Daigo - Justice shall be served : Part 1

Description: After all the investigations have been done, Daigo finally knows who is responsible for the panties theft : Jason. Through cunning organe cone placement, Daigo brings Jason just where he wants him. The streets of Gedo. It is time for him to face the consequences of his actions. Alas, Jason is a lot more than meets the eyes... Will he end up being more than Daigo can handle?

Jason was not having a good day.

It was nothing serious. Just little nagging troubles, that were chipping away at him. It began with his night intravenous fluids being imbalanced to his seratonin, leaving the clone a little distracted and tired. After that, he had to deal with K9999 being an awful and terrible creature. And what was worse, at practice, some of the cheerleaders were laughing at him and giving him strange looks. With the seratonin levels out of whack, it was just shameful. And when he finally reached his car, his GPS was stolen!

And now there was this drive.

The black and white-haired teenager turns into the street. It was terrible. All he wanted to do was drive his little red coupe. But after pulling out of Taiyo High, his normal route home ended up being blocked by traffic cones. So he turned off, and found that his main detour was ALSO blocked off. A few wrong turns, and now, Jason was hopeleslly lost. He finally pulls into Gedo Street, keeping his speed low. He didn't even have a map in the car. Maybe...

Maybe one of the locals could help him get to Gedo Street?

After his most trusted boy had found the information Daigo wanted, all he needed to do was ask some of his more stable fellows to subtly look out for him so Daigo could prepare a good setup to take care of him with relative ease and little hassles.

The GPS? Stolen by some of his men. The construction cones? A clever way to make sure he'd go just right where he wanted him to be. It was a cleverly laid trap, something you wouldn't expect out of highschool students.

Alas, what Jason had done was unforgiveable and he deserved to be made an example for all of this. The roads have been blocked to guide him within the industrial districts, within the streets of Gedo, where Daigo and his gang reigned supreme... Once he got in with his car, there was no way out...

The streets seem relatively quiet and snow is slowly falling from the sky. After a little moment, Jason might get to see the first person since he got into this district. A tall and imposing young man wearing what seems to be a straight school and long school jacket. He is slowly walking, as if crossing the street, though he carefully has an eye out for the incoming car. Considering his speed, Jason would most likely have to hit the brakes and halt in front of him as he crosses the street.

Naturally, Jason does hit the brakes.

He doesn't sense any danger. Why would there be any danger. No, the NESTS Highschooler just looks up at the sky, not even the good sense to put the top up in the wake of the falling snow. For him, the little red coupe was just a fashion accessary. As he comes to a stop, he looks at the tall young man.

And he instinctively straightens his own posture up.

That was someone who he sensed might be trouble. He could see that he was someone powerful. But alone. Come to think of it, has Jason seen anybody else on the way here? It has been far too quiet. The teenager raises a blue-white gloved hand up to the other teenager, letting the engine idle.

"Excuse me? Do you know where I am?"

Everything he had heard of him fueled his hatred toward Jason.

From the looks of it, he was a typical highschool jock. Football star who believes the world belongs to him, who has a red coupe. Seeing all of this made Daigo's blood boils inside.

A true master of his emotions though, Daigo's face remains perfectly stern and cold : a stoic facade only betrayed by his right hand clenching into a fist and relaxing once or twice.

The tall man turns on his heels slightly to face Jason. He can see the nasty scar he has across his face, one that seems to have taken out one of his eye. With no roof and this close to him, no matter what he'd try to do, he could no escape him, Daigo was sure of this.

"Jason?" The man asks out with a deep and powerful voice. His brows furrow into a frown. He does not wait for an answer, the reaction on Jason's face might be enough to reveal he has his man, "Get out of the car now," He says with a strict authoritarian intonation. The kind that makes you believe he won't take no for an answer.

Fortunately for Jason, Daigo at least had enough honor not to give him a chance to defend himself...

As Daigo spoke Jason's name, the towering behemoth slowly approaches the car and walks by its side to get near the driver's door.

Jason now realizes something might be wrong.

He smiles at first, a big, toothy smile, as he falls him out by name. Maybe he was popular now. But as he orders him to get out of the car, the smile doesn't fade. His heart knew the truth though. Something was wrong. It might be a set up. Looking around at the street, he sighs, unbuckling his seatbelt.

Jason steps out of the car.

He stands beside the car, chest puffed out, his full Taiyo High jersey showing. He doesn't look afraid, even in the presence of the other teenager. Instead, he was defiant, chin up, eyes focused. He grips the neck of his glove with his other hand, rubbing its icy sheen warily. But as he speaks, he utters with direct, calm focus.

"I don't want any trouble."

The tall man stares at Jason, carefully studying him. His attitude : that bright smile he harbors, his defiant and almost arrogant posture even in Daigo's face.

He reminded Daigo of all the scum he fought against, like so many in Gorin and some he had to deal with in Gedo.

The burning rage inside of him twists his facial expression somewhat, causing a his lips to twich and show some of his gritting teeth.

Though perhaps he had been letting this thing affect him personally more than it should have, causing it all to shroud his judgement.

It was too late now.

"We all have to face the consequences of our actions someday, Jason," Daigo says, his voice steady and firm, showing utmost control for now in his intonation.

"You got trouble the moment you've decided to steal those panties in Seijyun High!" Unable to conceal his emotions any further, the tall man lets a shout escape his throat as he hurls his massive fist with incredible speed and strength straight for Jason's midsecton.

COMBATSYS: Daigo has started a fight here.

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Daigo            0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Nameless has joined the fight here.

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Daigo            0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0         Nameless

Jason continues to smile.

He does not believe that the tall stranger was a threat. He believed that he was a popular jock, and he had a reason. He tries to keep calm, trying to ease this angry young man from his rage. As the threatening rumble comes, Jason just looks around a bit, holding his glove. Waiting for him to finish, so he can get along on his way.

And then he mentions panties.

And Jason's face turns bright red.

Releasing his glove, he barely has time to respond. It was all overtaking him. The raid on Seijyun High. The TRUE purpose of the raid. Not for resources or goods. But for women's undergarments. And now, on Gedo Street, he was called out of his car to answer for his crimes. The stranger hurls out his massive fists into a crushing barrage into Jason's midsection.

And almost effortlessly, he catches Daigo's punches

Moving with startling agility, the jock steps back with every blow, catching every enraged blow with marvelous ease. The smile was gone from his face, he was still bright crimson. "I-I-I didn't steal any panties! I don't know what you are talking about!" He stammers, as he reaches out to seize an oncoming fist. Should he get a grip, he will unleash a smooth, efficient arm toss, to send Daigo headfirst straight to the street.

Technically, he didn't steal them!

COMBATSYS: Daigo just-defends Nameless' Strong Throw!

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Daigo            0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0         Nameless

Despite this insight of rage that had been obvious on Daigo's face when he hurled his fist in Jason's midsection, the giant is far from berserk and manages to react just as swiftly as Jason reacted to his onslaught

When his fist is seized and Jason attempts his reversal, the giant does not fight against the motion. Unfortunately, his bulk and strength allows him to hold his ground and Jason will find himself unable to lift the tall man from the ground as he braces himself behind him, spooning Jason.

So close to him, Daigo tries to turn this grapple to his advantage, his free arm wrapping up around Jason's waist and the other one wrapping around Jason's shoulder to hold on to his body. He leans over to shout into his ear, "You dare to lie in my face about this!?" Jason's blush seems proof him to him that it was his fault. "We'll see what I can do to refresh your memory!"

Daigo then lifts Jason off the ground and up in the air, throwing himself backward and arching his back rapidly to suplex Jason and slam him against the ground.

COMBATSYS: Daigo successfully hits Nameless with German Suplex.
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[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Daigo            0/-------/------=|====---\-------\0         Nameless

This was trouble.

As Nameless struggles with the massive teenager's unyielding mass, he tries to explain away the problem. "I am not lying! I never touched-" He pauses. "No, I did touch one of the panties. But let me explain-"

Daigo responds with lifting Jason in the air.

"No see-"

Daigo responds by slamming Jason into the street, cracking the ground on impact.

The atheletic boy draws in a deep breath, not letting the assault get to him. He was calm. He was focused. He did not notice a slipped disc. He did not notice the spreading bruiseon his back. Having been broken free from the slam, the NESTS teenager rises up, markingly faster than the larger teenager. "Why would you care about Seijyun High, anyways?!" He asks stoicly, winding back a foot. With a heave, he unleashes a swift kick at Daigo, attempting to strike him squarely in the knees.

He wouldn't aim for the ribs.

That would be disrespectful.

COMBATSYS: Daigo Toughs Out Nameless' Medium Kick!

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Daigo            0/-------/----===|====---\-------\0         Nameless

Once his german suplex has been completed, Daigo slowly rolls on the side and straightens himself up. He still has one knee on the ground and his arm is pressed against his other bent knee to rise up fully while Jason has already gotten back on his feet.

For some reason, it seems Daigo can prove to be quite fast when it comes to his attacks but seems rather slow when it comes to just move around when there's no eminent danger around of him.

As he slowly rises, Daigo glares at Jason. His eyes are burning with a fierce yet controlled rage. When Jason lunges back at him to kick his knee, Daigo doesn't move out of the way -- rather he embraces the charge, moving his knee right for Jason's kick, allowing him to hit him.

His bones felt like concente and his muscles just seemed to absorb a part of the blow. It was hard to know whether or not this giant man actually felt it, his whole posture and frame seemed unphased by this attack. He stood there, stalwart and steadfast against the kick, his arm reaching out quickly for Jason's leg to hold on to him and keep in close.

Daigo willingly let him hit his knee, only so he could keep him closer to him. As he moved to take the hit with his knee and momentarily grabbed Jason's leg, the man's other arm took its swing far behind him, his whole body tilting to the side to empower the wild and powerful.

The only warning Jason gets his a loud scream of fury as Daigo swings his fist and tries to smack Jason's face with the back of his fist as he swings his massive arm in his direction.

"The fact remains," Daigo states with a calm voice that betrays his inner emotions, "That you have been in possession of those panties," He adds, "And I will know no rest until I have restored them..." He says as he finally rises back up after his swing.

He says nothing about his true motives behind his desire for justice on this particular subject.

COMBATSYS: Nameless just-defends Daigo's Phoenix Backfist!

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Daigo            0/-------/-----==|====---\-------\0         Nameless

This was no ordinary teenager.

Stomping the knee, he feels like he is smashing his foot into stone. This was a fight where he might have to use his powers... if it weren't for the fact it was broad daylight, in a public street. Still, he keeps apace of the other fighter. As Daigo grips his leg, he quickly brings up both arms for the incoming fist. Catching it deftly at the wrist. Daigo might feel the surge of power from the young teenager as he stops that rip-roaring punch cold. Wheels in Jason's head turn, until finally, a response comes out.

"Are you a pervert?"

Jason furrows his brow, Utterly shocked. "Are the panties some kind of currency here? You are trying to take my panties!" He sounds almost offended and disgusted, as he releases one hand off the wrist, leaving the blue-white gloved hand on it. The other teenager might feel the chill of the icy glove. Swiftly, taking advantage of the clinch, he unleashes a series of straight punches, a one, two, three of the jabs straight at Daigo's face.

Until one of them breaks free.

COMBATSYS: Daigo blocks Nameless' Strong Punch.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Daigo            0/-------/----===|=====--\-------\0         Nameless

For some Taiyo High jock, Daigo has to admit, Jason was rather impressive. At the very least, he had been able to deflect his blows with surprising ease so far. It appears Daigo had greatly underestimated him.

Though Daigo fails to conceal his surprise when Jason asks if panties are a currency. It destabilizes him for a second, mouth agape with an obvious 'what the hell man?' look on his face. The tall man recovers just in time though, releasing his grip on Jason to defend himself, raising his arms up to block the series of rapid jabs aimed at his face. He takes a step back, allowing him to rise to his full, towering height, a step away only from Jason.

He glares back at him, "What you have done is unforgiving. I'll make an example of yourself," The man states. Taking a step foward, he brings his other leg up to deliver a roundhouse kick at Jason.

COMBATSYS: Nameless blocks Daigo's Medium Kick.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Daigo            0/-------/----===|======-\-------\0         Nameless

Jason did feel like he did something wrong.

He had no intention of pilfering several young schoolgirls panties. But if this brute thought he would take them for himself... Jason quickly comes to the conclusion that this other man would likely have much FOULER actions to do with the panties. Much more VILE actions.

The kind of stuff K9999 would do.

"You are treading dangerous waters, stranger." The young man states as he is released, the punches being blocked. As the roundhouse kick comes, Nameless steps in, bringing his gloved arm up to catch the blow with his forearm. Winding back a foot, he glowers across at his opponent. "Do yourself a favor and back down." He snaps forward his foot into a punt, attempting to land the kick squarely between Daigo's legs.

"I don't want to have to really hurt you."

COMBATSYS: Daigo endures Nameless' Medium Kick.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Daigo            0/-------/---====|======-\-------\0         Nameless

Jason is not the first one who has been attempting to kick Daigo between the legs. He does not try to move out of the way or block the incoming blow, he lets it hit his thighs and part of his groin. It causes the behemoth to wince and falter visibly for a second or two, his knees bucking some from the pain but he soon straightens himself from the shock.

Daigo prefers to stay up close like this, exchanging blows until one of them fall. Enduring this kick allows him to grasp for his collar more easily and Daigo just swing his head right for Jason's one to headbutt him with a loud grunt.

"Back down!?" Daigo shouts, "Someone has to give those girls their panties back, and make sure no more jocks like you dare to do such a thing! There won't be much of you left when I'll be through with you!"

COMBATSYS: Daigo successfully hits Nameless with Combo Grapple.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Daigo            0/-------/--=====|=======\==-----\1         Nameless

Masterful NESTS Assassination Techniques.

Landing a kick right into the bojangles, Jason unleashes one of many time-tested special moves. Against lesser men, it would simply destroy them. But Daigo had his sister's honor. He would not let his sister's honor be snorted by horny football players. He would settle it here, and now.

By knocking the shit out of Jason.

The teenager struggles to react in time, as the headbutt just explodes into his face. Blood bursts from Jason's face, as his nose is swiftly broken. Face swelling, his brow furrow, his lips neutral. "You are pushing me! Don't push me!" He snarls, his ice-gloved hand balling up into a fist. The glove twitches, and trembles for a second. A surge of heat falls over from Jason's body.


The jock thrusts his hand straight for Daigo's throat, keeping in the close quarters.

He wasn't going to take the easy way out this time.

COMBATSYS: Daigo blocks Nameless' Fierce Punch.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Daigo            0/-------/-======|=======\=------\1         Nameless

For a footplayer and a jock, Jason's reflexes and resilience were definately unsettling. Daigo had expected this to be over much more quickly. Jason was much more than meets the eyes.

Daigo quickly lifts his right hand up and blocks Jason's fist, catching it in his massive hand. He quickly jabs his other hand around Jason's head to hold him behind his skull. He then turns on his heels and pulls and twists his arm, pushing on his head with his other hand to try to hurl and down face first into the ground.

If he suceeds, Daigo will even grab Jason by the back of his jacket and forcefully lift him back up.

Something was incredibly wrong with that Jason was saying and it was casting a shadow of a doubt in Daigo's mind, "If you give me back the panties, I might consider sparring you go..." He offers.

COMBATSYS: Nameless just-defends Daigo's Power Throw!

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Daigo            0/-------/--=====|=======\=------\1         Nameless

That was why he couldn't let his full power be unleashed.

The surge of heat had died down now. He was unnatural. He was a freak. As he swiftly wipes the blood from his face with his other hand, he retracts his fist. Daigo might be beginning to realize the truth, as this teenager manages to hold his own against the godfather of Gedo High.

He was not actually a footballer.

"The panties are gone now." Jason states ice cold, his stare building into a glower. "I have delivered them. They are no longer Taiyo High. They will never been seen again." That was not true, of course. Jason probably would see it again when he had to clean up after Krizalid. He was the last person to have those panties, after all. Daigo responds by grabbing onto his skull.

He slaps aside the hand on his skull.

"If you wish to defend your honor," He begins, smacking aside the other hand that was clutching his fist."You would run away now." He continues to state flatly, throwing a fiercesome right, followed by a vicious left straight at Daigo's face. After the second punch, he brings out his right hand, attempting to lash out the ice-gloved hand on his opponents shoulder. There, it will latch on with a chill, as Jason holds him in place. To jam a fist right into his opponents abdomen...

Before throwing him into a nearby lamppost.

COMBATSYS: Daigo fails to interrupt Fierce Combo from Nameless with Phoenix Fist.
- Power fail! -

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Daigo            0/-------/=======|=======\==-----\1         Nameless

The panties are gone? Wait, what...?

Daigo blinks a bit at that information, his hands slipping from Jason as he manages to break through his grasp with remarkable agility, more than his burly hands can seem to handle.

"Where are they then!? You didn't dare sell them! What have you done with them!" After all, a lot of girl's honors were in play here. There was no way Daigo could back down at this point, not after all he had done, not with him on his turf.

The first punch seems to daze Daigo somewhat, or at least shake him enough to make him sluggish after the next move, the left punches smacking his face once more and causing a loud groan out of his throat.

Truly, he was more than meets the eyes, almost as strong as Makoto. The last fist to his abdomen causes him to flinch somewhat, giving Jason the opportunity to swing the tall man straight for the lampost.

He doesn't move out of the way and hits it head first. His weight and velocity literally causes him to bend and twist the lamppost from the impact, a loud metallic screech echoing from all of it as Daigo slightly uproots it with his body. It managed to stop his body before it would go any further but he seems obviously stunned by this.

With a grunt, Daigo tries to regain his senses, "It is no a matter of my honor, but that of the girls.." He says through gritted teeth.

Jason should have gotten back into the car.

The thought passes his mind, as he takes Daigo within his clutches. Two punches, and he was sent hurtling. This fight could be over. But that was why Jason stayed in. This fight wasn't over. If he backed down now, then others would come. No, he had to make an example of the brute.

Non-fatally, of course.

Jason strides towards Daigo calmly, blood dribbling down his face. His expression is blank. His stance is neutral. He reaches the lamppost, standing tall, looking at Daigo wordlessly. He leans back, streching his leg straight up, keeping it balanced carefully nearly perpendicular to the ground. He looks at Daigo, speaking softly.

"I don't care about the girls."

And with that, Jason brings the heel of his foot down into Daigo.

COMBATSYS: Daigo blocks Nameless' Strong Kick.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Daigo            1/-------/=======|=======\==-----\1         Nameless

Jason was not the only one bleeding -- the impact against the lamppost had left a rather nasty cut on Daigo's head and it bleed abundantly. There was always a lot of blood vessels around the head and scalp, which makes it look far worse than it actually was, but a part of his face was covered up in the trail of blood that dripped from his forehead and front of his head.

It was settled. Neither of them would stop, both had to make an example out of each other. Daigo seems to be taking a moment to recover from that last series of punches and throw, leaning on the lamppost, panting.

He glances up at Jason as he approaches. He was not done yet, but if it looked that way, it might have caused Jason to lower his guard. Daigo lifts his forearm up and blocks the axing kick from smacking his head or body.

He grits his teeth and then uses his free arm to counter with a punch aimed for Jason's midsection.

"Someone has to," Daigo retorts with a snort, "That's why I hate people like you, constantly abusing the weak and vulnerables..."

COMBATSYS: Nameless blocks Daigo's Strong Punch.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Daigo            1/-------/=======|=======\===----\1         Nameless

Daigo strikes a nerve.

Not with his punch, no. As the kick is blocked, Jason is fast to react, adjusting his stance to brace against it with his forearm. His limbs were tired, his body, sore. The bruises and breaks from that suplex, combined with his face, was grinding into him. And yet, as he catches the blow, his face contorts into anger.

"Don't you slander me!"

A flash of anger comes, and with it, a sudden surge of energy. Heat pours from his body, as his glove's surface seems to almost dance. It felt like the teenager's body was on fire, as he attempts to grab on to Daigo's extended arm. "You think I bully the weak? I am a respectable, honorable person. I didn't even know I was raiding their unmentionables! I just wanted to fit in!" Should he get that grip, he will pivot, attempting to hurl Daigo into the ground....

And then stomp on his back, right on the spine.

COMBATSYS: Daigo interrupts Combo Grapple from Nameless with 1-2 Smash.
- Power hit! -

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Daigo            1/-------/=======|=======\=====--\1         Nameless

Now it was Jason's turn to strilke a nerve.

Daigo had concern about those things. Misfits of society. He thought he and Jason had nothing in common and could never had, but perhaps he was closer to him then he thought.

"Then why is it so hard to acccept your faults and help me fix them! Don't you realize what you've done!? It is the opposite of honor, but you can make it all right again, it's not to late,"

Daigo grunts as he feels Nameless' hand grab into his shoulder and the heat that comes from his head. Alas, Daigo doesn't let him do as he pleases. He moves his arm around his, twisting it in a rather painful way.

He then takes his free hand and lets a shout, smashing his fice not once but twice into Jason's fast, letting go of his arm only when he delivers the second punch.

Whatever the outcome of this battle will be, Jason had managed to make quite a few cracks in this monolith of might. Daigo is even panting from the exertion this battle has been causing him.

An unstoppable force, meeting an unmovable object.

Jason's own grapple is countered strongly, and the teenager takes another blow to the face, and then, another. Jason was, for a moment, blinded. His face was swollen, purple, and bloodied, the three hits leaving their mark. And yet, before even his sight can return, his soft voice bites coldly.

"The moment you threatened me is when it became too late."

Tightening the grip on his ice-gloved hand, he approaches back towards Daigo. Unlike his counterpart, Jason was NOT exhausted. He had not even broken a sweat. And yet, the heat pours off his body, his gloved hand trembling. "You will never learn of the mercy I am showing you. You will never recognize the sheer restraint I am giving you." He struggles to explain. And suddenly, there is a flash. Jason blitzes toward Daigo, a blur that comes on top of him. And like a flash, his hand arcs across in a backhand, aimed straight for Daigo's face.

A finishing slap.

COMBATSYS: Daigo blocks Nameless' Aggressive Strike.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Daigo            1/-------/=======|=======\=====--\1         Nameless

In his current condition, Daigo felt a bit sluggish. He knows he was not agile, but his body ached from the blows Jaso had given him. How could he be so strong? It was a wonder...

"Then so be it!" Daigo shouts back at him, challenging him as he grits his teeth. Unlike Jason, he had been fighting without restraints. His last words seem to ring an alarm in Daigo's mind though. At the very least, make him realize that there was something very fishy here with this Jason.

His eyes widen a bit at the thought. Could it be that there is more than meets the eyes? No time for such thought though, as Jason leaps on him a blur and Daigo manages to block the slap with his massive forearm.

"We're at a stalemate... One that will only be settled by our FISTS!" With that Daigo tries to retaliate with kneeshot aimed at Jason's abdomen.

COMBATSYS: Daigo successfully hits Nameless with Medium Kick.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Daigo            1/------=/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2         Nameless

How could he be so strong?

The hidden flames kept the secret. As Jason blitzes on top of Daigo, he only manages to land a slap... on the forearm. He was too overextended now. He was in a bad position. But above all? He had not lost his focus, his calm demeanor. As Daigo lands that knee right into Jason's abdomen, his eyes goes wide. And steadily, he falls to his knees, gripping his stomach.

And he takes a deep breath.


He shoots back up, surging upright as he fires straight towards Daigo's stomach. Aiming squarely for his body, he attempts to catch him with his shoulder... to heave him on there. Should he manages to get him, Jason will pivot around, before dropping the other teenager not on the sidewalk...

But straight into the remains of the streetlamp.

COMBATSYS: Nameless successfully hits Daigo with Power Throw.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Daigo            1/----===/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2         Nameless

Daigo grunts as Jason squirms up and grabs his clothings around his stomach and his shoulder. He attempts to resist some sort of technique to get thrown off-balance but seems rather surprised as Jason manages to lift him off the ground, "What the..." He says under his breath as Jason lifts him up.

Daigo barely has the time to squirm in Jason's grasp and he's thrown helplessly against the lampost, flailing a bit in midair before his back hits the lampost and literally break it down this time.

For a moment, it almost seems like Daigo is about to stay down but the giant keeps on moving with a loud grunt. "I will not be defeated," Daigo growls, "I will avenge my sister's honor, no matter the cost!" He shouts through his gritted teeth.

Daigo rises and performs a sudden and quick jump to cover the distance toward Jason, bringing his fist down. Though he doesn't smack him, he hits the ground in front of Jason's feet so hard, manifesting a wave of chi against the ground to cause it to shatter and literally explode upward in a volley of flames and debris of all sort meant to knock Jason backward.

COMBATSYS: Nameless fails to interrupt Phoenix Fire from Daigo with Shinonome.

[                         \\\\\  <
Daigo            1/----===/=======|

COMBATSYS: Nameless can no longer fight.

[                         \\\\\  <
Daigo            1/----===/=======|

Jason stands defiant.

Standing over Daigo, he watches. Waits. His expression blank. He won't turn his back on a downed wolf until he was certain he was down. As Daigo rises once more, he just looks down at him. He was waiting. The power was surging through him. When Daigo takes to the air, he almost knows exactly what he will do. But something distracts him, pulling his attention away.

His sister's honor.

The truth hits Jason as he slides towards the pouncing Daigo. He tries to time it before he hits he ground. He ends up missing that timing. His sister's honor. The panties he found. He stole his sister's panties. Self-loathing and disgust overtake Jason in a moment, as he blast of flames and street knock him away, sending Jason flying to his red car. Smashing into its side, leaving a dent, the car's alarm goes off.

Jason does not rise up, from his prone state.

After the last blow that exploded a part of the street, Daigo slowly rises up, his eyes staring at the limp form of Jason. He stands tall and strong for a moment, but his form falters after a moment, one knee touching the ground, his left arm wrapping up around his side.

"Boss!!" Someone calls out. A few students come out of their hiding places who had watched the fight. They come to the aid of their boss, having not interfered as he asked them to.. They believed in Daigo but at the end, it almost looked like Jason might have been able to defeat him.

Two of the guys go give Daigo a hand to get him back on his feet and standing. Seeing them around seems to force Daigo into concealing some of his pain and injuries.

"Boss, what do you want us to do with him?" A third student asks. Daigo glances at him and then back at Jason, "Take him to 'the' warehouse and bring him there with his car... We're not done with him yet..." He says, trying to keep a strong face.

"I'm going to see this through the end and we'll make him speak..." He glances over his shoulder at Jason. A part of him felt sorry, after having heard a part of his story. Alas, Daigo had given him a chance to repent and get away from all of this. He declined.

He was getting what he deserved. No more second thought. "Let's go, make sure to bind his arms." Daigo adds.

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