Full Name:Benimaru Nikaido
Height:5'10" (180cm)
Weight:149 lbs. (68kg)
Blood Type:O
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Blonde
Date of Birth:June 6th
Hobbies:Sky cruising, cooking
Personal Treasures:Himself, his earrings
Favorite Food:Sashimi, pasta, coffee
Dislikes:Nerds, regrets
Best Sport:Skill shooting, high diving
OOC Data
Game:King of Fighters
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:


"It's hard being me. Of course, it's a lot harder being *you*."

One of Japan's swiftest fighters, Benimaru Nikaido's Shootfighting style has a strong emphasis on fast kicking techniques, augmented by chi in the form of lightning strikes. A vain, narcissistic person, some people misinterpret flamboyant actions and even more flamboyant clothes as a signs of his sexual preferences; regardless of what people think, he's a ladies' man through and through. Despite his self-centered nature, Benimaru can be counted on to help his friends when it's called for, even willing to risk his life for theirs if need be.

Signature Move:Gen'ei Hurricane -- PHYSICAL ENERGY
Signature Ability:VIGOR -- INNERVATE

Recent Logs

[Trouble in Paradise] TIP - Week 2 - Wildcats versus Pudding Hearts - Somebody's caught disco fever. Everybody's caught disco fever! It's a pandemic! (Winning: Pudding Hearts) - Log created on 19:41:33 02/07/2015 by Alice Nakata, and last modified on 22:05:35 02/08/2015. Cast: Momoko, Benimaru, Athena, and Alice Nakata.

[Trouble in Paradise] TIP - Week 2 - Hunting for Mermaids - At long last -- that is, after about a week -- Zack has gone mad with power. Borrowing Lee's yacht, he has set sail to cruise around the vicinity of Zack Island in search of mermaids, who rumors say sun themselves upon the rocks. That Zack's underlings spread this rumor does not seem to be of concern to him. Needless to say, participants are invited to lounge and play on the deck of the yacht or float peacefully in its vicinity as it slowly circles the island. But what lurks beneath the gentle waves? If a man cannot find a mermaid, perhaps he can create one. - Log created on 20:48:20 02/06/2015 by Zack, and last modified on 03:18:30 02/07/2015. Cast: Bonne Jenet, Tran, Benimaru, Sada, Sakura, Natsu, Robo-Tran, Tia, Jam, Caoimhe, Lee Chaolan, Jira, Zack, Johnny Cage, Azumi, Ryu Hayabusa, Alice Nakata, and Walter.

Twilight Star Challenge 1 - Benimaru! - The first big-name fighter to meet the Twilight Star Challenge is Benimaru Nikaido! The fighters seem to be evenly matched at first -- read on for the shocking conclusion! (Winner: Benimaru) - Log created on 09:23:58 01/19/2015 by Honoka, and last modified on 18:50:16 01/19/2015. Cast: Benimaru and Honoka.

Man-to-Man Advice - Rock's having some woman trouble-- namely, they won't leave him alone! Benimaru has been around the block a time or two, and offers some advice. He DOES offer something useful... inamongst trying Rock's patience and embarrassing the hell out of him. - Log created on 17:53:43 01/12/2015 by Benimaru, and last modified on 02:39:37 01/23/2015. Cast: Rock and Benimaru.

Pretties find purpose, when they dance~ - Dear Diary, today I had the pleasure of entertaining one of Earthrealm's elite. Benimaru Nikaido, a 'model' second only to a few - like the legendary Barbie. He proved distracting if ultimately inadequate, but displayed a strange tendency to work with an ally. He shared a bond with a man, a spirit warrior, who reeked of Outworld. This is an alarming development, and I fear I may now be equally hunter and hunted. Nonetheless, I am only excited by the prospects ahead; truly, my father chose wisely, and this is a realm we must fight to rule! ...I must stop writing now. My wrist aches and I have a perilous hunger. This dead manling is going cold. The flesh is never so delectable as when it's fresh and warm. - Log created on 16:21:54 12/27/2014 by Mileena, and last modified on 23:00:08 12/27/2014. Cast: Benimaru, Nightwolf, and Mileena.

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