Height:5'10" (179 cm)
Weight:172 lbs (78 kg)
Blood Type:A
Hometown:Hayabusa Village, Japan
Eye Color:Green w/ gold accents
Hair Color:Brown
Date of Birth:June 15
Hobbies:Mountain climbing, fishing
Personal Treasures:Dragon Sword
Favorite Food:Sushi
Love Interests:Ninjutsu
OOC Data
Game:Dead or Alive
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:Determination (

Ryu Hayabusa

"A storm is coming..."

A master shinobi belonging to the legendary Hayabusa ninja clan's ruling family, the enigmatic Ryu Hayabusa has trained fiercely to honor his lineage, leading him to become one of the greatest shinobi on the face of the earth. Patterning his style and his life after the peregrine falcon and dragon to which his name alludes, Hayabusa is philosophical and kind, but fierce and unrelentingly brutal in battle, and his clan is feared as one of the strongest amongst the ninja. His unquestioned mastery and stewardship over an entire collection of weapons and artifacts is well known, most noticeable of which being the legendary Dragon Sword, the weapon that his father entrusts to him while leaving him in charge of their clan on his missions. Despite the great responsibility weighing on him, Hayabusa prefers the path of peace, running a curio shop at the base of Mt. Fuji. Though young still, his mindfulness and wisdom are the source of his great resolve and strength, allowing him to defeat even the most atrocious monsters single-handedly.

Style:Hayabusa Ninjutsu
Signature Move:Izuna Drop -- PHYSICAL THROW
Signature Ability:ANALYSIS -- CLARITY

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Recent Logs

The Village at the End of the World - Chun-Li and Ambrosia cross paths as they both look to investigate the strange happenings surrounding the ruins of a secluded village-- and they aren't alone. - Log created on 16:48:41 05/10/2022 by Chun-Li, and last modified on 11:34:34 05/24/2022. Cast: Chun-Li, Ryu Hayabusa, and Ambrosia.

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Stages of Grief - Aranha seeks out Hayabusa to take out insurance in case Daniel has returned only to reap more souls. It's complicated by some very legitimate personal grievances, with Aranha having been tortured by Daniel... and Hayabusa having murdered Daniel once already. - Log created on 18:38:12 11/13/2020 by Ryu Hayabusa, and last modified on 18:15:09 11/16/2020. Cast: Aranha and Ryu Hayabusa.

Night Train to Southtown - Ryu Hayabusa uncovers a vile Illuminati plot in the works. But as with many schemes by the Illuminati, what Whitney Saulder is doing and what it actually means may not add up. All the same, a young woman is on some railroad tracks and a hero like Hayabusa cannot simply let that be! - Log created on 22:12:56 07/19/2019 by Whitney, and last modified on 13:44:37 07/26/2019. Cast: Ryu Hayabusa and Whitney.

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