(last updated: 08/19/20)

A system for spawning your own minion-style CSYS puppets has been added to the game. Called the Minion Locker, it is a resource you are all welcome to use for your scenes for whatever creative purposes you might have in mind.

To view a list of minion builds already in place for your convenience, enter:


The minion builds you see are restricted according to the following rules:

- You cannot see minions that have a higher ratio than you do.

- Some minions are restricted to specific factions.

- Some minions are restricted to specific keywords that you may not have.

That said, you are free to check out the build summary and descriptions for the minions by entering:

   minion/stats <build name>

The summaries give you a rough idea of the stat spread (The exact stats are randomized each time a minion is newly spawned), the names of their attacks (though not the attack details), abilities, DMs, Traits, and normals.

This display also provides a brief description intended to summarize the gist of what this minion might be. Note that the descriptions are merely ideas of what that build can represent. You are more than welcome to use the minion builds for anything that you need for your particular scene.

If you want to use a minion puppet for your scene, simply enter:

   minion/create <Name of Minion>=<Build to use>

You will be prompted to enter the Gender, Faction, Fighting Style for your minion, as well as specify the command word you want to use to control it. Once spawned, you can control your minion by using the command word followed by the command you want it to do.

For example, if I specify a command word of 'pup', I would enter:

   pup join right

to get my minion to join the right side of the fight.

Your minion is yours to control for the fight. Once your minion leaves the fight, either because you made them UNJOIN or they got KO'd, your minion will despawn automatically.

Note that if you save your fight state via state/save, your minion will be saved along with that state. When you go to resume the fight later, state/load will automatically respawn your minion for you with all of the previous settings and stats it had last time.

To use your minion in a CSYS fight, you can use the following commands:

   check <minion>   - To see the 'check' view of your minion.

   check <minion>= - To see the interrupt odds of your minion

   stats <minion>   - To see your minion's stat sheet.

   costs <minion>   - Costs sheet for your minion.

If you would like to get some custom minion builds made for you, definitely chat with Plotstaff about getting new builds added to the Minion Locker. They can use keywords to restrict the builds to just you if you would like or leave them unrestricted if you want them to be generally available to anyone.