Lee Chaolan - Birthday Surprises! Excellent!~

Description: Heihachi demands that his adopted son come up to entertain him! But imagine Lee's surprise when it is actually the time to celebrate his birthday, when he became a member of the Mishima family! Of course it still involved entertaining Heihachi. Also watch as this manages to be a launching pad for very important setting content!


That was the cry, followed by a swift swing of the golf club. The sound of a ball being struck is heard. Lee Chaolan, the silver-haired executive, stands within the boxed room, surrounded by screens all around, clutching an electronic golf club. This was no golf course, of course, but a virtual one, perfectly designed for an executive like himself to use for his time off.

And what better way to use his time off, than entertaining his newest secretary?

"Oh no, Lee~" The young brunette cries. "Another hole in one?!" Lee Chaolan turns to his assistant, giving her a wink. The executive was still in his executive suit, as he had no need to change while on the job. At least, not unless he had more pressing business on hand. "Mmmm yes~" He coos, reaching over to tickle the young lady by her chin. "It looks like this game is going..."

"... Excel-"

"Mr. Chaolan, the CEO wants to see you in his office now."

The loudspeaker's words bring the executive to a halt. He rolls his eyes, though he gives a smirk to his secretary. "I am so sorry, my dear~" He says. "I can't say no to the man upstairs!" Handing her the club, he gives he a light pat on the bottom, sending her on her way as he strides out of the virtual golf chamber. Lee Chaolan strides past the few offices that laid around the grounds. Eventually, he enters the executive elevator, and pushes the button to the top. The elevator rises, as he continues to inspect his suit carefully. Adjusting his cuffs, he takes in a deep breath, and exhales. Some day, he would not have to listen to that old coot's whimsical desires.

And on that day, he will be the one calling HIM up to his office.

The journey to the imposing office of Heihachi Mishima seems to be purposefully constructed to humble anyone that bothers. There's no direct special access; at least, that Lee Chaolan is allowed to use. He must reach the upper echelons of the gargantuan building, an entire floor devoted to a massive desk housing the most absurdly attractive female possible. Of course, she has been absolutely instructed to rebuff Lee at every turn. Conquering that obstacle to sock it to Heihachi has likely been a work in progress for some time, but it's impossible to tell whether progress is being made, or an illusion of progress is being given so as to annoy him further. Just one of many battles the pair engage in on a daily basis.
After degrading Lee Chaolan sufficiently with questions and making him wait, he's allowed by the slinky secretary -- amidst a tactical re-crossing of the legs and shift to better entice -- to the single elevator behind. Glass and chrome, with an automatic scent sprayer and a pleasingly accented voice with complex AI incorporated into the suite, it even has a massive interface for surfing the web, news, and other such functions. Of course, the elevator ride only takes about 12 seconds, making it all pointless. Especially because none of these high luxury features are anywhere ELSE in the Mishima Zaibatsu outside Heihachi's elevator.
Yet another thrust of the epee towards Lee's gut, of course.
Once arriving at the top floor, the entirety of which is devoted to Heihachi, he has to wait. For a drunken sounding old man to demand who it is. At first, he claims he didn't send for Lee Chaolan, and sends the elevator back down. Once Lee exits, the secretary would tell him Heihachi remembered what he wanted, and instruct him to go back inside. Another *ding!* and intercom battle has Heihachi wanting to know why he's being bothered AGAIN.
The elevator descends halfway, stops, and goes back up. This time the door finally opens.
Absolute decadence. Every aspect of the office is crafted with money in mind. Paintings and vases worth seven digits, a wondrous rug, and an absolutely massive desk flanked by huge glass walls. Technology abounds, of course. Small butler drones whirr to and fro. The AI voice can be heard welcoming Lee Chaolan. To the left is the sparring quarters, where a number of JACK prototypes are smashed into pancakes. That product is in late beta and will likely be seen in the military sector soon. To the right is the lounging quarters. Kuma can be seen in the hot tub, a towel on his head and a platter of the finest fish beside. THREE attendants stand in maid outfits for his every whim.
Great. Indeed, Heihachi is drunk. He's wearing a fine suit, with his favored striped coat over it. Four bottles of wine, so expensive it is a sin that they were ever drank, sit on his desk. A fifth is in his hand, shirking a glass entirely. He takes a swig as if it were rotgut vodka, coughing heavily as he stares out the window.
"God, I'm bored." he states in a gravel tone. "Do you know what it's like, to be so wildly successful your every wildest dream and ambition are met? ...Wait. Of course you don't. Hah! You were an orphan, right? One man's trash is another man's treasure... or, sometimes, they're STILL trash."
He swivels his chair, leaning up to thump the wine bottle down and peer towards Lee. "Every penny and opportunity you have is due to me... even though the one, simple, DEMAND I had taking you in was FAILED. Aren't I gracious?! EH?!"
Of course, even in this state, Heihachi could likely fold Lee in half like a suit and hang him up in a closet. In fact, he's probably far more likely to now than in his normal surly state. Now and then, within the ennui of boredom, he brings Lee up to provoke. How many decades has he tried to make Lee quit? Throw away everything given to him? Throwing him out at 18 would have been far too easy.
At least by now, the mutual war is one both sides are quite seasoned on.

The march past the woman was the worst part.

As he leaves the first elevator, he walks through the massive office floor to the single desk where -she- sat. Lee Chaolan knew who she was. What her jobs was. And yet, he could help himself. He winks at the woman, smiling charmingly. "Oh~ Hello~" He begins. But the woman simply stamps a form that is made to be stamped only when Lee chaolan shows up, and points at the door, leaning forward far too much, without a word. Lee Chaolan continues to smirk. Someday, he would win, he thinks to himself, as he enters the next elevator. He ignores the bells and whistles, as he is sent all the way up top.

And then he is sent down.

Lee Chaolan does not lose that smirk as he comes back down, just in time to see that the secretary was adjusting her top just as he leaves. And then, he is sent back into the elevator. The silver-haired executive does not lose his composure. He knew this game. He would bet money right now that Heihachi was drunk. Eventually, after the elevator goes up and down a few times, he is finally allowed to approach his adopted father, as the elevator doors open.

It was somehow even worse.

Lee Chaolan does not react, of course. Reacting negatively to Heihachi's mockery was only sweet candy to him, a treat that he would hang on to months, if not years. That is how the gauntlet of the extra came about, of course, a mere mention that Heihachi's secretary was prettier than his, and the one time he was late, and blamed the long elevator ride. He casts a glance to Kuma, who is being attended by three beautiful maids. Perhaps after he deals with Heihachi, Kuma wouldn't mind Lee to hang out with him. He might give him some hot tips on picking up Panda. Finally he comes to a halt in front of Heihachi's desk. There, he endures the verbal abuse of his adopted father. Anger in his heart lashes out, as Lee is given the opportunity to tell him just how he feels.

"Of course you are~"

Lee Chaolan bows his head, showing his adopted father the fullest sincerity of his loyalty. He keeps his head low, continueing his shameless brownnosing. "You are always so enormously gracious, father, that I fear that some days I am not even worthy to see you. And yet, from the moment you called on me, I knew that I had an opportunity to not only bask in your excellence, but perhaps, in some small way, help out my dear and considerate father." He smirks at his father, recovering from his bow. He brings up his fists playfully, teasing a defensive stance.

"Do you need me to help cure you of your boredom~"

A frown, when Lee neglects the bait. Heihachi was more lashing and forthright than usual. He's every bit able to play the silver politician's tongue, but to be so openly antagonistic is somewhat rare. That does mean it has more weight, but it also means Lee's continued temperance is not what he wanted. Turnabout is fair play, and Lee will likely be savoring that piece of candy himself for some time. A few more swallows of wine come, before he hisses out and thumps the bottle down. Preposterous. For one thing, it is not an aptertif, but a dinner fine wine meant to increase the palette. One intended to be sipped and every nuance of flavor cultivated from a century and a half explored. An insult to the dignity of the entire industry.
"Today's your birthday." Heihachi states, matter of factly. This is probably momentarily jarring. It is not, in fact, Lee's birthday. But it /is.../ "Yep. The day you became a Mishima. At least, in name. Your adoption day." This is new. Dangerous. New pieces to the game are predominantly in Heihachi's favor until everything is explored and figured out by Lee...!
"Display front entrance." The rear glass walls suddenly shimmer, and the lights dim. It projects the street down far below. Two suited men are seen throwing out Lee's own beautiful secretary, followed by the boxes of her belongings. She looks absolutely distraught, and is yelling for them to talk to Mr. Chaolan about matters.
But she can't be saved now. No. An aggressive motion on the chessboard.
"You've done one thing I appreciate, Lee. You enjoy the finer things. The perks of wealth and status. For that, I bring you... this!" He presses one of multiple buttons on his desk. Suddenly a trapdoor opens beneath Lee, leading into the endless darkness. "Oops." Squinting forward, another button is pressed.
A tube lifts up, and within is a dishevelled balding British man, short and portly in a fine suit. "This is Mr. Tubbles. The absolute finest attendant in all of Europe. Money is no object." How long was he waiting down there? He looks quite hot and ruffled, but the absolute composure and dignity is impressive all the same. "Go on, Tubbles. Shake his hand."
Stepping forward, Mr. Tubbles would offer a limp, moist hand. "Tubbles is your secretary now. Don't worry, I checked. He's MUCH more qualified. Hahahaha!" The last of his wine is drank, before Heihachi leans forward and hurls the bottle of wine -- not even fully empty -- into the gaping hole in the floor.
"Ahhh... how nostalgic. It's true. You did learn from me, though. Hunger. You had nothing, and I showed you opportunity. Like a ravenous weasel in a chicken coop, you leapt upon it. ...But you are selfish!! You aren't a man to inspire and drive. You were completely wrong for Kazuya. But as a business shark and a Mishima..." Better than his blood, that's for sure.
"...Remember that game we used to play?" Heihachi wonders, before pulling open a drawer. He grasps something and pushes to his feet. Mr. Tubbles moves backwards and stands at perfect etiquette and attention near the wall. "When you were a whelp, and I tried to inspire you. Grab my hair, and I'd grant you a wish. Eh?! Well..."
Suddenly Heihachi plops a shoddy black toupee upon his chrome dome, between the proud white spires to either side. "How about this... I'll give you another shot. Since it's your REAL birthday today. The day you crawled up from nothing, and saw the bright new future you never even dreamed ahead...!!"

Lee Chaolan was working hard to be a good son.

Not that Heihachi deserved it. His adopted father had been trying to get rid of him for years, to drive him away. The trouble was that Lee enjoyed a lifestyle where he could get 3 square meals a day, all the beautiful women he wanted, and more money than he ever could imagine. To throw away that lifestyle for some petty family difficulties? It was asburd.

Almost as the declaration of his birthday.

His expression does not change as Heihachi praises his first day where he was adopted into the Mishima family. Certainly, he remains that day fondly. Where he would be Kazuya's rival, and being his sparring buddy. That was his purpose. In the long run? That didn't really seem to take, as his adopted father pointed out. Unlike his brother, however, He looks down, through the window

The smirk fades.

He should have expected as much. As his new secretary is gone irrevocably, the Silver-Haired Demon immediately learns that 'birthday' was the opposite of 'anything good.' The executive's smirk remains gone as he turns towards his father, as he struggles to show him his new gift. As he hits the trap door, however, Lee falls straight down. Gradually, he struggles to pull himself back up, climbing upwards slowly. The firing of his secretary, along with the birthday, must have really thrown the executive off his stride. He KNEW about that trap door. Pulling himself over the lip, he reaches out in time to shake the hand of his new assistant.

Its hand is moist.

Lee Chaolan's non-smirk was beginning to fall into a frown, as he sees what is replacing his beautiful assistant. Mr. Tubbles might had higher qualifications by Heihachi's standards, but by Lee standards, he was lacking certain... assets. Assets that were brimming over, both top and bottom. Pulling himself back up, he looks at the butler, the smirk still not returned, as Heihachi hurls the bottle into the pit.

The game kept changing.

Releasing the butler's hand, Lee Chaolan turns to listen to his father, the smirk finally coming back. Lee Chaolan was not pleased at the evolution. But as he speaks, things were at least becoming predictable again. Familiar. And finally, his adopted father places a toupee on his head. Lee Chaolan mimes the expression of a child who just got the gift he always wants. "Oh~" He coos, smiling widely as he steps back.

"Father, you shouldn't have!~"

Lee Chaolan continues to suck up to Heihachi, which helps him to forget that he lost a cute new secretary. "I was just thinking to myself, how I missed the child-like games we would share together, how I lamented my growing up!" Nevermind that the 'game' Heihachi was talking about was also how Lee first experienced Heaven's Wrath. Or how the aftermath of most games resulted in Lee Chaolan sitting in a private hospital for 2 weeks, with no questions asked. "And for you to share with me that charming moment of my boyhood, with you again father?~" And Lee Chaolan extends out a hand, turning up a thumbs up.


Good. Good. Heihachi might have lost the opening move, but to fully remove that smile from Lee... he knows him well enough for it to register. Delicious. Losing his secretary and getting a brand new one... it was not a massive blow, but any reaction at all is delicious. Especially when he actually fell within the trapdoor. USUALLY that doesn't work -- a true test of effectiveness! At the very least, Mr. Tubbles does have a generous amount in his chest and rump, although perhaps not so valued an asset on someone the opposite gender. And well into fifty.
Acknowledging the toupee is actually something of a nod. The last time they played, Heihachi had grown threadbare enough that Lee offered him a toupee to assist. It was likely the longest stay in the hospital, and might have been a major reason that these torturous years existed as opposed to disposing him like he has done to countless others. Two points of pride indeed thrust out, as long and full-bodied as ever, the final bastions of his youth. To insult them is to invite a fate worse than death. Perhaps he succeeded.
"Well, my boy... let's have some fun, then!" Heihachi spreads open his arms invitingly, before shifting to a laughable stance, squatting down more like a sumo wrestler. It is not even remotely the well-honed and deadly style of karate keenly developed by the Mishima line for many generations. The implication being that this is just a game...
And that Lee is nothing more than a little child still, unworthy of any effort. "C'mon then... make sure not to hold back, now!! Don't forget..."
A slow grin, baring all of his teeth like some kind of wild animal. Fully aware and conscious of exactly what he implies.
"If you get it... I'll give you any one wish that you desire...!!"
Mr. Tubbles is content to remain to the side. However, depending on how heated the battle gets, he might be in more danger than he knows...

COMBATSYS: Heihachi has started a fight here as a boss!

  [ |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ]

"As you wish, father~"

That was the response as he truly commits to the defensive stance. In spite of his adopted father's jovial stance, Lee Chaolan committed himself to the full seriousness of the Mishima style. He once attempted to mimic Heihachi's own stance, when he was very young, because he thought it was play time.

He would never make that mistake again.

Instead, he keeps his form as strict as he can. Stance balanced, body even. The implication was that this was a game. But the stakes were more serious than any business transaction within the Zaibatsu. When Heihachi made a promise on his fighting poweress, he would keep it. Lee had won this challenge once before.

It was how he got his first job.

Lee Chaolan rushes past the endowed male butler, blitzing straight towards his adopted father. What comes next is almost too predictable. He attempts to make a footstool on Heihachi, to climb up, as he did as a child, to try and frisk the toupee. Lee Chaolan knew this game all too well.

Which is why he changes it.

He doesn't reach up towards Heihachi's head, for the toupee. Instead, he turns, swinging to the side as he grips the massive bulk of Heihachi's body. Attempting to hurl his momentum over, he turns his footstool into an outright tackle, to send both himself and his adopted father crashing into Heihachi's expensive desk.

He won't even make the attempt at the toupee on this pass.

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan has joined the fight here.

  [ |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ]

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Lee Chaolan      0/-------/-======|

COMBATSYS: Heihachi just-defends Lee Chaolan's Lee Stunner!!

  [ |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ]

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Lee Chaolan      0/-------/=======|

Observing Lee, Heihachi can immediately see within the privacy of his thoughts why he plucked up the child three decades ago. What fraction of a fraction of a percentage of men in this planet can truly make a claim for the best? The Silver Demon has proven himself a contender in the world, winning national tournaments and placing highly in others. Kazuya as well spent years and years with a flawless record. So what, then, was the critical flaw? The failure they had?
Being compared to Heihachi Mashima at their age.
It's truly a cruel fate. While Lee stands at the top of his generation, perhaps a few dozen people alive who can be called superior -- and many of them not nearly one hundred percent -- the massive man stands at the summit of humanity. One of the strongest to have ever lived, since the dawn of primitive men. A brutal man who spent his lifetime looking down from the top, and only rarely glancing at those the same level. 'Among the best alive' is not good enough.
A Mishima must be at the absolute summit...!!
When Lee rushes forward and lowers down, he impacts the massive figure dead on. For a brief moment, as his inertia thrusts forward only to stop dead, he might see the image of a massive mountain being grappled, instead of the figure before him. There was a great burst of force, testament to the fact that Lee Chaolan's assault was not weak.
All of Heihachi's toes have burst through his loafers, and dug into the floor. Literally tearing indents into them, attaching his frame to the foundation of the Zaibatsu itself. A grin is upon his face in return, before he suddenly hefts up either hand. Lightning crackles between his fingertips as his shadow looms down, shifting aggressively forward.
"If you wanted a hug, Lee... you should have asked...!!"
And then he lashes downwards, aiming to capture Lee in a brutal embrace. To crush him against his body hard enough to rupture steel, while sending a brutal surge of electric chi through his form. Only to send a brutal short uppercut straight towards his stomach, twisting in a corkscrew motion to blast a searing hole through his outfit... both front and back.
Only for his free hand to heft him up by the throat as if he were weightless, before shifting to hurl him forward and away. This is not truly a style; at least, in terms of techniques that can be taught or imitated. Sheer power and brutality honed to a personal art form... only possible by a scion of raw might and prowess!!

COMBATSYS: Heihachi knocks away Lee Chaolan with Broken Toy.

  [  |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ]

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Lee Chaolan      0/-------/=======|

This was not what he expected.

Lee Chaolan had hoped his father would have caught him. To try and seize him, to stop him from grabbing the hair. But instead, he held his ground. To see through his tricks, his traps, was always a risk that Lee Chaolan faced when dealing with his father. And now, he was close enough to fall in his grasps. He attempts to shove away, to break from the tackle, to avoid the elder man's loving embrace.

And he is taken up into his adopted father's arms.

Lee Chaolan had many traits in his martial art style. As his fight with Athena proved, he had great talent in finesse in talent. And yet, in spite of training under Heihachi and the full of the Mishima school of martial arts, there was a simple fact, holding him back from being just as 'good' as his adopted father.

He was not tough.

That much was obvious as he is trapped within his adopted father's deathgrip, being crushed like a pig within the coils of an anaconda. His jaw pops under the crushing grips of Heihachi, the agile fighter unable to put up a meaningful fight. The electric chi locks his body up, the adopted son turning his head up as his body burns. The uppercut is a mercy, as he is held up by his throat. And with a single, deft punch, he is sent hurtling away in a high arc, landing right next to Mr. Tubbles into a heap.

He gets up, of course.

Without hesitation. Hesitation was a mistake. You never expressed hesitation in front of Heihachi. It made him -mad-. Reaching a hand out to Mr. Tubbles for help back up, Lee Chaolan rises. He might have several broken ribs and a swollen bruise on his face, but he didn't show it. He just smirked, clapping his hands. "Well done, father~" He praises, before thumbing his nose and returning to his defensive stance. Walking towards his father, he watches warily, waiting carefully for an opening.

There wouldn't be one, of course.

It seemed he would need to rely on more of the Mishima techniques. He suddenly rushes forward, using the family 'mist step' to approach his father. This shouldn't be a surprise to Heihachi; he had likely seen this move countless times before. Lashing out a kick straight to his adopted father's stomach, he will let it linger, holding it there to draw out a reaction... before fixing it as a footplant. He would then hook his other leg around, snapping it straight for Heihachi's head. If he should make the hit, he will try to bring his father to the ground...

And plant a foot squarely on the toupee, to pin it down.

COMBATSYS: Heihachi interrupts Mist Trap from Lee Chaolan with Demon Uppercut EX.
-@- Dazing Hit! -@-

  [         ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ]

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  <
Lee Chaolan      1/-----==/=======|

Heihachi slowly stretches himself out a bit when Lee is sent hurtling backwards. In a real fight, the pressure of the massive figure is crushing; and he does not stop, hurtling forward until his opponent is nothing more than a broken, smoking body. Living or dead matters little. One ruined shoe is kicked off, then another, before he grasps his large coat and twists it off, flinging it behind to land in a heap atop the wine bottles littering his desk.
"See...? You and Mr. Tubbles are getting along just fine." Of course, his real name isn't Mr. Tubbles. But he accepts such in grace. If he's going to give Lee a dumpy looking old man as a butler/secretary 2x combob, he's going to have a ridiculous name. If he can't find someone with one, then it's as simple as making one up!!
Of course, the 'Mist Step' of Lee is not something he can handle with his lackluster approach. His opening stance was intended to make Lee assault him in a manner similarly unfocused. To do that again... well. The Silver Demon earned his name well, and his quiet ferocity is tempered by a lifetime's experience.
Slipping into the proper aggressive stance, left arm held close to the body, right fist leaning forward, profile of his body presented, the twisting kick launches into suddenly braced abdominal muscles. Slipping backwards, that brief opening is used to assault with brutal force.
Swirling forward disturbingly low to the ground, a sharp and wide hook punch is thrown, snapping upwards at the last moment to sink his crackling knuckles deep into Lee's liver once he moves to complete the motion. Ah; a dull ache is in Heihachi's stomach now. Kindling the fire...
A moment later, a second twisting motion follows. One lightning shrouded fist snaps up, to impact Lee in the side of the head; eruption of lightning surging to obsfucate his senses and send him reeling, not sure which way is up or down.
This time, his vulnerability is certainly going to be capitalized on. "Come, Lee... are you the one who's slowing down in his age...?! If I saw you begin closing the gap... well. I suppose it doesn't matter now, does it...?!" His toupee, of course, is badly askew. There's nothing actually sticking it to his head.

Now the real Heihachi was coming out.

Lee Chaolan unleashes the kick straight into Heihachi's gut. But as his adopted father slips back, the martial artist knows what is coming. He snaps his leg around, trying to catch the attack before it comes. But the toupee'd devil is too fast.

Lee grunts in agony as the liver punch comes.

But that was not the end. The lightning-infused fist is hurled out, and with it, the man's senses are sent aschew. Flying head over heel, the Silver-Haired Demon is hammered through the air, right into the midsts of Kuma's many maids. The women squeal as the martial artist falls right into the hot tub.

Nowhere near, Kuma, of course.

Lee knew he had nothing to do with this!

As Lee pulls himself up from underneath the water, suit soaking wet, he gropes for the edge. "Sorry, Kuma~" He apologizes, as he reaches a hand up. Already, the butler is there, helping him out of the water, and armed with a towel. While he begins to dab on Lee's body, the martial artist lashes out, landing a solid punch right into Mr. Tubbles jaw.

"Oh dear~"

He states, as he holds his head. Stumbling towards Heihachi, he mutters bitterly. "Did I just break my new assistant?~" He asks lightly, as he lowers himself down. He couldn't focus. He couldn't see. Everything was a blur. Body still dripping, he had few choices. ANd he ultimately chooses only one. He eases back his stance, struggling to focus on his adopted father... all three of them. Holding out a hand, he motions towards him, readying his other fist back. And there, he beckons.


COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan takes no action.

  [         ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ]

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  <
Lee Chaolan      1/-----==/=======|

There's a spit to the side, as Heihachi grins towards Lee after he's launched away. Ceding the initiative to the old man...? It's a strange sensation. He must be planning something. But on the other hand, in the open battlefield, underestimation is one of the Mishima's greatest talents. He marches forward with a sort of overt confidence that only a massive lion surveying his pride could manage.
Mr. Tubbles is many things, but he can't really take a punch. He's sent spinning, and his own more formidable hairpiece goes flying, splashing into the water and sinking to the bottom. "Hah. You think that will stop me from having my own way...? Even now, this is just a drunken game to amuse myself, isn't it? You cannot touch my hair, any more than you can touch the stars. And even if you did..."
Heihachi shifts backwards, right hand flexing into a fist. His chest suddenly flashes bright, his ribs visible for a moment. Powerful lightning curls up his arm, coalescing into his closed fist. Roaring like a storm, free hand grasping his wrist, Heihachi grins in a manic fashion.
"If you don't like Mr. Tubbles... I'll find you an even BETTER assistant... one who you can't just smack around so easily!!" And then he leaps forward, bringing his hand to bear. He's moving in slow motion, even to Lee. Absolutely foreshadowing what he's going to do. However, in a way, that's the challenge.
His descending fist... it is meant to be impregnable. Evading it is the only option, outside being atomized into the military-grade ceramic plating beneath the floorboards, which would be heavily dented in a great crash that sends ten million dollars of artistic items crashing to the floor from the vaccuum eruption of his fist.
Yes. Obey him, and dodge. What other choice is there...?!

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan dodges Heihachi's Lightning Hammer.

  [          |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ]

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  <
Lee Chaolan      1/-----==/=======|

What had Lee Chaolan fallen into.

As his senses return, he can finally see the full storm that Heihachi had ignited into himself. As he comes, sweat brims on his forehead, while his expression remains calm. He bats aside the threat for a better assistant. While he had no love for Mr. Tubbles, he at least did not want him to drown. As Heihachi thunders, he considers that maybe, it would be safer to simply retreat, and surrender.

But that wish was still tantilizing.

As Heihachi approaches, the Silver Demon moves. He swiftly sidesteps the haymaker, letting rumble the entire room as the dent is unleashed. Standing beside his father, Lee Chaolan smirks. "I will get your hair, and my first wish will be, father~?" He starts, as he thrusts out a quick one-two punch into Heihachi's skull... and using the last hit to snatch the hair off his head.

"To be in charge of the Mishima Zaibatsu!"

COMBATSYS: Heihachi counters Hitman from Lee Chaolan with Weakened Heaven's Wrath EX.
- Power hit! -

  [         ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ]

[                         \\\\\  <
Lee Chaolan      1/-----==/=======|

"...Ohhh? You know how to dream big, Lee...!" Heihachi states. He was squatting down; his listless attack certainly gave the illusion of him being vulnerable. However, it's only as Lee shifts closer and unleashes that rapid-fire assault that he might realize -- he was only a mild shift from assuming one ingrained on his form long ago. Arms swirl around in a circle, flaring with energy. "Haaaa...!" His reflexes supercharged, a hand snaps up and grasps Lee by his intruding forearm. Testament to that speed -- and that desire -- fingers do indeed brush upon the toupee. So close to grasping, despite Heihachi's defiance...
But how far away that last half-inch truly is remains unknown.
"But... if we're playing 'kids' again... remember when I used to do this?!" Suddenly Heihachi yanks Lee forward. This... yes. He's not done it in over twenty years. But a massive corded arm thrusts down, headlocking Lee heavily and twisting him forward and down. Leaving supple real estate jutting proudly behind.
His free hand sizzles bright white, before he unleashes a brutal assault. Spanking so hard and fast it sounds like a series of gunshots, cracking a vase nearby. There is no longer any clothing on Lee's ass. Only reddened, static-clad cheeks bared to the world, before brutally thumping him in the stomach, flipping him upwards to land on his back in the middle of the room.
"This is your place, Lee...!! I'm getting old. But apparently, not old enough I need to worry about giving away the Zaibatsu just yet!!"

Lee was so close, he could breath it in.

The man realizes too close, what the trap is. As reaches out to snatch the hair away... he falls into the clutches of his father. That itself would be a threat to his dignity. But as he is brought over Heihachi's knee, he realizes what is happening, to his horror. The spanking comes, against his clothed bottom. The suit pants give away, as he struggles in his adopted father's arms.

And the fight is spanked out of Lee Chaolan.

The Silver-Hair Demon is tamed. Blow after blow comes into his bare cheeks. The man looks across to Kuma. Maybe in his eyes, there is pleading. A plead for dignity. For grace. For the spanking to stop.

There won't be any sympathy from Kuma, though.

Lee Chaolan tenses up those buns, struggling to defend against Heihachi's punishing slaps. The executive grows limp in his hands, the man having been made a boy again. When he is finally hurled away, he lands into a heap, ass naked. And on the ground, he raises a feeble hand.

"Maybe... there is another game we can play, father?~"

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan takes no action.

  [         ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ]

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan can no longer fight.

  [         ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ]

Heihachi pushes to his feet, letting out a sigh of disappointment. He had attempted restraint. It was true. But Lee's tempting target was too vulnerable. Killer instincts surged forth, and before he knew it that ass was devastated. Killer homing instincts betrayed him in his time of need.
Kuma covers his eyes at the sight, still within the pool. A number of the maids blush with dignity at the sight. Heihachi looks like someone dissatisfied on a very deep level; almost teased. "Actually... I was considering just such a game. I took my father's crumbling foundations and turned it into a true empire. Modernized it into the bastion of power it is now. In a way, it would please me..." Tugging at his tie, Heihachi turns away and strides back towards his cumbersome desk, slipping past his flung jacket and settling heavily into the chair.
"To see your desperate struggles turn it to garbage, as you are crushed by the weight of your own dreams." This is actually the only circumstances within Lee's mind that the old man might actually give it away -- expecting him to fail. Outside his death, or prying it from his hands, it is the only third possibility.
"...but... only the strongest Mishima can inherit it. I've decided to sponsor a fighting community. Neo League. I don't know why... but I like the name. ...It feels like punching a ghost in the face." Sometimes he dreams of a strange white world, gates, and spheres. Bizarre things, but they end in peculiar inspirations. Sometimes stolen ones.
"It's a point-based fighting tournament. And the winner of it... I'll grant them their wish. I have the power and resources to do it!! And that includes your own."
Heihachi presses a button. "Kate. Authorize the press release... of Mishima Zaibatsu's Neo League. Fighting to make your DREAMS come TRUE!!" "Yes sir." comes the vixen purr.
Fingers steeple, and in some way Heihachi certainly does look more satisfied. "There you go. I've given you your desperate string to swipe at, like the kitten you are. But maybe you'll do better... when you fight for yourself, instead of another, hrrm?! Hahahaha!! If you are truly my son, you'll stand on top of this when it closes. Time will tell...!!"

COMBATSYS: Heihachi has ended the fight here.

A second chance.

Lee Chaolan is no longer smirking again, though far from a frown. This was an embarrassing loss to his father; and what was worse, he was practically groveling at his feet. And yet, that sometimes was the best course of action. Certain other family members took a more defiant approach. That approach was often times unproductive. As he brings up the thought of another birthday game, opportunity knocks.

And Lee is more than eager to open the door.

He rolls over, looking up at the ceiling, as well as concealing his well-toned buttocks from Kuma's maids. As Heihachi continues to explain his drunk visions of a tournament, the final prize tugs at him. Any wish he wanted. He could imagine Heihachi right now, wearing just a bowtie, serving him as his own butler. That truly would be the greatest birthday present. Heihachi finishes his sales pitch. And for a moment, Lee Chaolan is silent.

A feeble thumbs up.

A smirk.


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