Ninon - Art Project

Description: For their art project, several Gedo High students are given some crummy old cameras and told to go out to find examples of the beauty of nature. A few of them take creative liberties with their interpretation of 'natural' and 'beauty'. It ends as well as can be expected.

Art class sucks.

Even worse, they've been given those archaic cameras so they could do some photo shooting and take various pictures of nature. As of sort, a group of Gedo High students are on the loose during their art class, being loud and what not, going over the park until they notice Seijyun High. The 'all girl' school, no boy allowed.

Of course, with delinquent boys like this trio, all it takes for them to do something is to forbid them from doing it. They can't go on the school ground? Perfect! Sounds like a great idea!

"Oooh! I know guys, we'll so get some pictures of the girls changing there! We'll show that teacher about 'nature's beauty' ahahah!" That's all it needs. A stupid idea, with stupid people to encourage it and there goes an hype about it all.

They can't go through the gate? No problem, climbing up over the walls of the school isn't much of a problem for them. "Aww man, that's the best idea you've ever had.."

How long will it be before they get the security guards on their ass? Probably not too long, but they're on a mission to get some nice photos of the sexiest girl... And hopefully, in the skimpiest clothings they can find. Three students with questionable fashion senses, piercings and studs, definately not the kind of person who'd want to meet in a dark alley.

%Ironically, while the sheer size of the school grounds and its surrounding park and well-kept lawn would normally have provided little cover for anyone foolish enough to risk the wrath of the wealthy families whose children populate its esteemed halls, the sheer amount of extravagant ornamentation provides ample obstacles which they might use to slink about. Dozens of trees and carefully trimmed bushes form a hedgework maze around the perimeter near the dormitories while concrete pathways wind in and out amongst the gardens and small plazas and while the occasional security guard or camera can be found here and there, the coverage is hardly complete.

Such things are hardly on the minds of the girls who live here. One of the benefits of being a member of the elite upper class, or the rich atleast, is a freedom from simple worries like the sanctity of their home. A mixture of lilting female voices drifts out of the open window on the side of one of the larger buildings near the back of the premises. Large fancy lettering on its side proudly proclaims that it is the Seijyun High Gymnasium.

Within, students are going about their daily regime of physical activity, some very high class and proper things such as badminton, croquet, and lacross, while other more sporty girls engage in the usual fare of basketball, volleyball, and running. The scuffle of noise from the main room echoes in a distant fashion through the various doors and other openings but the clatter of opening lockers and running water from the small changing room is likely a far more enticing draw.

Ninon sighs as she steps out of the shower, once more free of the dirt and grime of prolonged effort. Such activity is enjoyable to her in small doses but her sleight physique isn't made for the kinds of rigorous exercise necessary to maintain a toned body to rival some of the more enthusiastic students. She's a doll - small and pretty and fragile and meant to be treated with care.

She idly rubs a towel against the side of her head as she stalks back towards the small niche in the far corner containing her locker. It is not by accident that she took up residence as far away from the center area as possible; her desire to intermingle with the other students ranges from fleeting to non-existant and the feeling is generally mutual. After all, who would willingly associate with a self-proclaimed witch?

The fact that Mignon is usually glued to her hips most fo the day might also be part of it. The suffering of being in that girl's presence is something she tries to contain to herself as often as possible, as if she somehow feels responsible for the overwhelming buffoonery that comes with it. Blissfully, her sister is elsewhere today, granting her a small but well-appreciated repreive.

Ninon allows the towel to drape loosely down around her neck, the two ends falling modestly over her slight chest, but she remains otherwise unclothed as she takes a seat on the cushioned bench before her locker and begins to carefully withdraw the small mountain of cloth that comprises her elaborate dress, setting them out piece by piece.

Atleast half a dozen other girls wander around the room chatting amonst themselves in various states of undress, some in the midst of disrobing to shower while others prepare themselves for their next class. Plenty of subjects for today's special art project.

Art is one of the few school classes that Rina O'Reilly actually kind of enjoys. Over the years, art, like music, has been one of the most influential ways a single individual could 'stick it to The Man' or raise awareness about social issues and inequality. Heck, she even does art projects of her own in her spare time... not that those projects are exactly classic material, or appreciated by most viewers. Neon green is the most misunderstood of colours, after all.

All that said, as much as she may like art, it's still way too nice a day to be wasting class time doing... class stuff. And so, in the western side of the Southtown park, not far outside the walls of Seijyun High, she's spending time ostensibly meant to be snapping pictures for Art class instead sitting on one of the branches of a tree, munching on an apple, her skates hanging down over the path below. She's dressed in blue jean shorts and a black tank top, along with a blue and red Rockets cap and her usual protective skating gear (notably lacking a helmet - as always - which may explain a few things). The only thing unusual about her current get-up is the addition of one of those old school cameras from the Gedo art department hanging around her neck along with her shoulder bag.

"Huh. Wonder what those guys are up to," she muses with a mouthful of apple to no one in particular as she notices the Gedo students climbing the wall into Seijyun.

As preparations for a possible Outworld invasion continue, the Sin Eater has decided to remain in Southtown for a while longer to ensure that no one else is wary of the things that are about to come. It troubled him greatly that only he and a Darkstalker were privy to the coming of the original Guardian of Earth, something was not quite right and he knew it.

Fate would have it that as Nightwolf continued patrolling the streets in search for possible allies or enemies, his Sin Eater nature would get a small reading of decidedly bad intent in the area. It was minor, it felt like some youngsters up to no good mischief, but Nightwolf knows the folly of altruism, and just because he is preparing for what could possibly a world shattering event he's not going to ignore the little things. Might as well, because he also knows that little things can lead to bigger ones.

The Apache follows the signature and sure enough he arrives just in time to see three boys with Gedo High uniforms (if you can call them that) jump over the All Girls School's wall. Oh boy, that is going to be a disaster and the last thing Nightwolf needs right now is more evil energy to fuel the Darkstalkers. He better do something.

Realizing that a grown man climbing over the Seijyun high wall would bring all kinds of wrong implications, Nightwolf 'cheats' and calls to his totem to turn himself into a wolf. Chasing after the trio of students, all the security cameras will see along with any possible onlookers (like Rocket) would be a wolf dashing after the Gedo trio and jumping clear over the wall in hot pursuit.

There were a few other Gedo Students roaming in the park nearby who had yet to have the brilliant idea of lurking into Seijyun High's school ground. It hadn't crossed Daigo's mind. Unlike what one would expect from Daigo, he found this project to be greatly interesting. Communing with nature, learning to appreciate the silent beauty and serenity it had to give through its various scenery. It reached out the tall man's softer side who took pleasure in observing the trees, small critters and life in general.

As he spots Rocket hanging on a branch, Daigo can't help but smile as he lifts his old camera and takes a few shots of her while she has her gaze away and is not suspecting anything. Others are up to no good? Bah, he could careless now, they could do whatever they wanted... And they'll get the trouble that comes with it. Though he does glance in the school's direction after his shots. He had to say he was a bit curious as well...

Meanwhile, on the other side of the wall, with the three Gedo Students...

Once they've managed to jump on the other side, the trio moves along swiftly and rapidly, aiming to find a good spot for the best photos they could. "Oh man! Look at that!" Shouts one of the boy, "That's the El Dorado! Ahahah!! The girl's locker room!" He had pushed a crate over one of the school's wall, climbed atop of it so he could sneak up a view from a window that was high-up. Lucky him! Straight into the girl's locker room!

Of course, the boy starts taking up photos like crazy. Perhaps no one would have noticed... At least, if it weren't for one of the boy noticing the wolf leaping right over the wall and dashing toward them. He screams out loud, high-pitched fright, almost like a girl, "Wolf!!" He shouts on the top of his lung as he quickly skids around and tries to dash away, "Run for your lives!!"

"What the hell!?" Shouts the two other students, "Scramble!!" They thought some crazy girls would have spotted them and they'd have to run away from one, not some hungry and angry wolf. The two other students try to run as well, caught in panic.

The girls in the lockeroom fail to notice the arrival of their new audience at first. The window is fairly high set in the wall to prevent someone merely walking by from accidentally getting an eyefull but that also means that the occupants aren't very likely to look up in its direction without a good reason. None of those present are self-conscious enough to be nervously casting glances around in the minor chance that someone could be watching.

In the short time that they have before the shape-shifting guardian bounds after them, the boy with the camera captures quite a few choice shots. Most of the girls are pretty average looking, as far as Seijyun students go, but atleast a couple of the more attractive and 'gifted' students are captured in all their natural glory. These guys are going to be very popular when they get back.

Fortunately, Ninon's seat in the corner saves her from the worst of such indignity. With her back to the window and the towel around her neck, nothing more than a few shots of her pale white skin make it into the album. Also unlike the other girls present, she isn't distracted by idle conversation or wearing headphones; she notices the scraping of the box being moved outside and the faint click-click-click of the camera shuttering going off in a mad frenzy.

Rather than create a panic by pointing this fact out to the others, she simply goes about her work as if nothing were happening. Such commotion wouldn't serve her in any way - and the possibility that such debasing photographs of the girls present, many who insult and mock her on a regular basis for her perculiarities, might circulate about the school system is indeed a tragedy. Really, she might even shed a tear or something.

It isn't until one of the students begins to yell frantically about a wolf that her curiosity piques. Wolves don't come to places like this, not natural ones anyways. Ofcourse, it could just be one of the dogs that the guards bring on occasion for extra security - people are quite fond of overexaggeration, after all. Just incase, however, she extends her magical senses beyond the wall.

The old medicine man's aura glows like a torch in the darkness and she actually gasps in surprise at actually /finding/ something unnatural lurking nearby. Such individuals rarely ventured beyond their own realms or places of power. So what is he doing /here/?

Ninon chews the edge of her lip for a moment then hurriedly slips into her panties and tosses a loose shirt lying nearby over her head. The difference in size between herself and its owner is such that it manages to serve for a short skirt. A stiff breeze is going to give people an eye-full but that's less important to her than catching up with whatever has roamed into her territory before it manages to leave, or worse, harm someone.

"Le Olam, amen!"

The small girl mutters a spell under her breath and the world melts into a blur of energy and color around her for a split second. She feels herself moving, sliding through the air like a spec of dust on the wind, before reality reasserts itself around her once more. Ninon hovers a few inches off the ground briefly as her body reforms, dropping onto her bare feet in the grass when gravity kicks in a moment later.

Instantly, she turns and begins to sweep the area with an expression that looks somehow manages to look bored despite her rush. It doesn't take long to locate the crashing sounds of racing feet, both human and animal as the students dash away in their hurry to escape the massive shaggy creature that pursues them.

"Huh... it really is a wolf. Or... it looks like one, atleast."

One of Rocket's brows arches slightly, her chewing stopping briefly as she catches sight of the wolf running toward the wall leading into Seijyun High. "What the fuck?" Since when do wolves chase school students around the park? And more importantly, why wasn't she ready to get a picture of it with her camera?? She swallows and takes one more big bite out of the apple before tossing it half-eaten over her shoulder - it may or may not be aimed at Daigo's head - then quickly brings up the camera to try and snap a shot of the wolf before it vanishes over the wall.

Too late, though. All she gets is what may be the tip of the wolf's tail disappearing over the wall. Or maybe the top of a tree. The camera's pretty shitty, so it's kind of hard to tell. Muttering a few curses, she drapes the camera back over her neck and scoots over to the trunk of the tree, latching onto it with her gloves and padded knees before sliding down to the ground. Skating quickly across the path then trodding onto the green beside the barrier around the girl's school, she stops short when she realises how high it is. She looks this way and that for a solution before finally turning fully around and spotting Daigo. Her face lights up. Perfect!

"Yo, Daigo-san! Give me a boost! I wanna get a shot of that wolf!"

Meanwhile, there's screaming on the other side of the wall, but Rocket probably doesn't notice it because of her headphones. That's the only explanation for getting a picture of the wolf being her first concern here, right?

The answer to since when do wolves ever come to this area is quite simple. They don't, wolves, and this particular breed, should be extinct in Japan. That, however, is something only that one who is well versed in wildlife would know and it would also require them to have taken a good look at it before it jumped over a wall. So far it looks like its either one and the other, and considering that this wolf seems capable of accomplishing unnatural deeds such as jumping over 8 feet walls in one bound, practical knowledge of wolves may not be that helpful here.

Inside the school grounds its literal chaos, with the large wolf chasing after the trio of students amidst possible clamor of any Seijyun high locals that might have noticed. The wolf seems unnaturally fast even for a creature of its kind. It dashes right past the trio of fleeing students to try and get in front of them. Then it snarls ferociously and purposely misses a pounce on them.

It's trying to herd them out of the school, not attacking them. Though of course, onlookers and the Gedo trio in particular, will probably not be aware of this fact.

Nightwolf's senses work just as well when he is in wolf form as when he is in human form. His ears lift when a spell is cast within the school, warning him that there might be a Darkstalker like presence nearby. Very unexpected, and Nightwolf doesn't appreciate surprises in this job, because they tend to be fatal.

His doubts are somewhat dispelled when he spots Ninon teleporting out into the courtyard to witness the event and recognizes her as a Witch. Just as she can tell there is something not quite right with the wolf, Nightwolf too can tell this is no ordinary girl. Although unsure of the nature of this girl, Nightwolf can at least be certain that there is not a lot of darkness in her soul. He can trust a fellow mystic like her in a pitch like this.

If herding doesn't work with these Gedo students something else will. The skinwalker leaps at one of them to bite down on the collar of his shirt and drags him towards Ninon's feet, he figures she'll know what to do with them. Watchers might even get the impression that the large dog assaulting the boys might belong to her.

Daigo arches a brow and he slowly makes his way toward Rocket. He seems to consider it, frowning a bit, but when he hears the students shout on the other side, Daigo presses his back against the wall and he offers his hands for Rocket to put her skate into. As soon as she's there, he'd use his strength to give her a swing and literally throw her off over the wall... Hopefully she knows how to land on her feet once she's across the wall...

As for Daigo? Well he's not going to leave Rocket there on her own. He takes a few steps back after and leaps at the wall, kicking himself up and holding into the ledge. He uses his strength to force himself up over it and jumps on the other side.

As for the trio of Gedo Students out there... They're more busy screaming and flailing their arms around like crazy. They're running for their lives in all directions trying to avoid the wolf who must have been trying to eat them alive. For all they care, they had a nasty beasts on their tails and they just wanted to get the hell out alive or hope someone could stop him.

When the wolf finally manages to gets its fangs into the collar of one of the boy, he claws at the ground and looks up at the other, "Gasp! Help me, don't let this demon beast devour me!!"

The two other students look at each other. Nah, they're not going to risk their life for him. Such is the law of Gedo, survival of the fittest. Perfect timing for them to run away back toward the wall and make an escape!

Ninon watches the chaos with all the emotion of a statue, her face an impassive mask of detached boredom and pointed disinterest. If looking unconcerned with the world around a person were an art form, she would be a master practitioner. The events that unfold before her a little more than another page in the book of her life, one that holds only a mild level of excitement above and beyond the usual if one were to go by the look has.

Anyone who knows her a little better, however, would recognize the telltale signs behind the silent stare. Her eyes blaze with a cold fire, the brilliant violet hues within shifting and swirling in a fluid whirlpool as magic flows through her body in preparation for whatever may come of this. The arrival of two new presences within the grounds behind her registers at the back of her senses, a faint tingling of conscious thought, but she ignores both Rocket and Daigo at the moment.

Instead, her attention remains focused on the wolf. She stares at the creature with a penetrating gaze, assessing and watching as it drags the still thrashing form of the ringleader behind the little peeping session. The girl remains motionless until the boy is deposited at her feet, only then casually lifting a hand to brush an errant strand of wispy silver away from her face with a dainty and measured gesture.

"A present...?", she muses out loud.

Ninon's voice is a soft and delicate thing like the rest of her, hardly a whisper of sound and yet it carries clear and strong on the wind, like a dark and ominous undercurrent. She ignores the terrified student entirely, keeping her eyes locked with the wolf for several long seconds.

"...are you here... to play fetch?"

Rocket had only been planning on popping up over the wall enough to snap some pictures, so when Daigo props her up, she has her hands on her camera, ready to get a shot of the man-eating monster wolf. The boost is a bit more than she expected, though, and Rocket ends up being launched over the wall, letting go of the camera and flailing her arms as Daigo tosses her.


She ends up landing on her ass inside the Seijyun school grounds, grunting in annoyance and pain. When Daigo lands beside her, she smacks him across the knee. Probably not hard enough to really hurt the gang leader, but enough to make her derision clear.

"I just wanted you to prop me up so I could get a better shot! If I wanted to be launched into orbit I would've started counting backward!"

Her annoyance seems to be quickly forgotten as she spots the other two Gedo students running toward them, and behind them, a wolf apparently going for the throat of the third??

"Holy shit, you guys are dumbasses. What'd you go and pick a fight with a friggin' wolf for?!"

She scrambles to her skates after chiding them. Then, she does the sane and logical thing and starts across the grass on her wheels, heading toward the beleaguered student. After all, picking a fight with a wolf may make /those guys/ dumbasses, but in her case it makes her a hero.

It may be a fine line between the two.

The wolf releases its jaws from the frightened student once he prey at Ninon's feet. Cowering with fear as he is, it is unlikely that the student might try to make a run for it, not when he knows that there is a wolf looming over him ready to snap its jaws down on his head. The canine rears his head up and ears flick towards the sound of the other two students rushing to the wall. Good, it looks like they took the hint to get the hell out of here. With one of them restrained and the other fleeing, Nightwolf thinks that he might prevented any lasting damage to either party.

It is only when Ninon speaks to him that he moves his focus away from the Gedo students and up to the witch girl. The wolf stares right back with uncanny intelligence for a wild creature, Ninon will know for sure that this wolf is understanding what she's saying. The animal even does a very human like gesture and looks both ways, trying to see if there's anyone who might be watching.

Seeing that there are no more uninvited guests as of yet, the wolf prowls slowly around Ninon as if to try to hide behind her, the wolfish eyes still looking up, never breaking eye contact. Then the snout opens and though it looks like the wolf is just letting his tongue hang, Ninon will hear words. They come softly, enough so that the cowering student on the ground does not hear them.

"No." Says the wolf. "This is your domain, Sorceress. Deal with them in a proper manner."

Ears flick again and Nightwolf is alerted of yet more presences coming over the wall. He does not sense mischievous intentions from Daigo and Rocket, which means they are probably here just to rescue their fellow students. Having no need to deal with those with good in their heart, Nightwolf dashes away from Ninon and Rocket to escape.

Daigo lands by Rocket's side with a loud thud, his knees bending slightly to absorb the impact. The tall man blinks and glances down at Rocket when she smacks his knee more out of frustration than anything else. His lips curl into an amused smile and he laughs, offering her a hand to help her get on her feet.

"Like Rocket wouldn't want to go sky high, huh?" Daigo replies, "Try to be more clear next time," He lifts his gaze up, just in time to see the wolf dashes away, Daigo lifts his camera up in an attempt to snap a shot at it. Even if the wolf was about to attack someone, Daigo's not fast enough to try and run after the beast. He can only hope he might get a good shot out of it.

Once the wolf ran away though, the student still seems a bit paralyzed by fear. He glances at it, then over to Rocket, "You crazy or what!? Pick a fight with a wolf!?"

Ninon does not turn follow the wolf's movements as it stalks around her. Instead, her gaze follows him as far as it can without shifting her stance and then turns outwards to the empty space before her. Her gaze becomes glassy and unfocused as she draws instead upon other senses to keep track of the supernatural creature, reaching out with invisible tendrils of magic which latch onto his aura, marking him firmly in her mind.

That same power catches the faint voice that whispers up from the shaman's beastial form, amplifying his words so that she can easily make them out against the background noise. The young witch presses her lips together lightly at the curt response but before she can make further inquiries into his presence here - surely a being of such power didn't simply come to stop a handful of foolish teenagers - the wolf takes off and is gone.

She watches it leave, momentarily pondering giving chase. She could easily do so with her magic but such obvious displays of power in public would do her no good. The aura of mystery and doubt that surrounds her claims of witchcraft are one of the primary sources of fear that keeps the average fool from bothering her on a day to day basis. No reason to go shattering that shield on a whim.

With her primary interest in these proceedings now rapidly retreating, Ninon withdraws her magical energies and lets out a small sigh of released tension. Her gaze regain focus and starts to turn and walk away until a loud voice at her feet reminds her that there's a miscreant who needs dealt with. She doesn't actually care about the pictures they took, but she never passes up a good chance to enjoy the look on someone's face when she switches on the dark witchery.

Ninon slowly lowers her gaze to the crumpled form of the Gedo student, managing to turn her cold emotionless stare into something menacing and ominous as she does so. The look on her face doesn't actually change but a faint projection of the dark emotion lurking behind her cold mask extends around her in a palpable wave. The shadows seem to grow a little bit... more, their darkness intensifying despite the sun hovering high in the afternoon sky.

"Now then," she says, her voice a vague whisper of implied threat. "What shall I do... with you?"

The departing wolf keeps hold of Rocket's attention as she pushes past the retreating Gedo students. If the turf underfoot were a bit more artificial, she might give more consideration to giving chase. Running on grass with roller blades is a pain in the ass, though. At least it looks like she's managed to scare it off.

"That's right, you better run!" she yells after the departing canine before turning her attention to the student on the ground and the girl looming over him. Trudging up to them on her wheels, her chest rising and falling as she catches her breath from the sprint, she casts a glance down at the teenage boy who's still down in the grass. Huh. No blood. She pulls her headphones down to hang around her neck.

"Hey idiot, what're you still doing sitting there? That wolf didn't even scratch - oh, it's you!" The irritation in her voice is clear as the O'Reilly girl seems to recognize the teenager. "I should've known that you'd be stupid enough to pick a fight with a wolf, Sadao."

It turns out that the student who was slow enough to get caught is Sadao Kobayashi - a slightly tall and skinny guy with shoulder length coffee-brown hair, in jeans and a leather jacket, who also happens to be Rina's cousin. He also has a look on his face like he's about to wet his pants, withering under the dark witch's gaze. He looks up at Rina frantically.

"Rina-chan! You gotta help me! This chick is crazy!"

At that, Rocket turns her eyes toward Ninon, looking her up and down appraisingly, particularly taking in the long shirt that the girl is wearing. She tilts her head a little to one side. Her eyes shift back toward Sadao.

"That's rude, Sadao. You can't just barge into a mental institute and then start calling people crazy. I mean, duh, that's why they're here, right?"

Lowering his camera, Daigo remains a long moment thoughtful about this weird wolf's appearance. It's the first time he's ever actually seen a wild one... Maybe it was just a dog, who knows but still...

Daigo snaps out of his reverie when he hears Rocket and Sadao's bickering and he slowly makes his way toward them with long strides. Unlike Rocket, Daigo knew full well what this place was and how unkindly they took the intrusion of unwanted males on the area.

He rests his big hand on Rocket's shoulder and he says, "Alright, fun's over.. No more wolf, no more danger..." He glances at Ninon, from head to toes and says, "... Oh boy, I don't like where this is going," Daigo mutters under his breath.

Daigo does manage to take one good shot of the dark furred wolf dashing away. Although Nightwolf senses the desire of some of the students to chase after him, it appears that they soon become preoccupied with other things. Good, his job here is done as far as he is concerned. The wolf bounds over another wall and turns a corner.

A moment later, a dark skinned man walks out from an alley, his eyes looking over his broad shoulder in the direction of the school. He senses conflict brewing there, but that is perfectly normal considering these schools. Walking away with his thumbs tucked in his belt, the skinwalker will let these mortals be mortals and figure out the technicalities themselves.

Ninon's expression remains serene in the face of the frightened student's pleas for help from the two new arrivals. Other students from that sewer that poses as a learning institution, no doubt, judging by their attire. She supresses the urge to wrinkle her nose in distaste at being in close proximity with such filth and her distaste at being oogled by the dregs of society slowly starts to grow from a passing disinterest to actual annoyance.

"You scaled a ten foot wall topped with metal spikes, trespassed on the property of a school whose only students are members of the wealthy elite, spied upon young women while they were in the shower, and also managed to draw the ire of a being whose power defies any manner of comprehension that might exist within the block of stone you call a skull."

No indication on whether she is referring to the shaman or herself in this case - the difference is likely academic to someone like the young man at her feet. Ninon's apathetic stare begins to grow cold, a hint of emotion flickering in her eyes. The shadows around her twitch and bend unnaturally as if in response to her building wrath. A faint wind begins to rustle around her, softly at first but steadly growing in strength as it swirls around and around, setting the shirt that barely manages to cover her undergarments from casual view aflutter.

"Tell me then - which of us deserves to be labled as 'crazy'?"

The look on Sadao's face slowly churns from pants-wetting fear to abject and uncomprehending terror as the shadows around Ninon continue to defy the noon-day sun. Beads of sweat start to form on his brow as he keeps his eyes locked on Ninon's, transfixed out of both fear and desperately trying not to look up her shirt and thus further stoke the wrath of the witch. He starts to half-gibber, half-whimper, "I... I... I'm s-sorry!"

Rocket, for her part, seems unimpressed by the boy's show of cowardice. She smacks the youth upside the head. "Idiot! What kind of perv climbs a wall to check out girls in the shower? I'm telling your dad about this!"

Then, something seems to click in her brain. She looks back at Ninon, reaching up to scratch her neck under the bill of her baseball cap.

"Wait, if this is a school for rich kids and not a mental institute, then couldn't you afford some pants?"

She peers closer.

"I mean, I guess if you're rich you can dress how you want or something..."

She is apparently heedless of Daigo's attempt to evacuate from the scene.

Half of what Ninon says doesn't make any sense to Daigo -- unless she talked about her. It's obvious that the supernatural things that seems to happen around of her are impressive to say the least. When Rocket speaks up again though, Daigo presses himself against her back and he wraps one hand over her mouth to silence her before things get worses. He has no doubt he could probably crush this little schoolgirl but... There's a little shadow of a doubt in his mind about that somehow.

"Now, now, Rocket. Remember, poor people don't know jack about fashion sense," He glances at Ninon and gestures with his free hand, "It's, wow, you're really gorgeous in... This... Shirt.. Thing... Art.." His other massive hand reaches out for the collar of Sadao's shirt to force him back on his feet in front of him, almost as if he was using both him and Rocket as some kind of screen in front of him.

He then rests his hand on Sadao's shoulder and the other on Rocket's one, "Don't mind us, we were just about to leave, right guys?" He leans over and whispers to both of them, "Now just slowly back away... Steady... Together... No sudden movement or she might attack us.."

Ninon finally moves, one hand lifting up brush at the loose tangle of half-dried hair on her head in a gesture of annoyance. Her eyes slide shut in a slow and deliberate fashion and she inhales softly. This level of stupidity is bothersome to be sure but it pales in comparison to the daily dose of madness that her sister inflicts. She -could- simply ignore these fools and be on her way but every time she thinks about leaving someone else opens their mouth and says something stupid again.

"I am going to count to three. When I open my eyes," the small doll-like girl says, her voice remaining steady and measured, though traces of her displeasure creep into the tone and she does little to stop it from showing. "You will be gone. If you are not, I am going to be... very upset."

She doesn't elaborate on what making her upset will entail. Nothing she could say would ever be as effective as the things they can imagine for themselves in the void of knowledge they possess about her actual capabilities. The shadows writhe a little more for good measure though.

Rocket has her mouth open with something else terrible probably about to come out of it when suddenly it's covered by one of Daigo's massive hands. "Mmmff?!" The vocalization of her bewilderment is stifled, her green eyes widening and brows arching in surprise and confusion. She pushes back against him, struggling reflexively for a moment, before turning her head to look up at Daigo once he's moved his hands to the shoulders of Rina and her cousin. She crinkles her nose. Is that... fear, coming from Daigo?

No, wait. That smell's probably coming from Sadao.

"I think she means she's gonna open her eyes when she's done counting. Let's just bail before that wolf comes back! Plus," she adds in a rapidly-spoken stage whisper, "this chick kinda creeps me out."

Even Rocket, for all her obliviousness, can sense something unsettling about Ninon. She turns and slips Daigo's grasp to just start running for the wall to try and start scrambling up it, though she may need another boost to make it. As for Sadao... he might need to be carried. Or at least, dragged.

Fear? Never! Well, maybe a little... Who knows what sort of rituals and other horrible things they do in an all girl school. Fortunately Daigo's really good at concealing his emotions, so whether or not he's actually afraid or simply just doesn't want to mess with Ninon will remain a mystery.

When he lets go of Rocket and Sadao, Daigo heaves a sigh as he notices Sadao can barely hold himself, "Ah, come on..." He grunts as he picks the guy up and force him up over his shoulder.

Daigo rushes back toward the wall and glances up. This might be a little troublesome with all the extra weight he has to deal with, "Alright give me a hand," Daigo says as he tries to help Rocket over the edge of the wall so she can straddle it and they can give Sadao a hand to cross over. Once he'll be on the other side, Daigo shouldn't have too much trouble getting there with a similiar leap and hold like he did before.

Ninon, unfortunately, appears to have been speaking quite literally when she delivered her ultimatum. Had they made a mad dash for the gates or atleast around the nearest building then they might have broken line of sight with the witch and thus atleast put them out of -her- mind, even if such an escape route might have drawn ire from other places. Those others places don't hold the power of dark witchcraft though.


The sound of her voice drifts quite clearly across the lawn as she opens her eyes to find the trio struggling with the logistics of returning the way they came in. Ninon does not scowl or even frown at this failure to heed her extremely generous warning. She doesn't shout at them in warning or berate them. The little witch just mutters something under her breath and vanishes in a wink of dark energy.

Ninon reappears directly behind the Gedo students, her shirt-dress billowing with the magical energies that swirl around her in a miniature contained hurricane of raw primal power. Eyes glowing with inner fire, she very slowly and casually lifts her hand upwards as if pushing an invisible curtain away.


The surging chaotic winds that until now have somehow only affected the witch herself, as if they were little more than a strange illusion, the concept of power and motion without the substance of it, suddenly become very real. A tornado of raw magical wind erupts around Ninon in a shimmering vertical column of pink light, ripping upwards with enough force to uproot the grass around them and probably the students themselves along with it.


Some distance away.

Nightwolf is sitting on a bench calmly collecting his thoughts whilst eating some turkey jerky when he senses a massive explosion of dark energy coming from Seijyun High.

"I guess they resolved their differences." Mutters the shaman in mid chewing.

*munch munch*

Rocket is just precariously straddling the spiked upper wall and trying to pull her cousin over when Ninon appears below them. Fortunately, the young witch seems to be there with the intent of helping the trio resolve the issue of scaling the wall together!

By blasting them clear of it. With magic.

"Ohh fffuuuUUUuuuUUU-"

Rocket is blown skyward by the mystic whirlwind, thrown aloft by several feet, arms and legs flailing akimbo as she tumbles through the air head over skates.


And then she comes crash landing into a bush, instantly entangling herself amongst its branches as the plant breaks her fall in a way that is not at all pleasant for either party involved.

Sadao, for his part, ends up hung over one of the low branches of a nearby tree, camera dangling around his neck. He's conscious, but apparently not all there, mentally; all he seems able to do at this point is laugh nervously, his eyes wide with shock.

"What the..." Daigo whispers under his breath as he feels his feet slowly quitting the ground. He flails and squirms in the air for a moment in the moste ungraceful manner possible before the blast of energy sends him flying over the wall.

He falls on his back with a loud groan and Daigo opens his eyes finally after the impact, staring at the sky, "Huh.. And that's they thank you for trying to find their stolen panties..." Daigo says, mostly to himself. He growls as he slowly forces himself back to his feet.

He dusts himself slowly and heaves a sigh, "It's not easy being the misunderstood defender of the oppressed," Daigo says. It's hard to tell whether he's serious or not. He glances over to try and find Rocket and Sadao, "You guys alright?"

Ninon holds her hand aloft in a dainty fashion for several seconds as the magic expends itself. The winds are harsh but brief, lasting only a few seconds before their fury dies out and the air grows calm and still once more. The witch sighs in irritation at the entire ordeal, running her fingers through her messy hair.

"Reduced to taking out the garbage like a common janitor. How unsightly."

Speaking of such, it's probably time to get back inside and properly dressed. Ninon winks across the yard, teleporting in a quick burst of magical light, first to the window and then into the locker room once more. Most of the other students cleared out once they realized they were being spied on and the threat of a rampaging wolf did little to entince the others to remain.

As such, she has the place to herself, which does a little to brighten her mood. Discarding the shirt she borrowed back onto the floor where she found it, Ninon slides back onto her spot on the soft bench. She's got another hour before the afternoon sessions begin so she takes her time in preparing herself, starting with sorting out the situation with her hair.

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