, her arms down at her sides as he walked around her. She hadn't had many guys do this sort of thing, at least not like that. And was he... complimenting her? not just that, but also admiring her? Had she finally gotten her break through??

"Violet systems?" a slight dampening there, though she still sounded interested. She had no idea what the Violet systems were, but it didn't sound like any talent agency she'd heard of, not even a movie production company.

"No no, not a costume, looked like this since I was a kid. I'm a catwoman, a darkstalker, was born this way," she shook her head. "I couldn't really explain it to ya, but yeah, I'm actress, worked stage, I dance, and sing," she looked over her shoulder, as if she needed to add, "Oh, also I can fight," well, there was that. It wasn't like she hadn't had to ever, she just didn't like to as much as some.


Lee's aloof tone was intermingled with an air of infatuation. As Mr. Tubbles struggles to pull himself from under the limo, the silver-haired executive cuts him off, leaning into the car. Mr. Tubbles gasps, as he holds perfectly still. Quietly, Lee ignores him, all his attention on the beautiful cat lady that had fallen into his lap.

Was this the woman he was waiting for?

"I can't believe that a woman like you could have been this uniquely charming since a child! Incredible~" Was the cries from Lee, as Mr. Tubble flails. "Dancing, Acting, Singing, and fighting? Well, I must ask~" He eyes her again with a toying gaze, looking her down to her toes, to back to her eyes. "Could I have a demonstration of your so called..." He pauses a moment.

"... Talents?~"

"Demonstration? Okay, uh, of which?" Felicia let her weight roll back onto the balls of her feet, taking just a step back. She cracked her knuckles, wringing her arms and then loosening her shoulders a bit, covering her bases in case she needed to do all four of those things. Then she thought, well, damn, might as well give him a show of all of them, then, right? But what was she going to sing? She didn't think he'd be into hearing her rendition of 'let it go' from Frozen.

"Well you see, been into gymnastics all my life, due to being a catwoman and all," she did a swift cartwheel for him, before seeming to do a backflip yet hung suspended in air somehow.

But how was she hovering there, kicking her feet up and crossing them daintily? Well, her tail was somehow prehensile and supporting her, that's how!

Flipping herself back onto her feet, she hunched her shoulders down and showed off a few lightning fast kicks and punches, before just doing another real backflip, landing with her legs and body straight, gesturing around herself and her huge poofy blue hair as if she was motioning for a curtain to part.

"I'm the fastest, cutest strongest catwoman you'll find around here."

Lee's mind was swimming with possibilities.

Of course, he was prepared for a demonstration of everything; fighting included. The fact she showed restraint only made Lee's infatuation with her intensify. As she starts doing cartwheels right in front of Lee, he just watches, a smirk on his face, his eyes relaxed. As she throws the backflip, and just hands in the air, his eyes widen, not even Lee able to keep himself from falling over in awe. The strength, the agility, the sheer loveliness...

And this woman wanted to remain in acting?!

"Indeed you are, and more!" Was the cry from Lee Chaolan, pulling from the limo. Mr. Tubbles, gasping, finally drags himself free of the car. Arms open, he approaches Felicia. "You are hired!" He states loudly. "You will be paid handsomely for your work, and you will be treated like a queen. All would learn and love the name of Felicia. Felicia, the loyal... something... or another... hm."

Lee Chaolan pauses in thought.

"Hm, any ideas what I -can- hire you for?~"

"Err, well, that's entirely up to you... boss? I guess spokeswoman? Or did you need an aide, or bodyguard?" Felicia shrugged. "I AM a self-taught entertainer, there's that too," it was her turn to walk around the man, studying him as well as his limousine. "So just what do you need? what does Violet Systems do? this company you're the CEO of?" she reached up and brushed her 80s hair back from her forehead, taking a deep breath.

"Am I going to be working normal hours, when do you need me? what's the deal here, I need to know, Mr, uh, Chaolan?" she looked over to him, crossing her arms around her waist just a little, hoping this wasn't too good to be true.


What a title. Certainly a title given to him many times. But for some reason, it just sounded so much more wonderful from her adorable mouth. "Spokeswoman! Aide! Bodyguard! Entertainer! So many amazing jobs! So many incredible things you can do! Oh, amazing!" He croons, as Mr. Tubbles, caked in mud and oil, comes to a stand beside his boss.

"Oh, Excellent~"

Nearly fainting from the sheer joy, Mr. Tubbles manages to catch him, ease him from falling into the muck. The butler dabs the silver-haired man's brow, as Lee regains his footing. His smirk remains, while his tone takes a somewhat serious edge. "Violet Systems primarily works in robotics, my lovely Felicia! We are a part, indirectly of course, of the Mishima Zaibatsu. As for your hours, well, all of them! I want you to be at my side as long as possible! You can work at my mansion, have your own room! You will be given any outfits you need for your services, and all I ask is for you to be at my side, to be my aide, my spokeswoman, my bodyguard, and above all.." He extends his hand out, for Felicia to clasp it.

"My entertainment~"

Well, isn't this a kick in the head. She gets to be some guy's... lapcap? For how ever long as he seems to want her around. She isn't about to start wheedling and discussing what she's getting paid per hour, but this was certainly the biggest thing to come her way since she'd left the city.

"Alright, you got yourself a deal Mr. Chaolan," she put a white-furred hand out to shake with him, her grip firm, though the fur likely helped it not seem too strong. She didn't want to emasculate her new boss when she just got a job, after all! She let his hand go after a few shakes and picked her jacket up again. She was going to keep it handy, just in case things went tits up. Hell, Nightwolf had likely left her a few snacks in there, too.

"Well, I'd say lets go but your car seems to be busted, I guess I can just wait in it?" she grinned a little sheepishly, looking back at him and then to his butler. Whew boy, what did she get herself into?

What was Lee Chaolan's motivations here?

For even Mr. Tubbles, it was obvious. The balding butler dabs his messy hair, as he looks into the engine of the limo once more. Lee, meanwhile, shakes Felicia's hand, and gives it a light kiss on the back of it. As she pulls away to collect her things, he looks up into the sky, sighing longingly. "Oh, to touch such a hand again~" The man sings, as he approaches towards the limo.

And then he mimes a gasp.

"That is right! It is broken down! Well, I suppose..." He gives Felicia a teasing look, as he opens the door to the back seat of the limo. "We could simply wait in the car alone. I can't imagine how we can find a way to pass the time. Maybe we could discuss the details of the business-"

Lee Chaolan is cut off by the engine roaring to life.

Mr. Tubbles sits in the driver's seat, testing the ignition. He looks at his boss with a feeble, somewhat neutral expression. Lee Chaolan pauses, considering what this meant for him. He looks back at his new assistant. Then the Mr. Tubbles. Then to the backseat of the car.

Lee Chaolan flashes a thumbs up.


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