NDP 2012.03

NDP #2: Intan vs Munin - As the Neo Development Project season once more gets underway, a match occurs between Munin and newcomer Intan over a fiery volcano, on a roped bridge, while a helicopter crew captures the battle from a safe distance. Swords meet daggers in the sweltering heat! - created on 13:37:49 03/30/2012 by Munin and last modified on 21:56:51 04/04/2012. Cast: Intan and Munin.

NDP #1: Daniel vs Intan - A close NDP fight between Intan and Daniel. Victor: Daniel - created on 23:38:55 03/30/2012 by Intan and last modified on 21:56:13 04/04/2012. Cast: Intan and Daniel.

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