NDP 2012.07

NDP S2 #1: Julia vs Kazue - The Neo Development Project hosts a fight in an area frequented by Julia Chang. Her opponent, the enigmatic thief Kazue Yamada. Will Julia achieve a natural victory, or will Kazue steal the win from Julia? (WINNER: Julia) - created on 21:34:53 07/09/2012 by Julia and last modified on 14:30:01 07/19/2012. Cast: Kazue and Julia.

NDP S2 #2: Rio vs Benkei - Benkei vs Rio. Place: China, in a martial arts dojo. Winner: Rio. - created on 01:02:12 07/19/2012 by Rio and last modified on 14:29:54 07/19/2012. Cast: Benkei and Rio.

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