Full Name:Jira Kasagi
Height:M:174cm A:180cm
Weight:M:72kg A:80kg
Blood Type:A+
Eye Color:See hair colours
Hair Color:Normal: White Charged: Glowing Pink Chargedalt: Glowing White
Hobbies:Cooking, Volunteering at Taiyo High.
Personal Treasures:Promises, the Kasagi name, Her friends.
Favorite Food:Cheesecake!
Likes:Cooking, Pumpkins, Friendly and polite people, Helping others.
Dislikes:Tomatoes, Strawberries, Unfriendly or unpolite people.
Best Sport:Tennis, Volleyball.
Love Interests:None thusfar...
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Main: Nana Mizuki Alt: Liam O'Brien + Nana Mizuki (dual voice).
Theme Song:Main: AW-DOR: Supreme Logician. Alt: DFF: Chaos Last Battle 3


Jira is an upbeat and kind young woman, having easily formed many bonds in her highschool years and holding her family name in high esteem. While she hadn't taken much interest in the world of sports, or delved to hit the books in school, she busied herself by being helpful. After graduating, she remained with her family so that she could volunteer at the school as an assistant to the home-ec classes hosted at Taiyo High, as a former student. She also took to being an assistant to the self defense and fighting clubs, mostly demonstrating on how not to hurt yourself or the opponent seriously. Recently however, she had a strangely lucid dream, encountering some alternate version of herself and inheriting confusing feelings and information, as well as an ominous burden to her spirit and voice in her head. Since then, she's noted her health and physical capabilities have increased dramatically, but she often defers to the influence of her strange 'guest' and their longing for fighting and to improve her to become even greater than 'the first'.

Style:Unending Conflict
Signature Move:Demonsdance -- ENERGY
Signature Ability:MINDSET -- SHIFT

Recent Logs

[SNF 2018.04] SNF: Oliver Twisted - In every street corner in every city, there are orphans. And who better to take care of them than fighters? Bringing a care package for the lost children of the Metro Streets, Jira Kasagi returns after her long absence. Jira Kasagi fights for the rights of orphans in the slums of Metro City. Opposed to her? The charming Mr. Burr has his own plans for the youths, especially on an upcoming trip to Columbia. Will the kids be receiving packages of goodwill? Or will they find themselves delivering packages of goodwill under the guidance of Mr. Burr? - Log created on 20:49:00 04/24/2018 by Mr.Burr, and last modified on 14:02:56 04/25/2018. Cast: Mr.Burr and Jira.

[SNF 2016.08] SNF: Baking Bad - ALOYSIUS: "While I'm not normally fond of Jon Favreau's ham-handed CGI vehicles sitting at the same table as Hoffman's vast and poignant ensemble, it turns out one of the few of Favreau's films that wasn't a love letter to famed CGI company Legacy Effects also turned out to be an excellent criticism of the big film studios. Not that this.. Mr. Burr person (Finn, find out his first name!) is quite so forthcoming about his actual job, but he's probably as close to a chef as we have. A lot of fighting organizations out there focus on points and cages and ladders and other droll meanderings, as Hoffman so aptly represented in his role for this movie. I've decided to mothball the 'fight on a food truck' angle that my contemporaries have been clamoring for, and we will focus on an upscale California restaurant, to reenact the pivotal moment for character lead Favreau in a new context. For this, the organizers will reward every signature technique used. We will reward creativity and personal expression, encouraging our competitors to cook their own menu, full of those greasy little moves that everyone loves so much." <Winner: Jira> - Log created on 22:11:26 08/18/2016 by Jira, and last modified on 01:33:46 08/22/2016. Cast: Mr.Burr and Jira.

[SNF 2016.08] SNF: Let Me Take A Selfie - It's girls' night out at the nightclub. $2 shots, and oh my god did you see what that Hitomi was wearing? How did she even get in here, she's so short. And what is Jira doing? That's totally ratchet. She's probably bought all her Fightagram followers. Munin and Cassie will team up to start enforcing standards against the underdogs, Hitomi and Jira, in a fight right down on the dance floor. Don't forget to update your Friendship feed! <Winner: Cassie/Munin> - Log created on 20:30:28 07/31/2016 by Cassie, and last modified on 16:26:26 08/03/2016. Cast: Munin, Jira, Hitomi, and Cassie.

[SNF 2015.03] SNF: Protecting your loved ones - Looking forward towards the future of modern medicine, Ultratech asks the following question: What is a miracle? Is it something that can only be couched in spiritual terms, or is it something that can be quantified and achieved by men? Ultratech is strongly of the belief that you should never be resigned to the limitations of today's technology. Through advanced cellular regeneration research, the prototype hypoderm Safeseal is offered for today's demonstrations, wherein a live battle will be carried out with samples of each product. This new medical breakthrough stands to revolutionize both the medical industry and the sports entertainment fields. With Ultratech's new and innovative product lines, we know success, and soon, you will too. - Log created on 19:26:04 03/14/2015 by Jira, and last modified on 02:24:14 03/15/2015. Cast: Brett and Jira.

[SNF 2015.02] SNF: Showgirls! - As is festooned across much of the casino's advertisements, the Diamond Dragon actually hosts a full on entertainment stage for live bands and emcees and other such luminaries. This is sort of a smokescreen to keep the business open for as long as is possible, because outright gambling is illegal across most of China, and much of what goes on inside of the Diamond Dragon's walls is not actually permissible even by Hong Kong's relaxed laws. It is for this reason that one of the first battles held in the Dragon is during the weekly Showgirls routine. After a brief scuffle about dress code, T. Hawk will be brought on stage before a live audience to face off in a showdown amongst all ten of the Diamond Dragon's lovely lady troupe! .. Except there was only eight when the casino opened... <Winner: T. Hawk> - Log created on 18:39:35 03/01/2015 by Jira, and last modified on 02:50:23 03/02/2015. Cast: T. Hawk, Maki, and Jira.

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