(last updated: 10/20/18)

Outfitter has been created as a way to allow players to store multiple descriptions on their character.   Once you have built out a wardrobe of outfits, you can simply type outfit to change your description.

Outfitter has two different modes of operation, depending on how you prefer writing your descriptions. If you are familiar with MUSH and MUX commands, or you prefer to keep descriptions in one line using the %r and %t characters for formatting, then you will probably prefer the "One-Line Prop" version of Outfitter. Otherwise, we recommend the "LsEdit" version.

Want to try out Outfitter? Type:

outfit/install prop   - installs the one-line prop version

outfit/install lsedit - installs the LsEdit version

Once installed, you will then be able to use the outfit commands to set up your descriptions.

- Outfitter help:           'outfit/help'

- To list outfits:          'outfit'

- To change outfits:        'outfit <name of outfit>'

- To edit a prop outfit:    'outfit/desc <name of outfit>=<description>'

- To edit an LsEdit outfit: 'outfit/desc <name of outfit>=<description>'

- To remove Outfitter:      'outfit/uninstall'

To learn how to use LsEdit, check out LsEdit.