Honoka - Our Boss is in Another Castle

Description: Honoka comes looking for Daigo. And, not finding him, she decides to leave a message with Edge instead.

What the hell is school, anyway? That is, perhaps, the only question that Edge would actually care to give an answer to. Right now, though, the Gedo High (self-proclaimed) Second in Command is hanging out down here. Y'know, where there tends to be the possibility of violence and physical confrontation. Those just happen to two of Edge's favorite things. His massively overcompensating hairstyle is visible to anyone that comes towards the steps that he's lingering around at the bottom of.


And apparently, throwing knives. That's right, Edge has the boredest look of alls time on his face right now. The occasional chewing of his bubblegum and the blowing of a bubble still cannot detract from the rolling of his eyes and the overdramatic sighs that he lets roam as free as his attitude problem. Each knife he throws towards the river bank seems to be aimed at something that's moving down there. Until, finally, one of those blades impacts something soft and ribbity. Cue the blood.

"Croak's over! Hahahahahaha!" Amusement. For the moment.

"This is what you punks do for fun?"

The voice comes from the top of one of the many support poles used to string telephone wire throughout the city. The figure standing atop it seems to have been here for quite some time -- -quite- a long time, considering how long Edge is likely to have been here -- the figure atop the pole had remained completely motionless in order to figure out just what the Gedo lieutenant was up to.

And now she knows.

The figure may very well be a ninja, from the athletic grace with which she hops down from the pole, black boots scraping lightly against the surface of the pole to brake her descent.

"I mean, it's certainly a harder target than a person. But if you're not going to eat that, it's hardly honorable prey."

The figure adjusts her violet-tinged sunglasses along the bridge of her nose. ... How long had the throwing knife been in her hand, anyway?

There's a very delicate reaction that Edge has to the sudden vocal arrival of Honoka. A knife being immediately thrown in that direction. Even before he finishes blowing that bubble he was working on. He's pushed off whatever he was leaning up against and is turning on his booted heels to throw another one because now this chick is on the ground. His level. And that's definitely not going to be good for her, if Edge has anything to say about it.

Granted, the fact that the knives are thrown as warning shots could lead one to believe that Edge is not entirely ready to shank this chick to a bloody death. Like the frog. Not yet, anyway.

"Not exactly." Edge yanks another knife from inside of his jacket and balances it on his finger by the tip of the bladed end. He grins nice and wide as he looks Honoka up and down. His chewing has started to become a bit more intense, the smacking of that gum clearly aimed to be more of an annoyance than it normally would be. "The fun's jussa' 'bout to begin!" Looks like Edge is gearing up for a fight. Oh wait, when /isn't/ he gearing up for a fight. A hundred percent of NEVER.

One might recognize Honoka from her appearance in the Twilight Star Circus, or perhaps from her showing as Godzilla in a recent PPV broadcast. But one would have to be -really- good at recognizing faces to connect that Honoka with the figure who had simply leaned sideways to avoid the blade -- and =did not= immediately fall from her perch atop the pole.

No, this figure couldn't be a performer. She means business, and from the way her dark brown irises stay affixed on Edge as he looks her over, she doesn't appear deterred in the slightest. ... Or maybe she /could/ be a performer, from the way she handles the knife in almost exactly the same way Edge does, motion for motion.

With a wry grin playing across her features, she notes, "I would have words with your boss. I don't suppose you could find space in your schedule to tell him the Empress is interested in meeting him?"

The self-proclaimed Empress never looks away. But she does take to juggling the knife with no small amount of dexterity, keeping it aloft just in case Edge decides to push the mood beyond a bubbling simmer.

"Yeah, well? Ain't nobody talkin' to the Boss 'lest the Boss say so. An' far as I know, and I know a lot, the Boss ain't said so. So? No." There's a chance that Edge was trying to make all that rhyme for some reason, but there's also a chance that he's just chitter-chattering because that's what he does. He talks. Maybe a little too much.

With a pop of his gum, Edge's focus has left the woman in and went back to his knives. Which he's taken to putting back into his pockets. He even starts making his way over to where his collection of frog-aimed knives have littered and stuck into the ground. "Shit. My boots." He rolls his eyes a little bit as he gets closer to the river bed and tries to lean so that he can scoop up his knives without his pristine white boots getting too muddy. He'd prefer them to be too bloody. But that may not be in the cards this day.

"I'll be sure to tell him that some nobody wanted to talk to him about somethin' nobody gives a shit about, though. I'll get right on that." The sarcasm levels are elevated to a few hundred thousand as he works on completely forgetting that this chick even exists. "...hahaha, empress. Get the hell outta' here. Hahaha!"

COMBATSYS: Honoka has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Honoka           0/-------/-======|

COMBATSYS: Edge has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Honoka           0/-------/-======|-------\-------\0             Edge

The Empress keeps on juggling her knife as Edge natters away. This... she expected.

She didn't expect Edge to pop his gum and turn his back on someone who had already proven themselves to be a possible threat. Brazen. Gutsy. ... And stupid, in the Empress' eye.

And she keeps juggling as she follows Edge for a few dozen steps... till she realizes he's just collecting his knives, and not taking her directly to the boss as she had so simply suggested.

"You can choose to explain your monumental failure as a human being to him however you choose. You needn't be conscious to deliver a message, though." Pause. "Or even alive."

Get the hell out of here, indeed. Not after -that- sendoff! With narrowed eyes, the Empress whips her wrist forward suddenly -- the throwing knife swiftly removed from his holding orbit. If the Empress has her way, the next time the knife is seen, it may in fact be embedded in Edge's shoulder.

COMBATSYS: Edge endures Honoka's Small Thrown Object.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Honoka           0/-------/-======|=------\-------\0             Edge

Here's the trick about turning your back on someone that is a possible threat: You don't know they are attacking you until it is too late. Which is why there's a knife in his shoulder in that next moment. Edge doesn't scream. Instead, he winces loudly and spins around, backpedalling his clean boots right into the mud. "Son of a bitch!" Yup. That was pretty much a pair of last straws right there. He clearly is not going to be taking this lightly. Or lying down. Especially, in the mud.

Edge's eyes light up with a little bit of fired up insanity as he reaches over his shoulder to snatch the knife out. There's a hungry growl that comes from deep within Edge's angry soul as he rushes for the so-called Empress. "A tisket. A tasket. You gonna' need a closed casket." Edge sing-songs such asinine tunes, as he swipes at her with two bloody blades. One dripping with his blood and the other tainted with a frog's.

COMBATSYS: Honoka instinctively blocks Edge's Random Strike.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Honoka           0/-------/-======|=------\-------\0             Edge

The Empress had figured Edge had turned his back on her to evoke a reaction -- and she'd postulated that he had some plan beyond that. It seems she's overestimated him, at least in that regard. "You shouldn't play with knifes if you're afraid of getting nicked," teases the Empress, a playful grin creeping across her features. She spares a finger to nudge her sunglasses up along the bridge of her nose -- not the middle one, amusingly childish though that may be.

The Empress takes careful note of Edge pulling her own knife out of his shoulder. Even better to know that it drew blood, however slight the amount may be. The Empress's purple-tinted irises take in all aspects of the fight -- details that may become relevant later.

Later, as in, some time when Edge -isn't- charging at her with a knife. Right now, though, she slings her hand to the side once more. A keen eye might spot that she'd thrown something else, but it's hard to tell where it landed.

The very thought of having enraged Edge so brings another uptick to the Empress' smile. "I'm... terribly sorry, did I threaten the poor little messenger boy?" The Empress raises her forearms -- the knife edges make a clinking sound as they collide with metal rods kept under the woman's sleeves, rather than the delectable sound of rent flesh. "For, surely... you can't be very high in the gang with /these/ skills."

And, now that Edge is right up there in melee range, the Empress reaches forward to grab him by the shirt. Should she manage this, she would 'fall' to the side, planting her foot in Edge's midsection. It's a typical judo throw, meant to throw Edge off-balance and further along the riverbed... at least, it =would= be a simple throw, if the Empress hadn't also been lancing a spike of psychic energy through her foot at the time of initial contact. Through her foot -- and right through Edge's midsection, if her plans come to fruition.

COMBATSYS: Honoka successfully hits Edge with Wakka Pururuse.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Honoka           1/-------/=======|>>>>>>-\-------\0             Edge

"If I cared enough to hate you, I would!"

Edge's snark is barely able to get out of his mouth. Mostly because his eyes are going slightly wide at the fact that his swiping and slicing has been deflected with such ease. The hell kind of clothes are capable of doing something like that?! There's a moment where he actually stops and hesitates and that is the moment that Honoka manages to use to her advantage. An advantage that Edge will never admit to giving her. Because he didn't. He was just played. Also, something he would never admit.

Edge's shirt is yanked up as he's taken down with Honoka. He doesn't have time to realize that he's being flipped and judo thrown like a ragdoll. Off-Balance is just the beginning because somewhere in the middle of getting angry at being caught like so, Edge is spiked right in his body with some terribly painful psychic energy. Energy that makes his body shake and his teeth chatter as he's sent sailing overhead. The psychic shockwave of injustice surges through his body all the way until he smacks into the ground, splattering mud and cracking something in his back. Or cracking his back. Something's probably broken but Edge doesn't look like he gives a shit. Because now he's growling.

"I'm gonna' kill you!" Edge rolls through the mud a bit more, popping back up to his feet and stumbling just a hair. Those knives have not left his hands, even as he's been manhandled by the Empress. He gives a shake of his head, mud slinging off the back of his skyscraping hair style and he snarls. Like an actual snarl. Violent and Angry. "Messenger boy, eh? Well? Special delivery!" He takes a step and spins on his heels, forgetting about the mud staining his entire outfit at this point. His back points towards her as he lets loose with one of those blades, sending it sailing in the general direction of her chest. Because he's still a little too woozy to be aiming at her throat. Or either he did aim for her throat and his wooziness has angled it lower. Whatever.

Just. Die.

COMBATSYS: Honoka blocks Edge's Reversing Blade Strike.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Honoka           1/-------/=======|>>>>>>>\-------\0             Edge

Edge might not have noticed that he'd sliced -through- the Empress' sleeves... it's an easy thing to overlook. It's easier to tell now, as the tattered sleeves reveal the black metal rods she was keeping there. There's more to those, too, but all in due time...

"You... kill -me-." Predatory glee floods across the Empress' face as Edge delivers his defiant battle cry. "I'm not sure which is more amusing: that joke of an reply, or your wallowing in the mud like a pig."

The Empress advances slowly upon Edge, almost lazily so... she does not seem particularly interested in wading about in the muck like he is, but if it comes to that, so be it. When the knife is loosed her way, she raises her arm again, casually deflecting the blade. This time, her deflection doesn't -completely- defang the attack, as she blade cuts forth, slicing a line of crimson across the young woman's cheek.

She doesn't flinch, though, not even as the blood begins to gather there. "Amusing, but... as long as you keep information from me... well. Let's just say you can stop this exercise any time you like."

She smears her left thumb across her cheek, sopping up the blood that had started to gather. While she licks at the blood now collected upon her thumb, she casually raises an open palm to Edge. Her eyes flare brightly -- and a ball of purple flame erupts from her palm, rocketing its way towards Edge. The nightmarish energy would probably sting quite a bit if it were to nail him in the head like she plans.

COMBATSYS: Edge fully avoids Honoka's Ishirishina.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Honoka           1/------=/=======|>>>>>>>\-------\1             Edge

Edge's back is turned to Honoka while she's saying all of these things. Either he's not paying attention or he's got something planned. Probably both. The latter seems to be the catch of the day, though, as he tilts his head to the side, listening to the steps she's making and the words she's flowing. Edge doesn't back down from a fight. He fights until he can't fight anymore. Or until Daigo tells him to stop. Or until the cops come. Or... okay so maybe there are a few reasons to stop fighting. /Choosing/ to? Not on the menu.

As that rocketing blast of purple flame soars in his direction, Edge catches sight of it out of his peripheral vision. He immediately just jumps, lifting himself into the air and twisting, letting the energy sail right underneath him. As his body twists, those knives of his are flipped around in his hands and he sends them sailing towards Honoka's feet. One for each of them, clearly. A devilish grin is on his face as he makes his descent after them.

Whether or not Honoka gets her feet stabbed into the ground, perhaps to help hold her in place for a moment, matters not to Edge. Not at all. Because the moment his boots smack into the ground, he's rushing at her with EXtra speed. Speed that he has not shown before. He skids to a halt once he's in up close and personal range and smacks his gum, "Nyah, ain't I a stinker?" With his cartoon character impression out of the way, Edge immediately aims a couple of sharp elbows at the sides of Honoka's head. After which elbow attempt, the opposite hand reaches for a knife and comes back out from within his jacket with a quick slice aimed for her chest, before the knives get shoved back into his inside pockets. While knives are being put away, Edge aims for a quick knee to the gut, before spinning and dropping down into a small crouch. He reaches out for those knives that may or may not be in Honoka's feet and immediately launches into a backflip kick aimed for her chin, hoping to bring his knives with him. At the upside down arc of his kick? He blows another pink bubble with his delicious gum. Still has flavor.

Of course, there's always a chance that he's not quick enough to make this happen. But that's just a risk he's willing to take.

COMBATSYS: Honoka dodges Edge's Beat Down.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Honoka           1/------=/=======|>>>>>>>\-------\0             Edge

"You're going to an awful amount of trouble to avoid passing along one simple message. Think of all the work you could save your boss." The Empress flashes a manic grin to Edge as her attack rushes forth -- if he's as complacent as before, it should hit him squarely. But he's not, obviously -- as he proves, quite well.

The Empress tracks the knives as they head towards her feet. Judging them to be of low risk, she watches idly as the knives impale her boots -- steel-toed boots, from the sound of it, the leather sheathing being enough to allow the blades to stick up out of her boots without damage.

But that's all the ground that the Empress is willing to sacrifice to Edge. When he aims elbows at her head, she flashes a cocky smirk back at him, folding her arms in front of her as she steps backwards -- revealing her feet weren't stuck to the ground after all -- and leans out of the way of each strike. The knives lunged at her chest are matched by a quick hop backwards. But when he backflips... the Empress cartwheels off to one side, perfectly synchronized to miss his attack neatly.

When she lands on her feet, she brushes the flaking mud from her hands. Not so neat, after all -- she did get them dirty. "Bother. You're one of the types that just won't give up, hm?" With a flick of her wrist, the metal rod slides out of her tattered right sleeve, snapping securely into her hand. And then with one rapid swing, she aims a strike at Edge's head, hoping to concuss the resolve right out of him. "Hrrrraaagh!"

COMBATSYS: Honoka successfully hits Edge with Medium Strike.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Honoka           1/------=/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>----\1             Edge

Too much, too soon. Edge is already off-balance when he lands his backflip. He's got knives in his hands and he's simply not in a position to be capable of handling the speedy onslaught that comes from Honoka. The Empress moves with such power and grace that Edge's chaos is somewhat neutered. It is really a sight to behold... if anyone were around to see it. Clearly, Edge is teetering on the end of his name.

Edge's head is cocked roughly to the side as the metal rod connects cleaning with his head. It almost spends his body completely around, but Edge splashes through the little bit of mud there. He stumbles away, putting some space between himself and the Empress. "Watch the hair!" is all he yells back at her, mainly because he's just wanting to keep up appearances. He knows he's a little off his game right now. But that's only because he's not being as ruthless as he normally would be.

Time to change that.

Edge's head is lowered towards the ground for a moment. When he lifts his head, his eyes are crazier than they were before. The grin creeping on this face looks, well, creepy and his body is shuddering from the almost-silent cackling that he's doing without letting the sound free. He flicks the knives in his hands a bit at the same time that he flicks his tongue at Honoka. "Make sure you tell 'em how you got those scars." Edge winks and takes a single step forward. And that's it.

Except for the fact that his hands begin with hurling those knives already in his hands. One after another, Edge alternates hands, snatching a different blade from the pockets on his jacket or inside of his jacket, sending an endless onslaught of knives in Honoka's direction. They come from his hands and even some are just tossed up and he twists to kick them with the heels of his boots. Hell, one or two look like they get elbowed in her direction. There are just... SO. MANY. And they all seem as though they are ready to slice and dice the Empress into tiny little pieces. With each knife thrown, Edge's sadistic grin gets a little bit wider. And his eyes get a little bit crazier. And the knives don't stop comin'. They just don't.

COMBATSYS: Honoka reflects Stake Out EX from Edge with Tokup Cup Kamui.
- Power hit! -
* Attack Of Opportunity! *

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Honoka           1/-----==/=======|>>-----\-------\0             Edge

If Honoka were a casual observer to this fight, she would definitely have a lot of positive things to say about Edge here. He doesn't seem to be doing as well as he liked, but rather than demoralizing him, the situation seems to have the opposite effect, empowering him into fighting even harder to bring down the Empress.

As it is, though... the Empress can read even deeper into the emotional state of her blade-wielding attacker. She can sense his desperation -- and it only fuels her determination further.

In order to accomplish her ultimate goals, it is necessary for Honoka to do some pretty heinous things. It was difficult at first, as Honoka really didn't really -want- to be outright mean to people, but as time went on... this got easier and easier. And the more Honoka fought, the more she actually began to enjoy it.

And never does she enjoy fighting more than when it's breaking the will of someone who is absolutely, doggedly determined to prove that they're the best. The Empress breaks into laughter as Edge seems to break into a manic grin. "Haha! I'll be sure to do just that."

And then the Empress flicks her wrist downwards yet again. The wand in her hand multiplies, as a second wand enters her hand, the first now dangling from a thin length of metal chain.

The Empress then begins to spin the rod in a tight circle in front of her, creating a spinning "shield" of momentum. Stepping forward, she then turns her rotating rod to the side, just instants before the first knives come hurtling her way. A step to the left, a step to the right -- each of the blades is caught into the rotational acceleration of the rod she keeps slinging around, each blade held flat against either the rod itself, or the supporting chain. In the hands of someone who -doesn't- juggle things as often... well, this wouldn't work.

But the Empress is quite good at such things, as the smug grin she offers to Edge may suggest. "Are there any more, I wonder?" asks the Empress, taking a moment to nudge her sunglasses up along the bridge of her nose, a calculated reminder that she only used one hand for this feat.

"No? Well, I appreciate the offer, but... maybe you should hold onto these." And with a sudden snap of her wrist, the rod is slung outward, and the blades go flying back towards Edge, in a continuous, nearly unbroken stream of bladed fury that looks like it could be a single, ridiculously elongated spearpoint.

That smug, condescending grin... the Empress knows Edge put a lot of effort into it. But Edge -- and all like him -- must be made to realize that the rule of the Empress is granted by divine favor.

COMBATSYS: Honoka successfully hits Edge with Reflected Stake Out EX.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Honoka           1/-----==/=======|======-\-------\0             Edge

So this is how it ends. This is how Edge is destroyed. By his own chaotic nature being thrown back at him like some sort of child. Like he was nothing more than a hopeful waste of space trying his hardest to define himself in a world of those that are so much better and so greater than he. It was almost as if this was the only way that he could define himself. By feeling the pain and anguish of a thousand knives. As that is how many other fighters have suffered. By his own hands.

"... what the fuck."

That is, for all intents and purposes, both the look on his face and the words out of his mouth as he watches in slight awe as the Empress completely demolishes his knives, one by one. "Oh sh--" This time, his foul language doesn't get the chance to actually be heard. As a knife slices right into his shoulder. Followed by another on the other shoulder. And then his legs. His arms. His chest. Even his neck is sliced through something fierce as blade after blade after blade turns him into a pincushion. Blood seeps and oozes and drips from his body like he's nothing more than a bad knife testing doll. And the only reason he's still on his feet is because that final blade hasn't struck him yet.

There it is.

Catching him dead center in his chest, Edge falls backwards and hits the ground. Blood puddles into the mud and Edge doesn't seem as though he has the energy to move. He does, however, feel the pain and he begins to feed off it. Eyes that were closed moments before are yanked open by the pain. They go wide and they become even more manic than usual. And, what is that sound? ".... ahaha. ahahahahaha. ahahahahahahahahaha. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Is Edge, is he laughing? The laughter seems to be fueled by the pain and the rage contained within. He fights against the body that seems to be unwilling to stay down. In fact, while it takes him a little while longer to get to his feet, knives falling out as he does, he seems to be shaking and jittery. Like he's just drenched his soul in Dew laced energy drinks laced with nodoze and coffee beans. With one bloody swipe of his hand, he knocks loose whatever knives are still sticking out of his body. Some of the knives fall out fully. Others? Break off at the cheap handles. Blades still sticking into his body. Still piercing his soul. Still making him as manically hyper as inhumanly possible.

"Is that it?! Is that all you got?! YOU'RE GONNA' HAFTA' DO BETTER, YOUR HIGHNESS!"

A manic cackle follows as Edge flings a blade from the hip, sending it hurling towards Honoka with more speed than he should probably be able to muster up at this point. His body seems to spin, turning after the release of the first blade. His empty hand grabs ahold of a handleless blade sticking out of his side, slicing his hand even more, as he yanks it out and gives it a mighty fling to follow after the initial knife thrown.

COMBATSYS: Honoka blocks Edge's Double Blade Strike.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Honoka           1/----===/=======|=======\-------\0             Edge

Fear. Honoka did not understand fear when she was a child, but she understands it now. It can be a powerful motivator.

Denial, though... is destructive. Obstructive. Willful denial of the absoluteness of truth frustrates the young woman. By all rights, Edge could be bleeding out... without medical attention, he could likely -die- ... and yet he continues defying her simple request.

"Is that all I have? Mmm. I'll get back to you on that." The Empress brushes her thumb across her cheek again, noting that the blood flow had practically stopped. Sighing, she notes that Edge is steadfastly refusing to stay down. But... she also notes the unlikeliness of him giving chase, should she choose to walk away. Accordingly, she continues twirling the rod -- effectively, her extended-reach nunchaku -- and deflects both knife strikes away from her face. She doesn't knock them away -- to Edge's credit, the blades are too fast for that. But she does redirect them away from her vital areas, one crimson line appearing on each of her shoulders. Exhaling a sharp breath of both pain and mild irritation, she shakes her head. "You're of no use to me dead, you know. And... if you continue to persist, you will be. Nothing but my legendary patience allows you to stand there even now."

The twirling rod falls limply to her side, and by reaching over with her left hand, she retracts the rods back into her sleeve. "The message for your boss is written all upon your body. Lie to him if your pathetic sense of honor demands it, but if he has even half a braincell he'd see right through your deception." Rubbing her shoulders gingerly, she begins walking to the south -- away from Edge, but not turning her eyes from him. Not yet. If she -doesn't- walk away, her bloodthirst would likely hamper her own plans -- plans that are much bigger than succeeding one more contest of wills against the knife-wielder. He won't speak... and the Empress has made it such that he won't have to, so there's no further point to sticking around.

"The Empress wishes conference. You'll give him this message. Or I will finish the job, for you're of even less use to me if you're unable to comply with a simple direction."

COMBATSYS: Honoka takes no action.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Honoka           1/----===/=======|=======\-------\0             Edge

There's bravery. There's stupidity. There's Edge.

The punk gangster is definitely bleeding out. He can't even really see the Empress anymore. He can hear her but his vision is blurred and he's barely able to stand. He's running on pure adrenaline at this point and while he may want to try and finish her, there just isn't that much juice left in his soul. Or even in his body.

It isn't until she's walking away does he realize he's dropped down to a single knee. He's incapable of standing on his own two feet. Not while he's in this much pain. In fact, the only pain that is worse than the physical is the tearing to shreds of his pride. He manages to chuckle still, though, as he listens to the way that the Empress speaks. "Hahaha. You're funny. The Boss ain't gonna' give you the time of day, ya' fuckin' loon." Edge probably shouldn't be poking the bear but that's just the way this cookie is going to crumble.

And that's it. He's lost too much blood. His body crashes down into the ground and more blood pours from his body. Even his hair has fallen somewhat. He's not going to be a happy camper when (if) he wakes up. But what's done is done. If he doesn't give Daigo the message, his body sure as hell will be one.

Just as the Empress predicted.

The Empress makes note of Edge saying something, but she's already walked far enough away that all she can make out is the timbre of his voice. It's no matter -- she already has a cellphone to her ear. Fear creeps into her voice... as if a frightened observer were the one reporting the crime, instead of the conscience-deficient criminal. She gives the location... and then abruptly pitches the burner phone into the mud.

Edge dying would just be bad for business, after all.

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