NDP 2012.05

NDP #34: Daniel vs Diesel - Some people pick up dates at bars, dance clubs, parks... people like Daniel though? They go for the nitty gritty, they pick their dates at the fighting circuit, and not just other fans either, they go for the opponent that is currently occupied trying to break their dorsal spine. How's that working out for Daniel? Well, let's just say it hasn't totally ruined his life yet. (Winner: Daniel) - created on 18:02:38 05/02/2012 by Diesel and last modified on 19:05:40 05/03/2012. Cast: Daniel and Diesel.

NDP #35: Jace vs Quon - Jace rents a yacht as a back drop Jace's debut in the Neo Development Project. The Chongquan prodigy attempts to put on a show but the Ansatsuken Superstar, Jace ends up putting on a better show. (Winner: Jace) - created on 19:31:20 05/04/2012 by Quon and last modified on 09:25:03 05/07/2012. Cast: Quon and Jace.

NDP #36: Benkei vs Raoghnailt - Returning back to Scotland, Raoghnailt begins her debut in the Neo Development League to fight, as all these games should begin with, the Todoh-Ryuu Fighter! But it looks like the woman better shift away from casual gaming, or learn to invest in more quarters... (Winner: Benkei?!) - created on 21:47:53 05/06/2012 by Raoghnailt and last modified on 09:30:52 05/07/2012. Cast: Raoghnailt and Benkei.

NDP #37: Yuri vs Kazuki - Kazuki's NDP pits him against Yuri Sakazaki. Twisty throws and punchy punches ensue! (Winner: Yuri) - created on 21:23:38 05/07/2012 by Kazuki and last modified on 09:50:27 05/09/2012. Cast: Kazuki and Yuri.

NDP #38: Raoghnailt vs Brett - In a throwndown in Kazakhstan, Hockey Star Brett faces off against the strange red-haired mystic Raoghnailt in a violent bout, resulting in no clear winner (WINNER: DKO) - created on 16:25:01 05/08/2012 by Raoghnailt and last modified on 09:51:12 05/09/2012. Cast: Brett and Raoghnailt.

NDP #39: Roland vs Chiyoko - Roland ambushes Chiyoko with a NDP fight! And... wins! Look out, Daniel Little. You will soon fall to the NDP KING! <Winner: Roland> - created on 21:23:12 05/15/2012 by Roland and last modified on 11:22:10 05/16/2012. Cast: Roland and Chiyoko.

NDP #40: Yuri vs Brett - At the Westminister Abbey, Brett and Yuri change the peaceful atmosphere into a fight for NDP purposes. Will Brett score a goal, or will Kyokugen triumph? (WINNER: Yuri) - created on 14:38:57 05/16/2012 by Yuri and last modified on 14:03:18 05/17/2012. Cast: Brett and Yuri.

NDP #41: Daniel vs Benkei - FATED FIGHT. Daniel Jack and Benkei Bunya face off on a cruise liner in a destined battle between Todoh-Ryuu Student and Todoh-Ryuu Master for the Neo Development Project. Kasane Ates will be thrown, as the battle comes to a surprising close finish. (WINNER: Daniel) - created on 18:44:28 05/19/2012 by Daniel and last modified on 16:11:00 05/20/2012. Cast: Daniel and Benkei.

NDP #42: Momoko vs Benkei - At Club Haddaway, two Neo Development Project fighters are here to strut their stuff. One is Benkei, a practioner of Todoh-ryuu Kobojutsu, while the other is the Capoeira cutie Momoko, who seeks to prove her art is the coolest in the world! Who will rock the club, and who will end up getting clubbed? (WINNER: Momoko) - created on 17:40:27 05/21/2012 by Momoko and last modified on 10:45:44 05/22/2012. Cast: Momoko, Brett, and Benkei.

NDP #43: Ayame vs Daniel - One might not expect to be dying of heat stroke in the bitter heat of Russia, but this NDP match that pits NDP front runner Daniel Jack against recent NDP addition Ayame seeks to defy expectations. The criminal and detective face off in an operational foundry with another NDP prize purse on the line. But it seems this will not be the only time the two meet? (Winner: Ayame) - created on 22:40:51 05/21/2012 by Ayame and last modified on 16:15:30 05/24/2012. Cast: Ayame and Daniel.

NDP #44: MrJones vs Munin - Mister Jones ambushes Munin for an NDP match. It's all fun and puns until someone gets chocked. (Winner: Mister Jones) - created on 20:33:09 05/23/2012 by MrJones and last modified on 16:21:48 05/24/2012. Cast: MrJones and Munin.

NDP #45: Brett vs Roland - Roland and Brett have a battle on a cruise ship, although really Roland just wanted to use it as an excuse to raid it for shrimp and booze. Brett, however, is a touch more focused, and it shows! ( Winner: Brett ) - created on 21:29:01 05/27/2012 by Roland and last modified on 10:03:18 05/28/2012. Cast: Roland and Brett.

NDP #46: Brett vs Chiyoko - The Sidewalk Cafe becomes a little windier and a little colder, as Chiyoko and Brett throw down int he final days of the NDP season. The result is quick, but explosive with an ending out of nowhere. (Winner: Brett) - created on 22:17:10 05/29/2012 by Brett and last modified on 10:28:08 05/30/2012. Cast: Brett and Chiyoko.

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