NDP 2012.04

NDP #3: Munin vs Daniel - Daniel Jack and Munin duke it out in a Neo Development Project match set in the depths of Transylvania. What a terrible night to have a curse. (WINNER: Munin) - created on 10:34:13 04/02/2012 by Daniel and last modified on 21:57:21 04/04/2012. Cast: Daniel and Munin.

NDP #4: Daniel vs Zach - Daniel Jack and Zach Glen have a (maybe) destined battle on a rainy night. (Winner: Daniel) - created on 21:22:49 04/02/2012 by Zach and last modified on 21:57:51 04/04/2012. Cast: Zach and Daniel.

NDP #5: Intan vs Yuri - The Neo Development League wants to have a scary match in Transylvania. But not everyone's in a scary mood, especially Yuri Sakazaki, who's always cheerful and upbeat. Who will emerge from the darkness? (WINNER: Intan) - created on 20:52:38 04/03/2012 by Yuri and last modified on 21:58:54 04/04/2012. Cast: Intan and Yuri.

NDP #6: Quon vs Intan - NDP Fight of Intan vs. Quon inside the Connemara Public Library. Winner: Quon - created on 10:39:47 04/04/2012 by Intan and last modified on 21:59:14 04/04/2012. Cast: Intan and Quon.

NDP #8: Yuri vs Daniel - Old library, lots of books, but no silence here. The constant rivalry between Todoh-Ryuu and Kyokugen Karate comes to blows once again as Daniel and Yuri go at it! Who will end up hitting the books for real? (WINNER: Draw) - created on 12:32:33 04/05/2012 by Yuri and last modified on 11:30:04 04/06/2012. Cast: Daniel and Yuri.

NDP #7: Intan vs Zach - Zach and Intan throw down in the NDP. This goes down pretty much how one familar with the two fighters would expect: Messily. (Draw Match) - created on 16:32:53 04/05/2012 by Zach and last modified on 09:31:48 04/06/2012. Cast: Zach and Intan.

NDP #9: MrJones vs Intan - Intan vs. Mrjones in an exciting fight in the treasury of al-Siq. (Winner: MrJones) - created on 12:00:38 04/06/2012 by Intan and last modified on 09:09:54 04/08/2012. Cast: Intan and MrJones.

NDP #10: Intan vs Benkei - NDP Fight between Benkei and Intan above the Victoria Falls. Winner: Intan - created on 14:45:29 04/09/2012 by Intan and last modified on 20:22:41 04/09/2012. Cast: Intan and Benkei.

NDP #11: Vyle vs Daniel - A Neo Development League smackdown right in the heart of the CWA Arena, notorious Lucha Vyle takes on the swaggering Daniel Jack in a free for all right in the ring this Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! (Winner: DRAW) - created on 19:19:44 04/09/2012 by Daniel and last modified on 15:40:28 04/10/2012. Cast: Vyle and Daniel.

NDP #12: Brett vs Intan - NDP Match between Brett and Intan in Las Vegas, (Draw) - created on 13:12:35 04/10/2012 by Intan and last modified on 15:42:05 04/10/2012. Cast: Intan and Brett.

NDP #13: MrJones vs Daniel - In a stunning rematch at the Capital 7, Daniel Jack and former NDP champ Mister Jones break it down old school with a battle between the Funk and the Jazz. (WINNER: MISTER JONES) - created on 22:04:35 04/10/2012 by Daniel and last modified on 21:46:16 04/11/2012. Cast: Daniel and MrJones.

NDP #14: Daniel vs Brett - Stonehenge gets rocked when the hard-hitting hockey kid Brett Neuer ends up in a clash of Druidic proportions against Detective Daniel Jack, with a result that's too close for comfort. (Winner: Daniel) - created on 19:46:33 04/11/2012 by Brett and last modified on 09:43:06 04/13/2012. Cast: Daniel and Brett.

NDP #16: MrJones vs Vyle - Roof to Roof Rocking as the funky former Action A-Lister Mr. Johnny Jones takes on the vicious, virulent, and volatile villain Vyle. Who will win this wild, winding wingding of a fight? (Winner: MrJones) - created on 18:28:48 04/14/2012 by Vyle and last modified on 12:41:45 04/16/2012. Cast: Vyle and MrJones.

NDP #15: Daniel vs Momoko - Fighting onboard a specially designed train, Momoko goes up against Daniel Little in an NDP match. Who will reach the end of their line first? (WINNER: Daniel) - created on 21:54:21 04/14/2012 by Momoko and last modified on 11:24:02 04/16/2012. Cast: Momoko and Daniel.

NDP #17: Zach vs Shun - Shun Himura makes her NDP debut against the explosive Zach Glen. The fight is surprising on several levels. (Draw Match) - created on 18:32:32 04/16/2012 by Zach and last modified on 10:27:49 04/17/2012. Cast: Zach and Shun.

NDP #18: Munin vs Shun - NDP Fight on the icy mountaintops, Munin versus Shun, with Munin emerging as the victor! - created on 21:44:01 04/16/2012 by Shun and last modified on 10:30:32 04/17/2012. Cast: Munin and Shun.

NDP #19: Shun vs Benkei - Another NDP fight, this time between Benkei and Shun. Shun emerged victorious. - created on 08:38:50 04/17/2012 by Shun and last modified on 10:33:00 04/17/2012. Cast: Benkei and Shun.

NDP #20: Shun vs Daniel - Fighting on top of the Sunshine 60 Hotel, this Neo Development Match pits Todoh-Ryuu Kobojutsu student Daniel Jack against the young and upcoming Kyokugen Kara- I mean Ansatsuken Star Shun. (WINNER: Shun) - created on 11:12:35 04/17/2012 by Daniel and last modified on 18:53:36 04/17/2012. Cast: Daniel and Shun.

NDP #21: Shun vs Chiyoko - An NDP fight between Shun and Chiyoko, Vyle appearing for future contact justification ultimately ending in Shun's vicotry - created on 16:41:41 04/17/2012 by Chiyoko and last modified on 19:41:58 04/17/2012. Cast: Vyle, Chiyoko, and Shun.

NDP #22: Zach vs Yuri - Zach and Yuri face off in the NDP. Both fighters bring their full power to the table, but only one will walk away. (Winner: Zach) - created on 20:49:06 04/17/2012 by Zach and last modified on 09:14:42 04/18/2012. Cast: Zach and Yuri.

NDP #23: Shun vs Quon - NDP Duel in the ancient city of Petra. Rising star Shun versus Quon. It's Shun who takes the victory today. - created on 09:00:25 04/18/2012 by Shun and last modified on 11:41:28 04/18/2012. Cast: Quon and Shun.

NDP #24: Brett vs Shun - Egypt gets a taste of prodigious ice as rising star Shun ends up fighting against fish out of water Brett Neuer on the Stanley Bridge in Alexandria. Who will stand tall in the brutal Egyptian Sun? (Winner: Draw) - created on 16:23:40 04/18/2012 by Brett and last modified on 13:43:22 04/19/2012. Cast: Brett and Shun.

NDP #25: Zach vs Vyle - Zach and Vyle go at it at the Loch Ness. Pro-wrestling meets boxing in a serious rumble. (Winner: Zach) - created on 18:41:52 04/19/2012 by Zach and last modified on 10:01:09 04/20/2012. Cast: Vyle and Zach.

NDP #26: Zach vs Chiyoko - Zach and the newcomer Chiyoko duke it out in Africa. This turns out to be a battle of fate. (Winner: Zach) - created on 21:11:28 04/20/2012 by Zach and last modified on 14:01:45 04/22/2012. Cast: Zach and Chiyoko.

NDP #27: MrJones vs Shun - NDP Match in Kazakhstan, Shun versus Mr Jones. Victor: Mr Jones - created on 22:23:14 04/20/2012 by Shun and last modified on 14:04:32 04/22/2012. Cast: MrJones and Shun.

NDP #28: Chiyoko vs Momoko - An NDP fight between Chiyoko and Momoko, fairly close towards the end which ended in a DKO from an interrupt. - created on 18:06:49 04/21/2012 by Chiyoko and last modified on 14:06:52 04/22/2012. Cast: Momoko and Chiyoko.

NDP #29: MrJones vs Zach (incomplete meters) - Zach dukes it out against Mister Johnny Jones. (Winner: Mr. Jones) - created on 19:20:37 04/21/2012 by Zach and last modified on 14:30:15 04/23/2012. Cast: Zach and MrJones.

NDP #30: Ayame vs Shun (no meters) - Atop the rooftops of Dubrovnik, Croatia, Ansatsuken fighter Shun faces off against weapons-fighter Ayame. Her determination and training in the classic style fares well against Ayame's deceptive nature, but it seems the weapons fighter has just enough tricks up her sleeves... (Winner: Ayame) - created on 17:49:52 04/22/2012 by Ayame and last modified on 14:38:45 04/23/2012. Cast: Ayame and Shun.

NDP #31: Brett vs Benkei - The Dogpound in Southtown is not the kind of place you'd usually find Benkei Bunya or Brett Neuer, but the NDP brings them there, and Brett's state of mind ends up being a danger to the both of them, leading to an unpredictable fight. (Winner: Brett) - created on 17:42:41 04/25/2012 by Brett and last modified on 11:12:12 04/26/2012. Cast: Brett and Benkei.

NDP #32: Daniel vs Chiyoko - Set in the temple of Ginkaku-ji, mysterious waif Chiyoko and her father face off against hard-boiled detective Daniel Jack in the courtyard. While Daniel initially accepts Chiyoko as a perky, if naive, young lady, he soon realizes something dangerously familiar about the young lady... (Winner: Daniel) - created on 23:34:00 04/29/2012 by Daniel and last modified on 10:18:37 04/30/2012. Cast: Daniel and Chiyoko.

NDP #33: MrJones vs Brett - Or dancing on ice. Mister Jones and Mister Neuer collide to answer the age old question; which improvised weapon is more cool? The hockey stick or the nunchaku? (Winner: MrJones) - created on 21:38:18 04/30/2012 by MrJones and last modified on 09:34:17 05/01/2012. Cast: Brett and MrJones.

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