(last updated: 01/01/18)

In the Dojo, you can request custom COMBATSYS messages to be displayed for the following turn-ending actions:

- Compose - composemsg

- Focus - focusmsg

- Pass - passmsg

- Rest - restmsg

- Assist - assistmsg (Include %n to name the person being assisted)

- Awaken - awakenmsg (Requires Awaken ability)

- Charging - chargemsg (Requires Charging ability)

- Empowering - empowermsg (Requires SIG Charging)

- Mindset - mindsetmsg (Requires Mindset ability)

- Meditate - meditatemsg (Requires INTENSITY trait)

- Trance - trancemsg (Requires INTENSITY trait - trancekomsg is for trancing into negative health)

If a player has a custom CSYS message for a turn-ending action, their COMBATSYS message will be followed up with a CSYS: message that indicates what action they /really/ did so there won't be confusion. If you're still not sure what action they did, feel free to ask, since it has never been the intent that you don't know what action your opponent has taken (Except for MINDSET being disguised as PASS or FOCUS).

These custom CSYS messages are entirely optional, and can be set in the Dojo at any time with the command dojo/setmesg.

Messages shouldn't be overly long or completely nonsensical and must have something to do with the action they are attached to.

Finally, your messages must always start with your character name first, so that they will read:

  COMBATSYS: < name > < custom message >