Full Name:Thunder Hawk
Weight:357 lb.
Blood Type:A
Hometown:Sonoran Desert Village, Mexico
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Brown
Date of Birth:July 21, 1983
Hobbies:Wood Carving, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Mineral Collecting
Personal Treasures:His Headband
Favorite Food:Chapulines (grasshoppers), Tejate (Maize and cacao beverage)
Likes:Animals, Nature, Hair Ornaments, Home Cooking
Dislikes:Wrestling, Drunks, Vega, Loudmouths
Best Sport:Football (Soccer)
Love Interests:Julia (currently missing)
OOC Data
Game:Street Fighter
Status:Available for Apps
Theme Song:

T. Hawk

"Fighting with conviction leads to victory."

T. Hawk is a proud warrior who has weathered a life of hardship. As an infant his people, the Thunderfoot tribe, were driven off their land by a young Vega and his forces, which resulted in the death of his father, Arroyo Hawk. Growing up he swore revenge, only tempered by his childhood friend, then lover, Julia, daughter of a German doctor. He succeeded in regaining the tribe's ancestral land, but now they face the mysterious disappearance of several of their members, including his sister, Little Eagle. Even Julia has gone missing; T. Hawk now searches for clues to their whereabouts and to discover more about the mysterious Shadaloo organization. Repeated adversity has left him cold, brutish and bitter; yet, he remains selfless, brave and ultimately compassionate despite it. He often calms himself with nature hikes and animal care, even attempting to commune with the spirits. But a small, growing part of him wonders if they're even listening.

Style:Thunder Foot Martial Arts
Signature Move:Mexican Typhoon -- THROW
Signature Ability:TOUGHNESS -- MOMENTUM

Recent Logs

[Flight of the Soaring Spirit] [FSS:Week 2] BLOODLINES - After years of searching, Thunder Hawk has finally managed to locate his missing sister, Little Eagle, at the center of a mockery of the Thunderfoot's traditions. It's obvious that she is being held against her will, so the giant Native American sneaks in to the festivities to find his sister and help her escape, but when he gets there, Little Eagle puts up a fight while possessed by a familiar Power. - Log created on 21:26:26 06/26/2015 by Noembelu, and last modified on 18:09:43 07/07/2015. Cast: T. Hawk and Noembelu.

It's Just A Mental Scarring - Thunder Hawk went to confront a man - a terrible, powerful man - who did him great wrong during a time of emergency at the Ultratech Red Expo. In a pitched battle where time and space were falling apart around this man of great interest, he was unable to exact his revenge... yet, here he is, alive and in care at a local hospital. A close shave, indeed, leaving him time to consider life and his fortune. Now, uh... how does this other weird guy fit into the picture? - Log created on 12:52:40 03/18/2015 by Rust, and last modified on 12:07:34 03/20/2015. Cast: Rust and T. Hawk.

[SNF 2015.03] SNF: NO MERCY - In an attempt to steal Ultratech's new technology for himself, Vega makes another appearance as Kamon at the Ultratech Red Expo only to find that his Psycho Power has destabilized one of their devices. As time and space begin to crack around him, Thunder Hawk and Howard Rust Jr step forward to try to put a stop to this chaos. - Log created on 18:36:10 03/14/2015 by Vega, and last modified on 00:53:01 03/15/2015. Cast: Vega, Rust, and T. Hawk.

[SNF 2015.03] SNF: POINT OF NO RETURN - Now hopefully, everything's gone off without a hitch here, because I'll be heading for your location. The extraction point is in a warehouse just up the boardwalk aways. Every escape Jeep that leaves a crime scene needs to be accounted for, either here or in a ball of fire along the road somewhere. No matter what happens, everyone meets up here. Problem is, there's going to be a shitload of cops swarming the place by the time the other two kick off; the UN's intel moves fast. They'll be trying to lock down the harbor, and our criminal enterprise is a little short on bodies for this part of the plan. Luckily, we have a real spitfire for our last specialist. She's a sealer, from Japan. Miss Peppersmith has accepted the dubious responsibility of holding off the police until we're ready to blow this pop stand. No doubt a couple of well-wishers from the ad are going to show for the scuffle as well. All we need is a few minutes peace and quiet--my boy won't come down until the coast is clear..." - Log created on 22:17:51 03/08/2015 by Ayame, and last modified on 01:31:04 03/09/2015. Cast: Ayame and T. Hawk.

[SNF 2015.02] SNF: Showgirls! - As is festooned across much of the casino's advertisements, the Diamond Dragon actually hosts a full on entertainment stage for live bands and emcees and other such luminaries. This is sort of a smokescreen to keep the business open for as long as is possible, because outright gambling is illegal across most of China, and much of what goes on inside of the Diamond Dragon's walls is not actually permissible even by Hong Kong's relaxed laws. It is for this reason that one of the first battles held in the Dragon is during the weekly Showgirls routine. After a brief scuffle about dress code, T. Hawk will be brought on stage before a live audience to face off in a showdown amongst all ten of the Diamond Dragon's lovely lady troupe! .. Except there was only eight when the casino opened... <Winner: T. Hawk> - Log created on 18:39:35 03/01/2015 by Jira, and last modified on 02:50:23 03/02/2015. Cast: T. Hawk, Maki, and Jira.

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