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Description: Gedo High has a new student, Miko Kobayashi, and she's already stuck cleaning classrooms alone at the end of the day. Starting off on the right foot!

The classroom was empty, save for one girl in a Gedo uniform. Yes, some folks actually choose to wear the uniform instead of blatantly defying the school mandate. For those who don't know what the ladies are supposed to wear, the winter uniform would be all black, like the boys' uniform, but with a long-sleeved sailor-style jacket and pleated skirt instead of the bland-o-rama button-down jacket. This young woman is also wearing black leggings to match, as it's rather cold out.

The room's empty, and all the desks are shoved against one wall. One girl... to clean the whole thing. Usually at least two folks stick around, but this girl seems to have earned herself some punishment.

Her name is still written on the blackboard as well: "Miko Kobayashi."

After clearing off the desks, Miko stops to look out the window, to witness the students assembling for their daily exercises. She finds herself stopping to stare for just a bit, the bandaid on her cheek and her sky-blue eyes reflected faintly upon the pane of glass.

With a slightly irritable sigh, she turns to begin mopping the floor.

"Son of a bitch! Get him!"

"Hahahahaha! Suckers!"

The commotion that is going on in the hallway has to be something akin to a chase scene from any and all television shows. There are multiple footsteps to indicate at least three Gedo Teachers running down the hallway. The sound of them bumping into each other as they do so is what likely prompts the thought process of these being teachers. They are not exactly trained in the art of 'Catch That Kid'. And what kid would it be? Who knows. But the sound of boots seem to be order of the day as they skid and slide through the hall. The time being made a few steps ahead of the teacher pursuit.


The explosion that goes down a half-second later has to have something to do with a fire extinguisher. The sound of metal shattering and the mass spraying of CO2 fills the hallway and also the classroom in question as the door gets thrown open and in ducks the laughing bastard: Edge.

"Hahahaha. Oh shit. I can't believe that worked!" Edge flips a knife in his hand and drops to the floor, crouching next to the door and holding the knife at the ready. Through the door's glass window the CO2 spray and such seems to be all over the hall, making it slippery and difficult to see at the same time.

Edge has absolutely no idea if anybody is in this room or not. He's too busy waiting to make sure the teachers didn't see him come in here.

Miko had heard the explosions. But she keeps her cool -- that's probably just the price of attending this school, after all. Or maybe it's -every- school -- the girl hadn't been to one in eight years, how is she to know what the 'normal' high school experience is like? So she continues mopping the floor -- the sooner she finishes, the sooner she can get out for the day. She'll have to consider an excuse to get out of doing such menial labor in the future... honestly, how can kids these days -stand- such banality?

When she hears a rather -loud- sound though, Miko raises the mop in a defensive stance. Not that it is all that threatening -- but rather that having -something- in her hand is better than nothing.

And then she sees Edge barge in, cackling madly.

It would end up being him, wouldn't it.

As quiet as she is, it's no surprise the knife-wielding boy doesn't spot her. So, resting her mop head back on the floor, she toggles it back and forth between her two hands, casually saying, "I -could- scream really loud, if you want it to fail."

The bandaid on her face is right where Edge had scratched the Empress's cheek. And her hairstyle is the same -- jet black, pulled back into a bun. Main things different are the lack of sunglasses, and the lack of pants.

She -is- still holding a weapon, should Edge allow his vision to linger much on the last point, there.

Edge knows that voice. He doesn't want to know that voice. But he does. He remembers it vividly. There's a visible and audible sigh that goes through his body as he closes his eyes. "Please don't be the crazy bitch. Please don't be the crazy bitch." Edge mutters this nice and loud to himself so that whomever is saying things to him can also hear his thought process. He doesn't really mince words or hold his tongue and that's probably what keeps him in trouble all the time.

His knife gets gripped a little bit tighter and he slowly raises his head up to look off in the direction of the voice. First one eye opens. Then the other. And the moment he lays his eyes on... whatever this girl's pretending her name is these days, he's rolling them and reaching for a second knife. Because he's not sure she's not about to try and kill him again. "The hell are you doin' here? Don't you have an elsewhere to be? Get the hell outta' my school before I tell The Boss." Edge figures he might as well give the chick a chance to make herself scarce before he has to whoop up on her something fierce and make her pay for, y'know, almost killing him.

He spits on the floor. Only because he knows she just mopped it. What a jerk.

Miko narrows her eyes at Edge. Does he know he's using his out-loud voice, she wonders? Probably. She'd figured Edge to be the most challenging of any of the other Gedo students she's come across so far, and ... well, he's true to form, she'll grant him that.

"Your boss knows I've transferred here." She tactfully declines to mention the fact that he'd actually suggested the transfer.

She eyes the spit on the floor. She hadn't mopped the door yet, actually -- the door is what one mops the last if they're leaving the room, after all.

The "crazy bitch" flashes a predatory grin at Edge. "Today, you can call me Miko. I'll be here every day, so you best get used to it."

And ... just to prove she doesn't think highly of his intimidation tactics, she gets back to mopping the floor, leaving the wad of spit right where he'd left it -- there's still another two trips across the room until she gets to his spot, anyway.

She -did- just turn her back on him too. Apparently, she doesn't figure on Edge being much of a -threat-.

"Ugh. You go here now? Th' hell, man."

Edge pushes up to his feet and flips his blade around, before wandering over in the general direction of one of the desks. He falls down into it and starts carving at the desk with the blade. "Jus' when I thought school couldn't get any worse than bein' school!" Edge rolls his eyes and focuses on whatever he's carving into the desk for a little bit. He sighs and looks back up, as if he was pondering options on how to approach the next subject. "Y'know, there's like fifty schools 'round here. Ya' could easily jus' transfer t' somethin' a li'l more ya' speed! How 'bout Taiyo?! Hell, Gorin would love ya'! That bun an' everything!" Edge is probably the worst salesman at Gedo because he's more used to just bullying people into doing what he says with the threat of knives. Something tells him that won't be working with this Empress chick.

"Ya' could also jus' die. That'd work too."

Responding without a beat to Edge's suggestion to die, Miko answers, "I have taken your suggestion under advisement and... no. The answer is no." She doesn't seem terribly concerned about Edge carving on desks -- it's not like they're pristine or brand new or anything. And she's not exactly responsible for -everything- that goes on -- just the mopping.

"Besides, I can't just -tell- you my ultimate plan is to continue tormenting you at every opportunity." Beat. "Oops. Ah well. Guess you'll just have to stop sucking and actually learn how to fight me for next time, hmm?"

"Eh. There's a brightside to everything. An' now I have another reason not to come to this shit hole. Lucky you!" Edge flips his knife around and gets back to finishing up his random act of vandalism because there's really no actual method to this madness. He just likes ruining things that aren't his. Because why else would he be such a juvenile bastard?!

"If The Boss wants ya' here, then either he's got a plan, he wants to bang ya' or he's brainwashed by some punk ass pod people. Either way, no skin off my back." Edge's tone is so annoyed that sarcasm won't even be noticeable. He pops a piece of gum into his mouth and pushes up from the desk. "Welp. Ya' an' Daigo have a nice life an' all. May ya' dumbass kids be as annoyin' as ya' face is!" Edge gives a bit of a salute with his knife holding hand and moves right for the door that he just came through, only moments ago. Although, he doesn't immediately walk out. Instead, he just starts peering through the glass. Teacher Check!

"Edge, oh no, stop, you're hurting my feelings," says Miko, completely deadpan. "How can I ever continue without the endlessly annoying no-talent prick, oh what should I do..."

Miko demonstrates what she will do by continuing to mop the floor. Of which, she's just about done when Edge starts rambling on about... ungentlemanly things. "Spoken like someone who's truly jealous. Or just overcompensating."

The mop stops at Edge's feet. She notices that he's waiting for the coast to be clear -- and mops further, into said feet. "At any case, move your ass, jackface. I need to mop there."

It's quite possible she's jamming Edge's loogie right into his shoe, of note.

Edge rolls his eyes and throws open the door. Because he'd rather be on the run from his teacher than actually in the same vicinity as the crazy chick that almost killed him. Y'know, without attempting to kill her back. He'll have to wait until she's asleep or something. That way, the chances will be better. Apparently, when she's awake, she's unstoppable and Edge remembers how much so. Hell, he still has the scars.

"Whatever." He dives out into the hallway, loogie'd boot and all. "Hey! Assholes!" Edge gives a wave of his hand down the hall at the teachers. He flips the bird at them and then turns to look back inside the classroom. "Good luck with this whole janitorial shit. It suits you." Edge flicks his tongue and winks at MikHO and turns to take off running from the Three Stooges: Teacher's Edition.

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