NDP 2012.08

NDP #3: Daniel vs Kasumi - At the Oxford Library in The Radcliffe Camera, the infamous detective Daniel Jack is drawn back into the Neo Development Project. Making the semi-finals last season, he had delayed his entry due to the crisis in Sunshine City. Sullen a string of bad news from the city, however, the detective is unaware of his mysterious opponent, only told that he has a surprise opponent. Little does he know that a certain Sensei of him is more than willing to test his technique, and to draw him out of his rut. (Winner: Daniel) - created on 15:03:18 08/07/2012 by Daniel and last modified on 19:29:54 08/08/2012. Cast: Daniel and Kasumi.

#4: Kasumi vs Benkei - Todohryuu vs. Todohryuu. Benkei's biggest humiliation yet! - created on 18:24:42 08/11/2012 by Benkei and last modified on 09:29:13 08/13/2012. Cast: Benkei and Kasumi.

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