stage/random system doesn't randomly pick rooms on the grid but rather pulls from a library of pre-written stage descriptions and allows you to instantiate the room on demand. Once everyone leaves the newly made stage, it will get automatically cleaned up and deleted all tidy like.

These random stages are just like any other room except for their temporary nature. Players can find how to reach your random stage by typing 'path < name > ' just like any normal grid room. Random Stages will appear on 'where' with the prefix 'RS - ' to separate them out from normal grid rooms.

Access to any instantiated Random Stages can be obtained by way of the 'ic/preset' command. Simply type      ic/preset

then follow the


instructions listed on it if any random stages are active.

The lone exit from Random Stages will always take you to the OOC room.

The following commands are of interest for using the system:

   stage/list - List the stages that have been written so far.
   stage/list <name> - List the stages written by a specific player.
   stage/list <word> - List the stages that have that word in their name or as a keyword.
   stage/read <stage name> - Read the description(s) for a stage in the library.
   stage/random      - Have the system pick a random stage from the library for you
   stage/use <stage name> - Have the system instantiate this stage for you.

You can also contribute your own stage descriptions if you would like.

   stage/add - Begin the interactive editor for adding or editing stages.
   stage/del - Delete stages that you have contributed.

When you first add a stage, it will not be visible to other players until someone in staff sets the stage as approved. Note that stages can have multiple versions as well. The sample stage I placed in the library, 'Japan - Ruined Temple', has a day, night, rain, and storm version. Other stages might only have a single 'default' version.

You can CSYS fight and state/save in Random Stages just like any normal grid room. If everyone leaves the room, the Random Stage will be deleted, but you can always instantiate a new copy of it later when you would like to resume and just load the fight via 'state/load < number > =here' to force it to load even if it isn't sure if you're in the same room as where you saved it.

The old 'stage/random' command still exists. It has just been renamed to 'grid/random'.

Right now there's only 1 stage in the library, but I intend to add a number of my own location descriptions I've written in the past. Everyone else is also welcome to contribute stages if they have location descriptions that they would like to share. You can contribute by either using the 'stage/add' command, or simply by dropping me an @mail and having me add the description.

The descriptions can be of any location. They can be vague or specific locales. The only requirement be that they fit the theme. So no fighting in outer space or holding Neo Leagues on the moon, please!