Namie - Awakening

Description: Namie wakes up in the school infirmary only to find Ashley there beside her. What will she remember of their fight, and how will she react to hazy new memories of being somewhere strange?

After Ashley had defeated Namie, she took her away with the help of other agents from her organisation. She was secretly secured in one of the Atelier's secret installation so she may be able to recover and for them to be able to do some evil things with her... Who knows what really happens to those who are taken there after all?

To Namie though, all of this might be quite hazy in her mind, as if she had been having a long dream that slowly fades away from her memories. It felt as if her body was light, a feather caught in the wind. She can hear various voices without being able to tell what it is, some light that blinds her eyes from time to time and she has this weird sensation of cold gel over her body. Something about nurses out there, some people monitoring her...

There was also a blonde girl haired girl with her, in her memories. Her voice echos in her mind, saying things that doesn't seem to make any sense. She looks at up from afar, her lips moving and as the words slowly make more and more sense, it feels like she's stirred up from this weird dream.

"Namie...? Namie...?" The soft voice keeps on repeating.

Namie will wake up from her deep slumber in the nurse's office in Taiyo High -- perhaps a room she has no idea of if she hasn't been there before. The blonde girl she saw in her dream is here by her side : it's Ashley. She's holding the girl's hand and seems a little bit worried when Namie finally comes back to her senses.

Her voice is soft and meek as she talks to her, "Namie..? You, you okay? You were mumbling in your sleep something.. I, huh, do you want me to get the nurse?" She asks.

The worries might seem genuine toward Namie, though it was more anxity as to know whether or not the process had worked properly and wipped most of her memories. Why was she here? It's a mystery, after all, the girls didn't know each other all that much.

Throughout the ordeal Namie acts little different than the other subjects. She tries to move around some when she's barely conscious, the sensations confusing her and causing her to struggle every now and then, her mind not quite active enough to remind her to try and remember everything that's happening.

She wakes up slowly at first, head tossing from side to side, eyebrows creasing together until she suddenly sit's up quickly. "Ahh!" She then blinks a few times, looking around and groggily trying to remember where she is and what she was doing.

"Ashley? Nurse..? I feel... fine." she asks, reaching her hands up to rub at her eyes, opening them slowly and looking at the blond girl, "Where am-"

Her expression freezes then into a look of shock and surprise, and her head very slowly, "...Ashley!" She speaks the name loudly, a profound realization coming on her.

Then, suddenly, her lips curl into a bright smile and she reaches forward to take hold of the blonde's forearms, bouncing with excitement. "I did it, Ashley! It happened to me! My amazing plan worked. I... don't remember what it was, but it worked!" She's genuinely happy and excited, as if she just got what she wanted for her birthday.

Ashley's lips curl into a faint smile, though her worried expression still remains on her feature, "You're in..." Though before she has the time to answer, the sudden change in Namie's voice makes Ashley jumps a bit on hear seat, her body stiffening a bit as she leans back, as if expecting Namie to lunge at her for some reason.

The blonde girl seems to cower a bit, closing her eyes for a moment, until she feels Namie's touch against her forearm. For some reason, Ashley seemed a bit nervous, but she slowly seems to calm down with the girl's explanations, "Huh, really...?" She asks, puzzled, "What are you talking about...?" She asks, tilting her head to one side.

Ashley shakes her head and explains, "I don't know what it was but... For some reason, I found you unconscious in the gym's locker room, so... Hum, you were brought here in the infirmary. The nurse thinks you must have gotten sick or something..."

The explanation brings a bit of the wind out of Namie's sails, her head tilting slightly, "You did?" It's now that she actually looks over the blonde girl and studies her expression a little. "I... hm. I don't feel sick. I guess if I had a fever it could have been a really weird dream."

She lets go of Ashley's arms and taps her chin, "It's really blurry, but I remember something about fighting someone who was really, really strong. And then it felt like I was in a hospital... a really cold, icky, slippery hospital."

She stretches, reaching her arms above her head and then lays back down just in case she really is sick, "You found me? Thank you a whole bunch for getting me to the nurse's office! You know... we haven't talked to each other much, but you're a really nice person Ashley."

Ashley bites her lips, trying to cover up the holes in the story, "Huh, well, when I found you were feverishly hot... So, hum... Maybe it was some sort of dream or something..? The nurse said you should be fine, but, huh.. I want to stay and make sure,"

Ashley smiles and leans over, patting Namie's arm gently, "Maybe it was just that... A weird dream... Anyway, you do seem to be fine. The fever quickly got down when I brought you here.."

Ashley beams at Namie's thanks, giving her a radiant smile, "It's my pleasure.. It was the thing to do," The compliment makes her blush and she averts her gaze for a moment, "Ah, hum.. Thanks, Namie.. Yeah, don't think we know each other much, I'm generally surrounded by cheerleaders... All they do is gossip, gossip, rumors all day, ahah.."

"I was super hot? That's... really strange! I didn't feel sick or feverish when I came to school this morning." She concentrates for several long moments, and then shakes her head a bit. "It's really hard to try and remember what it was. There was something about scalding hot water, and a bunch of steam..?" She looks down at her arms where she remembers some burns, but when she looks there's nothing but nice healthy skin. "A dream... yeah, I think maybe you're right. Some kind of really weird dream."

She looks back to Ashley when she smiles like that, her own smile showing again. "You're friends with Ayumi, right? She does like to keep on top of the latest rumors! The problem is by the time she gets them they're so distorted you don't know what you can trust. That's why I like to get my information straight from the horse's mouth!" She grins a little to her fellow Taiyo student, "She doesn't have any patience for me since I won't spill the beans."

She gives a little shake of her head, then and is clearly contemplating something as she looks at Ashley, "Enough about her, though. You seem pretty nice to be surrounded by a bunch of gossipers, staying with me to make sure I'm okay like this. Especially after they were mean to you." Her nose wrinkles a bit before she laughs and admits, "I didn't have a date for prom, either. It's not such a big deal." She then beams brightly, "I can see why they wanted you on the cheerleader squad, though. A cute blonde girl definitely helps their image!" Her smile turns into a slightly teasing grin after the compliment.

Ashley's lips curl into a smile. Good, good -- it seems she has at least managed to convince her that those weirds thought she might have had were just due to a weird dream and because of fever. At least, she believes so, for the time being.

Ashley nods her head to Namie, "Yeah... Ayumi's my friend," Though something in Ashley's voice makes it sound more like they're friend by default than anything else. She gives a shrug of her shoulder and she says, "I don't see what's so fun about gossips.. I mean, most of the time it just seems mean and harmful, like... If it can be used in ways to hurt and mock people," At the very least, the experience she has had with the cheerleaders taught her that much.

The thought about the ball makes her bite her lips and blush. She turns her gaze away, "Hum! Well, I don't see what's fun in the prom anyway," Ashley admits, "I was a cheerleader back in my old school, so, it kinda felt natural. The girls all think I'm great, so... But I've had a hard time getting used to.. The gang and all," Ashley admits, waving her hand up dismissingly.

Ashley hums softly, averting her gaze from Namie, as if she was searching for the proper words to say what she wanted, "Hum... if you want," She says, with a soft and meek intonation, ".. Maybe we could do something, after classes? When you'll feel better and all, of course!" Ashley adds.

Namie takes in a breath and lets it out in a little sigh, "I understand it- it's really fun knowing things about other people. I don't understand the part about trying to use it to be cruel to them, though. I mean, I'll totally tease someone if I find something out but more to embarrass them a little when we're alone than try to make them cry. That part I don't get."

She's about to make a comment when Ashley negates her need to do so, the invitation bringing a bright smile to her face, "I'd like that! To be honest, I feel fine right now... I'll have to talk to the Nurse and see if she wants me to take it easy." As for the prom? "I mean, part of it is just getting a chance to be close to someone you have a crush on, but some people use it as a way to 'prove' their social status by showing up with the most popular guys and girls. I think they're the exception, but it's pretty important to them." She gives a little shrug. "I'm glad you don't see it that way."

Ashley nods her head slowly and she rises up from her seat, "Alright... I'll let you talk with the nurse... It's late after school, so, hum.. I think I'd better leave you with her," Ashley bites her lips and she lowers her gaze. She glances around, as if to make sure no one was around before she says, "Want to know a secret?" Ashley says.

She leans over and she whispers softly, "I, huh... Actually asked two boys out for the prom but... It really didn't end well," Ashley says with a nod. The thought seems to sadden Ashley a little though, "In the end.. That prom was more of a way to get farther away from anyone," Ashley admits.

She shakes her head and waves her hand to Namie, "See you around tomorrow, Namie... Take care of yourself for now," She says, "I'll get the nurse for you,"

Namie nods softly, looking away for a moment while hoping she won't be forced to take it easy for too long. "Okay..." The mention of secrets perks her up significantly, and she smiles happily, "Always!" She gives a comforting, "Aww," when she's told, and reaches up to pat Ashley on the shoulder a couple of times, "That's lame of them. Just remember to tell yourself that if they're foolish enough to turn you down, they obviously aren't good enough for you anyway due to bad judgment." She offers a consoling smile, hoping to cheer her up a little bit.

"Yep! I'll see you at school tomorrow. Thanks for getting the nurse... and for everything else, too." She lifts her hand and waves back, lowing it only once Ashley is out of sight.

Then she lays there thinking about what happened, to hold onto those figments of dreamlike memory she still has, feeling as if she's trying to grasp at clouds, fingers slipping through as if they're not even there. "Dreams, huh? Someone is giving a bunch of students the same dream after they've passed out. ...I wonder why?"

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