(last updated: 11/15/23)

Characters in the MotM world tend to be popular sports celebrities in their own right, with histories and some traits that are more-or-less common knowledge to the general public. In the MotM game, these quick snapshots of a fighter's professional lives are known as a "profile", containing a brief summary of the character and their commonly-known relationships, as well as notes about their fighting style, signature move, and signature ability. These in-character (IC) profiles are available in-game by typing this command:

  profile < character-name >

True fans of these fighting personalities will also know their vital biographical statistics, such as height, weight, blood type, and the like. These statistics are available in-game by typing this command:

  bio < character-name >

Some players may have added additional background information to their character. In these cases, this information is available in-game via the following command:

  background < character-name >

Characters also have out-of-character information, such as the company that created them, the game where they were first shown, and the actor or actress that provided their voice. Players can also add additional OOC information about themselves if desired. To access this information, use this in-game command:

  oocprofile < character-name >

The MotM website has a "Profiles" section which gathers most of the above information into one convenient location. Each character profile page will include the character's IC profile, biographical data, background info, and OOC information, as well as an image gallery. A player can edit their character's image gallery with the following in-game command:


IC profile data is set by staff.  The rest can be set by players using the @setup and background commands.  For more information, please see the Bio and Background info files.