Kasumi - Wary - Disciplinary Action

Description: Kasumi's prying into the conspiracy surrounding the schools has gained her the unwanted attention of the dangerous Disciplinary Committee. Ashley intends to teach her the price of interfering with her pet's cover.

After Eve had seen the reports about a potential security breach, the blonde girl decided to investigate further into the matter. Apparently, some student from Taiyo High had discovered Franziska' real identity and it could prove to be troublesome. Some images and footage, along with plenty of patience and access to the students' personal files was all Eve needed to finally find the person she was looking for.

Airi Kiri... This had to be her. Eve's lips curl into a thing smirk. Eve will make sure this student won't speak any of what she saw.

---- The following day, Taiyo High, beginning of the first period ----

A blonde girl stood meekly in front of the class, arms folded behind her back. She averted her gaze from the rest of the class, but the badge she wore the sleeve of her blouse indicated she was part of the disciplanry committee. Looks like someone was in trouble! Students were whispering between themselves to try and figure out who it might be she's here for.

When the bell rings and announces the first class, the teacher starts his lecture by calling out someone, "Airi Kiri?" He asks. Waiting for her to make herself known, the teacher then waves his hand toward Ashley and says, "The disciplinary committee wants to see you," He says.

The unsuspecting student in question is seated next to one of the windows, about half-way back through the rows of seats that fill the morning class. Airi Kiri, transfer student as of a few months ago, the perfect student as far as behavior was concerned. While not the top of the class in academics, she had a spotless record, invoked no trouble with her teachers to whom she seemed to demonstrate the utmost in deference. She is known around campus as being friendly enough but a little distant, a touch aloof, as if she was always nervous about getting too close to anyone. With a quiet beauty that seems like it would be more fitting at one of the elite upperclass academies in the school, the girl was not known as having any close friends though she had recently joined the Taiyo High Volley Ball team where she seemed to have a natural gift at the sport, so maybe she was starting to form ties there.

She was in class as she always would be at this hour, never one to be tardy or absent based on her track record thus far. Dressed in a clean, Taiyo girl's winter uniform, her chestnut hair is done up in a ponytail worn high, tied off in a blue ribbon. Quietly she sits, gazing out the window as class waits to begin, thoughts on the things she had discovered recently... especially the dark secret living at Seijyun High under the guise of 'Elsa' and the other things she had learned from her investigation of the school and what her newfound employer had willingly showed her.

When the soft murmur of students starts up, she can't help but look forward, curious as to what was going on. Given her spotless behavior, the idea that she would be of any interest to the Disciplinary Committee was probably the last thing that crossed anyone's minds. But for herself, she can't help but feel a sinking feeling in her stomach. Is this linked to her infiltration of Seijyun?

Copper brown eyes flick to the girl who has come to collect her, then back toward the teacher with a nod of her head. She pushes herself to her feet, expression somber as she hefts her brown bookbag to one shoulder. Whispers abound around her as students begin wondering what kind of trouble the newly arrived seemingly perfect princess was into now. What kind of sacandalous trouble has she caused that no one was the slightest bit aware of!?

Sucking in her breath, she quietly moves forward, attention shifting toward the committee representative. The corner of her mouth flickers into a faint but somewhat nervous smile as she draws nearer. "I feel like there must be some kind of mistake..." she states demurely, but she is willing to follow Ashley out of the room.

Hearing Airi's name seems to come like a surprise to most of the students. There are a few whispers of surprise going through the students, who can't help but spare a glance to Airi as she's forced to make 'the walk of shame' with everyone's gaze fixed on her. Certainly this will be enough for the imaginative people to create new gossips about her.

The blonde girl who came for Airi had a similar background than her : a transfer student. Her most notable achievement was being part of the cheerleading club and, apparently, her acrobatic prowess were unmatched by the other girls. Fortunately for Ashley though, her meek and shy nature allowed her, despite her talent, not to threaten the hierachy of the girl in the cheerleading club.

The teacher raises his voice to calm the class and ask the silence. Ashley lifts her gaze up to Kasumi, her lips curling into a gentle, reassuring smile as she gestures for her to walk foward, out of the class. At the very least, it seems the committee most likely sent their least intimidating member fetch Kasumi.

Once they're outside of the class, Ashley says, "Don't worry, the committee just want to ask you a few questions," Her voice is soft and gentle and she gestures for Kasumi to walk down the hall. "They're waiting for us in class R-201,"

The classroom in question was in a secluded part of the school where most of the rooms were used for various clubs and committee meeting.

The perfect spot for what Ashley had in mind for her...

The general disruption of the start of the class is enough already to bring a faint blush to Airi's cheeks. Creating disturbances in her day to day life was the very thing she seemed to focus on more than almost all other things... perhaps that was why she kept her distance from her classmates so much. The more people she got involved with, the more likely something could happen that would either put them in harm's way or draw unwanted focus to herself. It was bad enough the amount of attention the the High School boys paid to the mysterious, quietly beautiful transfer student, without her getting into trouble with the school itself!

She avoids glancing back at her fellow students or the teacher as she follows Ashley out of the room. Behind the girl, she takes time to study her, more out of habit than actually thinking she would need to know. Stature, build, gait, posture are all observed as they move down the hallway. But Ashley's tone is a bit comforting... she doesn't seem too worked up over anything. And there is no sign of nervousness... maybe this really is nothing afterall. Perhaps it is, as she said, a misunderstanding.

Or maybe someone figured out she broke into the Taiyo High adminstration building a few weeks before to search through the written reports on the incident with Elsa? Or did someone from Seijyun ask someone at Taiyo why one of their students was sneaking around the all girl's campus? Or is this linked to the same thing Elsa is? The more her mind races over the possibilities, the more nervous she, herself, begins to feel.

"Oh, I see," she manages to reply quietly, hands gripping her book bag tightly. "W-well, if I can be of any help, I certainly will try, but..." She glances over the area they approach. That it is generally not used during class hours isn't immediately alarming... the committee WOULD need to use otherwise available rooms. But it does cause her to tense up a little. "What... what is this about though? I don't think I've seen anything lately that would be of any interest to the Disciplinary Committee..."

The blonde girl did not show any sign of nervousity as she guided Kasumi through the school halls. Her badge allowed her to go around the school during school hours without any question from the staff, it seems. Every now and then, she glances over her shoulder at Kasumi, both to make sure she was following and to assess her reactions.

Nothing in her demanor betrays the true intention inside of Ashley's mind. It was only the gentle and docile Ashley, who was doing as she's told and taking Kasumi where she had been told to, most likely.

"I am not certain," Ashley admits with a shrug of her shoulders, "But I think the committee thinks otherwise," She glances over to Kasumi and gives her a reassuring smile, "But it didn't seem like you were in trouble..." She waves her hand dismissingly and opens the door, to let Kasumi walk into the room, "They'll explain everything in a minute, I'll tell them you've arrived," Her lips curl into a wicked smile and Eve adds, "Seat yourself..."

The room, itself, seems too small for a classroom. It was about twenty foot by twenty foot, with windows at the far end and shelves with various books on them, and a table right at the center of the room.

Once Kasumi walks into the room though is the moment Ashley will prepare to strike...

Once Kasumi walks in the room, Ashley follows after her, in the door frame, blocking her path. The girl's hair rises atop her head with the building static electricity, small arcs of lightning manifesting as Ashley draws into her chi and channels it through her.

The shy, meek and docile expression on the girl's face is all gone. Her lips are curled into a rictus, showing off her procelaine teeth. Her eyes have a predatorial glee, filled with anger and a sadistic streak... A side of Ashley no one would ever expect...

The electricity quickly builds up around Eve's forearms, forming a ball of lightning. Perhaps Kasumi manages to feel the tension rising and this intangible electric feeling in the air as Eve built up her power in the span of a few seconds...

If she doesn't, she's about to get a rather nasty surprise as Eve thrusts her arms foward and unleash a broad lightning bolt, point-blank, at Kasumi, the blast of electricity that comes with it firing off in chaotic and random pattern that blasts the shelves and the books on them.

COMBATSYS: Eve has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Eve              0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Kasumi has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Kasumi           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0              Eve

COMBATSYS: Kasumi has left the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Eve              0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Kasumi has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Kasumi           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0              Eve

COMBATSYS: Kasumi blocks Eve's Lightning Bolt.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Kasumi           0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0              Eve

The words Ashley provides leave her tag along student a bit conflicted. Maybe that slowing in her step is because she's nervous about whatever trouble she's gotten into with the school? Did they figure out about the breakin? Her mind begins racing, trying to think of an excuse. But she thought she had executed it perfectly!

The door is opened and Kasumi looks in. At first the lack of anyone visible in the room makes her hesitate again until her escort explains that the rest of the committee needs to be fetched. Good, she thinks to herself, that will give her more time to think of a cover for what she thinks this might be about... if only she could figure out where she had misstepped!

The only warning she has is the explosive sense of chi build up behind her. It is in that instant, where the blonde girl builds her powerful energy, that she might get a glimpse of her target's own reflex as Kasumi steps forward and whirls around without missing a step. A microsecond later, the room is aglow with the pulsefire burst of incredible electricty and it's all the infiltrator herself can do to heft her bookback up and let it take the brunt of it.

Papers, shelves, books are scattered as she's blasted back further into the room, a scorched hole in the bookback that provided her some small amount of protection from the potent energy. But even just holding it left her vulnerable to a small portion of that incredible current, causing the girl to stagger further back while her aura finally fights off the lingering traces of electric charge.

"What-" she gasps out her breath as she drops the heavy bag to the floor with a thud. "What is this about?!"

She doesn't adopt a fighting stance at all, holding her arms out at her sides, an alarmed, concerned look on her face. "If this is some kind of challenge, I am afraid I am not the right person to entertain you." She knows such things CAN be ritual at these Southtown high schools with how many students are also dabbling in fighting arts, but she doesn't want to get drawn into showing off her talents there as well, her peers probably already think she's weird enough as it is with how much she keeps to herself!

"Who are you?" she finally asks, soft, brown eyes narrowing slightly as she studies the girl while scraps of paper drift down around her. "What is it that you want with me?"

COMBATSYS: Kasumi takes no action.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Kasumi           0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0              Eve

The quick conversion of her chi into electricity has caused quite a strain on Eve's body. A risk she had been willing to take, figuring she'd have nothing to fear from Airi... After all, what sort of schoolgirl could withstand such a powerful discharge?

Her hair slowly falls down once she has emptied herself of most of her electric charges. One of her hand moves to the frame of the door, to support herself. A few beads of sweat runs down her face and Eve is panting slowly from the exertion this feat had caused her.

There's a hint of surprise on Eve's feature when she notices how Kasumi's reflexes seem to have saved her from an horrible fate. Her lips curl into a smirk though when she notices Kasumi has no idea who Ashley is and what she wants out of her. "Challenge?" Eve asks, arching a brow. She has a soft, mocking chuckle at the thought.

Eve straightens herself up, the electricity around her slowly building once more, the arcs of lightning dancing across her body as she seems to recover her lost vigor. "You've been a bad girl," Eve says, "Sticking your noise around, digging up the dirt..." She moistens her lips, her hair slowly rising back atop her head once more, "I'll make an example out of you... Punish you for what you've done,"

COMBATSYS: Eve gathers her will.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Kasumi           0/-------/------=|====---\-------\0              Eve

Kasumi pays rapt attention to every shift of Ashley's expressions. What did she seem surprised by, what did she take in stride? The malice is detected, the settling of blonde tresses no longer supercharged by an incredible ambience of power that she had pulled seemingly out of no where.

A flicker of a frown crosses Airi's lips, the girl sliding one foot forward, raising her hands as she leans into a more ready stance than she had adopted at first. It seems there is no point in trying to hide her ability to fight from this one. Getting shot in the back with lightning chi falls well outside the grounds of standard disciplinary actions, she's quite certain. If this girl was merely a student operating with proper sanction, the worst she could fear would be expulsion, and maybe a minor criminal charge. But more likely she'd just end up suspended with a mark on her brief, but previously pristine record...

As Ashley speaks, she references digging up dirt and Kasumi inhales then exhales softly. No more point in pretending she is innocent of all charges, but... which incident is she referring to? The Taiyo breakin? That is embarrassing but she didn't break or steal anything, so she can't get into /that/ much trouble. But... what she found at Seijyun? Yes, that path leads down a dangerous road.

Now her lips curl into a faint smile, some of the cards having been laid on the table. "Well... I wonder just what it is I have done that has provoked this." She leans further into her stance, hands held upright, palms inward. "Is all the committee like yourself, or do you just take on the special cases?"

She slams her foot down, launching forward then. The speed she moves with is beyond what most students in the school would even be capable of - which is saying a lot given the talents that abound here.

Her knife hand jabs downward, attempting to smack into Eve's knee and draw her guard low. It would be a bit of a feint, however, since her real strength would come into the second strike, a rising knifehand from below targeting her throat even as the crackling energy begins to swell about her. The nature of the attacks are precise, aimed to cripple, and by no means the sort of karate one can learn at the local schools.

COMBATSYS: Eve blocks Kasumi's Fierce Punch.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Kasumi           0/-------/-------|=======\-------\1              Eve

"It's no use to act all innocent now," Ashley says with a snort. Her brows furrow into a glare and Ashley slides into a combat stance the moment Kasumi does. It seems neither of them are truly who they pretend to be and the jig is up.

Ashley's lips curl into a thin smirk and she says, "No, I'm the one charged with the special cases... Like yourself. I won't let you cause any more trouble to my precious pet," Ashley hisses.

Once Kasumi lunces herself in Eve's direction, the girl slides back to brace for the impact of Kasumi's fierce attack. She shifts her posture, enough to avoid getting hit right on the knee but on her lower thigh instead and she moves her arms to block the second strike to her throat.

With renewed vigor from the electricity that starts flowing back through her body, Eve retaliates by attempting a quick knee shot for Kasumi's midsection. Where her strength is lacking, the fact that her limb discharges a part of the electricity gathered into her might be enough to daze Kasumi and hurt her more than it would normally. The first attack is followed rapidly by a roundhouse kick, this one meant to knock Kasumi back into the room.

Every Eve swings her limbs around, a buzzing crackling noise echoes through, faintly reminding of the roaring thunder.

COMBATSYS: Kasumi counters Strong Kick from Eve with Momiji Otoshi.
- Power hit! -

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Kasumi           0/-------/-----==|=======\=====--\1              Eve

She was mid sprint when Ashley's answer comes. Most of her words are dismissed as more of the banter exchanged, lacking meaning for either of them, simply existing to fill the time until the real truth can be dug out. But as she closes in on the blonde, her last statement is made.

'...my precious pet.'

The change that comes over so-called 'Airi' is immediate and palpable. Even without a vibrant, visible chi manifestation like the lightning that answers Eve's call, the atmopshere around her target changes significantly, as if she was channeling inner strength driven by emotions rarely raked to the surface.

Her hands snap out in the two strikes targeting Ashley but she braces against them well enough with a shift in stance and movement of her arms... Normally Kasumi would back off then, after having probed her opponent's defensive capabilities to get a read on them. But in this moment, she shows no such signs.

"...what did you call her?" she growls, a rare flash of temper sparked as the truth behind this becomes clear.

With the rise of Ashley's knee, Kasumi responds by kicking into Eve's shin, leaning around the movement of the strike to avoid being caught. The roundhouse is another matter all together, however, the Mugen Tenshin exile slamming her left hand up to catch the other girl behind the knee, narrowly avoiding the crackling lightning that courses over the limb with distressing ease, her right hand sweeping out backward to chip the operative in the stomach with a backhanded strike-

And then she's a blur, slipping in behind Eve and nearly out the doorway. But if she is worried her target is about to escape, she need not fear, as Kasumi kicks backward, aiming to send her tumbling into the room before she steps back in herself and, in one smooth motion, pulls the door closed with a slam behind her.

"So you are with them," she murmurs. Her mouth is set in a thin line, her eyes glaring at Eve intensely. She doesn't advance then, instead staying back at the door. It seems she intends to turn this whole situation right back around on the NESTS project. She sucks in her breath, attempting to seal back her temper, reminding herself what they did to the girl that can only call herself The Hound to make sure she complied. How they mutated her, broke her spirit, and even addicted her to drugs to keep her from ever even thinking of running away.

"I must know - did you make her that way? Did you..." her voice catches before she swallows, anger shifting to horror at recalling the things she discovered about the living weapon. "Did you torment that poor girl!?" Her right foot stomps against the floor as she snaps back into her ready stance.

The counter to her assault has left the blonde girl a bit dazed and destabilized -- enough to allow the ninja to easily slip behind her and breaks totally what little momentum Eve was trying to get with attack. The blonde girl's side and back are left exposed and vulnerable for a valuable second, an opportunity taken by Kasumi who swiftly kicks Eve's back and sends her stumbling into the room, turning the tables on her.

Trying to stay on her feet, Eve flails her arms to regain some balance and the force of the blow forces her to take a few steps foward. She's rapidly sent right into one of the shelf in the room, crashing into the already damage piece of furniture, thanks to her previous lightning bolt. The weakened structure partially given in when Eve adds her weight, along with the kinetic energy from her body hurled into it. Some shelves break, causing the objects and books to fall all over the young girl who literally collapses down under a small pile of books in the most ungraceful manner.

It takes her a few seconds to recover, emerging from the pile of books, latching on the nearby table to help straightening herself. Obviously her head still spins a bit, but she returns the fierce glare Kasumi gives her with one of her own. She did not expect her to be this talented nor to give her so much trouble... She'll have to re-evaluate her strategy.

Crimson locks have been added to her blonde hair, thanks to the blow she had against the bookshelf, making her hair a mixture of golden, red, blue and green now. When Kasumi asks her the next question, Eve blinks in surprise and she arches a brow, "What...?" She mutters under her breath. Eve grits her teeth and she grunts, "She's my pet and she loves me, and I give her back that affection," Eve spites back at Kasumi, "How dare you say such a thing...."

The girl channels her anger at Kasumi, her chi manifesting underneath the ninja's feet, heating up rapidly, giving her a moment to react before it might be too late. It then suddenly bursts out into a quick geyser of boiling water, a pillar of water. The moment it erupts upward, Eve lunges back at Kasumi, attempting to break through the torrent of water with crackling punch straight for Kasumi's midsection, to give the water an extra shock. Hopefully, it might prove enough for Eve to destryo Kasumi's guard.

She quickly follows up by moving her arms to grab Kasumi's arm, turning on her heels to press her back against her. She uses her grip on Kasumi's arm to throw her back into the room, shoving her against the table.

COMBATSYS: Eve successfully hits Kasumi with Torrential Impulse.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Kasumi           0/-------/-======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\1              Eve

Ashley is given time to get back to her feet, Kasumi waiting near the door she had just closed, only taking a few steps further into the room. She didn't want anyone else seeing her in action here and now. And she didn't want this girl who had targeted her getting away until she learned what she needed to do. Exhaling softly, she keeps her stance ready. She is a swift fighter by nature, and dangerous in melee combat as she had already demonstrated. And her normally soft temperment has been riled as she thinks back on the things she learned from the abused Hound... even if she doesn't know everything about the monsters behind it all yet.

"She. Isn't. A. Pet." the kunochi in hiding replies. "Even if you didn't make her that way, you are part of it! That poor girl has been tortured all her life!" She steps forward, forgetting that she fights better when not letting emotions pull her along. But... but maybe, she reminds herself, they didn't just do it to the hideaway at Seijyun. Kasumi stops herself, no longer advancing on Eve.

"What about you? What did they do you to you? Drugs? Blackmail? Or is it just a job for you, that you get money for?!"

She should have been paying closer attention to the elements being utilized, however. She was watching for lightning, but... water chi she had not anticipated, rare as it is that some can use multiple vectors of elemental energy to attack. "Wh-"

The surge of scalding water catches the girl short, arms raising to cover her face but finding herself blinded as to how to defend herself. The crackling, charged punch strikes her clean in the stomach, folding the kunoichi forward, only to get her arm grabbed. Pulled out of the painful water, she's flailing, attempting to break free of Eve's grip before she's flung over-shoulder into the lone table.

The smashing of the funiture leaves the burnt, shocked, punched, thrown girl sprawled atop a pile of debis before she starts to recover, shaking her head. Sputtering, she scrambles up quickly, uniform dripping wet from the combination assault, hair clinging to the sides of her face as she's forced to run her hand up over her bangs to brush them back.

Panting for breath as she tries to protect herself from another unexpected assault, Kasumi stays focused on Ashley, feeling the urge to strike out and hurt her, as she was the only face belonging to the monsters that created Elsa. "What do you even think you are doing here. I know you are part of something bigger!"

The words are spoken as the girl launches into another attack - a blur of blue and white as she aims to blitz right past Eve with speeds faster than almost any student could hope to achive. To the mundane eye, it would even seem like she just teleported clean through the girl. The reality of it would be clear to her target - that instant grab for an arm, that twist, the crushingly strong elbow into Eve's side if she is unable to defend herself. Now the Mugen Tenshin princess's arts are really being put on display as she refuses to pull back in any way!

COMBATSYS: Kasumi successfully hits Eve with Oboro Gake.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Kasumi           0/-------/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\1              Eve

"What would you know!?" Ashley replies to Kasumi, growling at her, "I give her joy, and happiness, she wants to be my pet!" The girl shouts at Kasumi. Her attack has left her panting, but her body feels like it is filled with the built up charges, constant jolt of electricity coursing visible across her skin.

Kasumi's anger only seems to fuel Eve's own anger, "They're helping me -- and we want to help those who are like me," Eve replies to Kasumi. She regains her composure, preparing for Kasumi's next attack...

Alas, the Mugen Tenshin Princess' agility far exceeds Eve's own. Her lightning speed surprise Eve, who attempts to push herself away from her, alas, her efforts are vain and she soon finds herself caught in Kasumi's grasp. Eve lets a howl of agony as Kasumi's elbow crush her side and twist her arm painfully.

The agonizing pain makes her flinch, her knees bucking a bit. She endures this suffering though, her eyes wincing as she tries to grab into Kasumi with her free arm to hold on to her. She bites her lips and grits her teeth in an attempt to withstand the pain and she adds, "... People like me, and my pet are dangerous if left unrestrained, unchecked. We're taught how to control ourselves, and understand those gifts,"

Eve holds on to Kasumi, refusing to let go. She screams, though this time not of pain, merely to manifest all of those electric charges out of her body. Eve attempts to cling on to Kasumi, to force her to share with her this electrified torment, the room literally filled with electricity.

The blonde girl unleashes all the electricity she has into this, destrying literally all the rest of the furniture, setting some on fire at the same time. Fortunately, this soon triggers the fire alarm, which in turn douses the girl via the sprinklers in the room once the thunderstorm has passed and calmed down.

It goes on, until Ashley's unable to bear the pain of so much electricity passing through her body, burning her arms and leaving red welt across them where she channeled it.

COMBATSYS: Eve successfully hits Kasumi with Thunderstorm.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Kasumi           1/---====/=======|======-\-------\0              Eve

Normally, her aggressive speed was enough to take her clean past her opponents. But charged as she is by her unique if painful blend of chi, driven as she is by the power coursing through her and her anger at being accused of horrible things pushing her to move faster, Eve's hand gets the grip she was looking for, securing the young kunoichi alongside her in spite Kasumi's efforts to blitz clean by her.

The electric charge of just being touched by her is enough to slow Kasumi's reaction as she tries to twist and pry her way free, foot lifting to kick off the other girl if necessary. But the electric surge building up around the young blonde is more than she can fight back against of her own volition. A cry of pain escapes her lips as Kasumi finds herself completely overwhelmed by the lightning storm that explodes throughout the whole room.

The books are burning, the shelves exploding into splinters, glass shattering as every corner of the backup classroom is obliterated and electricuted. Finally, the fire alarms respond to the violent trauma and sprinklers begin to pour over the room, and Kasumi stumbles backward several steps, dropping down to one knee, hand pressed against the floor.

Sucking in her breath, she winces at the electrical burns on her own arms, her blouse scorched and burned, and a particularly unpleasant looking mark where Eve had gripped her before unleashing the torrent of power. Glancing up, she notices the damage done to Eve herself and shakes her head slowly, looking confused at what she's seeing.

"I don't understand... you are working for monsters. What they have done to that poor girl is already an atrocity, but you... you are drawn into it as well? Are they forcing you to use your energy in combat in spite the harm it causes you? Doesn't anyone there care about people at all?!"

Gritting her teeth, the shinobi rises to her feet, staying back from Eve for the moment. "I realize now, my fight is not with you... but with the devils who have forced you into this..."

There's noises in the distance, excitement at the sound of the fire alarm. Some student who was sweating bullets over a test question cries out in relief. Faculty enjoying coffee during their off hour sigh with exasperation as everyone starts moving about to figure out what is going on.

Bracing herself, Kasumi twists to the side, winding up for one final attack. She can't be caught here - not with how many people are likely to come spilling in soon. The questions she would have to answer, the accusations, the secrets pried at...

"If I learn of you assaulting any student of this school, I will find you... and you will regret it." the girl murmurs, wound up into a tight stance, one leg forward, her entire body tense for her next action.

"I will find those responsible... And they will pay. Until then, if you come after me again, I will tell everyone what I know-"

As the last word escapes her lips, she seems to vanish from sight, leaving a swirl of sakura blossoms in her wake. She reappears behind Eve, having executed speed beyond anything that seems possible, bordering on teleportation, as she stabs one hand out, then the other, targeting nerve clusters in the operative's back. A rising knee would deliver even more pain, only to be finished by a leaping spin kick that would send Ashley flying if she is caught by Kasumi's technique. She may not command the storms as her blonde foe can, but even still, she moves with the speed of lightning.

And if successful, if not prevented, she would be gone shortly after, slipping through one of the shattered windows to rush back onto campus... she will have to miss classes today. In fact, she might need to drop out until this matter is settled for once and all. But no matter what, she will not forget the crimes of the horrible organization infecting the schools like a blight of science and inhumane moralities.

COMBATSYS: Kasumi successfully hits Eve with Renzuki Hakuro Kyaku.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Kasumi           0/-------/----===|=======\=======\1              Eve

The schoolgirl's outfit slowly grows heavy with the water that pours down on her. Enough to make her focus on electricity a bit harder, and to leave her drenched.

Through ragged breathing, Eve shouts back at Kasumi, "They. are. not. devils!!" She closes her eyes, a cry from the bottom of her heart, "They're the ones who've taken us!! What do you think would happen, if they were not there, for us!? Do you think anyone would accept my pet? What if they didn't teach me to control this, what danger I could have been to myself and others!?"

Defiantly, Eve straightens herself up and says, "If it is there will, then I shall, it's the least I can do for them.."

Kasumi's superior agility and swiftness are more than enough to deal with the blonde girl though. As she vanishes out of sight, Eve uses the remaining electricity to boost her own speed and reflexes, in an attempt to parry Kasumi's attacks. Though even at her best, she's unable to see Kasumi's attack coming at her.

The nerve strike behind her neck is almost enough to make Eve collapse from the pain, though the rising knee is enough to keep her steading, momentarily, and the finishing blow sends her flying into the wall.

Eve collapses on the ground. The electricity still in her body makes her muscles twitch some, causing her to spasm every now and then on the ground. No more energy, Eve is left lying on the ground, drenched into the sparkling water. Fortunately, someone will find here there soon enough.

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