(last updated: 12/28/17)

@channel/ < switch >


The base command for all public channel functions. It requires one of several

switches to function:

   /list - Returns a list of all available channels and their current status.
   /on <channel> - Turns the specified channel on.
   /off <channel> - Turns the specified channel off.
   /who <channel> - Returns a list of which players have the specified channel
                    turned on.
   /what <channel> - Returns basic information about the specified channel.
   /gag [<channel>] - Temporarily mutes the specified channel. If '/gag all' is
                      specified, it mutes all channels that are turned on.
   /ungag [<channel>] - Unmutes a channel so you can listen to it again.
                      '/ungag all' unmutes all channels.
   /last <channel>=<#> - Returns the last # lines that have been transmitted to
                         the specified channel. '<channel> last' is a similar
                         command that returns anything said in the last 10
                         minutes, by default, on the specified channel. The
                         length of time may be changed by setting the property
                         '&<channel>_last me=<time>' where <time> is in minutes.

@channel may be abbreviated @chan.

In order to speak on a channel that is turned on, type '+ < channel > < message > '.

The name of the channel may be truncated as long as the command remains

distinct from other channels.

Set foreground color for a channel:

   @set me=_chan/<channel>/fore:<color>

Set background color for a channel:

   @set me=_chan/<channel>/back:<color>