Daigo - Daigo returns...

Description: After a few weeks of absence in Gedo High, Daigo Kazama finally returns at school, bringing with him waves of rumors about his sudden disappearance. Thankfully, Edge had been holding the fort while he was gone. Whatever the reasons for his absence, Daigo gives Edge a very particular an important task to fulfill.

Rumors have been spreading like wild fire in Gedo high for the past few weeks. Daigo had been nowhere to be seen. It was uncommon, for a day or two, but as it went on, it was definately starting to worry many of the students in Gedo High.

After all, through many hardship Daigo had managed to calm the countless inner struggles within Gedo High between the smaller gangs, unifying them all as one big family. They were all rallied behind one symbol, one man whose value and leadershhip had grown undisputed over the years but... Now he was gone.

Or was he?

Everyone knew, one day, that Daigo would leave Gedo, but... Not like this. The stress level escalated between everyone, without Daigo to mediate and hold everyone and lead them toward the same goal, the unity and structure upon which he had worked for so long could have crumbled in such a short span.

Everyone was waiting to see if another former gang leader would try a 'coup d'etat' while he was away...

No one dared.

Maybe out of respect for Daigo, or because they feared what would happen if he ever came back.

The tension was tangible, and after a moment, most were hoping they'd see him pop back before Gedo implodes on itself and grows in turmoil once more.

One day, for no obvious reason, Daigo finally shows up at Gedo High. He's hard to miss, with his long school jacket and his imposing frame.

He makes his way on the campus, like nothing ever happened, but with quite a share of whispers in his back.

Daigo has returned...

"Well, well, well! Look what the truancy officer dragged in!"

Unmistakably. Undeniably. That's Edge. The voice rings out from above. High above. Like on the roof above. Which is where Edge has been spending every single day that Daigo hasn't been at the school. He's been hanging around on top of school, watching and waiting for Daigo to return. He's also been making sure that nobody dared to try and take over their turf. A random knife thrown from above would make anyone pondering or whispering about such shit to take a second to think it over. And for those that didn't take that second? Well, they're probably still in the hospital.

Edge wasn't ever worried about the Return of Daigo. He knew the boss would come back eventually. So he held the fort. He did everything he didn't do when Daigo was around. Nothing. He just sat up there, chewing his gum and threatening any asshole that dared to prepare themselves to step up. He wasn't going to let Gedo High fall into the wrong hands. It's what Daigo would've wanted.

Two steps before Edge leaps off the roof! He soars downwards at an angle that would probably put a hurt piece on anyone else. But he's insane enough to do it. The moment those pristine white boots touch the ground below, he's throwing his hands into his pants pockets and skip-stepping to catch up to the boss. "Ya' mind tellin' me where the hell you been for, oh I don't fuckin' know, ever?" In the next moment, Edge is pulling a hand out of his pocket to wave dismissively. "Nevermind. Don't tell me. I ain't gonna' like it. I never do. An' when I don't like somethin', somebody gets cut."

"OW! HEY! WATC--" Some random student that shouldn't be wandering around right now is bleeding and the blood trail leads to where Edge and Daigo are walking. Apparently, there's a knife in Edge's hand. When the hell did he whip that out? Edge turns slightly to peer over his shoulder with wild and hungry eyes, bringing the knife up to his mouth to lick the blood off the blade in a silently threatening manner. "--- ah, heh. Nevermind! My mistake! Bye!" And the student runs like hell.

Edge whirls his head back around and throws it backwards for a cackling fit of laughter. "Fuckin' idiots." He gives a roll of his eyes and tosses the knife in his hand back and forth. "Sooooooo. We doin' anythin' fun today or did ya' jus' come back to make sure ya' was still top dog 'round here? Well, NEWS FLASH. Ya' are. And it's all thanks to ya' main man me. Edge. I kept alllllll these fuckers in line while ya' was gone. They respected me, D. They looked up to me. They, and I ain't even lyin' about this one, some of them were even afraid of me." Edge grins nice and big. "Awesome, right?"

Pause. "So when ya' leavin' again'?"

No one would dare to come up to Daigo and ask the question everyone was asking for : no one except those who were probably his closest and most loyal gang member. Upon hearing the familiar voice, Daigo's long strides come to an halt. The towering man lifts his gaze up slowly, up in the sky. His right hand goes above his template to shield his eyes from the sun that blinds him.

His eyes follow Edge as he leaps down the roof. His actions causing many gasps of astonishment in the students around who witness this daredevil act. It makes his feat even more impressive considering how gracefully Edge lands and accomplishes it. He made it seem so easy. Everyone was staring in awe, mouth agap.

But not Daigo. He kept he stoic posture, unphased by Edge's crazy actions. It might feel like he was not impressed, but he just didn't show it : merely because he knew, more than everyone else, what Edge was capable of.

When he approaches her and starts talking, Daigo remains silent. He couldn't even slide a word in edge wise, even if he wanted. Though the fact Edge blatters on like this causes a thin smile to spread on Daigo's lips.

Daigo lifts his large hand up and rests it on Edge's shoulder, giving him two gentle pat (relatively speaking considering his strength). "Edge," He says simply, his smile widening, "Ah! I've missed you," He adds with another pat.

Daigo's eyes shift toward the student who was accidently injuried and quickly excuses himself, then back at Edge. He offers him a silent, disapproving frown, but doesn't say anything about this accident. His silent stare meant more than any words.

Daigo turns on his heels and resumes his walk, "Thank you, my friend," Daigo says, "For watching over in my absence... I had..." Daigo lifts his gaze up, staring at the distance for a moment, as if lost in his thoughts, "... Important business to attend to. But now that this is over, we need to talk..."

As Daigo continues to walk, he rests one hand on Edge's shoulder and says, "I have an important task to ask of you, Edge... And I think you're the best suited man I have for this,"

If anyone understands the relationship between Daigo and Edge it's not Edge. Sure there's a reason why Daigo keeps him around but someone as completely bonkers as Edge wouldn't dare stick close to someone like Daigo, would he? Unless, of course, that was the whole point. Perhaps the reason why Edge was so loyal to Daigo had something to do with the fact that Daigo managed to keep him from being too out of his mind and from falling too far off his rocker Yes, yes, Edge is completely nuts but that's only because Daigo gives him the space to be.

Nothing needs to be said when he gets the look from Daigo. Edge doesn't look apologetic or even sorry for the random cutting up of some loser student that wasn't part of the gang. But he now knows that cutting people randomly is wrong. He'll remember this for at least an hour. And he'll try to see if he can make it all the way until tomorrow. But it probably won't happen. Cutting people is how he passes the time. And it's the only way he can actually get through an entire school day.

Another thing that people may or may not notice is that Daigo often keeps a hand on Edge's shoulder. Perhaps weight of the bigger man's hand helps to weigh down the hyperchaotic mass of violence that is Edge. Or maybe it is more along the terms of a physical leash of sorts. It could be a combination of both, really. And that's why Edge lets it happen. Even though, every single time it happens, Edge turns to look at his jacket and the wrinkled state that it ends up in, reels back in horror and has to straighten it out. Every. Single. Time. So much so that Edge almost flinches as his jacket is wrinkled something fierce by the likes of Daigo's hand.

His attention is drawn closer to the boss, though, as words are leading him towards something a bit more worth focusing on. "Ooooooooh. A task? For moi? Oh, ya' shouldn't have!" Edge pops up a hand and unfolds a butterfly knife with the quickness, flipping it around and open, bringing it up to press against his cheek. His eyelashes flutter like some sort of maniac. "Sooooooo. Who's the asshole ya' want me to carve up like a Spanksgivin' Turkey?"

The greatest strength of the Gedo High leader was his ability to find the good inside of everyone. The reason why he kept Edge with him, desphite his chaotic nature was that he firmly believes that deep down, Edge has good roots, even though it seems to come out all wrong.

If there was one thing most the teenagers here had in common was that everyone thought they were delinquents and good-for-nothings. Not Daigo. He believed in every single one of his boy and tried to rebuild their self-esteem and confidence.

That's what real leaders are made of. That is why Daigo ended up unifying all of Gedo High under him. The physical contact he had with Edge was more or less a way to reassure him, to show his approval. Daigo was a man of a few words but a lot of his expressions and mannerisms meant more than any words he could say for someone who paid attention to those little details.

Daigo continues to walk, a soft and deep chuckle escaping his throat at Edge's enthusiasm. "Easy, easy now Edge," Daigo simply answers to him. He waits before adding more though, obviously waiting for them both to be out of reach for indiscreet ears.

The tall young man continues his long stride on the edge of a building, between two buildings. Nobody was around, and none would dare to follow them in this small secluded spot. Daigo glances over his shoulder, to make sure none would follow, before he turns his attention Edge.

"I need a pair of eyes and ears in another school... Gorin High, or Taiyo High..." He explains, "I want you to go out there, and see if you can hear any specific rumors out there. Of course, no one must know you're from Gedo," He adds. He nods to Edge and adds, "I also need you to find me some uniforms from those schools. Sport teams one, something that distinctively can be identified as coming from one of those two school,"

"Ehhhhhh, but Boss. I've got a test in history this week!"

Edge can't even hold the straight face for longer than four seconds before he starts cackling madly. His laughter becomes as loud as his hair is high and he practically finds himself rolling in mid-air from the amount of crazy laughter that's coming from him. Anyone that may be looking in their direction, even though they can't hear what is being said, they damn sure can hear and see the ultimate laughing that is happening from the likes of the violent one.

Almost as fast as it happens, it ends and Edge looks deadly serious as he peers at Daigo. "I can handle this, Boss. No problem." He doesn't bring a hand up to salute. Instead, he just raises one of his knives up and gives a mighty little tip of it like there's some kind of tip of it like it's a hat. And then he's tucking it away on the inside of his jacket pocket. Where a glimpse inside will show a collection of other holstered and pocketed knives. It is insane in there. "Ask Questions. Steal Uniforms. Stab Anybody That Gets In My Way. Got it." It seems like Edge has added on his own little addition to the list of needs. He's got the biggest grin on his face right now too. He's loving the trust that's being placed in him right now.

"Anything else? Please tell me there's somethin' else. I can do this other shit in my sleep. And probably will." Edge tilts his head to actually ponder that for a moment. Sleep-Stealing. It'll be all the rage as soon as he starts the fad among the juvenile delinquents. It'll be good to be remembered as something a little more than just Daigo's Right Hand HOLDING A KNIFE TO YOUR THROAT. "But if ya' gonna' give me somethin' that easy to do at Taiyo, or worse: Gorin, then I can't be held responsible for what happens to their student bodies when I start getting bored." And there's the terrifying grin. He even licks his lips thinking about the utterly random acts of violence he'll get to commit.

What? History test?
Daigo straightens himself up and folds his arms in front of his chest. He stares at Edge for a moment as he cackles madly. Unlike him, he did not seem to find this funny and it felt like he had some inner conflict to ask such a sacrifice from one of his man. After all, Daigo was a man of principle and he firmly believed that every single one of his boys were able to become good men if given the chance, and it started with proper education... He doesn't insist on the matter, but having to take this decision seems to weight on his shoulder some.

"Edge," Daigo says slowly, as if to allow Edge a few seconds to focus on Daigo's voice, to allow him to control himself for a moment to listen to further instructions, "This is very important, I don't want you to get kicked out before you manage to steal the uniforms, or people to know Gedo High did this. I'm giving you this because I know you can do this," He says with a slow nod of his head.

Daigo's arms slowly unfolds and rests at his side and the tall young man turns his gaze away. "Yes, there is one more thing..." Daigo says, "There is one information I want you to find, above all else..." Daigo says. He takes his time, speaking, unlike Edge, slowly and weighting every of his word. He stays silent for a moment, lost in his thought... Or perhaps just to work on Edge's patience, who knows.

"Recently, Akira has told me that some 'thief' apparently got in Seiyun High and stole a bunch of the girl's panties..." Daigo's hand clenches into a fist as he turns his stern and harsh expression at Edge. He frows at him and he slowly leans closer to him, looming over Edge, "Find the person who did this for me, Edge," Daigo lifts his hand up, resting it on Edge's shoulder.

This was a very special touch -- the touch of trust. With this simple pat on the shoulder, Daigo entrusted in Edge this immense responsability.

He did not say it, but he did not need to say it, the reasons behind all of this was just too obvious as to why Daigo had interest in finding the Seiyunn High's panties thief...

Impatience is a virtue that even Edge can't be still long enough to be annoyed by the prolonging that Daigo is doing. He's looking all around whilst Daigo is talking to him. It's actually difficult to know if he's paying attention or if he's just playing around. He goes from looking at anything and everything to playing with a butterfly knife to closing his eyes and humming the tune from Psycho. It really isn't until Daigo's hand touches his shoulder in a new manner that Edge finally turns his eyes over to him. And for the briefest of moments, Edge seems to be human. The crazed look in his eye is gone and he seems to be, well, normal. It really is quite contrary to his natural state of affairs. But it is necessary for what Edge has planned as a response.

"Boss. Daigo." This time, Edge raises a hand of his own to plant against Daigo's shoulder. "I got this. Trust me. They ain't gonna' know what hit 'em."

As if Edge needed to be reassuring. Okay, maybe he did. Because there's some reason that people don't (or can't) trust Edge to actually get things done. Could be that he's lazy. Could be that he puts forth the least amount of effort possible for whatever task it is. Could be any number of reasons. But it really does all come down to the fact that he's always going to have to prove himself to Daigo and the others that he can actually be trusted with things like this.

"Now. You sure you don't need me to sneak into Seiyun? I'm already sneakin' into two others. What's one more, right?" Those eyebrows proceed to get to waggling.

Daigo had put his trust in Edge.

There was a good reason for it. He deeply believed in him and trused he was up to the task. Daigo had never given someone a task he did not believe they could perform. It might be a difficult one, force Edge to push his limits and make him go beyond them, but he believes he will prevail in the end if he puts his heart to it and takes this task seriously.

That's how he makes his boys grow, always expecting more out of them, and they rarely disappoint him. Because he knows their limits and expects what he knows he can from them.

"Good," Daigo says with a firm nod. Edge's gesture causes Daigo's lips to curl into a soft smile. It seems it meant a lot to him. He straightens himself slowly. "A little extra if you can find the panties back," Daigo adds, his intonation serious.

Daigo's lips then curls into a smile full of mischief. He stares at Edge, gauging him, "Hum..." He considers, "I have to say, you'd probably make a pretty girl in skirt with your hair flat and some makeup," His intonation was... Frighteningly serious.

"I get that a lot. This one time I ran out of gel--" Edge is already starting to explain about this time when he realizes what he's about to say. And it's about to say something that he probably shouldn't say. "Hey hey hey! Let's just cross that bridge when it falls down, eh?!" Edge is not about to just throw himself to the female wolves like that. Even though, not even a few moments ago, he was volunteering for such actions. It probably has everything in the world to do with his completely bonkers mind and his attitude of ill repute. Or he's just doing whatever he can to be funny.

"Alright. If I'm gonna' do this, I better get goin'. I'm gonna' have to do a little shoppin'. I can't walk into Taiyo looking this perfect. They'd never let me in! I'd put the student body to shame!" Whatever knife he has at this moment gets tucked away into his jacket. "Do me a favor? Tell my teachers I died, will ya'? It'll be a scream when I get back." And there he goes into another one of his illustrious laughing fits. Because the thought of scaring his teachers to death is pretty damn hilarious.

Arms folded against his chest, Daigo stares at Edge. His lips are curled into an amused smile. Edge's antics always managed to bring a smile to his lips somehow. His idea of false death actually causes Daigo to laugh out loud.

He tilts his head backward and laughs heartly, "We'll see," Daigo replies simply. He lifts his hand up to pat Edge's shoulder a few times, "Good luck," He says, as if to close the matter now. He was on a secret mission for Daigo now. Whether or not he'll actually follow Edge's wish is a mystery though.

"Time to go in classes," Daigo says with a nod. This closes the subject. He'd probably have a lot more to deal with... Other guys who thought he was going, re-establish his dominance.

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