Gabriel - Dark dealings

Description: Gabriel Kai has put out an ad to get some associates for a task she has in mind for the future. Two show up and a dark partnership begins amongst those of questionable morals.

Not far from the outskirts of Southtown there is a carpool parking lot, but at this time of evening it isn't especially crowded with cars, or people. Of the few there stands a single twenty something woman in a relatively standard black pants suit. She stands in front of a running black sedan with the headlights on and three briefcases on the hood. To be honest it looks pretty sketchy and it should thanks to the advertisement she herself took out on craigslist.

It Read: To those looking for work doing heavy lifting. Payment is all under the table. A strong stomach and arm is a must, this job is not for those who struggle with moral ambiguity. This gig will pay partially in advance and the rest plus bonus on completion. If you don't know what I mean by heavy do not bother showing up.

A few paces behind the woman a fidgety man stands, wringing his hands and looking uncomfortable in a slightly oversized business suit. Somehow he seems to know to keep his mouth shut while the woman remains statuesque while watching the comings and goings.

A single headlight pierces the night as a motorcycle pulls into the parking lot, engine roaring softly. The figure on the back has his face obscured behind the visor of the helmet, though his outfit certainly stands out, a fur-lined leather vest and urban-camo pants. He pulls his bike to a stop ten feet in front of the woman, silence taking over the night again as he kills the engine. He sits up slowly, raising one hand in a wave. Instead of normal leather gloves he wears a pair of claw-tipped gauntlets. Certainly odd.

"You put out the ad?" His deep voice has a heavy northern European accent, Scandanavia or the like. He lowers his gauntlet to the handlebar of his bike, head tilting the the side as he examines the woman. "What is the pay?" A much more important question in his mind.

When one looks at advertisements, one rarely if ever sees ones asking for criminal activity. While Burr isn't all that much a tech user, one of his 'employees' pointed him to the Craigslist ad in question. He half-wondered if it was a prank.

Such an utter lack of class and subtlety was just too entertaining to pass up!

As Dyre drives up, the sound of step-click-step-click can be heard from a darkened ally. After a moment, Mr.Burr steps into the light, cane in hand, out for a stroll as it were! Making his way over, he smirks with a hint of mania at Dyre and Gabriel each in turn, tipping his hat to them as he says "Good evening to you both". Replacing his hat upon his head, he stands straight, hands on his cane, centered before him "I suppose i would ask the same question. It takes some gall to post such an ad like that. This promises to be.... interesting".

EEeee, fidgets the man behind the young woman. Perhaps he thinks his voice won't carry, but he is clearly saying toward her, "Miss Kai, are you sure this is a good idea? These two could be dangerous."

"I certainly hope so, Mister Powell," Miss Kai responds before taking a step toward the motorbike. Her expression doesn't change, as if it were made out of stone.
"Yes, I took the ad out. ." Her nose twitches briefly before adding, "The pay, after I tell you what the job is." She casts a glance at Mr.Burr and nods minutely.
"Moving on, I have need of additional help for future business ventures, however some of those associates have found themselves in difficult circumstances. I require strong hands in freeing them from their circumstances." Turning, Gabriel walks toward the car and nods to the fidgeting man who opens two of the suitcases on the hood to reveal.. Money. Cliche cliche money.

"The advance pay is three thousand dollars, the on delivery is another seven plus one per head you free." She speaks without turning toward the pair, either a show of trust or confidence.
"If either of you have treachery in mind, be aware that in addition to only having brought a small amount of the money I am promising I've also taken the liberty of adding dye bags to these cases and should they be taken by force. . You won't get very far spending it."

Turning back toward the pair she presses her lips together, "Do I have the right individuals for this job? I will consider you committed if you remain for further explanantion."

Dyre looks to the side. He's silent for a prolonged moment, except for a few twitches of his fingers and a slow nod of his head. "We'll take it." He doesn't seem to be speaking for Mr. Burr either, solely for himself. Perhaps a royal we. "I wouldn't get far in this line of work if I ripped of employers." He gets off the bike, but still doesn't raise the visor of his helmet, leaving it darkening his features from view.

He does look to the briefcases however, the tilt of his head can tell both others present that much. Though his attention slowly shifts to the fidgety man behind the employer. He obviously knows the type, since the man is quickly dismissed as being unimportant. He folds his arms across his chest, silently waiting for details on the job beyond retrieval.

"Hhhmmm.....". Mr. Burr looks from the woman, to the man behind her, to the suitcases full of money.

In all honesty, he doesn't NEED the money. It's merely icing on the cake. Course, he doesn't tell HER that! "An intriguing offer, m'lady. Very generous indeed. As for treachery, that would be poor manners on my part!".

The subtle mania in his eyes remains as he smiles warmly, a smile that when paired with such a look would seem very wrong "I am intrigued. Please continue!".

He does give the fidgeter behind her a focused look for a moment, his piercing gaze seeming to bore into the man, before looking back to the lady giving the instructions.

Mister Powell is quick to get away from the cases and the hood of the car, he's sweating, visibly and playing with his hands. Eyes darting from Dyre to Mr. Burr and back again to Gabriel; clearly regretting decisions in life. Gabriel meanwhile simply nods and turns to give her explanation in that even voice that betrays no emotion, or more that she's rather cold to her own core.

Mister Powell is quick to get away from the cases and the hood of the car, he's sweating, visibly and playing with his hands. Eyes darting from Dyre to Mr. Burr and back again to Gabriel; clearly regretting decisions in life. Gabriel meanwhile simply nods and turns to give her explanation in that even voice that betrays no emotion, or more that she's rather cold to her own core.

"The job is simple, as you maybe aware the prison industry in this country has been in reform for some time and in the United States there has been this growing notion of for profit prisons. There happens to be one near here. When capitalism is introduced to the. . " she pauses to scowl, "Justice system. . There tends to be some corners cut, some spending reductions. The guards are usually not enough to contain the prisoners and only a very fragile system keeps these systems secure. Our task will be simple, as an outside force we will be infiltrating with the morning produce delivery, we will be creating a hole, a big hole and through that hole we will give these associates an opportunity. Once that hole is created we will put anyone who cares to take the chance into our delivery truck. The escape will be three tiered with individuals getting off as we go, the truck will be our red herring . Are there questions?"

Her eyes move from one to the next in silence, Mister Powell fidgets and the money is just green. Cars pass on the nearby roads and the world turns like there isn't talk of a jail break in the commuter parking lot.

A gauntleted hand his lifted to his helmet, flipping open the visor to reveal a face that is grinning almost eagerly. Oddly, the irises of his eyes are dark red when the headlights of the car hit them. "Well, that sounds like a fun plan." Was his voice that gravelly a moment ago? It was probably the helmet muffling it, softening the tone. "Always wanted to try one of those."

He flexes his hands, working his fingers like he wants to drive the claw tips into something. "No questions. I'm just hired muscle, its your plan."

Between one blink and the next his eyes go from red to gray, his voice softening slightly again, his grin turning into a slightly more sour expression, though its not directed at his new employer. "Seems solid enough. I assume you want us to take out the guards should things get a bit rocky?"

Mismatched irises peer at Dyre, noting the.... oddities. How fascenating! Mr. Burr looks back to Kai, unable to help himself "A jailbreak? Oh, this IS amusing. I'm glad i followed up on this now". He taps his cane on the ground just in general excitment before commenting "Guards are one thing my good lad. However, the real question is which prison! Some have more and better-trained guards than others, after all!".

Mister Powell begin to whimper softly while staying by the door to the car like he wants nothing, NOTHING more than to drive away. Probably he'd like to leave Gabriel behind too, but for whatever reason, this doesn't happen. She doesn't seem to pay him any mind except when she addresses him directly.

She drops a small nod to Dyre, but why is not apparent as the first thing she says is, "Actually no, we'll be taking care of the guards anyway. Unfortunately they will not be of very much use to me and could pose a problem one way or another. So I would prefer if they were simply not in play. "

Turning her attention to Mr Burr Gabriel gives the smallest of nods before continuing, "The quality of guard does depend on the prison, the for profit ones are especially known not employing the best guard force." She sucks inward on her teeth before continuing. "Here you will find the plans for the prison I've selected." She turns to the cases and pulls a small map out of the top inner pocket then shoves it back in. "You will find contact information for me, prepaid cell phones and the proposed times within your case. The strike will occur an hour before shift change. Timing will be very important."

"You get the quality you pay for. You don't pay, bad guards, understaffing.." Dyre gives a slow and firm nod, peering at the cases again through gray eyes. He's silent against for a few moments, a second nod following. He takes in the information with a slow and thoughtful expression as its relayed to him by Gabriel.

"This is.. very well thought out." He takes a step forward, arms falling to his sides. After a moment he extends his hand, fingers curled. Obviously he's expecting the case and information to be handed to him. Never step to close to an employer whent hey have a lot of money out, especially not one with a twitchy assistant.

"I agree with my associate here. You have done a lot of work setting this all up. Count me in on the fun if you would please". With a small tilt of his head inquisitively, Mr. Burr stares once again at the man behind Kai, holding it on him, unblinkingly, for the moment. Why? Cause he finds the unnerved man amusing for precisely that reason!

While doing this, he asks "Are there any particular heads you want 'extracted'? Or will anyone do?"

There seems to be understanding as Gabriel gives a nod to Mister Powell who looks like this is the very last thing he ever wanted to be given a nod. The color drains from his face. He moves toward one the cases like a fidgeting beast and starts to try to get a key into a lock from the interior. It hardly looks like a lock, rather just a hole, but the key fits in and a moment later he extracts a dye packet, apparently remotely activated as it doesn't explode when he puts it in his pocket. Another look is cast at Gabriel before he closes the case, leaving the key to the hidden compartment in the keyhole. The case is handed to her and she turns and hands it to Dyre.

"We'll be in touch within the half hour, we will exchange aliases at that time." She says simply.

Toward Mr Burr she says, "I will go over details with you more later, but quantity is actually more important, besides it will make us harder to trace." The next case goes through the same process before being handed to Mr.Burr.

As the case is placed into Dyre's hand, he gives it a slight bounce, nodding to himself. He turns and walks back over to his bike, lifting the seat to reveal a compartment into which the case is placed. He shuts the compartment and turns towards Gabriel, giving her a long silent stare. "I'll be ready at a moment's notice." He doesn't have the slightest twitch of nervousness in his tone, if anything he just sounds more sure of himself than ever. A little smile playing on his lips, perhaps a touch of eagerness. It always feels good to him to have a job lined up and expenses covered for a bit.

He lifts his hand and drops the visor back over his face. Mounting his motocycle, he pops the kick stand back but doesn't start the engine quite yet. "You've made a good investment."

Likewise, Mr. Burr accepts his briefcase with one hand "I too shall remain alert for your indication, and look forwards to working with both of you". He peers from Kai, to Dyre, then back again "If you'll excuse me, i must..... " he grins darkly ".... prepare". With that, turning on a dime, he step-clicks-step-clicks away, the sound vanishing as he enters the same alley he arrived from!

"Excellent, " Gabriel replies, "Do not hesitate to call incase you have questions," She turns then and heads to the car. Mister Powell nearly trips over himself to get the door opened to the back seat before he rushes around toward the front to open the driver side door. He makes every effort not to look at either of the two men, also there was a third case which he tosses in the passenger seat of the car. He can't get the engine started fast enough, but to his credit the wheels don't spray dust at Gabriel's new associates in his haste to put distance from himself and them. . Of course there is always the matter of the young woman in the back of the car, whom he seems to be eternally bound. His own private hell.

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