(last updated: 10/08/16)

Logs can be opened in one of two ways:

Public or Private.

Private logs (the default) will have nothing different going on.

On the other hand, if a log is opened Public, all IC poses and COMBATSYS messages being recorded by the log will get stored in the +pot data for that room. While a public log is open, anyone in the room will have access to using the +pot command to see recent poses in the scene in progress.

You can use +pot/all, +pot/last, +pot/last < name > , and +pot/since to recap poses in a variety of ways. See '+pot' by itself to read about what the different commands do.

When you use log/start to open a log, you will now be prompted if you want to open it as Public. 'y' will open the log public which means poses will be available for others to see via the +pot command (In addition to the normal logging that will still take place just like before).

If you never want to be prompted to set a log public when starting them, just enter:

@set me=_prefs/promtpublic:no

and then all your logs will always open privately. You can still toggle them after opening them as explained below.

Once a public log is closed, the +pot data for that scene is cleared and no longer available. Also of note, the poses available via +pot are only since the last time the log was opened. So if a log is closed then opened again, only new poses since the last time it was opened will be available via +pot.

You can toggle an open log to public (Or from public back to private) by using:

log/public < log number >