(last updated: 12/28/17)

Here at MotM we have a fairly complex combat system, and we use color extensively to make combat actions and messages easier to notice. But we also recognize that that color can be a pretty dramatic shift in usability and experience, so MotM allows players to set their own color preferences.

You can set your own color preferences for the various CSYS displays by using the '@colors' command. This command will print out the colors used by the COMBATSYS messages, as well as give a list of the commands used to set these colors. For reference:

  @colors            - Shows current colors

  @colors/defaults   - Sets most colors back to their default settings.

  @colors/nocolor    - Sets most colors back to uncolored state.

  @set me=COLOR_ON   - Enables color display. Set by default.

  @set me=!COLOR_ON  - Disables color display.

  @set me=256COLOR   - Enables 256-color mode. Only valid if COLOR_ON is active.

  @set me=!256COLOR  - Disables 256-color mode.

  ansitest           - Prints out a list of the colors visible in 256-color mode. (If almost all colors look the same, 256-color mode may not be supported in your client)