Daigo - Justice shall be served : part 2

Description: After Jason has been throughoutly beaten, the Gedo High Students bring him to an abandoned warehouse to torture him to make him talk about where he kept the stolen panties... Will Jason break and finally tell them the truth!?

Southtown's River Bed near Gedo High... Definately not the sort of place you want to hang around. It feels like a desolated area, as of everyone was scared to go in there. The few buildings that are still standing in places seem abandoned or in ruins, covered with graffitis and other tags marking them as the property of various gangs in Gedo High. The perfect place for questionable activities of small gangs late at night...

The perfect place for an interrogation.

Inside an old and abandonned warehouse, Daigo and a few of his boys had prepared everything that was necessary for this. The warehouse was big and empty, some of the walls having already collapsed due to the lack of maintenance. Obviously it hadn't been in use for a few decades by the look of it. Many debris covered the ground, but somehow, it still had some electricity running in... Probably the doing of some clever yet incredibly reckless Gedo Student who managed to put the current back on.

Said current was used to power up construction lamp to give them enough light to work around the warehouse. Jason was the center of interest in the warehouse. Arms bound behind his ropes with another set of ropes currently keeping him bound on the chair they put him on.

Many objects and tools have been placed around. Construction tools and other things of the like on an old table that hardly still stood still, an old industrial tube that had been filled up with water and moved not too far away.

daigo, himself, was still recovering from his battle with Jason. He stood there silently and acted tough in front of the others, but he was obviously still injuried from the battle. Thankfully, the blood from his cut over his head had finally coagulated and he was no longer bleeding but the trail of bloods were still aparent on his face. He kept his stern and harsh expression, staring at Jason, waiting for the right moment to force him out of his slumber.

He wanted to do this alone... Or at least, without everyone in the gang, only a selected fews.

Rocket had been told to come here by Daigo. For her, it was a chance to be complete the initiation into Daigo's gang that she started by tagging up Gorin High. Once she got here, though, it had become apparent that keeping her rollerblades on would probably hurt the tone of the interrogation.

And that's why, instead of her rollerblades, Rocket's wearing her black hi-tops with rainbow light-up soles that light up as she kicks her heels against the crate she's sitting on in the background. She's also conscientious enough to keep relatively quiet, choosing instead to blow bubbles with her pink chewing gum as she watches. As usual, her headphones are playing fairly loudly - in this case, Beautiful by Social Code - but she's got them around her neck so that she doesn't miss what's being said during the interrogation.

Jason hurts.

His body hurts. He is tired. He is sore. While he was no longer bleeding, his face was still caked with blood. His nose was still obviously broken. His black and white hair, two-toned, was completely mussed up. The Taiyo High student was still in his uniform, or at least, the remains of it. Daigo had done a number of him.

It was a mistake to leave the car.

The teenager sits in the chair, slumped over. He was bound in the ropes tightly, unable to even move, or turn away. Not that it mattered, of course. Jason eyes were tightly shut, as he lays deep in unconsciousness.

He was not ready to awaken.

The few Gedo Students that were around and helped Daigo bring Jason back here stares at the setup. They weren't too sure what was going to happen next, though many figured Jason was probably going to get into a world of pain next. They grinned sadistically, some laughing a bit, "Alright Boss, what's next now, eh?" They wonder out loud, obviously quite eager for the next part.

Daigo just stands there and keeps on staring at Jason, deep in his thoughts obviously. "Leave," He says with a no-nonsense intonation.

Obviously, the other students seem quite surprised by his order. "But... But..." One of Daigo's boy stammers.

"Now," He adds with a no-nonsense intonation, not even taking a moment to look at his man in the eyes. Looks like this was serious.

Everyone starts leaving, keeping their gaze low, some whining at how they're gonna miss all the fun. He spares a sideglance toward Rocket though and says, "Not you Rocket," Obviously, he wanted her here. Her and Edge, his faithful lieutenant. He didn't want the others to witness this. Rocket didn't have to do anything in this, just witness it, much like the others he had invited to stay here.

Daigo keeps his head turned slightly, as if waiting for the others to leave, or at least be far enough before he goes on...

Time to wake up the sleeping beauty.

Alas, the kiss Jason was going to receive would be far less gentle than the ones of fairy tales. Daigo strides toward the tube filled with glacial water and he takes a bucket full of it.

He takes a few steps back to him, pouring in a sudden shove the water all over Jason's face. "Time to wake up and finish what we've started," Daigo says with a grunt at him.

When the instruction comes to leave, Rocket quirks an eyebrow a little. She'd been told to come here, and now she's supposed to go before anything's even started? She's pulling her satchel up on her shoulder and about to slide off of the crate when Daigo tells her to stay. She settles back down, sliding the gum in her mouth to her inner cheek, and pipes up.

"So you just want me to watch, right? 'Cause if you think the panty pirate needs some more roughing up..."

Her speech is a bit slurred by the presence of the gum in her mouth, but clear enough to make out. When she trails off, she emphasizes her meaning by pressing the knuckles of one gloved hand into her other.

Jason doesn't react at first, as the cold water hits him.

He just hangs there, slumped. As the water drips down from his hair and face, he slowly, slowly begins to raise his head. His eyes are shut as he brings his head straight. Slowly, he opens them, not a single element of grogginess across his face. He attempts to stand up, but finds that he is unable to leave the chair.

As he looks around, eyes narrow.

Jason's expression is blank. He twists hard, giving a burst of energy as he struggles. He tightens his blue-gloved hand, his arm trembling. The neutral expression on his face, however, does not conceal the ice in his voice, as he looks at Daigo, and stares him right in the eyes.

"Release me."

"Yes," Daigo answers to Rocket at first with a nod of his head. Though when she mentions roughing him up, Daigo turns his head in Rocket's direction and his lips curl into a faint smile. He straightens himself up a bit, if only for a moment, his chest swelling up a bit with pride. He gives her solemn nod, acknowledging to her, in case he needs it.

His intent was to see if she could withstand the things they might have to go through when it was necessary, but if she truly meant it, then Daigo had judged her rightfully.

He turns his eyes back to Jason, pondering if he'd need something more intense to wake him up, but fortunately, he slowly seems to snap out of it. There was something unsettling about Jason -- the lack of fright in his expression, his calm behaviour despite his current position and after all that happened. The way his gaze manages to meet Daigo's intimidating one even though he was bound in front of him.

It almost causes a shiver down Daigo's spine. Was he some kind of monster? Was he insensitive to all of this? "I will release you once you tell me what I want to know," Daigo states.

He takes a step foward toward him, reaching out with his massive hand for Jason's hair, tugging his head backward to expose his neck some. He leans in over and says, "You have two choices : the easy way, or the hard way... Tell me what you have done with the panties you stole and where they are!?" Daigo says. He didn't shout, but his voice became obviously louder and more powerful.

Rocket scoots forward on her crate, leaning with her elbows on her knees to get a better view of Jason's face when Daigo begins to interrogate him. As she does, her brow furrows somewhat, and her expression becomes serious. She doesn't even blow another bubble as she watches, instead opting to continue chewing thoughtfully. Staring down Daigo in a situation like that is pretty impressive - even Rocket can appreciate that.

When Daigo starts yelling about the panties, though, she suddenly bursts into snickering. Both hands come up quickly to stifle the noise, but it's probably loud enough for everyone to hear.

Jason expression remains blank.

He continues to struggle with his arms. This was different from the street where he had that fight with Daigo. This was him as a prisoner, in a war between the schools. The panty thing was clearly a political thing; Daigo's sister went to Seijyun, and she was a victim of the raid. So much was clear to the young man. But the fact remained.

He had no reason to cooperate with this scum.

Staring back at Daigo, the injured fighter keeps up his defiance. "You will release me when I tell you what you want to know?" He responds, tone soft. As Daigo grabs his hair, he turns up his nose, his brow furrowing. A proper expression now. Looking across at the snickering woman standing by, he takes in a deep breath, returning his gaze back to Daigo. And there, he gives his response, cool and calm.

"I will take the easy way."

And Jason says nothing else.

The tall man seems amused by Jason's reaction. He spares a glance in Rocket's direction than back at him. "You have my word," Daigo says with a slow nod of his head. Perhaps there was a bit of hope in all of this : it did not please to Daigo to come to such ends, but he had no choice in order to right the wrongs that had been done to the girls in Seijyun high and to his sister.

Until Jason actually speaks again. It seems to take a few seconds for Daigo to realize Jason is mocking him. Though once he realizes, his expression darkens a moment and his brows turn into a slow frown, "So be it then," He answers solemnly.

Keeping his old on Jason's hair, Daigo growls as he literally pulls him and drags him by his grip over his scalp toward the tub filled with the cold water. He drags him and his chair with it, since he's bound to it and he shoves Jason's face into the water, keeping his hand on the back of his head.

Daigo shakes his head and heaves a sigh, "Pride put in the wrong place," Daigo says with a grunt. He glances over to Rocket and then says, "This is an important lesson," Daigo says with a nod, "We're all a big family, and if someone does something to you... This is what we do to the ones who hurt members of our family,"

Daigo allows Jason some air, lifting his head up for a moment. Only a few brief seconds before he slams his head back into the water and continues his speech to Rocket, "We look up for each other, that's the number one rule of the gang."

Daigo narrows his eyes into a frown and says, "That girl... Miko, who attacked Edge?" Daigo says to Rocket, "If I ever find out she lied to me and her intentions are different than what she told me, what we've done here will seem soft compared to what I'll do to her,"

Daigo lifts Jason's head again and he glances at him, "Had enough of this?" He asks. Though he doesn't wait for an answer, he just shoves his head again in the water. Daigo heaves a sigh, as if all of this was some boring, casual work he had to do. Obviously he took no pleasure in this, but it was necessary.

Her eyes widen for a moment the first time that Daigo pushes Jason's head toward the water, but after a few moments, Rocket seems to relax again. She crosses one of her legs over the other and folds her arms across her chest as she watches, pausing for a moment to spit her gum into her palm and slap it on the back of the crate.

"This seems pretty hardcore," she remarks. "I mean, stealing panties is pretty fucked up, but like... why doesn't he just tell you? Does he -really- need those panties or something?

Her eyes flick to Jason as she asks the question, and she tilts her head a little to one side.



The laughter is probably something that can be noticed from quite some far steps away. The voice is somewhat recognizable for those that frequent the schools and their parking lots. It is a voice that is too loud and proud to be a serious gangster of any particular skill that can only belong to one teenager and one teenager alone: Edge. The psychotic broom head makes his presence known through that completely insane hilarious cackle that he's feeling like displaying at the moment.

"Baaaaaaaaaaaaad Boooooooooooy~ Come out annnnnnd plaaaaaaa-aaaaaayyyyy. o/~" Edge sing-songs this as he makes his approach. He's decked out in his usual outfit and chewsmacks at the gum he's got in his mouth as he makes his arrival. He's got one knife in one hand and is flipping it once every little step he takes. He doesn't do too much more than just wandering up to take up his place near Daigo and the violence that is bound to be going on here in just a little bit.

"Sorry, I'm late. I was sharpenin' my knives."

This was the easy way.

This is what Jason tells himself, as Daigo shakes his head. The hard way would be telling the truth. To betray his organization. Then he would be no better than K'. And to be no better than K', was to be lower than worthless. Nothing Daigo could do, Jason was convinced, was worse than what his group would do to him.

He is rewarded for his loyalty by being dunked in the water.

As he is introduced into the could water, he sputters, instinctively breathing in the water. As he chokes and gags under the drink, he is brought up for just a second, before being forced under the drink. He doesn't hear any of the conversation, hearing nothing of the Miko and what not. As he goes down again, he goes down calmer, able to fight the urge to breath the water.

He is finally kept out of the water.

Jason spits out some of the water, coughing violently. That part he was at least good at. It was just like waking up in one of his containment jars. Except so much colder. As he clears himself of the water, he stares across at the screaming teenager with the broom hair. "If-" He begins, before dunked back into the depths.

He accidentally breaths in the water again.

There was definately something up here. Jason was no normal teenager, that much was obvious. After all, who would endure such torments just for a bunch of panties? Was it so hard just to tell where they were and give them back? Did someone need them for some nefarious plan or something? The key to take over Southtown or something?

Nothing of all of this made sense.

Though Daigo had to find out. For his sister, but also to understand this Jason who proved to be a true enigma, much more than he first anticipated. Daigo gives Rocket a shrug of his shoulder, "Crazy, isn't it? Something's definately aloof here, if you want to know what I think... It shouldn't be so hard to get my sister's panties back, should it?"

He glances down at Jason as he keeps his head shoved down the water, his massive hand and strength easily able to prevent him from getting out with his struggling. "What's the secret behind those panties, I wonder..." Daigo muses out loud.

"Edge, my boy!" Daigo calls out with a wide grin as he hears his laughter and sees him coming in sight, "About time you shoved up, my hand's getting cold," Daigo says as he lifts Jason out of the water and settles him down so he's standing still on the chair, "You want to endure more of this?" Daigo asks, arching a brow, "All I want to know is where they are... Tell me what I want to know and we end this needless suffering," Daigo says.

He glances up in Edge's direction and takes a step back, "Or else, we'll be getting to the less pleasant and more damaging ways to make you speak," Daigo says, folding his arms in front of his chest.

"Yo, Wheatie," Rocket greets Edge as he arrives, uncrossing her legs and pushing herself up on the crate. "Maybe I should get you some rollerskates, they might help you get around faster." Her tone is entirely cheerful - perhaps too much so, especially considering that Edge's words about her own skates have been entirely derogatory up until this point. She then turns her eyes back to Daigo and Jason.

"Yeah, come on, dude. Why don't you just tell him where his sister's panties are? What are you gonna do, auction them online or something?" She crinkles her nose.

"Hear Ye! Hear Yo! Friends, Roman Numerals, No Country For Old Men! Lend me your ears!"

Edge has hopped up on something that's making it a little bit easier for him to tower over people in a manner that makes him seem as though he has claimed a soapbox. A second glance will show that it is just one of those street crates that are kept down here for when the Gedo gang is hanging out. Edge holds out his knife, though, pointing it in the direction of the proposed victim in all of this.

"Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury! I, Edge, call the defendant, Punk Ass Mother Fuckin' Panty Stealin' Pussy Ass Bitch, to the stand!" Edge stands up even straighter as he speaks to whomever is listening. "And by stand, I mean, the part where I ask him a buncha' questions and he don't answer and I get to stab him until he does. And maybe even a little bit afterwards." Edge waggles his eyebrows at the notion of getting to use his knives on somebody for the expressed purpose of making sure they feel pain.

"Now then. We all know why we're here. Well, most of us. Some of us are just annoying tag-a-longs that need to be gutted and hung out to dry with yesterday's cloth diapers." Edge cuts his eyes over to Rocket. "But! The rest of us actually have a reason to be here! And it's THIS MAN RIGHT HERE!" Edge hops off the egg crate and POINTS angrily in the direction of the Jasonless. When anyone gets a moment to see why Edge is pointing and not holding a knife, they'll get to see that said knife has been thrown in the direction of Nameless, clearly aimed to miss him by the briefest of margins and perhaps maybe even illicit some fear for connection purposes.

"GIVE UP THE DRAWS!!!" Edge screams, bum rushing towards Nameless in a fit of fury that will probably mean the Gedo Gang is going to have to hold him back. "THEY'RE NOT EVEN YOUR SIZE!" Snarl!

Jason won't betray his brother.

He swallows the water. It tastes foul, and like metal. He is greying out from it. But he wouldn't fall like this. He wouldn't fail. As he is ripped up from the water, he sputters again, forcing the water from his lungs. He struggles not to vomit, the water dribbling down his nose.

Jason stares at the floor, listening to Daigo's friends.

The howling, psychotic 'Edge' will be the one to try and kill him. Should try and kill him. Rocket was just a floozy, a distraction, a hanger on. Jason's mind picks through them tactically. He had to incite them though. He had to draw them out. They were either going to kill him, or they would just torture him. If Jason had to die? He would take them all with him. The glove had inched up to the teenager's elbow now. The time was now to tell them whether he would tell them the truth yet.

"I won't tell you, for a very good reason."

Jason stops talking for a moment, as if to gather his thoughts. "If you loved your family. If you really loved your sister." Jason continues, his words coming out stilted, deliberate. He looks up at Daigo, staring him in the eyes. "You'd have kill me by now. I would. But you haven't. You won't."

"That's why I know you aren't serious about any of this."

Jason pauses for a moment.

"I'd like to go home now, before you waste any more of my time."

When people asks Daigo why he keeps Edge around, he generally just silently glares at them disapprovingly. There has to be a reason why Edge is in Daigo's good grace and happens to be one of his most trusted lieutenant.

This is exactly why.

Edge's antics manage to cause Daigo's lips to curl into a faint smile he has trouble to conceal as he spares a glance in his direction.

His eyes turn back on Jason for now, allowing Edge to do the second part of the interrogation for now. However, that faint smirk that Edge managed to bring to his lips slowly fade away as Jason taunts him.

His expression darkens, his brows narrowing into a slow frown which turns into a glare. Daigo slowly unfolds his arms and takes a step closer to Jason. He lifts one hand up to Edge's shoulder, gently pulling him away from Jason and behind him, as if he was going to handle it from now on despite what he told him before.

Then all of a sudden, Daigo lets a loud, almost beastial snarl escape his throat and he hurl one of his massive hand straight for Jason's neck his fingers curling around his neck and squeezing tightly.

"You..." Daigo says, his voice trembling from the rage he tries to contain inside of him. Using his colosssal strength, Daigo lifts Jason up the ground, him along with the chair he was bound in as if it took relatively little effort to do so, "... Have /NO/ idea," The man shouts louder, his intonation obviously not controlled as he rises him up higher and higher, until he almost extends his arm up all the way, "What I am capable of for her!!"

Daigo grits his teeth, his facial expression twisted by anger... No, rage as he glares at Nameless. His fingers tighten around Jason's neck, "All I have to do..." Daigo says with a growl, "Would be to crush you with my bare hands!!"

His fingers keep on tightening. His arm and hand shakes from the rage he feels. How could he dare? To say that he wouldn't go to no end to defend his sister, his only remaining family. How could he dare!?

It's all Daigo needed to do... Keep on pressing... Pressing until he's break his throat, snap his neck. His powerful hands on his slender neck, he was vulnerable and there would be nothing he could do. If he truly wanted, he could take his life away. All of this for what...? Some panties? Was it really worth it?

A simple thought about his sister crosses his mind through this flash of rage, allowing him a moment of lucidity. His grip slowly flaters, loosening up enough for Jason to breath again, hopefully just in time. The rage slowly quits Daigo's features and his arm slowly lowers...

This is definately not what Akira would want her brother to become. A murderer, and all of this for her sake.

Daigo growls and throws Jason away like some rag doll. The goliath turns on his heels and closes his eyes, taking a deep breath. His arm slowly falls down to his side as he tries to regain his inner focus, probably thinking of a better place.

"You're right about one thing, Jason. I won't kill you tonight... Because I know that's not what my sister would want me to do," Daigo says calmly. He glances over his shoulder and adds, "Not for some pair of panties,"

Daigo glances over to Edge and Rocket and says, "Take him off this chair. Not killing him doesn't mean we won't do all we can to make him talk. Take off his jacket and all his clothes from waist up, we're going to chain his arms up and we'll see if he's still as calm when Edge starts slicing his flesh,"

Rocket appears to be entertained by Edge's speech, grinning as she reaches into her satchel for a candy bar. She's in the middle of unwrapping the snack when Edge not-so-subtly singles her out. She sends a glare his way, raising the chocolate bar toward her mouth as if to take a bite, but discreetly making a rather rude gesture involving her tongue in her cheek at the blonde-haired knife nut instead.

As Jason starts talking back to Daigo, she finally takes a bite of the candy bar and chews. This is good. But why is Jason putting up such a fight over this thing with the panties? In her mind, all this drama points to a suspicion she has: that it's all an act, on both sides. Daigo probably does this kind of thing all the time to show new recruits how hardcore his gang is. In any case, she'll just have her snack and enjoy the show...

And play along, once Daigo calls for her help. She half-wraps the candy bar back up and sets it down on the crate, scooting off her butt and onto her feet, then practically skips up to the side of the chair. She puts her hands on the arm of the chair and leans in close, her brow creasing as she looks directly into Jason's eyes, sizing him up. She waits for Edge to be the one to actually start getting the guy out of the chair.

"Hey, you. What do you even want with the panties, anyway?"

Daigo pokes Edge.

"Whoa. Hey now. I'm the cutter not the stripper. Nope. Somebody else get up close and personal with Mr. McPanty Stealer."

Edge keeps his knives in his hands and holds them up with the lure of innocence. He seems to be not exactly willing to go the extra mile when it comes to all this torture stuff. He's more okay with the blood and the violence than he is the movement of the victim and the stripping of the clothes. Besides, he's Daigo's freaking Right Hand Man. He shouldn't have to be a part of the menial roles in torture! That's what the new blood is for!

"Hurry up, Skate Upton!" Edge motions for Rocket to get to handling all of this business, before he starts with the grinding of of a pair of knives together. He strikes them once and then twice and eventually a spark even pops between them. Edge grins and makes sure to be looking at Jasonless the entire time that he's playing with his knives. "Ya' wanna' know what I love 'bout torturin' idiots that don't wanna' talk? Well, okay, let's be honest here. I'm gonna' love every fuckin' minute of it. From the cuttin' to the carvin' to choosin' which blade I'm gonna' use. It's all gonna' be fun to me! But no, my favoritest part in the whole wide world is gonna' be the look on your face when you realize everything that I'm doin' is your fault. That stupid ass realization that you're the reason why you're bleedin' out. The reason why you haven't been able to catch your breath. The reason why you're slippin' in and out of consciousness. The reason that you're not gonna' die, because as much as I want to kill you, it's so much more fun to keep you alive and watch every single cut on you get infected because, let's keep it real, I don't wash these things." Edge gives one of the blades a little wave. "The slow burn towards realizing that all of this could've been avoided if you had just given Daigo what he wanted. That. THAT is what makes all this fuckin' awesome."

Edge shrugs and sighs blissfully. As if preparing to create fond memories. He grins and props his foot up on his previous soapbox of a crate. Leaning forward on his knee and just lazily handling his knives. "Man. This might actually be better than sex."

For a moment, it might have been a little death.

As Daigo lashes out, Jason doesn't break his eye-contact. His face turns red, then blue. He gags. And above all, he begins to have his throat crushed. And yet, he does not look away. He does not change his expression. And the reason was clear to him.

He believed that Daigo couldn't do it.

As Daigo releases him, he gasps for air. He might be more smug, if it wasn't for the fact he was suffocating. "I don't even want the panties. I thought the whole thing was barbaric and embarassing. But duty demands. I'll never betray my friends. And I'll never betray my family." He states, turning up his head.

"And you."

He turns towards Edge, looking at the mouthy man. He tilts his head. "You will do all that to me?" He asks, tilting his head the other way. "I'm confused. I thought you are going to hurt me." He challenges, rocking in his chair. "You all are just wasting your own times now. You think you can make me do anything by hurting me? I don't matter. None of this matter." And finally, Jason cracks a smirk.

"Only things that matter is family."

Once Rocket gets on her feet and approach Jason, Daigo turns his gaze away and lets her take him off his chair. "Bring him here," Daigo orders to Rocket. Once she'll have taken off the rope that holds him to his chair, it shouldn't be a problem to force him all the way here. If neither of them wants to take his clothings off, Daigo will rip them off with his bare hand.

Not only that, but he wants to make sure, when she'll free his arms to bind him against a set of chains that dangles from a metalic beam above them, that Jason won't try to fight his way out either.

He glances to Edge and nods to him. It's a good thing Edge would take so much pleasure into it. Daigo, on the other hand, is not sure how well he'd be able to control himself into all of this.

"What you say makes no sense," Daigo replies with a grunt, "Or if there is, enlighten me... What does a bunch of panties from highschool girls have anything to do with family?" Daigo asks, arching a brow, "Did you give them to your father or something? So he could realize some sick fantasy of his?"

Daigo shakes his head and says, "It doesn't matter, you won't answer -- but in the end, I'll make sure you've been made an example of, to make sure things like that won't happen again,"

As far as taking off Jason's shirt goes, Rocket doesn't have the same kind of hesitation as Edge does. She rolls her eyes a bit when he defers the task to her before leaning over the young man to start getting the rope tying him into the chair undone, then starts working to get the shirt off as she's been requested to. It's not that she's exceptionally eager to see Jason shirtless, she's just not bothered by any connotations.

She keeps her eyes on the guy as she does so, though. Her expression is still a bit pensive. "Hey... what if he doesn't mean, like, his actual family? Are you guys sure this guy isn't a mobster? What if he's Yakuza or something? We could get in deep shit."

Suddenly, a shower of splinters sprays the warehouse after a loafer-shod foot crashes through its aging door.

"Well!" Principal Walter Smith bellows as he lowers his foot to briskly stride through the opening. "What's this I see? An after-hours, intermural bonding exercise?!"

Since his arrival, the white-haired man has kept fairly limited open office hours; instead, time that would otherwise be spent dealing with students from behind a desk is spent roaming Gedo's halls for no apparent purpose beyond finding student business to stick his nose into. Sometimes, his interest is limited to making sure his charges are doing well; sometimes, he only lingers long enough to drop a piece of unsolicited advice before leaving.

This only offers, at best, the thinnest of explanations for his presence here tonight, of course; even the most involved educator can only be /so/ involved before the other demands of the job catch up to him.

As is the norm for him, he's wearing a dark brown, ankle-length coat with olive elbow patches over conservative attire; tonight, it's a black sweater-vest covered with faintly floral silver bursts, white dress shirt, and black slacks. And the aforementioned brown loafers, which are rapidly gathering the dust and debris polluting the warehouse's environs. "Mr. Yamada, my most challenging and knife-fixated student! Mr. Kazama, my great reformer; how /generous/ of you to welcome Ms. O'Reilly into your inner circle!"

He stops just a few feet from the bound Taiyo student; he's /fast/ for a teacher. His expression is stern and curious; there's a taut smile on his lips without a trace of mirth, though once he gets a closer look at Jason, it fades as rage begins to build within.

"Now! Who would like to speak their last words as a free student, unburdened by however much detention I decide this shameful display has earned you?" he offers as he resumes advancing. Unless he's barred from getting close enough, he'll start working on trying to undo the boy's bindings.

You could always count on family.

Just as Rocket starts the process to really tear apart Jason, the teenager jolts suddenly, shaking the chair hard. "Don't you DARE speak of our father that way!" He snaps, ripping and rocking side to side. His shirt comes off hard, as he and the chair falls over to the side. Landing on the ground hard, he readies his body for the torment that comes.

And the door is kicked in.

Jason's eyes go wide, as he sees the man that forces his way in. It was NESTS. Now, if it was anybody else in NESTS, Jason might be worried. K9999 would kill all of them, and probably Jason too. Krizalid would kill them all, and be disappointed in Jason. Kula would take them out for ice cream, but also be disappointed in Jason. But it wasn't a peer who was here to save Jason. The teenager almost bursts out a smile, as he begins to cry out.


Jason pauses.

Jason closes his eyes.


Most would probably laugh at Rocket's suggestions but Daigo doesn't. He narrows his eyes a little, his stern expression showing that he probably shares the same thought than Rocket. He nods his head slowly, "Probably..." Daigo says. He glances over at Jason and says, "It would explain why some Taiyo punk stood up to me so well, knew how to defend himself..."

After all, it was normal to see martial artists in Gedo, considering its philosophy, but Taiyo? Unlikely. "There's no normal teenager who'd actually react so calmy as he does to what we've done, like he's already gone through this kind of stuff before.. Weird, isn't it?" Daigo says. It had been on his mind for a long while and the more he thinks about it, the more he believed Jason wasn't an ordinary student.

Then all of a sudden, there's loud ruckus in the entrance of the warehouse. Daigo narrows his eyes and prepares himself for whatever just burst in. Did people come to rescue Jason? Unlikely but maybe, just maybe if Rocket was right...

He then notices the man who came in and who abruptly approaches the group. Daigo can't hide his surprise as he straightens himself up. Once the surprise fades away, his face returns to its usual stoic expression.

Daigo bows his head respectfully to the principal. What the hell was he doing here? "With all due respect, principal Smith..." Daigo says, "This is not the school ground and you have no authority over us here, at this time of the day,"

By the look and trails of dried up blood over Daigo's fight, the tall man obviously had been in a fight recently that is for sure. "However," Daigo adds, "despite your mysterious intrusion here, I think you deserve an explanation as to what is going on here,"

He glances over to Jason for a moment, wondering if anything he might say would actually have any impact, "He stole something precious to my sister, along with many other girls from another highschool. Following the principles taught to us by our school, to defend those who cannot, I have decided to retrieve the stolen goods to their owners and make an example of him. Thought a little scare would make him talk, but he seems to want to protect the stolen panties with his life.."

When Jason throws himself over onto the side while she's busying herself with getting his shirt off, Rocket's eyes narrow. "Hey! Where do you think you're going, punk?" she yells at him, tossing the shirt aside before pouncing on him while he's on the floor, straddling his chest to keep him from going anywhere. She presses her hands to the panty thief's shoulders to keep him pinned to the floor, just as the door to the warehouse is kicked open. The girl blinks a couple of times, looking over her shoulder to see Zero coming in.


Her green eyes then go a bit wide as she realises who the intruder is and what that means for her current predicament.

"Oh, shit! The principal keeps tabs on you guys even after school? That's pretty hardcore."

And then the threat of detention comes.

"Fuck! I don't really know what's going on here! I just... uhh..."

She turns her eyes down to Jason, whom she is still sat upon.


Principal Smith leans over and lays a firm hand on Rocket's shoulder and applies /just/ enough pressure to communicate that not sitting on Jason might be a good idea.

"Correct you are, Mr. Kazama," he says without looking up, "but it's only a matter of time before we /are/ on school grounds." He refrains from speaking any further, though, to listen to Daigo's story; news of the theft draws a questioning glance towards Jason, but he manages to reassert the proper levels of stern authority by the tale's end.

"Is this true?" he then wonders of the jock/clone while offering him a hand up--provided that Rocket moves at some point, anyway.

"We will, I think, need to speak about this at length--Soon. For now, though: I believe that I would like to see to it that Mr..." he pauses for a moment before just going with, "... this young man makes it back to his parents. Safely; we can resolve this issue in my office once your heads have cleared."

Jason stops the z's.

He did not want to blow anybody's cover. He had to protect him. He had to defend the Principal Smith. As Rocket straddles his chest, he doesn't react. He lets the Principal give the threat to her. And looking to Daigo, he narrows his eyes. And finally, the jock makes his sacrifice.

"It is true."

He speaks aloud. Firmly. Steadily. Honestly. "I took part in a raid against Seijyun High. We took the student's underwear. It was very humiliating. And we did it for the vital panty resources." Jason mimes guilt. "I am very sorry, and I deserve to be punished. I would much rather tell my..." He pauses. "My parents, in front of you, and let both you and them decide how I will be punished."

He mimes being ashamed of himself.

It must be disgusting to the Gedo students.

Considering that things are becoming a bit more annoying and by annoying that means that the principal(?) has showed up? Edge is more looking to Daigo than the principal since Edge is hardly ever here at school long enough to even know who the hell the principal is. He figures there must be some kind of clout if Daigo is standing down and not punching the holy shit out of this dude.


Edge cuts his eyes to the left and then back to the right before he snaps them closed and lets the knives in his hands rest loosely on his open palms. He then turns to start trying to walk away in a fashion that is most, uh, horribly dangerous. "Buuuuuuuh. Ommmmmmmmmm. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz." And some other horribly fake sound effects come from Edge's mouth as he gets his fake sleepwalking on.

See, clearly, he can't be at fault for anything that is going on here because he's just down here because he's been sleepwalking. All day. Or something. And therefore he's not responsible for his actions. Not that he has any history of sleepwalking in his file. But this just seems like the best option for getting away with this attempted torture.

If there's one thing Rocket hates, it's having someone's authority lorded over her. On the other hand, she does know when trying to fight the power isn't worth it - when it's really, really obvious, at least. So though she turns her head to scowl briefly at the hand on her shoulder, she's also quick to climb off of 'Jason', moving to make a grab for her blue jean bag and sling it over her shoulder, the soles of her shoes flashing in the colours of a neon rainbow as she does.

"It's like Daigo said. We weren't going to really do anything, Daigo just wanted to know where the panties were. Uhh, not 'cause he wants them. Well, I mean, he does want one pair, 'cause they're - uh - nevermind."

She isn't moving to scatter out of the warehouse yet, just to avoid impeding the passing of the principal or the panty-purloining prisoner. The latter receives a glare from the cyan-haired girl. She isn't big on suck-ups either, and doesn't make any attempt at hiding the contempt in her expression for the guy's sudden change of tune.

Her gaze does flick briefly to Edge, but the contempt only turns to confusion at his antics before she turns her focus back to 'Jason' and the principal.

"Until then," Daigo says to Zero, letting his words trail off. There wasn't any hint of arrogance or defiance in his voice. He glances over in Jason's direction, as well as Rocket who stands in the way of the principal. Daigo lifts his hand up and gestures to her, "Let him go," He says dismissingly.

Perhaps Daigo thought he would make their 'punishment' for those actions lesser by cooperating with the Principal. In truth, Daigo doubts he'll be able to get much more out of Jason and he didn't want to involve his comrade into deeper trouble due to his own presonal crusade.

He gives a glance over to Jason and stares at him for a moment. "Edge, Rocket..." Daigo says with a single gesture of his head for both of them to leave the warehouse. If Principal Smith took him back home, they had nothing else to do here.

Daigo turns on his heels, as if he was about to leave, but then he stops and glances back at Smith, "What a blissful coincidence you came by right at this time, in this abandonned warehouse..." Daigo glances further over to Jason. "... Though Jason would have been fine, he was totally unphased by all we did. He's got an iron will, truly..."

Daigo turns on his heels to leave, "I'll come to your office tomorrow. To resolve this with you," Daigo adds with a nod. Whatever the outcome of this would be..

Principal Smith just doesn't have any time for fake-sleeping. Just like he doesn't have time for student delinquency; he doesn't regard Jason any differently now that he's 'awake'.

That said, when Edge decides to not only go for but double-down on some version of unconsciousness as a defense, the educator/cyborg squints over at the boy for a moment before bellowing, "Hah! Fantastic! Sleepwalking should make your detention /much/ easier to bear; I'll be sure to lock the door."

With that, he turns his eyes towards Daigo while keeping a hand extended to Jason; once Rocket vacates him, the principal is happy to let that arm fall to his side. "Indeed," he says to the gang leader. "It /is/ fortunate that I came before this could escalate any further. How far were you willing--? Hm. I suppose we'll sort that out tomorrow, won't we? Hopefully, you've all learned a valuable lesson about respecting one another's property and/or space from this--/escapade/."

His eyes turn towards Jason, and while his tone softens a /little/, there's still plenty of stern authority girding it as he wonders, "How are you, son? Not too badly injured, I hope; you've made /quite/ the mess for yourself, I'm afraid."

Jason is proud of the principal.

Jason takes Principal Smith's hand with his quicksilver'd gloved hand, still surprisingly tenacious despite his abuse. Fighting to stand, he leans on him. To be saved, though, was bittersweet. But if the Principal took longer to show up... he might have had to gotten serious.

He casts a soft glance at Daigo.

He was still arrogant. He was still defiant. And now, he had his precious authority to stand by him. Coming to attention, he keeps his head high. "I am fine, Principal Smith." The teenager answers, with the utmost respect. "I was not beaten too badly. These students showed remarkably restraint." He frowns slightly, falling a bit downcast. "But yes. I have made a mess of things. But do not worry, Principal Smith."

"I've only made a mess for myself."

And so, Daigo, Rocket and Edge leaves the building. Though one day, the truth behind the panties theft will be uncovered...

And Akira will be avenged.

Jason can sleep soundly... For now.

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