Save States

state/ < switch > [argument]


Manages save-states, which allow for fights to be saved and resumed later.

One of the following switches is required:

/list                  - Lists all save-states you appear in, or all of them if you are staff.

/save [<reason>]       - Saves the current state of the fight. Reason optional.

/load <#>              - Loads save-state <#>. See below for rules and info regarding loading states.

The following staff-only commands are available:

/save <fight>/<reason> - Saves state from a different location.

/list <player>         - Lists all save-states involving <player>.

/forceload <#>         - Loads, ignoring absentees and safety checks and so on.

/del <#>               - Marks save-state <#> for deletion.

/undel <#>             - Removes the deletion marker from save-state <#>.

/purge                 - Purges all save-states marked for deletion.

state/load < state # >


You can also load the fight in rooms other than the one it was saved in by typing:

state/load < state # > =here

There are some rules as follows:

1 - There is a 12 hour lockout after being loaded into a fight by a player before you can load a state again. This means if you do state/load to resume a fight, or you have another player do state/load to resume a fight that you are in, you can't use state/load yourself for 12 hours. If you need to resume more than 1 fight within 12 hours, you will need to request help from staff.

2 - You can only load a saved fight once. If the fight in state/list has a L next to it, that means it has been loaded before and you cannot load it yourself. Staff can still load the fight for you if you need.

3 - There can't already be a fight in progress in the room. If there is a fight already, you'll have to wait for everyone to unjoin or locate another room and use the 'here' keyword to load the fight in an alternative room.

4 - All of the fighters listed in the state/list must be in the room before the fight can be loaded. Additionally, any owners of any minions in that fight need to be in the room.

5 - Naturally, you can only load fights that you were a participant of or that one of your minions participated in. You don't necessarily have to be the person who saved the fight in order to load it, however.