Full Name:Kazuki Kirigana
Faction:Gedo High
Height:5' 6"
Weight:135 lb
Blood Type:B
Hometown:South Town
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Black
Date of Birth:Feb 5
Personal Treasures:Headphones
Likes:Cloud gazing, Loud Music
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Theme Song:



Kazuki Kirigana could be considered a genius. His parents still dream that he will inherit the Kirigana-ryu Aikido Dojo in Southtown. Indeed, he has surprisingly formidable abilities. Unfortunately, it seems like Kazuki's only goal in life...is to enjoy it. While pursuing his training out of a desire to stay out of trouble with his parents, Kazuki seems to shun anything resembling hard work. But although Kazuki would like to avoid trouble, some things will prod the Aikido prodigy into action. He prefers to avoid fighting altogether but when his back is to the wall, his skills in Aikido as well as a finely-tuned ability to manipulate chi give him more than a few advantages in a fight.

Style:Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido
Signature Move:Cambiare -- THROW ENERGY COUNTER
Signature Ability:ANALYSIS -- CLARITY

Recent Logs

TBT Act 1 - Warehouse Sale - The Syndicate is making a move against Honoka and the Akatsuki. Part of that is denying the Akatsuki access to their resources--and Senna's been hired on to help with that. Her mission: Assault an Akatsuki warehouse. With mayhem in mind, she walks right up to the gang-guarded warehouse to make her play. - Log created on 22:25:56 07/01/2018 by Senna, and last modified on 16:38:19 07/09/2018. Cast: Kazuki and Senna.

Golden Angel Finals - Nensei Sentai Gooranger - Five teenagers with attitude receive a golden ticket, their invitation to the Golden Angel finals as the highest-scoring participants. However, rather than their promised chance to get a wish granted, our heroes are instead made privy to the dark secrets behind the tournament! Faced with a terrifying horror wrought by science, can they prevail? Just who was Kintoki Aho, anyway? And did they ever get that shower they asked for?! - Log created on 18:27:36 03/17/2018 by Frei, and last modified on 11:06:35 03/19/2018. Cast: Hotaru, Kazuki, Clio, Makoto Nanaya, and Pukai.

Golden Angel R3 - Hitomi vs Kazuki - During Round 3 of the Golden Angel Tournament there a few objectors who objected to or were offended by this turn of events. Refusing to partake in the event and maybe willing to withdraw from the tournament all-together organisers scramble to keep the eye-candy -- Competitors happy after the reveal of the scandalous mini-games. A regular matchup, in the same arena and as similar rules as possible to keep within the theme but keep these pretty teens happy. - Log created on 15:05:38 02/21/2018 by Hitomi, and last modified on 20:15:13 02/28/2018. Cast: Kazuki and Hitomi.

Golden Angel R2 - Birdie vs Kazuki - Kazuki Kirigana and Birdie through down in one of the cafes in the Golden Angel Amusement Park. Property damage ensues. - Log created on 20:30:26 01/27/2018 by Kazuki, and last modified on 18:35:30 01/28/2018. Cast: Kazuki and Birdie.

Golden Angel R1 - Kazuki vs Grand - Kazuki Kirigana and Hunter Grand duke it out in a restaurant. - Log created on 15:10:36 01/13/2018 by Kazuki, and last modified on 12:50:20 01/14/2018. Cast: Kazuki and Grand.

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