(last updated: 11/30/23)

The 'bio' command is a command that lets players get a brief synopsis of some basic attributes of your character. The command is simply:

     bio <player>

To list the BIO fields on your character that you haven't set yet, enter:


To set your own bio fields, simply enter the following commands:

Default Fields

These fields are visible if you set them or not.

@set me=age:<age>
@set me=height:<height>
@set me=weight:<weight>
@set me=bloodtype:<Blood Type>
@set me=nationality:<Nationality>
@set me=eyecolor:<Eye Color>
@set me=haircolor:<Hair Color>

Optional Fields

These fields only show up if you set them.

@set me=Hometown:<Hometown>
@set me=dateofbirth:<Date of Birth>
@set me=hobbies:<Hobbies>
@set me=personaltreasures:<Personal Treasures>
@set me=likes:<Likes>
@set me=dislikes:<Dislikes>
@set me=bestsport:<Best Sport>
@set me=icquote:<IC Quote> (Shows up in +profile)