NDP 2011.12

NDP #10: MrJones vs Faolan - Faolan does his best to curb his losing ways as of late with his next NDP match. The downside is he didn't realize that his next opponent might be one of his toughest challenges yet, which is saying quite a bit given the competition he has dealt with so far. Mr. Jones and Faolan clash! LIGHTNING STRIKES! (Winner: Mr. Jones) - created on 20:01:10 12/01/2011 by Faolan and last modified on 10:10:36 12/02/2011. Cast: Faolan and MrJones.

NDP #11: Edge vs MURDERHOUSE - In Edge's first foray into the NDP, he ends up against a seven foot tall monster called MURDERHOUSE. Concussions and lacerations for /everyone/! (Winner: Edge) - created on 13:58:26 12/02/2011 by Edge and last modified on 23:13:04 12/02/2011. Cast: MURDERHOUSE and Edge.

NDP #12: Zach vs MURDERHOUSE - Zach and MURDERHOUSE collide in a classic David versus Goliath match-up. Glen reminds people that much like dynamite, small things can have explosive power. (Winner: Zach) - created on 14:20:26 12/04/2011 by Zach and last modified on 20:07:48 12/04/2011. Cast: MURDERHOUSE and Zach.

NDP #13: Aranha vs Eiserne - The NDP has Aranha square off against Eiserne. The fight starts out brutally which steadily increases until Eiserne walks away laughing and Aranha walks away confused and angry. (Winner: Aranha) - created on 19:59:45 12/04/2011 by Aranha and last modified on 11:13:44 12/06/2011. Cast: Eiserne and Aranha.

NDP #14: MrJones vs Aranha - Mr. Jones meets up with fellow dance fighter Aranha in a subway NDP battle so the two can reenact one of the ex-movie star's most famous and award winning movie; Deadly Dance of Death Part III. (Winner Mr. Jones) - created on 21:26:00 12/06/2011 by MrJones and last modified on 09:28:57 12/07/2011. Cast: Aranha and MrJones.

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