NDP 2011.12 - NDP #10: MrJones vs Faolan

Description: Faolan does his best to curb his losing ways as of late with his next NDP match. The downside is he didn't realize that his next opponent might be one of his toughest challenges yet, which is saying quite a bit given the competition he has dealt with so far. Mr. Jones and Faolan clash! LIGHTNING STRIKES! (Winner: Mr. Jones)

A mini vacation! Or at least it kind of is. Being the fact Faolan is in a fight for the whole new NDP thing means it is less a vacation and more of fun times with face punching. He hasn't had the best of luck, but at the same time the Irishman has had alot of fun taking people on from all sorts of walks of life. Not only that in this case he was asked to make a smaller travel than normal and he only had to get a jeep from base and travel northwards with some of his buddies from the same platoon to have some booze and fun before the match itself started.

he day of the match has come finally and Faolan seems ready as he will ever be. The Ikari has his bata as always and seems ready to get things going. A few other members of the Ikari are around as well to cheer him if he does well and to give him hell if he gets his ass handed to him. This is the sort of thing that just makes a man want to improve. If he does so he has less time to worry about people making fun of him afterall. At least he has no worries about losing to a schoolgirl in a fight like this.

He has heard about Mr. Jones at this point. The guy is supposed to be quite the hard hitter which makes Faolan all that more anxious. He might not win this one, but he will do his best to make sure the funky fighter remembers his name if he can help it.

One of the perks of entering the fighting circuit is that you get to travel to so many exotic locations, absolutely free! In fact, they are actually /paying/ you to go there. Are the people that sponsor these events absolutely insane?? Well, there's the whole risk of getting your face stomped in when finally reaching your destination, but it's well worth the trouble for some people. Crazy enough people that care little about the dangers of reaching spiritual enlightenment, people that are not afraid to get dirty to get all the worth out of life, people that aspire to be legends, people like Faolan and of course, Mr. Jones.

Though their goals may be same in the end, the paths are very different. Very, veeery different. It's safe to assume that in the quest for fighting perfection, no one is taking quite the same path as the dance fighter. Some would even wonder if he's trying to become a fighter with all the crazy stunts that he does, but whatever the hell he's doing, it seems to be working. Even if his winning streak has staggered a bit, he's still a high ranking newcomer fighter that has given a few a run for their money and tangled with Legendary fighters like Ryu and Sagat.

So it makes it all that distressing to actually see him in person after hearing such rumors about him.

A cloud of dust is seen in the horizon as Mr. Jones speeds on his old mustang car to where the fight will take place. Heavy disco beats coming from his car's boom box herald his screeching entrance as he hits the breaks too fast and causes his car to spin out of control, spinning in the air several times before it lands perfectly on it's wheels like if he intended for that to happen. "Heeeey! Hola-muchachous!" Mr. Jones is already down with the Latin American groove it seems, as he steps out of his hat wearing a big ol' sombrero whilst speaking heavily accented Spanish. The groovy fighter struggles profusely to take the enormous hat off his and finally frees his afro hair with a loud *pop!* noise before walking towards the arena.

Twirling his nunchucks idly, shaded eyes stare at the Ikari warriors each in turn staring at them with that ever present crazed smile of his. "Which one of you cats is Faolan?"

It isn't so much being the best fighter ever for Faolan. It is more him doing his best to improve and show he belongs in the Ikari Warriors and be recognized as one. He is certainly on his way given he shows no fear in the face of danger and won't back down from any fight. He might not win alot, but it is hard to find a guy that will go up against anyone no matter what and try his damndest to put on a show. If he wasn't a mercenary he might have a place in martial arts films as a badguy or the main lackey of one given his attitude and ability as a fighter.

The group of Ikari in general look towards the Mustang when it pulls up and a few look actually surprised at the sight of Mr. Jones when he shows up. Some of them have only heard of the name and how the fighter has made a bit of a name for himself as of late. They also didn't expect him to look like Jim Kelly's twin. Even so they stay mostly silent as they watch him approach.

When he asks where Faolan is the Irishman slowly straightens up and raises his hand. "That be me, fellah." he calls out and he stalks away from the rest of the group as he idly taps his bata gainst his shoulder. "Yer the one that everyone has been talking about, huh?" he asks and looks his opponent over before giving a bit of a cheeky grin. "Well lets hope you are tougher than you look." he says with a chuckle and shifts his stance. Legs spread wide and both hands grip the bata as he holds it out about a foot away from his chest. "Lets do this."

COMBATSYS: Faolan has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Faolan           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Faolan focuses on his next action.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Faolan           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: MrJones has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Faolan           0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0          MrJones

Close enough, best fighter ever, prove you belong somewhere, they both involve fists flying which is what Mr. Jones is all about. In a sense at least he shares that kinship with Faolan that he'll take on anybody no matter their reputation or power, why else would he have held his ground against Sagat after all? (Other than because he didn't know who the guy was until he later woke up on the Duck Pond's breakroom bandaged up).

The reactions from the Ikari warriors is what he expects, not many people are impressed when they look at him, they've all lived to regret it. Jonesy takes out his afro pick idly to comb his hair for a moment before he slowly walks towards this Faolan fellow. "Heh." Mister Jones gives a soft chuckle at the Irishman's taunt, he's a movie actor and insults like that just slide right off him, otherwise he would never be able to survive an onslaught from the critics. "You're a funny guy." He says rubbing his nose whilst he puts the pick back on his pocket. "Don't do that again." Says the Groove Master as he bows respectfully to his opponent, his tone a bit more serious that time, whether his goofy demeanor is just a front to hide the brutal warrior beneath or he actually has somewhat of a double personality is irrelevant, the thing is that despite how he looks and acts he's a fighter through and through and he aims to prove it.

After his bow he assumes a Jeet Kune Do stance, one of the handles of his nunchuck tucked under his armpit. This stance doesn't last but a second, since without warning he quickly dashes at Faolan with blurring speed swinging his chuck right for his bata to smack the club out of the way so he has a clear path to ram his knuckles right on the Irishman's face! "WOOOAATAAA!"

COMBATSYS: Faolan blocks MrJones' Funky Impact.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Faolan           0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0          MrJones

There is a lazy salute returned when he is bowed at. "It is just my style, fellah. Deal with it." he says in a rather calm tone. He just has a bit of a grating personality and he knows it gets him trouble. Obviously from the look of the grin on his face he could care less what people thought of him. As long as he is having fun that is all that matters. The man enjoys his job and he enjoys his time off so often that means he is ALWAYS having fun. Even more so that he has gone a few days without seeing that devil woman named Reese.

He seems rather prepared for Mr. Jones when he comes in to strike and while the bata is knocked away from the impact of the chucks hitting it he is able to get a hand released and an arm brought up in time to deflect the punch from hitting his face. "Now now now. We barely know eachother to be doing that." he says in a joking tone. Of course he is more than fine in returning the favor as he attempts to drive his shoulder into Mr. Jones to throw the man off balance and then follow it up by butting his head into the chin of the funky fighter. "Haa-aaah."

COMBATSYS: Faolan successfully hits MrJones with Sheehan Special.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Faolan           0/-------/-----==|===----\-------\0          MrJones

Oh Mr. Jones can talk the talk as well walk the walk, this is all part of the dance y'see? He has enough problems with people taking him seriously, so it wouldn't help at all if he goes to cringe and act all whiney when people diss him. No, no harm done, just that when it comes to trash talking, the dancer is gonna throw it right back. "Oh Imma deal with it brotha man." Grins the dance fighter, a manic own smile to resemble that of the Irishman. It's a happy fight this one, just two dudes that enjoy beating each other up.

They enjoy it even despite the pain it causes "HKK!!" Caught in a bad position, Jones failed to retract his fist and nunchuck back in time to deflect the incoming charge. It's a good move actually, Faolan is already inside Mister Jones' circle of defense so it doesn't take much to body check him and headbutt him in the chin, a move that make his teeth rattle. No doubt the other Ikari warriors are cheering at the sight of first blood, but Jonesy is far from done dancing. Just as trash talk is sent back, the same can be said for fists. Headbutting is a powerful move if it connects, but it has the disadvantage of leaving the attacker exposed. Thus, as Johnny Jones is reeling back there's a flash of his shades when sees that nice target of Faolan's head when he thrusts it forward. "SHOO!!" He coils back quickly, to crack his nunchucks right across Faolan's jaw! "I'm the type of guy that gets acquainted quickly." Grin: ON.

COMBATSYS: MrJones successfully hits Faolan with Retro Knuckle.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Faolan           0/-------/-======|=====--\-------\0          MrJones

It certainly seems like the Ikari has no qualms about getting physical at all. He keeps things up and personal from the get go and he doesn't seem to slow down at all afterwards. Even when Jones starts to strike with the nunchucks the Irishman is lowering his head to take the blow as he pushes forward. The impact may be more than he expected, but he isn't going to let that throw him off his game if he can help it. Even so the impact rattles his brain and sends him staggering off a few steps to the side and he tries to regain his balance for his moment. "S'good to hear. I think we can be friends then." he says while trying to clear the cobwebs from his head.

He does his best to recover quickly and go back onto the attack. He steps forward and he grips the bata tight with a hand as he drives it forward and drives the tip to aim for the sternum of Mr. Jones. It is a firm strike that might not have all his strength about it, but the physical impact is only part of it. Depending on how perceptive the other fighter is he might notice the thin threads of blackish energy coiled about the bata and a bit gathered at the tip that is driven towards him. Not only does it hurt if it impacts, but it will deliver a bit of an electrical shock from the energy that Faolan discharges from the fighting stick.

COMBATSYS: MrJones dodges Faolan's Saying Hello.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Faolan           0/-------/--=====|=====--\-------\0          MrJones

"Heh! I love making new friends!" Says Mr. Jones as he smacks Faolan right across the mouth with a nunchuck. If people were just hearing this conversation without looking at the two men, they might assume the two are just chumming it out and not currently beating the tar out of each other. That's just how Johnny rolls, all fun and laughter even while he gleefully kicks your teeth in, dude's actually a bit of a psycho considering he can be all happy go lucky in bloody fights such as this. Maybe he's not right in the head? Or maybe he's just too darn funky!!

Either way, psycho or not his concentration is on this fight and he coils those chucks of his back tucking them under his armpit to watch Faolan reel. He's at least not the type of cheap shot that goes into relentless attacks, he wants to see what the other guy is capable of. This Irish stick fighting intrigues him as all new exotic fighting styles do, causing Johnny Jones to stare at the stick thrust at him. It's slow, almost telegraphic, in fact he's almost tempted to gingerly reach for it and hold Faolan down and smack him across the face over and over with his chucks. His hand goes to reach for the stick until he notices....that thing is electrified!


That was a close one! Mr. Jones retracts and side steps to avoid the electrified stick completely, a move that looks more like dancing that martial arts. Though the Jeet Kune Do style comes again quickly enough, since the funky dancer simply avoids the thrust like a matador would and goes to strike Faolan on the other side of the face while he's stepping in. His fist lighting quick, it flashes forward and is back to his body in an instant, like a cobra striking. "ATA!!"

COMBATSYS: Faolan interrupts Gaudy Punch from MrJones with One for the Road EX.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Faolan           1/-------/=======|=======\-------\1          MrJones

It seems the man can hit hard and move quickly. It isn't often to run into someone that does both rather well. At the same time Faolan has never really relied on his own reflexes to save the day. His style is a defensive one and if he can't find a good way to defend said strike he is very unafraid to take a blow to the face or the like. It is all about finding the chance to get an opening on the opponent and making them pay for it. It isn't exactly a pretty thing to see in action, but alot of fans often can appreciate the brutality of it all. Afterall they at least get to see the Ikari mauled even if he doesn't get his man.

This is one of the cases where he does. Jones might not feel the shock of the first intended blow, but he will soon feel it when he comes in as he goes for the quick punch on the Irishman. He barrels forward and the fist glances off his chin, but that bata slams it's tip firmly into the stomach of Mr. Jones and Faolan uses his momentum to heft Jones upwards off the ground and a large amount of energy is released through the fighting stick. A good enough blast that sends a shock through the body of the funky fighter as it sends him flying away from the other fighter.

Mr. Jones is a lot of things. He's a dancer, a martial artist, a movie actor, hair stylish aficionado, but he's by no means one of those lofty aristocrat fights that think all fights are graceful, pretty spectacles. Far from it, in fact, the complete opposite! When he's acting career failed, the man took to the streets again to fight and dance where he originally started, taking on all kind of gangs and thugs that won't think twice about breaking a bottle over your head and then stab you with it. These are the type of men Jonesy is used to fight, in fact he's always been the odd one out (not surprisingly) when it comes to dance fighters. He mixes the the fluidity of skill with the raw strength and power of pure brawling. Jonesy appreciates brutality, loves it in fact, which is why that grin of his stays there even as Faolan redirects his charge towards him and jams that electric stick of his on his body anyway!

"HHRRRGG!! HEHEHEE!!" What the hell is wrong with this guy? That grin of his positively broadens as he gets electrocuted, one could even swear the his hair lights up like a fluffy disco ball when energized like that. Even as he's getting lifted up and get blasted away, in his insanity, Jonesy decides that this might be the right time to grab that stick caring little if it's electrified, he's getting shocked anyway so what does he care!?

In a surprising show of his own style of sheer brutality. Jonesy gets a firm grip on that bata to avoid getting flung away and comes back down on Faolan. His knees are raised high balancing himself up on that stick as he then goes to deliver a double stomp kick directly to the Irishman's face! "Talk about fire in the disco!!"

COMBATSYS: Faolan blocks MrJones' Slide Double.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Faolan           1/------=/=======|=======\-------\0          MrJones

The fancy stuff is so overrated anyways. Granted Faolan has gotten a bit more finess to his style since he started showing up on the fighting circuit due to adapting to dealing with certain kinds of fighters as well as implementing more of his Ikari training into his style. It still isn't anything pretty by a long shot, but he is much less sloppy than he was even a year ago. The fact he is starting to learn and control the energy he wields also shows how far he has come in such a short time.

Of course none of that currently matters at the moment. What he is more worried about is the stomp intended to slam into his facemeats. His bata is tangled up at the moment, but at least he is able to release it with one hand and bring that arm up to let the feet slam into it instead of his face. It still staggers him back several steps and he yanks hard on the bata to pull it free from the grip of Mr. Jones. The blackish energy that swirls about it is starting to gather at the tip at the same time and it keeps growing and eventually small motes of energy start to drive off of it. Seven in total end up hovering around Faolan as he grunts and then thrusts his bata forward. The balls of energy slowly sail forward towards the funky fighter before they all combine and intend to just run over the other fighter.

COMBATSYS: MrJones blocks Faolan's Black Friday Rule.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Faolan           0/-------/------=|=======\-------\1          MrJones

Even if his double stomp aerial kick has blocked, at the very least Mr. Jones managed to pry free of that uncomfortable position. When Faolan yanks the bata away from him, Jonesy is all too eager to give it back, it hurts to hold it after all! "Woo!!" Brutality or not, Jones is still a dancer and has the fancy moves to prove it. That's what makes him such an interesting fighter after all, he can tackle and stomp the living crap out of someone like a street fighter yet still do fancy spins and tricks to reel the crowd, he's just an all around guy...and awesome at parties. Having nothing to balance himself on Jones spins in the air repeatedly via his own momentum looking like a flipped coin and lands expertly on his feet making a pose. Shades flashing, eyebrow arched and gaze towards Faolan as if saying 'What's up now, punk?'

This also serves to keep him in track for what's going on. Had he just stared there into the abyss he would have failed to notice the /other/ abyss, the one formed by dark energy raising directly towards him! "Woa baby!!" Damn these chi attacks, or psycho attacks, he doesn't even know what they are, he just doesn't like them. The funky fighter backpedals a little before just..putting his arms up with a leg raised to block the attack almost screaming like a girl before it hits him. There's an explosion that envelopes him and as the smoke dissipates there stands Jones looking slightly more toasty. "Dang..." He coughs out smoke and dusts himself "Hold up, my fro's on fire." Says he with a grimace as he licks his fingers to put the small flame forming on his hair out.

COMBATSYS: MrJones gains composure.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Faolan           0/-------/------=|=======\-------\0          MrJones

It almost seems wrong for a guy like Faolan to be that adept with the use of energy attacks. The guy looks like a straight up brawler and a man that rather speak with his fists. It just goes to show sometimes looks can be decieving. Oh hell yes he will punch you in the face, but he also has tricks up his sleeve that might surprise some fighters just like it seems to be surprising Mr. Jones at the moment. Of course a surprise for him is the fact his attack seemed to be enough to actually ignite the man's afro. What the hell does he use on that thing that would cause that?
It makes Faolan hesitate for a moment out of pure confusion more than anything. "Ahh, a bit less hairspray I would think, fellah." Or whatever it is guys like that use on their hair. He is obviously not one that has had an afro before and given where he works/lives it isn't like he does more than a shampooing to his own hair. He at least seems to offer to help put the flames out! Not in the way Mr. Jones would want it in the end. Mostly because Faolan soon charges in and swings his bata at where the flames were to 'help' put them out. "Lemme get that for you!"

COMBATSYS: MrJones dodges Faolan's Medium Strike.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Faolan           0/-------/------=|=======\-------\0          MrJones

"Hahah..I'm busting a gut over here.." Mr. Jones says sarcastically, it isn't often that other people get to irritate Jonesy, usually he's the one that does the annoying, which makes it that more surprising when the Irishman might just /might/ be irritating tha' Jones. Of course it's not like the man's a saint, that's why he has his buddy Elias for, dude wears his emotions on his sleeves. If he's happy he'll show it and if something is pissing him off, well, he'll beat crap out of it, it's how tha' Jones do, dig?

Jonesy 'politely' declines Faolan's kind offer to put the fire out of his hair, he already got that with good ol' spit after all, and waves out of the way towards the Irishman's blind side letting that bata sail right past him. Once he's out of the way and with his nunchuck tucked under his armpit good and ready to defend himself, the funky fighter raises his left leg and sends it crashing down on the side of Faolan's knee! "WATAAAA!!" This kind of strike would snap the joint right out of the socket for most people, but the groovy fighter is certain that this muscled bound mercenary can take it.

COMBATSYS: Faolan fails to interrupt Medium Kick from MrJones with Jig Kick.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Faolan           0/-------/----===|=======\-------\1          MrJones

If anything it seems people just don't appreciate someone trying to be helpful these days. Even if being helpful means attempting to slam a giant staff onto the top of a person's head to 'help' put out a fire. Faolan swings and he finds nothing but air which causes him to tch lightly as he keeps his focus on the other fighter. "Ahh, and here I thought I was being a nice guy." he says in a rather cheeky manner. The guy is taking a bit of a beating, but he seems to be taking it rather well. If anything he does well at hiding the pain that he is in.

He seems ready for when Mr. Jones comes in at that strike and his feet are planted firmly on the ground as he soon ends up rearing back a leg and seems intent on giving a kick of his own. One that is intending to hit the other fighter in a rather uncomfortable place. A kick that is misdirected because the other fighter manages to slam into Faolan before hand and causes his aim to go wide. He is also hopping on one leg after the impact and it takes a moment for him to regain his balance. "Haaaaatatatata." he mutters and he resumes his stance. Well that didn't work at all!

"Ahuh, no thanks brotha." Mr. Jones drones out with a cheeky grin of his own "Don't you nothin'? Never touch a black guy's fro unless he let's ya." It's common knowledge really, like don't touch a black man's stereo amongst other colloquial customs, the fact that Faolan is European is no excuse, not at all. Even so, Mr. Jones is far from being mean spirited, most of the time at least he's still very likely to prank the hell out of people, and he doesn't add an extra taunt when his kick solidly collides with the man's knee. As he expected, the joint doesn't break and Faolan just feels very numb afterwards, a true testament to the man's endurance.

He did however notice where that kick was being directed at, dude's an expert fighter despite how he looks and realized that he would have been in trouble had he not forcefully changed the trajectory of that kick. "Tsk tsk, that's what'choo get for kicking dudes in the balls son." That's what for all the people that got low blown by Faolan, your pain has been avenged! Even still, Faolan has some fire in him and will take more punishment for Jones to bring him down and so he obliges. Stepping towards the limping fighter as he resumes his stance, Johnny Jones watches him closely like a hawk spotting prey and strikes quickly with his chucks directly to the Irishiman's mouth "WOO!" That might shut him up...but probably not.

COMBATSYS: Faolan fails to interrupt Aggressive Strike from MrJones with Jig Kick.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
MrJones          1/-------/=======|

COMBATSYS: Faolan can no longer fight.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
MrJones          1/-------/=======|

A strong kick to the knee is something painful, but when one is an Ikari and deals with being hit with mortar shells on a daily basis combined with training being handed out by the likes of Ralf and Clark it is easy to ignore the pain of a leg wanting to go numb and give out from under you. The Irishman is built for punishment and does well at dishing it right back out when he is on a roll. For the most part he has been off his game dealing with the crazy Aussie chick that for some reason has decided she wants to steal his bata for herself. Why Reese has decided his damn fighting stick is so important to her is beyond comprehension in the end and getting into brawls like this just helps distract him.

He steps forward and into that swing again. The chucks slam into his face before he ever really gets to unleash his plan of attack. Instead he is thrown off balance and he goes staggering off to the side and falls over. "D'oww." he grumps and rubs at his chin some while laying there and staring upwards. Not only that his leg is really deciding to be a pain in the ass and not work as he would like it to so he just kinda lays there while the officials for NDP decide to call the match and give Jones the victory. The Irishman is starting to realize he is really needing to step up his game. He has not been doing so well so far.

Ouch. Even Mr. Jones has to cringe at that one, but if anything, at least it shut the guy up. "Told you not to go for the balls, dawg."

So that's it then, the NDP officials call the match there as Faolan crumples on the ground, a lot of Ikari warriors ain't going to be too pleased with this one, and there's little that Jones can do about it though, ain't no way he was going to take a fall just to please a few.

However, even Mr. Jones is one brutal mo fo', he's not a jackass and as he squats next to the fallen Irishman staring at him through those shades that reflect Faolan's face. The groovy dancer's cold stare turns soft when he finally cracks a smile.

"Let's go get some tequilas. On me."

COMBATSYS: MrJones has ended the fight here.

In the end there will be a drinking adventure with Mr. Jones and the Ikari Warriors on hand. A story that will end up probably being the basis for Hangover 3. But that is a story for another day. THE END.

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