Daigo - Official Invitation

Description: Just before Miko returns home, Daigo intercepts her to have a little talk with her and invite her to an old abandonned warehouse by the riverside. The kind of place where no one could hear you scream. You know... Seems legit...

School day's done. For Honoka's first two days as the mysterious transfer student 'Miko Kobayashi', she had stayed late after class. Punished for transgression against rules she didn't know about, from having not been in formal school at all the past eight years. On the plus side, acting like a dumb hick rebel won her some favor with the other students here at Gedo. On the minus side, it made her travel home to the circus immensely difficult.

Today, Miko's made sure that it's been known that her family desperately needs her home to cook dinner and whatnot. Sure, three of the boys decided to challenge her, thinking that good cooks can't fight worth a damn. They were proven wrong, of course.

But at any rate, it's not long after the final bell of the day that she's walking out the front door. Backpack slung over one shoulder, overcoat swishing with each step. She'd adopted the black Gedo uniform out of a cognizant need to express -some- sort of unity with the school, but one of the boys who called her out... well, he generously donated the coat. Starting to get cold, here in Southtown... weather's calling for snow.

Miko does seem to be in a bit of a hurry, as she rushes past the catcalls and attempted interruptions that abound in the courtyard.

New students are common in Gedo High : they tend to be delinquents of all kind and sometimes transfer students. The rough nature of this school causes the new students to be tested very rapidly. Dominate or be dominated, this is what happens here, and that is why Miko had already been challenged. A good couple of the students are desperately wanting to find meek playthings to amuse themselves, after all.

The news about this new student has been getting to Daigo's ears. Nothing happens here without coming to Daigo's ears after all. Looks like she was adapting fairly well to this place.

Unfortunately, Miko won't get to leave right away -- someone is waiting for her outside in the courtyard. Leaning against one of the wall the walls, arms folded against his chest, Daigo spares a glance over to Miko as she walks out, "I heard you've already been getting in trouble and making your place... You're getting used to this place rapidly," Daigo says.

He straightens himself and walks up toward Miko, to intercept her, "We need to talk," He says with his usual stern and serious intonation.

Miko's pace was brisk, brooking no room for discussion. Even the one who got right in her face was met with a light shove, seamlessly blending into a spin as she continues moving forward past the would-be attacker, offering him a smirk and a raised middle finger for his trouble.

But... her pace does slow down when she sees the six-and-a-half-foot Daigo boss waiting for her. Her face returns to a neutral expression as she steers closer to him -- rushing past isn't just rude, it could also endanger her escape from the school.

"... I try," she offers with a shrewd smile. "Though it's more the teachers than anything else. Apparently they think they still -run- things... who knew?"

And then she's intercepted. Brow furrowing, she lowers her voice as she talks with Daigo. "... Look, I don't know what Edge's been telling -you-, but I'm not--" She blinks, covering her mouth with a hand. "Y'know, forget I said anything, sorry. You first...?"

Daigo arches a brow and folds his arms across his chest. It seems Miko had picked his interest somehow, "There is something important I want you to witness and see tonight," Daigo says with a slow nod of his head, "In an old abandonned warehouse, we're setting something, I think you'd benefit from witnessing it," Daigo says.

He doesn't elaborate on the matter though and asks, "What about Edge?"

Something... /tonight?/ Miko's slight embarassment turns into a disappointed frown.

But she's not given room to elaborate on that point before Daigo asks for clarification on the topic she'd introduced as a throwaway. Kind of.

"... That? He... Oh. Nah. He'd just made some rather rude accusations as to -why- I was hanging around here -- nothing I can't handle, of course. Do you think he'll be a problem for you in the future?"

Still... as quick as she is to explain the situation for Daigo, her brow is still knit from the urgent topic at hand. "So let me get this straight, you want to take lil' old me to an... old, abandoned warehouse. Is this out in the countryside, too, where no one can hear?" She smirks wryly: "Maybe Edge wasn't too far off the mark then. You aren't getting the hots for me now, are you Daigo?"

If she's going to be interrupted, Miko's going to at least get -some- fun out of this exchange.

Daigo shakes his head slowly and he replies, "He hasn't forgiven you for what you've done to him, that's all. Just give him some time," It might take a lot more than just time to get on Edge's good side but still. He doesn't answer the comment about him becoming a problem, but his silent glare easily showed what was in his mind on the subject.

Her comments about the abandonned warehouse earns Miko a faint smirk. "By the riverside, near the industrial district," Daigo replies. "Where no one can hear..." He adds with his stern intonation, though the smirk betrays his teasing. Because he can't be serious, right? Right?

"I've caught someone who has wronged someone very dear to me," Daigo says, his smile fading away, "I want to show you what we do to the ones who hurt the ones we love," He states.

Miko shrugs faintly. She already said she can handle Edge -- she's proven that much -- and repeating it just won't serve a purpose. Daigo's shown that he's okay dealing with difficult people, and she'd rather not make herself one of those people if she can avoid it.

Good. Daigo -does- have a sense of humor. She was curious there. "Mm-hmm..." she assents, adjusting the fit of her uniform overcoat upon her shoulders. The guy who 'gave' it to her was close to her height, but it still hangs a bit loosely on the girl's dancer build. "... Ah. I... what time? It... might be okay, but I'll have to check with my folks. I'm... usually making dinner for them about now." Her lips press together into a tight line. "They're not doing so well these days."

"If you can free up," Daigo says with a slow nod of his head. His brows furrown gently at Miko's last words and he lifts one of his hand up to pat the girl's shoulder, "I won't hold you longer than. Family's important, go take care of them.." Daigo says. His voice softened a bit at the thought.

He lets go of Miko's shoulder and lets both of his arms drop to his side. "Around nine tonight, at the abandonned warehouse near the riverside," Daigo repeats as he continues on his way, opposite to Miko's one, back toward the schoolyard, "If your folks don't hold you back... I won't hold it against you,"

Miko smiles gratefully. She may be more of an 'advisor' of sorts to Daigo, rather than a full member of the Gedo community... but she is still glad to be treated as a person with real needs and desires rather than a number. Better treatment than the Japanese government ever allowed her.

Her placid smile grows a bit as Daigo lets her go. It's hard to be -totally- cheerful when you're being restrained, after all -- especially if (a) you're someone of Daigo's size, and (b) the young woman isn't exactly cool with people touching her -anyway-. But... she seems to have met with Daigo's favor anyway. "I... yeah. Injection time is probably the least favorite part of my day." She adopts an apologetic frown to soften the blow. "Still, thanks so much for letting me know about it. I really think this arrangement's gonna work out, Daigo! Just... y'know. Keep an eye on your new principal, okay?"

Hooking her thumb beneath her backpack strap, she cocks her head to the side as she looks back at Daigo. "Anything else before I head out?"

Daigo's stoic expression seems to soften a bit at Miko's explanations. Obviously, family was something important to him and he was empathic to Miko's pain. "I'll keep an eye out on him..." It was a new principal, was there something wrong with him? Hum.. More food for thoughts. "No, Miko, take care of yourself... And your folks,"

Miko smiles, a bit more warmly at this point. Daigo's compassion is rather comforting to her -- she's glad to be able to work that angle. As for the rest of the Gedo punks... well then. "Thanks! I really appreciate it!" chirps the decidedly -cheerful- Miko Kobayashi, offering Daigo a friendly wave as she turns back towards the gate.

She -seems- to have stopped a fight by turning around -- somehow she'd caught the eyes of both of the young boys who were fighting. And the swish of her long overcoat is enough to hypnotize them into -continuing- to watch her as she strides out.

Bother. 'Miko' gives one of the boys the subtle suggestion that perhaps he should take advantage of the other's distractedness, and -maybe- even throw a punch.

The sound of fist meeting jaw, the resultant crumble of bone and sinew, and the thud of inert body hitting the concrete that follows. Music to Honoka's ears, and more than enough to bring a smile to her face.

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